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Got something to say about the articles you read here on E2R? Feel free to comment using the “Comment” box under each post. I publish every comment  the observes the following guidelines:

- Keep it short. I generally delete comments off that exceed 250 words. (And splitting long comments into multiple parts fools no one.)

- Keep it relevant. If it’s not about the post it’s not going to get published.

- Keep it congenial. If we must disagree, let’s do so nicely. Don’t attack others (Jn 13:35).

- Keep it ad-free. If you’re writing to promote your ministry, blog or book, you’ve come to the wrong place.

- Keep it going. Have something to say. Don’t cut and paste scriptures – we all own Bibles. Tell us what you think.

- Keep it real. You know my name. What’s yours? This isn’t “Commenters Anonymous.”

- Keep it light-hearted. This is meant to be fun. Seriously (Ps 16:11)!

- Keep it comin’. Subscribe to the comment thread then wait to see who responds to what you’ve said.

For those of you not used to this gracious sort of speech, check out E2R’s law-based comment policy. It’s not pretty but it’s short.

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  1. Joyce Ewing says:

    I am so thankful for your Blog! Thanks for taking the time to send quotes and write your own revelations of the grace of our wonderful Lord! Happy New Year!

  2. Ur blog is inded an eye opener I stumbled upon it n I am not d same. I am by nature a “worker”.I v been a christian 4 15yrs n was taught to work out my salvation, anyway I know better now.

  3. louoliveros says:

    Thanks for the free e book, Paul! Grace is free indeed :) Grace and peace to you heaps!!!!

  4. Sharon Chiang says:

    Paul E. The Lord’s truth you speak is causing my religious spirit (which I thought was WAY smaller than it is) to throw a kiniption fit. lol I think it’s looking for another home. Thanks be to Jesus Christ for giving you the revelation I’ve some how missed all these years and for spreading THE GOOD NEWS!!!

  5. I am soooo in love with the Gospel of Grace. Its hard for me to believe that after 75 years as a “Christian” I found the true Gospel of Christ. Thank you Jesus. I would like for you to answer a question that some have ask me and I don’t know exactly how to answer.
    Who do we pray to now that Jesus has left to be with the Father? Do we pray to Father or to Jesus or to the Holy Spirit? I feel that the Holy Spirit is sometimes left out even though He is the power of God. I never see this in print so a new post from you would be nice You are greatly loved by Grace people and I thank you in advance.

    • I don’t think it really matters. You can pray to the Father, as Jesus taught (Mat 6:9). You can pray to Jesus since the fullness of the Godhead dwells in him (Col 2:9). Or you can pray to the Holy Spirit who is also known as the Spirit of Christ (Rom 8:9).

  6. Hi Paul,
    Ur comment policy in ten commandment form had me in splits! Way to go brother! By the way, just wanted to know, the trials James talks about in James Ch1; are those persecution related or some other hardships?

  7. Bryan Colbourne says:

    Hi Paul,
    I love your blogs and your first book “The Gospel in Ten Words.” I received notice of a Kindle sale on your second book, “The Gospel in 20 Questions” but it doesn’t show that book on sale in Kindle.

    • Sadly, it was just a 24-hour sale. But there will be others. We tend to do something like that every birthday (5 Feb), so mark your diary. I’m glad you enjoyed GITW.

  8. I think you’re teaching some heresy on the complete meaning of repentance…

  9. Hey Paul….I was backing up my discussion with Scripture…why did you delete that? Why not just post the Word of God and let it speak….

    • This is the comment policy page. Read it and you will see that comments >250 words, that cut and paste scripture, and that are unrelated to posts, will not be published.

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