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Paul Ellis


  1. I have continued to enjoy your site. You have posted some articles about healing and quoted and recommended some of Andrew Wommack’s materials. Are you familiar with Curry Blake? He did a training in Australia last year and I have listened to that seminar on line and am listening to some teachings on his site.

    • More Insight and Revelation to you sir, We realiy need to spread the real gospel that includes empowerment and freedom from all oppression whether sin or the are blessed sir

  2. Paul,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this blog (as well as I have found these two sites to be so inspiring and life-changing! I’m sure it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain these blogs but wanted you to know that your readers appreciate it. You really are making a difference! THANK YOU!!!

  3. I have only just found your web site, and have enjoyed what I have read. Do you have any biblestudy authors/ resources that you reccomend, specially down loadable ones. I find most of the stuff available on the internet is questionable theologically, when I check out the author and their beliefs, or when I go through the studies themselves (which is all time consuming). God has led me to some awesome websites of Godly men, but not really any with downloadable biblestudies that weren’t more like sermons. if I knew an author was rock solid, I wouldn’t be wasting so much time and money buying biblestudies that aren’t suitable (it’s a bit hard to tell from a cover what is inside a books) I have found some very good ones, but I am always interested in finding more. thanks

  4. Gabriel Akano says:

    The greatest miracle for me in recent time is the discovery of this site. Thank God for His unconditional love. I love you.

  5. Very thankful for your site. I, however, am having trouble with the archives when I use Google Chrome. I can open the archives, and click on a topic, but then it opens to a page of HTML text. I’m wondering if anybody else shares this problem.

  6. Wow, I like your blog! :)

  7. Jane Romano says:

    A friend on Paltalk gave me this link….it is truly a blessing,….It is 4am and I am still reading!! I was just asking Papa if I “should go lay on the floor”:)….Resting in Him…and now with your blog help….Jane

  8. Hey brother I wonder is it possible for you to put me in contact with a grace preaching prayer group on skype I’m a former Catholic and student of shamanism with many spiritual experiences. I came to Christ about two years ago got some deliverance then joined up with a skype prayer group who were nice people but very religious a mixture of condemnation and no condemnation this type of behavior would change depending what mood we were in and we truly suffer3ed for a lack of knowledge so now I’m out of that and I believe I’m eternally secure so I want to meet people who can help edify me and build me up in my spirit because even though I know I have eternal life I still suffer from depression and kind of don’t want to be here and want to go home so I need counseling if you can help in this way this would be great. ps grace and peace to you and yours in Jesus name amen.

  9. Thanks brother and if you could recommend one book from watchman nee that is very simplistic and explanatory if you would be so kind thanks and again grace and peace to you and yours in Jesus name amen.

  10. Gail Praharenka says:

    Hello Paul, I wrote a comment on the 2010 discussion whether God gives and takes away. I do have another question pertaining to the same discussion as a verse continues to bother me. It is in psalm 75 it says ” For promotion cometh neither from the east nor from the west, nor from the south but God is the judge he putteth down one and setteth up another”. I believe I must have an error in thinking, that this verse explains that God sets up at times evil managers and dictators and such that God institutes at times bad rulers and allows for obstacles in ours lives that can be cruel and ruthless. God is the one that sets up them into their places and positons. Therefore, God is like a mob boss, although he does not do the immediate killing and cruelty God is the one that sets them in their position of power and allows for thier power to be stong and hurt others. And a second question is, is the Lord presently judging as it appears at times that justice does not win, many present evil people get their way and are not judged. I know I have my thinking wrong on this but it appears that it suggests this. I appreciate your reply. Thankyou.
    Gail Praharenka

    • It is not hard to find scriptures like this in the old covenant because, back then, people had an old covenant view of the world. They typically attributed everything that happened to God. Even the works of the devil were attributed to God (see Job). The way to read the written word is through the lens of the Living Word. Jesus is the exact representation of the Father. Does Jesus look like a mob boss? Does Jesus act cruelly and kill people? Then neither does his Father. Asaph, who wrote Psalm 75, had not seen Jesus the way we have.

  11. Harold Eugene says:

    I am new here… Looking for discussions on “Is God in control” and/or “The sovereignty of God” I lean much on Andrew Wommack’s view on this subject… Example… Heb 6:18 says that it is “impossible” for God to lie, but yet most Christians take this to mean that God can “still” lie, however, he chooses not to… My take is that God dosen’t just not choose to lie, “he can’t..” If God had the “ability to choose to lie”, then he just lied about Heb 6:18 when the Word says that it is “impossible” to lie… This is my place to start. Glad I found this site…

  12. Hello Paul I have been growing in the pure grace message for one and half years now. I am having trouble understanding 2 Peter 2:15 also 20-22. Some parts of this appears you can lose your salvation and some parts it seems it’s talking about unconverted people because of the pig still a pig and not a sheep. Do you have any teaching on this. Any books or teaching you can refer me to thanks.

  13. Giselle Quadros says:

    I have just started reading your book, the gospel in ten words (thanks to Rob and Lyn Packer) and I cannot stop smiling. I have been growing in grace over the past year through Joseph Prince Ministries, but your words seem to bring everything together. Thank you and blessing and peace be multiplied to you in Christ!

  14. I like your post Paul. If you come to my country i wonder the kind of reception you will get. These religious law-loving teachers will take you for an endtime sin-preaching teacher. But the truths hurts. We’ve been accostomed to religiousity as being righteous

  15. @MyDudeRules:
    As I can’t not love my child,
    God can’t not love me.
    No matter my mistakes,
    His son, I will always be.

  16. Hi Paul,

    I have come alive to the grace and whole finished work of Christ over the past 2 years. You have been one of my influences in this time.

    Im begining to feel frustrated Because I cant seem to find well produced resources that explain the Gospel to an unbeliever that comes from a grace point of view rather than a law, death, hell frame work. I dont want my friends to come to christ out of fear. I want them to discover the wonder and gift of christ. Have u seen anything that is short like a dvd etc that u feel comfortable sharing with ur unbelieving friend?

    Yours hoping

    • Hi Adam,
      I’m publishing your query rather than responding to it privately because I hope others might have a better response than the one I can give you. In terms of conveying the wonder of God I recommend the Indescribable series by Louie Giglio. You can download it for free. But in terms of conveying the wonder of the gospel and what Christ has done in non-churchy language and without referring to hell, I’m drawing a blank. Most tracts and pamphlets are just awful, using fear as a basis for scaring people into the kingdom. I’ll have to have a think. I’ll also put your query on FB.

  17. Well, the most obvious answer is you! In the words of the amazing Isi de Gersigny, “You are the window, He is the view.”

  18. Scott Gamel says:

    Just found your book, then your blog – I’m blown away! In a good way! I’m a pastor who is growing in grace. I want to feed my people and help them grow in grace, and I’m wondering how to best plan my preaching to teach grace consistently and yet with enough variety that they don’t zone out on me. Any suggestions?

    • Hahahaha – sorry Scott. I’m not laughing at you, just your problem. I suggest you do an annual 52 week series called “Jesus.” Ask the Teacher of teachers (the Holy Spirit) for inspiration, keep it free from fish-hooks and religious mumbo-jumbo, and I absolutely guarantee you no one will zone out.

  19. Hey Paul! Your site is a goldmine for grace and the finished work! I’m in the middle of reading a research of yours on Inclusion Theology and it is helping loads and loads! I was very legalistic in my first years as a Christians and when I heard Inclusionist teaching i fell in head first but that left me with a lot of trying to receive and manifest a lot of things I had apparently “already been given” and left me in a lot of confusion! Be Blessed man! Thanks for all your encouragement!!

  20. Debbie Bradley says:

    Hi Paul
    I saw a thing on FB about signing up for your daily comments to come to my inbox That wld be great. I love reading your gems. Read your book last year. Loved it.
    Blessings, Debbie

  21. Debbie Seelinger says:

    Just found your website and I am enjoying it. I listen to Andrew Wommack every day. Have you heard of Joseph Prince from Singapore? He preaches this same gospel of grace. This Gospel has changed my life and I am truly living in God’s abundant freedom now that I know. God bless Debbie

  22. I was looking up some spiritual question and that’s how I found your website. Very helpful and gives good inside of God’s Word. I really wanted to know about the subject for “unbelievers” taking communion. I’m visiting a church and the pastor gives communion once a month, but he has everyone partake first and then he asks after if anyone wants to receive Christ. Is wrong for me to say something, in love of course. God bless you for helping us who need answers. Tatjana

  23. Mark Ellis says:

    I really enjoy you blog, Thank you so much for all your insight and sharing about Gods amazing grace. I do want to hear your thoughts on speaking in tongues. Most of my family are oneness pentecostals and believe to be saved you most be filled with the holy ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Since I don’t believe that way most of them consider me unsaved. Thank you for any thoughts you may have on this.
    Mark Ellis

  24. Robin Waller says:

    I was raised to believe that you have to be baptized to be saved. Could you please respond to Acts 2:38 for me and let me know what you think. Thank you

    • Mark ellis says:

      I was raised the same way, acts 2:38 was how to be saved. But then I’d read acts 2:21 where Peter said “anyone who calls on the name of The Lord shall be saved”. So he just said how to be saved, by calling on the name of The Lord.( putting your trust in Jesus finished work). Also in my experience a lot of ministers add the words “to be saved” at the end of acts 2:37 which can change the meaning of what Peter was saying. Just some thoughts I was having about acts 2:38 since it looks like we have similar questions.

  25. I have lived in the pretense of being a Christian for most of my life, saying I love God and that Jesus is my savior but living a life that was not filled with the word. Just recently I found myself at the end of my rope, betraying my spouse and bringing such pain and hurt into her and my life that I was forced to see that my flesh is weak that only through Christ can I find the life I so long for.

    But now I am faced with a predicament, my Wife is not a Christian (she doesn’t have a problem with me following Christ but does not believe that Jesus is Lord). I love her more than all but God and pray for her everyday and ask that God allow his light to shine in her life. I fear that by remaining with her that I am opposing the will of the Lord, and that while I ask for his wisdom on the situation that I my flesh prevents me from hearing an answer other than “Stay”.

    As such, I would like to ask for Guidance from the Church.

  26. Hey Paul, all I can say is awesome bro! This site is one that any Christian or better yet any avid follower of Christ should read , it helps keep clear in our minds and hearts how insanely loving and totally encompassing Jesus and our father are. We are worthy ,he made us ,his work is perfect, we are his finished work in Christ ,lets take this onboard and bask in his glory and enjoy his promises and unending love,he wants us to! God is good, bless you for keeping it real and true to scripture,i am inspired with every thing i read on your site ,the lord has blessed you and blessed us in leading us to this site keep up the job God has given you through you the holy spirit can reach many and edify the big fella upstairs . How cool is God!

  27. Cynthia Martinez says:

    Hello Paul, there is a question that was posted toward the end of “God Wants You Well” page. I would really like to see your response to the question posted by Rathan Paul. Thank you.
    A question that I have been wondering about lately is, I know that my sin was forgiven when Christ paid for it on the cross (I am whole and I am new), then say I sin and ask God to forgive me, what is God’s reaction since he sees me whole?, I need clarification and guidance here.

    • Cynthia Martinez says:

      Just found the answer I was looking for on your post “Son or Sinner – What Are You Confessing?”. I have been a Christian for 20 plus years, seeking to please the LORD in my flesh, calling him God and keeping my distance. And NOW thank Daddy, yes FINALLY, finally (with awe in my heart toward my Father), I just discovered who I am (Sept 2013). I recently started listening to A Wommack and J Prince, and then to top it off I somehow found this amazing site. What a blessing and an eye opener. I can’t get enough. Thank you Paul. God bless you.

  28. Rosie James says:

    Hi Paul,

    Just wanted to ask you a quick question: Do you still sin ?

    Don’t be shy to answer honestly :) Thank you!

  29. Could someone out there please pray for me?
    I sometimes read this blog, and I am requesting healing and deliverance
    Thanks, Erika

  30. Kathy Mercer says:

    I just recently found your site, and I praise God! It has meant a lot to me, and I look forward to the new articles that come in my email.
    I have children and I teach Sunday School, so I’d love to know of any resources you’d recommend for 1) teaching Old Testament Bible stories in view of New Testament grace, and 2) teaching children directly about grace and our identity as adopted sons of God. Thank you, and God bless!

  31. Paul, I have a question. Tell me your take on this. If a individual mixes law and grace together not knowing the difference wouldn’t they become double minded? we know what a double minded person receives from God.

  32. I’m in a terrible place and not stable, I’m 17 years old and this is the only way to reach you, I feel god doesn’t love me because I sin to much I believe in god but I’m not perfect . I don’t want to be looked at for having fake grace. Please help me I’m lost

  33. Hi Paul
    I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your writings. You have changed my life.
    And I am not using hyperbole.
    Both my husband and I have had our walks (and our parenting even), transformed by this amazing revelation of grace. We live in the Coromandel and would love to know if you still live in New Zealand.
    We also want to thank you, and to tell you of our transformation since reading your book and articles, and of the direct results of your teachings in our lives, including the salvation of our adult daughter.
    If you were serious about having a yak over coffee, and you will allow us to bless you, we’d love to do that.
    May God bless you beyond measure for what you’ve done for us. Praise the Lord!

  34. Paul Ellis

    Thank you a thousand for teaching and explaining the most hard understood texts. You fight just like Paul did for a fear free church. We do belong to daddy who never leaves us nor forsakes us.

    I experienced alot of struggle last few months but your posts helped me out of this struggle.

    For ever thankfull.


  35. Hi Paul,

    Thanks so much for your blog. I have 3 topics I would love to see you write an article about.

    1. Sharing the Gospel of Grace with Unbelievers. I am only familiar with how its been done poorly. I am learning what Grace means for me as a believer, but struggle to see what it means for a “Pre-Believer”. I feel an article on this would also help articulate the finished work of Christ. Testimonies would be a plus!

    2. Why does the Post-cross Jesus command the disciples to teach the Pre-Cross commandments in Mathew 28. Doesn’t “all” in this passage mean all?

    3. A Response to Micheal Brown and his Hyper-Grace book . . . of course it has to come out first! :-)

    Thank You,


    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your comment and feedback.

      1. That’s a good question. I certainly don’t think we would change anything about the message – we all need grace. But we might change the packaging. It’s true most of my writing is geared towards those with some understanding of religion but I have often thought about how I would present my message to those with no familiarity with Jesus and the Bible. Stay tuned!

      2. Probably for the same reason Paul says the law is good if used properly. There were self-righteous people before the cross and there are self-righteous people after the cross and the all need the hard law to plow the hard ground so that every boasting mouth will be silenced and our need for grace revealed.

      3. Haha! Maybe.


  36. I’m trying to subscribe to E2R. The directions said to enter my email address in the sidebar to the right however none appeared only comments to your continuing blog.

  37. Are you familiar with Pilgrim’s Progress? A family member of mine wants this book (Christmas gift idea) and being I have never read it I’m a little leery of purchasing it.

  38. Hi, I tried to access your past articles in the archives (by subject index). It appears that the links are broken. Do you think you could fix them? Thanks so much!

    Certainly being blessed by this blog. It goes in line with trying to renew my mind with Romans 4/justification by faith. I’m not a new believer, but I’m having to continually reinforce my mind to reject the concept of earning grace, because that’s what my mind inherently tends to believe.

    Do you have any advice to an aspiring writer? I’m a college student to whom God affirmed several times during my life that he wants me to write. I’m going to start reading a lot more books (I love the style and subjects of C.S. Lewis) and am going to practice writing more.

    Also in terms of becoming sanctified, do you believe it’s a matter of continually reinforcing the truth of acceptance by grace i.e. reading/reaffirming/accepting the truth? That is the ultimate “work”? And aside from that, not sinning should not be a deliberate effort? If I have not yet fully accepted grace (as in, I still have insecurities and I struggle not to feel condemned/judged), is it unrealistic at this time to expect myself to produce works?

  39. Beloved brother; this website has been a tremendous help to me, and I truly appreciate the ways Jesus works through you!

    That said, I’m looking for Biblical answers to what I call “rabbit trails.” There are times I feel “led” to visit a specific location (like a local store) for an opportunity to share The Gospel with someone. As I’ve followed these “trails” over the years, some have produced amazing connections that I believe are truly “God moments,” while others have been completely wrong (store is closed, no one around, etc.).

    Because of the way I’m wired (and two parents that were never quite satisfied with my performance as a child), this pattern has really worn me down in recent years. As random thoughts fill our heads on a daily basis, I’m regularly dealing with confusion and condemnation in my attempts to discern these thoughts and decide whether or not to act on them.

    This is a heavy burden for me, so any resources you can point me to will be GREATLY appreciated!

  40. Hey Paul. Just recently stumbled upon your website. I accepted The Lord about 1 year and a half ago. 4 months into the journey I put one foot back into the world while still having one in the church. Not actually going to church but listening to sermons and messages etc. about a month ago I re gave my life back to Christ but I’ve felt so guilty over what I had done (Going back to my old ways). I’ve felt like I’m not forgiven. I’ve stumbled upon so many bible verses that to me and what I grasp from them is that I messed up bad and I can’t be restored back to repentance. You can imagine what reading this has done to me. Fear and anxiety to the max. Horrible horrible horrible. Ive talked to my pastor, a brother in Christ and have all told me that Christ paid for it all and that I can come back. To just remember a point when I was good with god, pray and repent. I have repented, read the bible and attended church but I feel like I’m missing something because I feel condemned at times and on top of that doubts have risen in my mind. The doubts have subsided due to prayer and reading the word but I feel like I’m not grasping something right. I’ve read some comments on the site and have spoke to me in the sense that I’m trying to be self righteous and trying to earn forgiveness from God. Basically trying to be a good boy on my own. I need help and need some explanation about what’s going on with me and what I need to do. Thanks.

  41. Scott Johnston says:

    Paul, thank you so much for all you have done on this site and in your books. I have read most of your articles and many others but I have not found much of a response to Colossians 1:24- where Pauls sufferings are making up for the lack of the sufferings of Christ? I do not comprehend the scripture. I have however read many authors that believe this is a scripture supporting God ordained suffering for leaders in the faith. I know it all sounds wrong, but I struggle with understanding the scripture. Any help or suggested readings?

  42. Question: are you in the reformed camp?

  43. Geraldine says:

    Dear Paul, My church split last year because the pastor apparently talked too much about grace and not enough about repentance. Since then, I have been asking the tough questions, and I recently found your web site and the teachings of Joseph Prince. Wow! Grace has shifted my paradigm and now it’s like reading the bible with 3D glasses. Everything lines up. I’m no longer confused. Grace makes understanding the bible easy. It’s either grace or law, life or death, faith or control, hope or despair, white or black. There’s no gray area, which is where most churches wallow. So the good news for me is that I get the good news. The bad news is it looks like I’ll need to find a new church.

    • That’s a story many of us are familiar with, Geraldine. I wonder, where did your old pastor go (the one who spoke too much about grace)?

      • Geraldine says:

        Short version. A group (that did not include the pastor) left to worship, pray and heal, and they very quickly formed into a new church. The pastor was unsuccessful in finding a job, he had looked nationwide. After 6 months he became their pastor. I was torn because that group included most of my friends, but God impressed on me that he wanted me to stay where I was, lead worship (I am one of the worship leaders) and not worry, He had it all in control.
        So a year later I am still at the original church, and I feel like my eyes have been opened wide with toothpicks. It was suggested that it is not considered good form for a former pastor to stay in a community after a church split as it delays healing. What do you think about that? Not very graceful thinking, huh? However, there are many elements of the new church that I am uncomfortable with, so I will wait upon the Lord for my next assignment, which may be to stay put. Interestingly, the original church was the result of a church split 40 years ago.There aren’t many options in New England where I live. I’m hoping for the Spirit to come like a mighty rushing wind and breathe new life into old bones.
        Recently life has been traumatic, my husband suicided 5 years ago, and I am now a widowed mom. And then the church split, another kind of suicide. Death has been all around me, so I am desperate for life. The gospel of grace has shown me life where there was death, forgiveness where there was anger, healing where there was hurt. Praise God!

  44. Colin Mills says:

    Paul, i’m trying to look into your site but I am having problems accessing some of the posts in your archive. I am using an Ipad ios 7:0 and the safari browser and when i try to go into some of the subject directories it takes me over to my podcast app and asks if i want to subscribe to a feed, if i agree nothing happens! Any ideas on what is happening?
    Thanks, Colin

    • Hi Colin,
      I pass this along to the WordPress people and see what comes back.

      • Hi again Colin. Here is a message I’ve just rec’d from a WP support person: “I’ve tried to reproduce this problem on both an iPad an iPhone is both Safari and Chrome browser without success. In either case I’m not taken to the Podcast app, but rather see your list of links. Can you ask your reader for more details? What podcast app are they taken too? Are they still seeing the issue?”

  45. i was wondering…is illusionism / cardistry against Bible,or God? also can you explain me when to do the sign of the cross?:D
    Have a great day

  46. Mike Jones says:

    Paul, I was just recently introduced to your site and have enjoyed it very much. Have you ever considered posting a Biblical Reference Index in addition to you Subject Index? I for one would find it helpful. Thanks for considering.

    • Yes I have, but it would take more time than I’ve got to spare at present. What you can do if you are querying a particular scripture, is enter it in the search box at the top of this site. For instance, if you enter “Hebrews 10:26″ you’ll get taken to a post on that very verse. Hope this helps.

  47. Gerry Mazas says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you so much for your explanation of Hebrews 6:4 & 10:26. Given the choice, I’d rather read Revelation than Hebrews. Once I even considered gluing those pages shut.
    Everything you said makes perfect sense and I see it in a very different light now.
    Think I’ll exhale.

  48. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!who are u??(you are really from God :by their fruits you will know them)this is the first time am meeting a man of God who is actually preaching Christ!!!!!!!!God bless you..truly Christ lives in you and may He continue to speak through you to the lost and helpless…Lets continue to pray for the men of God who preach what they don’t understand and in the process to win souls for Christ push them away(Jeremiah 23v28-29)and rebuke them as well…….truly its all about Christ….

  49. I live in Dallas, TX and since this revelation hit me, all I want is more of it. I mean, I’m starting to get it and it’s changing everything. This includes where I want my family to worship. Do you know of churches in my area that are grace centric? I attended Grace Revolution (planted by Pastor Joseph Price’s) but it’s service time and format don’t work for my family. Do you know of any others I could try out? Please?

  50. Hey Thomas, I thought I would comment since we are somewhat neighbors. I live in Mckinney tx, not far from you. I too have been hugely impacted by the power of grace! Maybe we could share stories. Here is my email address, and if you would like, we can make contact and find you a grace empowered church.

  51. (Apostle) Paul Ellis: Thanks So Much for all you are and do! My wife and I live in Wilmington, NC, USA; and, desire to find other “HYPER-GRACE” Members in our area. Do you have a Wisdom-Way(s) we can join in a “GRACEROOTS” Move to Enjoy/Encourage one another in Real-Life Community as well as this Glorious Virtual Community? Thanks Again and Again, Dennis and Linda Musser.

  52. I’m live in Orlando / Kissimmee Ares in Florida an I don’t know any grace believers or grace preaching churches can you help me do u know anybody.

    • Hey Justin, Pastor Clark Whitten is the senior pastor at Grace Church in Orlando and is very much a grace minister. If you go to their website,, you can listen to some of their Sunday sermons and get a feel. God bless.

      Grace Church
      1765 West State Road 434
      Longwood, FL 32750

  53. john thapa says:

    hello brother, greetings to you from India. I wanted clarification from you about a passage in 1peter 1:14-17- As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”Since you call on a Father who judges each person’s work impartially, live out your time as foreigners here in reverent fear.

    What is your thoughts about this particular passage

  54. I am wondering how we actually get the free e-book. I signed up for emails about a week ago. I enjoy reading posts and comments too. Thanks for your blog.

    • Hi SusieQ,
      After you signed-up you would have received a confirmation email with a link you need to click to activate your subscription. In that email is a download link for your free e-book. If you didn’t receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder.

  55. Christopher says:

    Hi Paul. I run a carpentry business and I travel around in a Ford Transit panel van, which I bought recently. I wanted to put the words at the back of the van that says,

    “Eternal security does not depend on you or what you do, but on Christ alone and what He has done.”
    and put your address below it, with “to” in a different colour so that the address is easier to read and remember.
    That way, thousands of people can read them during bumper to bumper traffic, which will be food for thought when they sit bored in their cars, and if they want to know more, they can look up your site for the truth. Why I chose your site? It’s because I enjoy your blogs very much.

    However, some of my friends say that my wordings are too long or not appropriate. Some say that the unsaved won’t understand it, etc, but I think that my target audience are the believers because when they understand grace, they become effective in reaching the lost. What is your opinion? Do you agree with my friends, and if yes, what wording would ou suggest?

    P.S. When I have done that, I’ll send a image link when you can see the wording on my van.

    • Wow. I think your plan is amazing and I’m honored that you want to do that. However, the writer in me does wonder if you might want to have a shorter phrase, something that is unambiguously clear and meaningful to everyone. I have just finished writing a post entitled “God believes in you!” (It’ll go up next week.) I love those four words because we are changed by who believes in us. I wonder if others reading this thread might have some suggestions.

      • Christopher says:

        I think that a positive message is what people need, and I’ll go for what you suggested, “God believes in you”, and then the link to your website. The other suggestion here are excellent, and I particularly like spirilintograce’s “get over yourself” quote, but a positive message is what draws people to God.

    • Colleen G says:

      Jesus said our faith in Him gains us eternal life, no if’s, ands or buts. John 3:15-18

  56. In response to Christopher’s van sign:
    Gods not angry with you. He’s not even disappointed with you. For proof go to

  57. James Michels says:

    1st choice: — The Law was given through Moses, but grace & truth came through Jesus Christ (Jn.1:17) —— 2nd choice: — The GRACE of God – the “too good to be true news” —– 3rd choice: — GRACE – God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense

    • James Michels says:

      4. Grace reveals what God has already done! — 5. The Law demands righteousness . . . Grace imparts righteousness. — 6. The Law condemns the best of us . . . Grace saves the worst of us. — 7. Sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under Grace. (Rom.6:14) — 8. Grace is a divine influence on the heart enabling & empowering its recipient to live a life of freedom anchored to Christ. — 9. The Grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men . . . and teaches us to live godly in the present . . . (Titus 2:11,12) — 10. God’s grace transforms hearts & brings new life!

  58. Bumper sticker: Your sins are forgiven — get over yourself!

  59. Bumper sticker: Jesus took your bad to give you His good


    GRACE or nothing!

  61. Bumper sticker: Greasy Gracer

  62. Helen Teo Walton says:

    No more sin debt because Jesus paid in full!

  63. Jesus + Your Works = Nothing.
    Jesus + Nothing = Everything!

  64. Greetings Paul….I wanted to share a little info here. Not sure if you have heard of an actor named Jefferson Moore. He’s done a few spiritual movies. Some of them are pretty good from a feel good standpoint. There is a series called “Perfect Stranger” in which he portrays Jesus and visits people. I had discovered these movies a few years ago before I got into the Grace message.

    Well a week ago the latest “Perfect Stranger” movie (Nikki and the Perfect Stranger) came on a cable channel that I had not seen yet. I think it’s like a 2011 production. This is supposedly the last of the series. It’s only about an hour long. Funny thing though…..I do believe that Jefferson Moore has gotten hold of the Grace message. There were several scenes in the movie where he explained some things about God’s love, sin separation, etc and seemed right out of the Grace message.

    I DVRd the movie and then burned it to DVD. I am in the process of editing a few scenes and will attempt to upload a few short clips on Youtube. Blew me away.

    Thought you might like to watch this movie if not the whole series if you have not.

  65. ruready4him says:

    Paul, can you please help me reconcile what Jesus said in Mat 10:15 “Assuredly, I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city! whom a lot of saints refer to along w/other NT scripts, that seems to say there are greater sins?

    • In Matthew 10-11, Jesus makes three comparisons between towns that didn’t repent and towns that did (or would have if they’d seen the power of God). It’s obvious that those who repent and put their trust in Jesus have nothing to fear on Judgment Day but what does Jesus mean when he says it will be “more bearable” for Sodom, Gomorrah, Tyre, and Sidon on Judgment Day? I don’t believe Jesus is referring to specific individuals but to the actual towns. Sodom won’t be destroyed, for example, because Sodom has already been destroyed. “And you, Capernaum, will you be lifted up to the skies? No, you will go down to the depths. If the miracles that were performed in you had been performed in Sodom, it would have remained to this day” (Mat 11:23).

      In short, Jesus is describing what happens when we reject the things that bring us peace. He’s saying that Korazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum, (and Jerusalem in Luke 19), will one day reap the condemning fruit of their unbelief. More here.

  66. Thank you so much for teaching the real gospel brother. Your explanation for the church in sardis really blessed me.

  67. Lee Whitcomb says:

    Paul, I love your work and thinking—but, I can’t find anything on justification. Paul, GOD WANTS US TO KNOW that He raised His Son Jesus back to life for our justification (Ro 4:25) and that Justification, concerning sin, means we have been acquitted, found NOT GUILTY, and restore to divine favor. Because of Christ’s Life and death to satisfy God’s justice, God has reckoned (counted) the sinner as just / as justified / as righteous (Ro 3:21-22; 2Co 5:21; Gal 2:20). In other words, in the eyes of God, it’s like the sinner has never sinned. To be forgiven is one thing—to be declared just before God is quite another. Forgiveness EXCUSES a SIN while justification REMOVES THE VERY CHARGE OF A SIN. When justified, all sin is GONE! Sin had to be eliminated for God to have the relationship He wants; a relationship that IS NOT obstructed by sin (Isaiah 59:1-2). The result of our justification is expressed by the Apostle Paul to the Romans in Chapter Five Verses One through Eleven….

    Forgiveness, forgave, and forgiven are easier words to use, but we are justified sin is gone and sinner man is DEAD….

    • Thanks Lee. There isn’t an entry in the subject index on justification – there probably should be – because all those posts have been categorized under righteousness. I agree this is foundational. In fact, many of us have come to grace through the doorway of righteousness. That is, we didn’t get grace until we understood that Christ became sin so that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. There’s a chapter on this in The Gospel in Ten Words but if you don’t have the book try this.

      • Lee Whitcomb says:

        Thanks! When I did a word search on justification the system went to the post on “Guilt”. I read a few lines and went to the comment section—and, shot my mouth off…. I should have read the whole post especially the part on “feelings”. Feelings are emotions; we think with our mind not our emotions! The next sin we experience, the one after that, and the sins we experience for the rest of our life were on the cross over 2,000 years ago. We sin because we give way to the influence of our flesh to meet a need and/or solve a problem instead of TRUSTING God. Thanks for your answer. I’ll continue to follow your work, because there are few who understand God’s grace….

    • Christopher says:

      Lee, I love what you wrote here, and I quoted you, which I pasted in my Facebook page and left your name at the bottom. I introduced your quote with “Ah, justification!” It is very well explained in a short bit, and my friends will benefit from that. God bless!

    • “Forgiveness, forgave, and forgiven” are all the typical used words. However I like the phrase “Paid For” much better. I guess you could say we have been forgiven because the debt WAS paid at the Cross.

  68. Lee Whitcomb says:

    As a follow-up I read the chapter on “Righteousness. Excellent! I am going to read it to the jail inmates I work with every week in my ministry. I have always been a grace teacher—but, thanks to you I hope to become a better one….

    • And I’m going to set up a category for justification. I’ve been thinking about your comment all night. It’s obvious that I should have one. Thanks for the nudge.

  69. Lee Whitcomb says:

    Paul, in the last fifteen years (while in prison ministry) I have listened to and read every grace teacher possible; you are the best yet. With that said, I have two questions: While you sound like a man who embraces a sovereign God there are statements in your book, The Gospel In Ten Words, that sound like man plays a part in his salvation. The most glaring was in Chapter 3 on page 45) “… but not everyone believes….” A little further down you said, “The Grace of God is worthless IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IT….” At the bottom of page 45 and continuing on page 46 you said, “It is seeing and hearing about Jesus—who He is and what He has done—that stirs us to believe (Rom 10:17)”. That all sounds like man has to do his part when the natural man is incapable (1 Cor 2:14). (1) Are you saying that man (a natural man) can reach down into that spark of good he supposedly has and pull up the ability to believe and have faith? Scripture seems clear that God grants the ability to believe (Phil 1:29); and, God gives the gift of faith (Eph 2:8-9). (2) Would you clear it up and tell me exactly where you stand on God’s Sovereignty vs. Man’s Free Will? (Words 221)

  70. Hi Paul….I actually read about you in the Charisma article by Dr. Brown. I just found out about your Fb page about a week ago and I am very impressed.
    I am originally form India but grew up in the Middle East. I come from a deep Catholic family and have spent the good portion of my life around other religions and how people behave based on their belief system. I then moved to the US deep south and saw more of the same….religion with a different name.
    I have always been a preacher of Righteousness, long before grace became a buzz word. E.W Kenyon and Watchman Nee were great influences early in my life. I have had people get most upset with me over those teachings and I felt very lonely in the initial years. Over the last year, as the Lord has been raising up men who preach righteousness, I feel so encouraged and you belong to that kindred. Continue preaching His Grace. That’s the only way the bride will be spotless at His coming!
    I have a blog that I run called-
    I use it to post whenever the Lord speaks to me. Quick quotes, words of encouragement. I haven’t shared it with many people because I didn’t find too many who would catch it :)
    Thank you once again.
    “To the glory of His grace, by which we are accepted in the Beloved!’- Eph1:6

  71. Lee Whitcomb says:

    I don’t know where to start. I must have said something wrong; but, your silence will not allow me to apologize IF an apology is due. I didn’t mean to start trouble or make you mad. In any case—I’m sorry….

    • No need to apologize for anything. I get more comments than I can respond to – today, 31 comments waiting to be moderated – so if I don’t reply to them it’s because there are only 24 hours in the day and because I have 4 kids who need to get ready for school.

  72. Rachelle says:


    I get it! I’ve grasped grace!!! Or rather, grace has taken hold of me.

    This revelation is blowing my mind; I can’t adequately articulate it, but…JESUS IS MY LIFE AND HE HAS DONE IT ALL!

    Thank you Jesus!!! You are THE BEST.

  73. 15 years ago I gave my heart to Jesus. Then for the next 13 years I lived under law of a church. A dear friend died from cancer which prompted me to quit taking Preachers word for things , and to pick up the fork and feed myself, I began to dig into my Bible and for some reason God lead me right to Galations. My eyes were opened! I
    I found books by Joseph Prince and Steve McVey that just made so much sense I couldn’t quit reading, then I picked my Bible up and again to compare what they were saying and realized my eyes had been shielded from the truth for too long. The more I read the more I could see how much I mean to my FATHER.
    I grew up in an abusive alcoholic home, I didn’t really understand the love a parent is suppose to have for their child and because of that it hindered my understanding of how God could unconditionally love me.
    Years ago my husband and I adopted baby boy and the intense love we have for this child began to sink in and we were becoming more and more aware of what true unconditional love was. We realized no matter how our son might act we loved him regardless. We love him for him not for what he does! It made it easier to understand how our FATHER in heaven loves us.
    For the first time since accepting Jesus as my Savior I finally feel free. I am free to love others, I am free to be me, I am free to share Gods love. It feels so good!
    Now we are looking for a Grace church in our area and can’t find one. I am hoping you can help us. We are in the Tampabay are of Florida.

  74. Hi, her name is Eunice she is dying of cancer. They don’t think she will make it to tomorrow.
    Would you please pray that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus will heal her.

  75. Hi Paul! Is there a way to message you privately on this site? I wrote a message that’s almost 800 words long (with 4 topics) and here it has to be less than 250 words. I would rather not write on Facebook.

  76. Hi Paul! It’s such a blessing to read your post everyday. I find it very liberating and empowering specially for those who have been under the mixture message for decades. I would like to hear your thoughts on Luke 10:2. I believe its important for us to “rightly divide the word” based on the standards of “Christ and Him Crucified” (1Cor 2:2). Therefore, all bible interpretations should be interpreted through and only though these questions: IS CHRIST GLORIFIED IN MY INTERPRETATION? and IS HIS WORK GLORIFIED? I have a problem with the age-old interpretation of “Harvest” as “souls” in Luke 10. Isn’t harvest meant to be blessings from above and that what Jesus meant was that only few people get it despite its abundance? The famous interpretation excites human effort and does not glorify God at all. I’m not saying that we stop reaching to the lost but I think this verse is really meant for so much more. Hope you can make a post about this in the future (as it really helps a lot of people). God bless and more power to you.

  77. Mike Hoffman says:

    Hello Paul! I have been following your posts for over a year now and have read through them all. I want to offer you some encouragement as I understand how frustrating trying to show Grace and Jesus can be to those who simply cannot see it. I’ve noticed that the ratio of harsh comments against grace compared to acceptance of grace has shifted incredibly towards grace. Be encouraged that Grace and Truth (Jesus) has won! Jesus kingdom is increasing through the truth you proclaim. I know that the world is going to get better until everyone comes to the mind of Christ. I do not believe it will degenerate until Jesus comes to “save” us again. We’ve been saved, we are free and you are doing what you are meant to do. You are a strong light and a source of joy for me when I read the truth in these posts at work. Thank you Paul!

  78. Paul I have a question for you at the end of my comments. I read your book(paper) out of the jungle. Loved it. I’m presently reading your book hyper grace. Really loving it! I can’t seem to get enough of the gospel. Either from bathing in it in the Scriptures or listening and reading it from others. I’ve been a grace birthed Christian for 35 years. But just in the last year and a half I have had my vision cleared up by Jesus so that I see clearer than I’ve ever seen before. It is so easy to spot error now.
    I wanted to share something that happened with me today. Couple of months ago I had somebody steal some things from my home. It was a relative of my wife. I gave them the opportunity to confess and of course they lied. Since that time, the Lord’s been working on me to forgive them. Reminding me That he paid for their crimes on the cross. Well I could accept that just fine. Since I completely excepted that he had paid for all of mine. However I was struggling with the fact that I had pain, loss and injustice associated. It bothered me that these things didn’t seem to fit in the equation. As I took this before the Lord, knowing that there was an answer at the cross for this. I wanted to know why it didn’t seem to bother Him that this person had done this to me, his son. Along with this person’s crimes/sin, he showed me that He took my sorrows and monetarily and emotionally bore the loss for the situation. Since he Bore it, I did not have to. That it was completely redeemed at the cross! I was amazed at this revelation of how penetrating and broad it’s healing is. Do you believe this?

  79. Hi Paul thanks for transforming us through the gospel of jesus. I would like to get one of your books but I leave in south Africa, so I do not knw hw to get your books plz respond asap. grace

  80. John Buta says:

    Hey Paul, hows it going?
    Have you heard of Blog Action Day on October 16th? Its a global day for like bloggers, vloggers etc to all come together to talk about one important issue, like poverty, human rights, climate change. I think it could be really cool on here, and i think it would be inspiring to have your input on it :-)

  81. Paul, I don’t get it anymore. Somehow when I was 16 I received knowledge that God loves me, not via the Bible but just sitting in my room, it changed my life. To this day I believe Jesus died for me and when I die I believe (hope, confidently expect) for heaven because without Him, I don’t have a shot.

    With that said, I don’t understand the rat race anymore. I’ve had a few experiences with God when I was younger, but that was 15+ years ago. Now when I need help, answers, direction, etc I get nothing. I don’t care anymore about if I sinned here or there, if Jesus died for me, it just doesn’t matter. All the red in my ledger means nothing. With that said I’ve come to the conclusion that God doesn’t look at us the way we tend to think he does. Heck, I could leave from typing this, get in a car accident and be shuffled off this mortal coil. God wouldn’t spare me from that, rescue me I suppose. So what’s the point? I’ve always heard God cares for you, wants to help you and have a relationship with you. Well that’s great, but in a relationship both sides speak.

    So my, freeing I’ll say, conclusion is this – I’m done. I believe Romans 10:9-10 and I do those things, you can point a gun to my head and I would not recant, kill me and I’ll go home. But for the rest of the time here on this earth, it’s mine. I make or break my success, nothing is promised, I make good or bad choices, I’m not special and no ones owes me a thing. This world is mine to do as I please. With that said, I believe I owe all love and to walk at peace with as many folks as I can. But I am not concerned with hearing from God about this or that or am I doing this right or that right. I just don’t care, especially with my tomorrows not guaranteed. I will teach my girls that Jesus loves them but I will not introduce them to a lot of Christain’ese bull.

    The Bible says that, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” I believe I know have some knowledge now and that previous lack/life would have destroyed me.

    Thanks for your site Paul.

  82. You need an email address for folks to reach you.
    You are dead on right about Grace. God pulled me out of a cult and used Brennan Manning, Rich Mullins, and a guy named Ken Blue to help me get grace. The Holy Spirit rocked my heart and confirmed it all! I am now a grace teacher. I argued a lot with Dr Brown but his heart is closed and much too analytical on the matter. Thank you for writing your book and preaching the Great News of God’s radical free Grace. The unadulterated Gospel. Thank you for being willing to think BIG about a loving God.

  83. Paul,
    Do you still have a podcast? When I click on a link that takes me to your podcast on my iPad it shows no broadcasts are available. Thanks.

    • What link was that? I’ve never had a podcast.

      • Hmmm…when I click on various links in your subject index it opens up my ipad’s podcast app, then it adds E2R to the podcast but stare there are no podcasts. This has happened on several occasions. Strange!

      • There are no podcasts on this site. I suspect you are missing an RSS feed reader for your iPad. You can try Feedly (free) or Reeder 2 (not free), and others found on the app store.

  84. Can you please help me understand this Scripture in light of eternal security, and what is Peter saying here (it sure sounds like Arminian teaching). Thanks. “Therefore, brothers, be more diligent to make your calling and election sure. For if you do these things, you will never stumble” (2 Peter 1:20).

  85. I would appreciate your commentary on 1 Pet 3:7. My wife reminds me that my prayers are ineffective. She basically believes I’m the blame for all our family problems including continued marital and financial problems.

    • Hi Ricky, I do have some thoughts on that verse and I will write a post about it one of these days. But I don’t think it describes your situation. Playing the blame game is something we learned from Adam and it’s a real grace-killer. It’s not how Jesus acts. Jesus didn’t hang on the cross blaming us for putting him there. Instead, he forgave us. My prayer is that your marriage will become a towering testimony of grace, that your whole family will be so struck by the love of God that you will find it easy to forgive as Christ forgave you (Col 3:13).

      • Paul, Thank you for your ministry. I know you must receive tons of letters. Thank you for your responding to me and everyone. The Lord bless you with time and resource to do all that you do and much more. Is there a commentary that exists with a grace point of view? Thank you!

      • Yes, there are several. I like Andrew Wommack’s online commentary and here on E2R we have a new Scripture Index (it’s still being tested). It’s not a commentary but it gives a grace-based interpretation of hundreds of scriptures.

  86. David Carley says:

    How do I contact Mr. Ellis in a manner in which it would be private?

  87. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for all you do. Here is a grace poem that I though you would enjoy.



    When the pious try to tie us to the letter of the law
    And the umption in our gumption is the best they ever saw
    If the law demands a meter but we fall a “micro” short
    The accuser of the brethren has transgressions to report

    When inspection sparks rejection by those silly Sadducees
    They will school us, try to fool us into working to appease
    But the law can’t mend our flaw nor wash away our sinful stain
    If the letter made us better then Christ Jesus died in vain

    Now in hell we do hear tell that there is nothing but the law
    And due process is the folly that is followed tooth and claw
    But in heaven there’s no leaven; naught but His redeeming grace
    And accuser is a loser with no merit to his case

    We can’t add to what He’s finished, we can’t augment what He’s done
    There’s no power, sweet or sour, that can set aside the Son
    Works won’t trump the grace that’s offered, so that none of us can boast
    On the day we stand before the Father, Son and Holy Ghost

  88. Hi
    I’m wondering if you know any good grace commentaries?
    Thank you

  89. Mark Volstad says:

    Paul, I thoroughly enjoy your writing. I pastor a Spanish church and have been heavily influenced by your books and blogs in bringing our congregation out of their Catholic tradition into a Spirit lead walk of grace. I have a question. A believer is completely and eternally forgiven of all his sin, true. When he does sin, how does he respond to his sin before the Lord? I’m sorry? and then continue on?

  90. Just discovered this concept of the gospel of grace as ‘hyper’abundant’ grace and the different perspectives out there. My question is: How does this Grace of God co-exist with God’s Judgment?

    • Through the cross (see Romans 8:3).

      • Greetings to you and your family in the mighty name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ,

        I am pastor. N.John from India, i request you to please pray for me and our area poor pastors, and poor widows, and poor and orphan children, i and my family members we are all praying for you and your family and for your great wirk,
        Thanking you brother,
        Pastor. N.John

  91. Hello Paul,

    I recently had a thought that kind of puzzles me. Here is my basic understanding of God’s laws (The Ten Commandments). Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. These laws were meant for the Hebrew people only and simply because that is what they chose instead of having a relationship with God himself. The laws were not meant for today’s believers of Jesus. Jesus came to fulfill the requirements of the law and setting the human race free from our inability to live up to this absolute perfect and holy standard.I do believe That God’s desire for us is to be in a perfect personal relationship with him.After saying all of that, why did he forbid Adam from eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil? I understand that it would and has brought death and corruption, but would that be a form of having to live under a law? Was it simply to show that man was free to decide?


    • Don’t interpret God’s words to Adam (in Gen 2) as a law that must be obeyed, but as an opportunity to trust. Trust is essential to intimacy. It’s the basis of love. God trusted Adam (by giving him a planet). But for Adam to have Real Life, he had to trust God back. The tree was his opportunity to do so. More here.

  92. Hi Paul! I’ve been so blessed by your books and posts, more than I can put into words. I just read your post on 50 Scriptures Inclusionism Can’t Explain, and was at first surprised when I saw the title, because in my mind Inclusionism was synonymous with Universal Atonement (NOT Universalism). In fact, this is the only way I’ve only heard Inclusionism talked about so far. However, I’m still fairly new to the real grace message, so maybe I just haven’t gotten around enough. ;-) But from your post, I’m gathering you’re meaning Inclusionism to be very similar or the same as Universalism. Especially in the study notes link you provided about Inclusionism not being foreshadowed in the Old Testament – there you say “Inclusionism/Universalism.” I’m just wondering if you see any difference between the two, or if you do view them as essentially the same? Thanks in advance for the clarification! :)

    • Inclusionism and universalism are distinct. The former preaches historical reconciliation (all saved in the past); the latter preaches ultimate reconciliation (all saved in the future). Not every inclusionist believes in universalism and most universalists disagree with the inclusionist idea that all are now saved. Nevertheless, they are sometimes presented together because (a) some universalists are inclusionists, and (b) both have a universal aspect.

  93. Paul,
    I’ve been teaching the Gospel of Grace for over 2 1/2 years now and I am still struggling trying to get people to understand how much God loves them and that ALL things have already been provided because of The Finished Work. There are some that have received and believed the truth of the Gospel of Grace but not many. The class that I teach is made up of about 10-12 people and it just doesn’t seem to be growing. I’ve been told that the Gospel of Grace that I teach is over the heads of some of the people that we have encouraged to come. Most of what I teach comes from what the Lord has revealed to me and that has been confirmed by teachers such as yourself, Andrew Wommack, Ryan and Rob Rufus, Mick Mooney and others. To say I’m disappointed about the growth of the class would be an understatement BUT I refuse to teach anything else. There is only one true Gospel and that is the Gospel about the Finished Work. I am asking that you agree with me first, that God is taking the religious blinders off the eyes of the people here in Fremont Ohio and second that God is opening doors of opportunity for me to share this life changing Gospel. Thank you for your faithfulness and Godly wisdom. You are a Blessing to the body of Christ!!

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