Readers’ Feedback

God bless you brother. You have brought me back to Jesus Christ. He is the only way! Grace has saved me. Thank you for being a teacher of grace and showing the way by the truth written in the bible! Amen! Amen! Amen!
~Al Gentry, Detroit, USA

I want to tell you that I am truly encouraged by your posts and your posts encourage millions of new covenant believers around the world.
~ Chin San Soh Singapore

My grace journey began with your blog being one of the first i found…i find it absolutely captivating!!
~Michael Reichert, Dover, USA

I have learned more truth in my less than one month’s time following this blog than I have learned in 21 years of religion.
~Sally Ann Fisher, Missouri

Your messages are such an inspiration!
~ Susan Ngungi, Nairobi, Kenya

I have come across your site here Paul and am so grateful God has led me to you… Paul, you are a mighty Man of God and thank you again for sharing His Words with us. I am 70 in 2 years, but am being set FREE from all sorts of bondages. Thank you God. Thank you Paul.
~ Linde Nicolay, Preston, UK

Thank you all @ Escape to Reality. I have spent my life until this point under self persecution/shame and condemnation over the lack of proper theology on grace/works. But… over the past week I’ve read every article and searched the word and now my faith is more alive then ever, I actually “feel” as if I’ve been saved, before it was head knowledge, but now it’s heart assurance! Thank you so much for being obedient to the faith and withstanding the constant religious backtalk from people like my old self. Grace to you and yours!
~ Jonathan Gould via Facebook

There is one problem I have with your blog –  I can’t stop reading it! I was up half the night last night sharing your blog with some of my minister friends. Man, we are greatly blessed. I can tell much time has been put into your blogs because every word is potent. Whenever I go to the verses you refer, it causes me to not only believe in grace because of your blog but because it’s in the bible. Thanks again.
~ Presley Watson, Hartselle, USA

I just want to thank you for all your writing and posts. I’m always very alert to your posts, because I know that it will be inspiring and revealing. Just want you to realize that you do make a difference or your yielding to the Holy Spirit in you as you would probably say. Keep the good work and may God bless you and your family in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
~ Mike Davis, Fayetteville, USA

Hi Paul, I really love your site, and have learned a lot. You are gifted at nailing ‘sacred cows’… Keep on with your excellent ministry-we all need to be challenged!
~ Ken Eden, Teignmouth UK

Paul what can I say- you have surpassed yourself with this blog, it is so refreshing to read “truth” and let’s talk confession, without getting into a debate! You have given expression to letting go of pride by “chucking out” all your pre conceptions and to heck with what man will say because I taught and preached the opposite for years. It does not take guts to do what you have done: It takes a true deep love for Jesus and He expressed himself in this blog through you. Awesome, thank you my friend. I just love this website and I have sent the address worldwide, especially darkest Africa. Keep going Paul and a heartfelt thank you for the true Gospel message.
~ Keith Blond, Durban, South Africa

Thank you, Paul, for another post full of grace and truth!! I found E2R when I was desperately searching for the correct interpretation of 1 John 1:9 several months ago. I have been in many “Christian” churches throughout my life and I have been taught wrong in every one of them. They all mix in law and condemnation with grace to one degree or another. Thanks to your faithfulness I am finally understanding the truth. I am 56 years old. Because of the wrong things I have been taught since childhood, I developed severe depression and OCD/scrupulosity. You may well have saved my life from a tragic end. Bad doctrine badly hurts sincere seekers, but the Truth really does set us free. Thank you, my brother!!
~ David Goodreau, North Scituate, USA

My son found your site when he googled after hearing his dad make a comment on a verse from a song being sang at a memorial service. You guessed it, the phrase ‘He gives and takes away’. My husband noticed that the verse doesn’t make sense. I am so glad men (I generally believe so) are so not religious because we found your site because of that observation!!! For 2 years now, the Lord has been opening our eyes to see how religious the church as we know it has become and He has been teaching us about His love and it has been exciting as well as lonely at times because we can’t find too many who could understand what we are seeing that sometimes I couldn’t help wondering if we’re off the truth. I’m so glad we found your site. You outline the points you are trying to make so well. Thank you for taking time to write.
~ Janet Medalla, Cebu, Philippines

I love the simplicity of this blog and I love the simplicity of the gospel. We have it all through Jesus and are complete in Him. Amen!
~ Vic Cameron, Carstairs, UK

Thanks, Paul! You make sharing the Good News so easy. I am able to share the Gospel with my sphere of influence just by sharing your posts. You make it easy to understand and it is written to regular folk! Be encouraged… you are a blessing to the world! Abundance of Grace is yours today and always!
~ Chris Esters, Charlotte, USA

These posts are awesome. This is what we need on Facebook – the truth. Bless you. Look forward to more posts and have shared several on Facebook. I live in Redding and go to Bethel…Pastor Bill Johnson. :)
~ Paula, Redding, USA

Happy Birthday (E2R)!!!! You don’t know how much this site helped me and is still blessing me! Keep them coming :) You are truly a blessing!!! Blessings to you always!!!!
~ Susan Vivas, Cayman Islands

Paul, your material is excellent and very timely, since the church today seems to be growing ever more “religious”. The pendulum appears to have swung the other way for now, but thank the Lord, sites like yours are sprouting up to offset the ‘leaven’. Please keep the articles coming!
~ Ken Eden, Hungerford, UK

Gracias SENOR por tu gracia.
~ Marco Diaz, Las Vegas, USA

I have been greatly blessed, my heart rejoices because of what God did for me. What a wonderful Savior. Thank you for explaining it so well. I found this site at a time when a Pastor told my husband to come in the church and confess all his sins. I asked him, why do you have to confess what was forgiven and forgotten by God? I will share this site with my husband and we will go through each scripture verse. God bless you.
~ Lilyan, Toronto, Canada (5 Jan 2011)

Paul, you put it so beautifully! I can’t get enough of this message:) I only wish I had the words to share as you do with my friends and fellow believers. Thanks for doing this site!!
~ Judi Hinson, Ocoee, USA

Thank you, Paul, for the messages of God’s grace that you bring to us. That Jesus finished the work on the cross once for all is truly THE good news. Amen. Abundant love, peace and grace to you all.
~ Dave Rumfelt, Stockbridge, USA

Just want to say, thank God for you, Paul! In the internet it is easy to find misleading information, which together with a fleshly mindset, focuses us on our sin and our own ability to try to live righteously. Trying to live by the law brings death. However I am glad that God led me to find your website, which reminds me to focus on Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life! Do keep on blogging, because it encourages me, which in turn helps me encourage others to look to Jesus!
~ Benjamin Seow, Singapore

Hi Paul, Thanks for these great truths! Clear as Jesus! I like that!
~ Mike Laabs, UK

Hi Paul, I was just searching the web to find some background information for a sermon on the Church of Laodicea. So blessed to come across your articles and discover someone who views things from a GRACE position. God bless you and keep blogging.
~ Richard Kerridge, Melbourne, Australia (13 Nov 2011)

Profound! Powerful! Well written! Paul you are a trained warrior… The Holy Spirit is giving you some awesome insights into the depths of Grace and Righteousness, thanks for your obedience in sharing them with us. Loving your stuff my friend, keep them coming!
~ Andre van der Merwe, Johannesburg, South Africa

THANK YOU for this Paul…You were always instrumental in getting my head around problem areas for me and praise God and how amazing that you are continuing to do so. Don’t think I ever thanked you enough and doubt that you even knew so I am thanking you now. Much love to you and Camilla.
~ Shirley Jenkins, London, UK

I just visit E2R every morning, even if it means revisiting previous posts. That’s great of you Paul Ellis. Keep it up. Be encouraged.
~ Kintu, Kampala, Uganda

Paul, this is so well put. I found myself reading with my hand on the top of my head, wanting to absorb every scripture and line you had written. You must continue writing about your convictions. I have been so blessed, and I know that others will be too!
~ Tammy Hackman, Hong Kong


  1. Bettycarol Germany says:

    I am a long-time believer, so it was a joy to read your “10 Myths about the Holy Spirit. My life as a Christian (minister of music) and (my husband of 57 years, too) is to serve Christ whenever and wherever we can. We live in Memphis, TN What a blessing to hear someone who ‘rightly divides the Word of Truth! Thank you!

  2. If my head is filled with to much junk from the world including religion I always come back to your site and poof it disappears.Keep up the great work.I know it is time consuming but we need this.It is like a refreshing rain.Blessings for your faithfulness.

  3. Debbie Bierman says:

    Paul could you write a post on the end times and how it affects Gods covenant people? A lot of ppl are saying America is being judged and God has pulled back His Hedge of protection. My understanding is Jesus bore the sins of the world and God is not angry with us? However his word will come to pass and Jesus will return. Can you hep? Thank you Debbie

    • Debbie, I am called to preach the gospel not respond to fire and brim-stone fear-mongers. That said, I appreciate many sincere believers have been unsettled by these messages of judgement and condemnation. I have written about the judgment of the Lord and you may also want to take a look at my earthquake post. Both will give you a good sense of how I view these matters.

      • Warren (South Carolina) says:

        Keep on preaching THE gospel and don’t ever stop Paul.
        Warren (South Carolina)

  4. Paul, ur blog is becoming addictive to me. I now read it morning, afternoon and night. I still have an exam to prepare for. Each day i read it, everything appears new to me. God bless you Paul

  5. Shirley Anne Cutcliffe says:

    G.R.A.C.E. God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. Salvation is the Gift, Faith is the hand that reaches out and receives the Gift which God offers. We need to be careful not to confuse the gift with the reception of the gift. The Gift is freely available. Accept it with thanks, like you would a present. Titus 1:! For the GRACE of God that bringteth salvation hath appeared to ALL men.

  6. Dana Roberts says:

    Are you the Paul Ellis who wrote a chapter in the book . . . Managed in Hong Kong: Adaptive Systems, Entrepreneurship and Human Resources. Edited by Chris Rowley and Robert Fitzgerald. London: Frank Cass Publishers, 2000? I write about Watchman Nee and the story of the Shanghai Christian Assembly (Local Church) after 1948 and how they suffered persecution.

  7. Much bless by your clear teaching…..God is really good. Hope you can also teach of the parable of the talent in Matt 25 soon. Thanks again. God bless you greatly.

  8. Charles says:

    Fascinating. Simply fascinating. When I read the various posts and the comments following them seems there is no end to it. But I have to stop somewhere.

    For those who have doubts about the effects of Grace teaching may I say something? This blog is full of commenters who testify how the teaching of radical grace has literally set them free from years, even decades of struggle to live righteous or acceptable lives on their own effort. Yet we have people asking where is the fruit? Isn’t that pretty odd?

    Surely these people are not rejoicing now because they have been set free to live licentious lives full of sin, rather they are rejoicing because they are now free from struggling against sin as Jesus has overcome sin on their behalf. They merely need to accept and rest in his finished work, enjoying what He has accomplished so they will now live holier lives than they used to previously, without any effort on their part.

    I think the Grace teachers are very clear that it is effort that results in failure, it is faith that results in victory.

    • Warren (South Carolina) says:

      It seems everyone wants to be a “fruit inspector”.
      Warren (South Carolina)

  9. Dear Paul – I have heard it taught and I think reasonably so that we cannot be the bride of Christ – Israel is -and while we have a few verses to back the claim the church is like a marriage between & man and woman (Eph 5) Paul constantly says we are the “body” of Christ – If we are His body, how can we be the bride or wife of Christ when he returns?
    it make sense that Jesus the Head (Colossians) will unite with His body (Ephesians) when He returns – Truly a marriage made in heaven but the OT makes it clear that Israel is the wife of YHWH -so if we are indeed the bride of Christ then we have two marriages – Jesus & the church – YHWH and Israel – to me it makes more biblical sense that “like” a marriage, as a bride etc… as we are closely connected to Jesus as His body but nowhere does it literally state we are the “bride of Christ as it it states directly that Israel is the wife of Jehovah.”
    What are your thoughts? – Jeff S

    • According to the apostle Paul, a true Jew is someone who trusts in Jesus (see Rom 2:28-29).

      • So we are the body of Christ and the bride?

      • Is there no hope for the Jews who come to know Messiah ethnically? I mean Paul tells us a remnant of Israel will be saved (Rom 11) as well as Zechariah – Isaiah 2 promises the nations shall flow into Jerusalem literally during the millennium – I understand the concept of a “true Jew” but what does that have to do being the bride of Christ vs. the body of Christ? – is it all merely allegorical? Not trying to be difficult but I am very confused if the church is the bride of Christ then why wouldn’t Paul just say that? Over and over he states to Gentiles and Jews we are a new man “in Christ” or in the body of Christ but save a few illustrations of marriages and relationships to reveal the mystery of Christ & the church “Christ in you, the hope of glory” I do not believe we can be both “His body” and the bride at the same time- that is, if we believe in a literal millennial kingdom and the nation of Israel will one day believe in Messiah – If Jesus is going to one day rule in Jerusalem for a 1000 years the concept of Israel being the bride or chosen people “outside” of the church & Israel being the bride or “woman in the desert” (Rev 12) makes sense since the church is the body and Jesus is the head – I really need some help with this because its confusing to teach if we assume we are both His body and His bride – that would be an odd marriage but the actual Jews who get saved to serve in the millennial kingdom “outside” the church yet born-again believers would certainly fit the bill –

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