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  1. John Bushnell says:

    Do you have any articles on “Christian Fasting” & “Christian Tithing”?

    • Nope. I generally only write about the new covenant.

    • I will say that Mr. Paul, you have copme under great deception. Repent and be saved.
      Fasting and tithing are musts.
      Without tithing, you willnot be ready for the Lord’s return. And to scale any heights in the upward call, you have to fast diligently.

      • Fasting & Tithing are FRUITS and not ROOTS. New Covenant people obey, fast, tithe, serve, pray, worship & praise God NOT BECAUSE to be bless, NOT BECAUSE for God to move & NOT BECAUSE to earn or receive in RETURN!

        WE do all of those because we are ALREADY BLESSED, RECEIVED & FAVORED!


      • GeorgeInChrist says:

        sounds like law sir

  2. Great answer Paul! I get it!

    • Lasaro Basaldua says:

      Tithing is in the new Covenant , the only thing that has changed about it is the motivation.we tithe because we love the ministry and the people that need to hear the good news.

  3. Paul, I appreciate so much your blog. You answered my question about the Connecticut shooting, and then responded affirmatively to my suggestion about a post on God’s sovereignty. Thank you!

    I have another question. I have heard it said that God brought the Law in because that’s what the people wanted. They wanted rules, as well as a covenant of faith, as with Abraham. The Old Covenant Law was a Plan B, like God’s giving a human king to the people.

    So I’ve heard. I’m not opposed to such a belief, but I’m not sure of scriptural evidence for it. What say you?

    • John campbell says:

      Tithing can be a beautiful and Holy thing IF done wholley unto The Lord in response to God’s grace found In Christ . Tithing under the grace of God, with Abraham , opens and closes the Bible. ( genesis 14, Hebrews 7) Tithing under the old covenant was simply a land tax on the children of Israel . Tithing pertained to livestock and produce ( not $) so the poor, Levites and Priesthood could eat and perform their duties. There is not one mention of anybody tithing $ to ANYONE in the entirety of the Bible! We have been born again INTO a prophesied, blood bought and glorious New and Everlasting Covenant of grace which puts the spotlight on Jesus Christ who became a curse for us. Hebrews 7:1-12, in essence, teaches that the old covenant system with 613 laws, each with a blessing / curse attached; TITHES INTO GRACE! A revelation of God’s everlasting mercy and love can motivate a disciple of Christ to give 5,10,20,50 or 90 percent. “For when the Priesthood changes, by necessity there takes place a CHANGE OF LAW ALSO! ” ( Hebrews 7:12) Those regenerated and redeemed by Christ’s NEW COVENANT BLOOD we have the Law of The Spirit of LIFE In Christ Jesus, the Law of Liberty and the great commandment which contains ” this NEW commandment.

  4. Do you have anything that addresses the 1st Chapter of Job..Satan & God discussing how if God removes the hedge of protection and starts messing with him he will curse God?
    I’ve read a few things you’ve written about Job but seems to not “add up based on this first pow wow in Chapter 1…help me with this please? I love your blog and read it gracefully!!

  5. Only just joined the site and have done so because the first article I read was so helpful about Job! Search for “Understanding the book of Job”. Enjoy and be inspired and instructed – it will also lead you to other good articles related to the subject,

  6. Love Paul’s answer to query on tithing and fasting! To the enquirer and to Lasaro Basaldua I recommend Bertie Brits who does a lovely treatment with great scriptural insights as to why Jesus is our tithe. Go to his website, which is clumsy for navigating, or check it out on youtube or just google it

  7. Rey Nielsen says:

    Only now I realize what through gospel of grace is…. thank Holy Spirit who teaches guides and filled me. Now I can say Christ is in me. Jesus + nothing = everything.

  8. This website and related Facebook posts on Gracequotes, along with Joseph Prince and Andrew Wommacki messages have been such a blessing to me and and my husband. Have been praying for local teaching on Grace and over the last six months of so our local pastor has really been stepping it up with the Grace messages. He’s still a good teacher on being the light of God to those in our community and world (some would say “serving”) so I still try to stay buffed up with other Grace teaching so that I don’t get back into trying to “earn” favor with God. The message our pastor delivered on Easter Sunday was the Gospel in a message titled “The Scandal of Grace”:

  9. Chuck Barnes says:

    It’s so sad Christian don’t search the Scriptures concerning Tithing and Fasting. When Jesus said it was finished we are now under the new covenant. The work been finished now let’s rest in Jesus! The old covenant was given to Jews. The law doesn’t do anything for us. Jesus came to bring us the New Covenant in his Blood.

    • John campbell says:

      I am brand new to this site and I LOVE that many who confess Christ here are receiving Biblical revelation of Christ’s New Covenant blood. Yes, Christ did say ” it is finished.” In my study of scripture, in regards to the timeline of the new covenant, I believe the NC was inaugurated when in Hebrews 9 where Jesus offered His perfect precious blood in heavenly Holy of Holy’s for our eternal redemption. I believe the NC prophesied, begins with God’s promise to Abraham ; ” a Father to many nations”…. etc. Some teach that the NC began at Pentecost and I am ok with that too. However, I believe the revelation of the New Covenant received and actualized by man began with Peter’s vision at Joppa after which he went to Cornelius house. Acts10 is beautiful as this was the first time a Non Jew received Christ AND ” the gift of The Holy Spirit” AND they were speaking in tongues and EXALTING GOD!!

  10. Leslie Snell says:

    I love the gospel of God’s grace. But if we have the blessed assurance of salvation can believers loose their faith? and if so, does that mean that their salvation is in jeopardy?

  11. It seems as if “tithing” is not something those on this site believe in? How about the giving of offerings?

    • chrisvanrooyen says:

      You cannot tithe or offer anymore you cannot give to something that is yours Jesus explained it to Peter. Sons cannot pay the temple tax they are sons and are the temple what you can do is invest in your Kingdom and I would suggest we give everything.

      • gslloydd says:

        Good idea. I agree. That’s quite difficult for most. Why not start with the tithe and see how God blesses that. First the blade, then the ear, then the full head in the ear. Mark 4:28. Grow in grace and character and wisdom. Continue to give more and more.

    • chrisvanrooyen says:

      To add if you feel you are giving or making a sacrifice there is a problem with your belief system.

  12. Chris,
    Thanks for your reply. It may just be a matter of symantics……….you say invest and I say give. Eiither way for me all that I have is because of Him and He has given me all that He has! I give (invest) those “things” (money, time, clothes, whatever) into the Kingdom for the King. I was just curious as to the thinking here on this site. Bless you.

  13. I dont know about tithing. Iam a christian not a jews. St. Paul teach me to give generously not by percentage or amount.

  14. Paul, what’s your thoughts on 1 Corinthians 6? Do you have a post on this chapter?

    God Bless

  15. Leslie Snell says:

    As a believer, do we need to ask God for wisdom, healing etc. If we already have these things through the gift of salvation?


    • I definitely think we should ask for wisdom, and so does James (James 1:5). When I have big decisions to make, it is my habit to ask the Holy Spirit, a.k.a. the Spirit of wisdom, for guidance.

  16. What grieves the Holy Spirit?

    • Our sins and bad decisions, not because they hurt him but because they hurt us, the objects of his affection. And preaching mixture – grace + law – surely grieves him.

    • Charles says:

      A little late to answer, but when we ignore the urgings of the Holy Spirit, or indulge in clearly unclean and unholy pursuits (such as pornography or licentious behaviour), I think we grieve the Holy Spirit.

      Note: I said “I think”. Please feel free to correct me, anyone. My main purpose on this site is to learn (I’m a 1-day old “newbie” here).

  17. Michael Jenkins says:

    Hey Paul,Do you have anything regarding Matthew 10:34-35. It is when Jesus says that he did not come to send peace but a sword to set a man against his Father,and daughter,etc. Is he saying that to people that are under the law or what? I know that he is called the Prince of Peace, so this scripture seems to contradict this. I try to filter everything through the cross but never concluded anything on this verse.

    I hope that you can answer this.

    By the way, I really love this website and I am going to read all your books.

    • Hi Michael,

      “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn ‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—'” (Mat 10:34-25).

      Jesus is saying something that is not considered very politically-correct in some circles, but is nonetheless 100% true, and it’s this: truth is divisive. It’s not that Jesus is seeking to turn fathers against their sons, but people divide themselves by the response to truth. Jesus is Truth. Some people respond to him with love. Others respond with hostility and stone-throwing.

      You will sometimes hear preachers saying there is no Us and Them in grace. And it’s true. God loves us all. But not all love him.

  18. Santhosh says:

    Brother Paul, could you explain Mathew 17:21? Why Jesus recommends prayer and fasting to cast out that particular demon? I could not able to grasp the motive of Jesus behind that suggestion. Could you help me?

  19. Charles says:

    Dear Paul:

    It was only yesterday I came across your blog when I was randomly searching for things on the net about Joseph Prince. How delighted I am! I feel like I belong here, and a sort of journey is just beginning. I have already determined, in a way, to find as much time as possible to read up on the many things you have on your blog.

    I have already subscribed to your blog and downloaded the free eBook (thanks!!!) and read the beginning and the ending of it…(will get to the middle later). I’m planning to print it out like a little book and get my 2 kids to read it.

    I will much appreciate it if you would be so kind as to breathe a word of prayer for me as you read this, that I will come into a full and proper understanding of grace. I feel like I am just beginning to grasp it but it really needs to hit home hard and blow me away. I need the fullness of it.

    Thanks for all you are doing, may your ministry be blessed and protected, thanks above all to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

  20. hi paul. thank you for this grace preaching that you are doing. its great. but even after listening to the preaching of radical grace(through joseph prince and now you also) i have still not experienced it. i know about god’ s love and his grace, i understand but am not able to receive his grace. what would you suggest?

    • Grace is something to be believed before felt. Do you believe that God loves you like a Father and that he loves you now for who you are and not as you should be? When you make mistakes and stumble do you still believe this or do you come under guilt and condemnation?

  21. no christian “tithes” today.Most people who think they are “tithing” have a distorted definition and understanding of “tithing”. All kinds of error is taught regularly in our churches concerning “tithes and offerings”.Like all imposing of the law,it is detrimental to life under grace.I highly recommend “Should the church teach tithing” by Russ Kelly.I believe the distorted and manipulative way “tithing”and giving is often taught is an embarrasment,and does more to hinder the gospel than it does to help get the word out.It personally bothers me a great deal that men who are supposedly so concerned about preaching the truth of Gods Word and have such great insights and exegesis of scripture,are so “dull”,ignorant,and flippant with their teaching “tithing” as they do.It appears as a “chosen” ignorance to me.Pay no attention to one who would try and impose the ordinance on you as your obligation to the local church.

  22. pastor Paul, James 5:9,12 conveys the idea that a believer can still be condemned. Please can u throw light to this?

  23. Thanks
    Wanna ask another question sir. Going through Matthew 24:39-51 Where Jesus said the hour of his return no man knows and then said We should be ready lest his coming meet us unawares. Please How can We be ready always.

  24. Christopher says:

    A friend of mine quoted the parables in Matthew 25 and says that it pertains to good and bad Christians, which will be separated and the “bad” Christians will be lost forever. I have searched the website for articles regarding the parables, but no success. Where will I find it or how would you explain the parables in that chapter?

    • Leslie Snell says:

      Hi Christopher,
      I believe you are quoting Matthew 25:32. The Lord is describing two categories of people one are the sheep ( the righteous) and the other are the goats (the unrighteous). We are either saved or not. The righteous will naturally bear fruit for the glory of Christ. The unrighteous will not.

      • Christopher says:

        Thank you Leslie, but is there a Grace perspective of the parables? The argument here is that we believe, once saved, always saved, and this friend of mine was using Matthew 25 to prove that Christians can lose their salvation. He argues that the goats and the sheep are both Christians. I’m hoping that Paul has written something about these parables and refer to one if his archives.

  25. Leslie Snell says:

    I would say that the grace prospective in this scripture would be that God gives us a free will to choose. Weather it is receiving Him or rejecting Him. Therefore, the goats had a choice to become sheep-by God’s Grace. But they choose not to.

  26. Apostle Johny says:

    Im so thrilled by the topics and messages comments and answers about grace it blesses me a lot,thank you Paul and all the saints,I receive the grace message 2006 while attending a conference in South Africa with Prophet Kobus van rensburg

  27. 1John 3:15 says a believer Who hates his brother has no eternal life just as Jesus also said in Matt 5:22.
    please can u shed light on these Scriptures as they seem to negate eternal security. Thanks

    • hey dominion I’m not sure whom you are addressing this question to but hopefully I can give it a shot if you don’t mind.When we speak of eternal life there’s only one thought that we usually process this phrase to mean,everlasting,perpetual and continuos living forever.But Jesus added a spin on this eternal life to mean something different.In John 17:3 Jesus says this”eternal life” is to know you the only true God and the son whom you sent.
      When reading 1 john 3,the context is about a loving God and truly knowing him.When you read vs.15 it says that everyone who hates his brother is a murderer and eternal life or the true knowledge of God and the Son is not in him.
      The father did more than just send his Son to die but more importantly to restore his image and likeness to his children.What father isn’t happy that his children aren’t his spitting image God is no different.
      If eternal life only meant living forever then how could Jesus say it also has a fuller meaning and that is to know Your father God and his Son your brother and reunite you into the highest quality of living he could give you,eternal life knowing the Father and the Son.This verse speaks not of your eternal security my friend but if you truly possess the knowledge of the love of God for us to love our brothers as he loves us.Hope this helps.

  28. Apostle Johny says:

    Leslie a covenant is an agreement between 2 persons,a testament is only valid when the testator has died,like Jesus for our sins now we have the benefit of the His finish work on the cross.A covenant is an agreement,a testament is draw by the testator without consent of the anyone.I hope its understandle or anyone can share light on this subject.Grace!

    • Hi Johny,
      Not disagreeing with your definitions. However, if you look at the word Testament in the Greek. It gives, diathēkē which means a compact, a covenant, a testament. Example:
      God’s covenant with Noah, etc.This word is also derived from the root word diatithēmi, which means to arrange, dispose of one’s own affairs, of something that belongs to one, to dispose of by will, make a testament. An example would be: to make a covenant, enter into covenant with one. So, I believe that covenant and testament are synonymous with one another.

  29. lutwama marvin says:

    paul,i thank God for having become a member of this blog/site ,for 3 years i have been trying 2 b’me one but in vain.Am a grace believer and a preacher of a young church of 1year and half here in Kampala Uganda East Africa ,though we meet persecution and resistance from men of the law we stand strong in the truth .I love the peculiar wisdom in the Spirit of grace and in the grace preachers,who doesn’t preacher empty dogmas and lifeless theology that leads believers to coldness .thanks paul ellis for the work of igniting us with the gospel message Of Grace.may the lord Jesus bless u.amen

  30. Paul, happy third anniversary of this life transforming platform. Grace be multiplied to you.
    please, I got a little bit off balance at the death judgement that fell on Ananias and sapphira even under the dispensation of Grace. Can u please shed light on it?

  31. John Campbell says:

    The main message of the Bible is the prophosied, blood bought and glorious new covenant of grace which continually puts the spotlight on Jesus and who we are in Him; which is a redeemed and beloved child of God AND Kingdom of priests at New Birth; whose primary purpose is to minister unto The Lord in the inner court as a priest to be nearest His presence and empowered as a conduit to present Jesus Himself to others and bring the Kingdom of God to earth!
    Ministering unto The Lord is our FIRST ministry and ultimate destiny…
    Merry Christmas to all!
    Thank you Paul for this beautiful Christ centric fellowship in Him.

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