Grace Stories

Everything changed when I saw the grace of God for the first time. You may already know my story, but what’s yours? Do you have a story about grace? This is the place to tell it.

Feel free to treat the comment box below as a microphone. Tell us something about what God has done for you.

Some ground rules: (1) save the memoirs for your book – please keep your story to 1000 words or less, (2) no stone throwing – feel free to name and shame bad mindsets but don’t attack people, (3) don’t hijack the platform (i.e., no advertising). We’re not here to promote any particular ministry other than the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

So, what’s your story?


  1. My journey to grace has major roots in the ministry of Escape to Reality. Many things came together from different sources and I saw that the so-called balance of law and grace was a deception. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Paul Ellis and his wife and family. Just folks, you know? You’d like them.

    As I’ve journeyed on, I’ve mostly left the organized church. Just couldn’t do it anymore. That part has been hard. And I admit most of my fellowship is online. So far. A few of us locally where I live have a small group of grace people. It’s a start. Three people, Ha! And we’ve only gotten together once. But I’ve never been happier in my relationship with God. Or with other believers.

    • Sweetheart, I know what you mean, most of my fellowship is online also, thou I go to a wonderful friendly caring church, the preaching is hillarious and when I cannot take it no more, I tend to pull away for weeks from time to time cuz too much religion is crazy for my brains. It does not affect me, or change me in my grace movement, but I just get annoyed. So What ever church you join, you know the real truth so it cannot affect you PatHux, but too much of it can be annoying; I know, its nice to fellowship thou and the songs are normally grace songs and its nice to sing with a bunch of saints. I pray that you can do that and that all your dreams comes to you and family speedily. God bless you

      Peace xx

  2. Rick Shafer says:

    Grace is not a doctrine or teaching or ritual; Grace is a person and His Name is Jesus. And I have fallen in love with Him again. Oh, there will be much more to come; for there is much I have to tell and rejoice and hopefully help. Our Jesus is ALIVE and IN CONTROL. The Day draws near. Think of it this way: Jesus said no man (and he is man) knows the Day nor Hour of the Coming; nothing was said about the season and year. Think back to 2010 what was constantly on the news: pestilence, earthquakes, tsunamis = The Pale Horse, the First Seal. He keeps riding. Remember 2011 and the “Arab Summer” the declaration to destroy God’s people Jerusalem and Israel and wars, conflicts breaking out each day = the Red Horse, the Second Seal. He keeps riding. Now remember 2012 what has been the main news this year: no rain, fires, famine even in America for 2/3 of the Great Plains died = the Black Horse, the Third Seal. And he keeps riding. Whoa! Whoa! whoa! We shall not see the 4th; lift up ye gates for the King of Glory is coming! And Who is this King of Glory? He is the Last Man; the Avenger, the Last Chance for so many who will then die. But I always go to one of John’s books for comfort; perhaps because Jesus trusted His mother to John. Or just the John actually “got it” during the whole 3 years.

  3. I’ll just say that, without God’s grace, I probably would not be at my top-choice college right now. I’d applied to this school and didn’t worry about the application, and I applied to many other universities and colleges (some very competitive ones in the United States!), and I worried constantly over whether or not I would be accepted into them. Guess what? The colleges and universities I worried over either wait-listed or didn’t accept me, but the one college that I’d really wanted to go to–at least, I had told God that this was my first-choice school I’d wanted to attend–accepted me! And not only did this college accept me, but it gave me such a generous financial aid package that I could not possibly turn the opportunity down.

    The lessons I learned from my application process? Rest! And let the Father take care of the rest. Jesus’ blood has paid for my peace of mind, so to rest is to honor the Son’s work.

    And grace is so much better than I can ever imagine.

  4. Starla Ellison says:

    In 2008, I was very nearly at the very end of my self when my teenagers youth pastor and our associate pastor began to teach (because they, through trials, tribulations and circumstances- came to the end of them selves) the truth of Who God is, what He did for us- and WHO we are because of Him. They began to teach what REALLY happened to US because we IN CHRIST, on the cross. That we are NEW creation in Christ, a new inner man- with a new spirit and new heart. They began to correct a lot of wrongs taught in church. And of course, my FLESH (I didn’t even know what flesh was) REBELLED!

    BUT GOD! He allowed some circumstances in my life, that just brought me to the end of my self and to HIM! Amen, where I should be! An abiding believer!!!

    It has been a beautiful journey these last 4+ years. The very first book that God used through this was Sidetracked In The Wilderness by Michael Wells. Gave to me by the youth pastor. Walking in Him, and He living in me- I can’t even describe the Life, the Joy and the Peace I have now….it’s Jesus!

  5. As life-long christian….who tried to do everything I was taught- to be “christlike” “holy” and accepting to the Lord- finally came to the end of myself. I was frustrated, stressed to the point of constant anxiety, and was on medication to ease the symptoms. In the spring of 2012, thru a series of God ordained events…..the truth of who God really is came busting thru. Radical Grace was the key. It was an explosion! My foundation was rocked! I was angry at all the wasted years of unnecessary guilt and tormenting shame. How could all the teachers/leaders/pastors not tell me the truth?? It was a game-changer for me.
    I am Righteous. My behavior or “good works” has NOTHING to do with it. Sin is not the problem, identity crisis was. The freedom that comes with the TRUTH of who I am and who the Father really is, brings comfort and freedom like nothing else. So, the fight that is stirring in America regarding this “hyper-grace, false security” is not a surprise. The battle Jesus faced with the Pharisees is a clue to the ferociousness of religious people and their fight to “be obedient and keep the law” as the way to become holy and christ-like. They will tear you up with misunderstood scriptures to protect man’s traditions. Scripture whipping by zealots will become more and more public. I am educating myself now to defend the true Gospel. No one can argue against my testimony. 30 years I did it their way (unending bible study, prayer, confession, prayer, rebuking the devil….etc) which did not end the torturous amount of daily guilt and sense of failure and disapproval of God. I desperately wanted His approval and delight in me. I could NOT have tried harder to meet the standards I was trained in. Yes, my stubbornness worked for me, as I did not give up, but got up after every “failure” and repented with tears and promises to “do better”.. I can testify with 100% accuracy…..religion and the “responsibility” of keeping all the commandments in the bible DOES NOT bring lasting change and transformation. Nothing can convince me otherwise as the pain of all these years has fueled an unquenchable fire in my belly. I will not shut up testifying of God’s goodness and passion for me. He is wildly in love with me. This statement always brings a smile to my face. Finally, I have Good News..

  6. Look man, all I have to say is that if it was not for God who led one of my daughter’s into steering me in the direction to encounter radical grace, the kind of grace Paul in the bible was persecuted for; I don’t think I would have had long to live. Grace has saved me grace has healed me, grace has allowed the joy inside me to so manifest; some think I am a drunkard lol. I only have 250 words, not enough to explain the amount of near death experience I encountered while being saved; including certain people that tried to destroy me, through satan of course. and even when I was unsaved. I would have to write a dessitation for that. Yet Cuz God saw I would beleive the gospel and so for me, grace started with me before I was born; from a baby to a child from a youth to a teenager and onwards. Just so I could be saved. So I want to thank all those that helped me on my journey, Christ Jesus, Jospeh Prince, Andrew Wommack, Eddie Long, Bill Winston, Jimmy Swaggot and two others including you Paul. You all helped make the journey sweeter. I truly thank the Holy Ghost, he is nothing but amazing. Grace has given me unique confidence and when it erodes, I go back to the word to get it re-instated. Grace has given me bible hope, peace, love. I feel like I won the lottery everytime I read or hear grace. We must continue to work to believe, that is our only work and the Holy Ghost does the rest.

    God bless you all – such wonderful testimonies up here xxx

  7. Almost overnight, everything changed… Everything I have been taught about God, the church and myself and have been practiced with zeal and zest as a teenager to adulthood received a new paradigm in a most profound way.

    At approximately 1:25pm on Monday November 29th, 2011 as I was praying walking back and forth in my living room in Lansdowne Virginia, I had an open vision and saw three young women who were unknown to me in the vision sent to declare a message that has radically transformed my life 360 degree and that of many others.

    One of the ladies begun to speak whiles they all look at me with urgency in their eyes. She said; “we have heard that you are preaching Christ in your Church” (Faith Harvest Chapel) Prior to this vision for almost like two months I was very tired and weary of the form of religion I have embraced over the years for no reason and embark on a personal search in my heart for the Bible to become alive to me and to know who Jesus really is in a very personal way. I started reading the gospels back and forth daily from Mathew to John gospels at a sitting spending many hours in the presence of God. The first scale drop off from my eyes and I felt the loving embrace of a personal God who so dearly love me and the world with a high octane, extravagant, loyal love. Was so blown away, that nobody taught me about this personal God and hardly did I heard all the great and favourite speakers I see on TV and have authored many books talks about Him.

    Armed with this revelation, I started a new sermon series dubbed; “The Jesus I never knew” and to my surprise I saw lives transformed by just unveiling Jesus…guilt, condemnation, shame, insignificance were out of the window and a new sense of self, built and established in Christ was discovered.
    To continue from where we left of on my vision: The lady continued…”I know God will take you around the world (ministerial purpose)…but the only thing that will transform people is Grace” The moment she made mention of grace I saw the Lord Jesus Christ and instantly things came into normal, still walking around praying. I realized I have had an encounter.

    MY IGNORANCE LEAD ME INTO DOUBT…the vision contradicts with my beliefs system. How can grace be the only thing which has to transform people and then have to see Jesus too? If it’s Jesus it has to be Jesus alone and if it has to be grace it has to be grace alone and not grace and Jesus. I knew then if change can take place in a man’s life it has to be Jesus. So why grace and Jesus. I was totally left in despair and anguish and all the excitement I had already had about a personal and loving God was conflicting with this vision.

    Don’t be surprised I was a Pastor for thirteen years and didn’t know anything about grace except the amazing grace song….I got saved by grace through faith and that faith was not of my own but the wooing of Christ in my heart, independent of my works to earn righteousness?……A new covenant of grace ratified in the finish work of Christ through the perfect sacrifice of Christ? …A shift from a covenant built on the basis works, dos and don’ts to its already done and the clause of the covenant is through faith and many profound insight and refreshing revelations of who I am in God and His feelings towards me that I have never in my entire life as a Christian heard or known were tangible before me like something I could hold, feel and embraced all they long. I have been born again, again!

    Jesus is grace personified and the embodiment of grace is the truth which did set me free and set me on the mountain to receive into overflow the abundant riches of Christ through divine purpose to unveil to the nations the loveliness of God by the exerting influence of the power of His grace to transform, restore, heal, bless and prosper all who will receive the abundant life in His Son, Jesus Christ.

    16 And[a] of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace. 17 For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. 18 No one has seen God at any time. The only begotten Son,[b] who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him.
    John 1:16-18 (NKJV)

    For the next four months …December 2010 through March 2011, the Lord begun to pour His love into my heart to such dimension that, nothing in this life that I could compare to the magnificence of His presence. Should the President of the United States of America or the Queen of England have called me on my phone and would have seen their number on my call ID, it wouldn’t have made a difference.

    EFFORTLESSLY…I heard the Lord talk to me with such clarity and intimately I begun to speak like a winner filled with peace, comfort, joy, faith and prosperity; freed from guilt, insignificance, failure mentality, condemnation, uncertainty for the future, a bitter heart and a host of self effort baggage I had carried over the years and freed to loved people unconditionally, stayed in His presence for days lying on the floor only to get up to get my kids ready for school and pick them up from the bus stop and continue to pursue His presence and embrace His grace.

    This journey has been glorious ever since! Halleluiah!!!

  8. bishop Moses O. kattey says:

    I wish my messages will center on pure grace. I have startwd this project. I am learning relationship between pure grace and tithing , healing , night vigils , sowing of seed , operation of spiritual gifts etc. It sounds strange but interesting as I preach pure grace. I thank God for pure grace. It is affecting my ministration positively. Please help me achieve these by praying for me and by prayers. Thank you

  9. Rick Shafer says:

    I first really heard of Grace at age 59 some 8 years ago now. My “religious” background was “you walk by faith” “good works” and I ran from that for 36 years since the day I had truly accepted Jesus and believed. Before I ran, I was even a children’s missionary, even a Christian school teacher. But then the ugliness of “religion” drove me into the world and the world I stay for over 30 years. I was asked to read a book, “How People Grow” by Cloud and Townsend. Early on, the left page first paragraph about the 3rd sentence down I read, “…we walk in Grace”. Whoa! I never heard of this. And the journey began. I suddenly realized that from Genesis 1 until Moses goes to Egypt GRACE abounded through Abraham; I learned Grace walked this earth and on this earth He rested. I saw the true Cross, discerned the true full meaning of Communion, which I now remember daily. I finally learned what an old friend once said to me: Always remember, I can’t, but He can and He always will. For all there is of you is hidden in that cleft that God passed by, and in Him I am presented through Jesus Christ His righteousness before the Throne of God, the Father. At long ever so long, peace, laughter, true joy and such blessed rest within the blazing tornado of the fall of America.

  10. I’ve been a Christian for 31 years. I was blown away by Pure Grace at 59, just 2 years ago… I can tell you I’ve just finished the best year of my life by far. God’s just slinging the blessings my way, even when I’m “wayward” in this way or that. He’s not seeing my sins, which are many small and medium I’d say. No murders, rapes, bank robberies, etc. :) Let me know if you’d talk to me. If not, bless you and I’m so very happy for you, my friend, that you have found the Pearl of Great Price. I have too. Life is better than I ever thought it would be. I can’t believe it much of the time. I’m not used to it yet. It’s almost like in moved to a new beautiful city but away from what I’m familiar with. I’m living in this new city, but I just can’t get used to how different it is and how infinitely wonderful it is. I still have to renew my mind daily, hourly or even more frequently because I’m so engrained with the Old Covenant.

  11. Cody Clayton says:

    Paul – thank you so much for your emails, blogposts, books, etc. It has been almost two years since my eyes were opened to Jesus and the message of the gospel of grace. Two years ago My wife began going to a bible study and for a couple of months I would argue with her when she would tell me what she was learning…I would say things to her like, God does not change, he is the God of the old testament and the new, he is ANGRY!!!

    We both grew up Church of Christ, and I dealt with a lot of legalism in my core beliefs. For the previous 10 years, I had stopped attending the Church of Christ, and was fairly sure of my salvation, but I did not understand how much God loved me or Righteousness.

    Well, after a few months, something dramatic happened. My wife of 8 years began to completely change…the wife I knew that was constantly in fear, anxious about everything, always worried, allergic to cats, etc. completely changed. Did I mention her allergies were healed? Randomly a stray cat showed up during this time, and to my surprise my wife would let the cat in and tell the cat she loved it and was not allergic to it…I kept waiting for the severe allergy attacks to come, but they never did. My wife stopped talking to me about all she was learning and believing-because of my sharp rebukes and arguments, but I came to the point that I wanted to know what this mumbo jumbo was she was into, because whatever it was, it was working. So, one day her bible study teacher dropped off some CD’s for her on the kitchen counter. As I was leaving for work I casually picked them up and started listening to them. It was the “Beloved” CD’s by Joseph Prince. I listened to those 4 CD’s over and over for about 2 weeks. I cried a lot, had goose bumps a lot, and I completely believed. I remember walking into the house and shouting to my wife in excitement and proclaiming the good news!! (I would guess in the past two years I have listened to about 1,000+ hours of Joseph Prince sermons, haha)

    Jesus has changed my life. For 31 years I was completely focused on myself, and I did not know the extent of my misery until I heard and believed the Gospel. Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere finally makes sense. I know this is harsh, but if someone told me today that I had to go back to relying on myself and my self-effort, I would go to the top of a building and jump off. Jesus is so good, and oh how wonderful that He is in the business of saving.

    Earlier this year I heard someone mention your name, and I found your website…and read almost all of your old posts. I get so excited everytime I see an email from you! I loved your book the Gospel in ten words, and we just got a copy of your new book last week. I can’t wait to read it!!! You are such a blessing, keep proclaiming the good news!!!


    Cody L. Clayton, CPA

  12. I grew up in the southern US, so I went to church regularly like almost everyone else here. I’ve always known Jesus loved me, and I loved the stories about God and miracles since I was little. However, my family are Methodists, so there was always the underlying pressure to do more, be more, give more, you owe so much so pay it back, He’s amazing but you are just a terrible person, etc. As I got older, it really pushed me away. The last straw for me was when, as a 14 year old, my cat died. I went to youth group upset, and instead of comfort or love, my pastor told me that there is no way animals will be in heaven, since God doesn’t care enough about them. It broke my heart as a child who grew up on a farm, especially when I have never felt the power of God more than when I see a calf born, or when chicks hatch. It was the last time I went to church.

    When I was in high school, I had a best friend who was the daughter of a pastor. She gave me a Bible and brought me back to loving God, but she also turned out to be a competitive, vindictive, selfish person, and our friendship ended in confusion. If she loved God as much as she said, why did she treat me and others so terribly?

    Luckily, even though that friendship ended, my love for Jesus did not. Throughout college I prayed and talked to God and read that Bible and I still remember it as the times I felt closest to Him. When I started dating the man who was now my husband, I became confused again. He had been treated so poorly by people in our hometown (we have gone to school together since preschool) that claim to be Christians that he had a terrible view of how amazing God is. It has been the only thing in our relationship that isn’t what I want: he doesn’t know the Good News.

    This fact threw me into a deep depression 3 months before our wedding. I was so scared that by marrying him, I would not be saved anymore because he was not. We had also been living together for a couple of years, and I was also convinced that God was mad about that as well. I must have tried to “resave” myself a thousand times those months. It got so bad I went on medicine for depression, but I swear that it is this blog that saved me. I was doing a LOT of asking Google questions (Does God Punish Me, Am I Saved For Life), and thankfully Paul wrote on many topics I was worrying about. The first one I read was about why Paul doesn’t preach repentance, and it seriously changed my life. That topic had confused me since I was a child. I would always thing, “What if right before I die, like 2 minutes before, I sinned? And I didn’t confess it in time? Am I doomed?” How silly, now that I know!

    I married my husband, if you are curious. I am positive it was the right decision. He doesn’t know the Good News yet. My only fear now is for him, not for me. I have never felt so safe, loved, and secure. Hell used to be my biggest fear, which is so crazy from someone who considered themselves a lifelong Jesus follower. I don’t fear it now for myself, just for the man I love. I pray every day God will give me the words and the actions to help my husband see how Good the News is. I would love it if you prayed for me too.


  13. In 2009 I was 25 years old. My wife and I decided that we were ready to have kids. As youth pastors living on a steady diet of performance driven religion at a large Pentecostal church we never expected anything to go wrong, after all, our actions had surely secured God’s blessings.

    Fast forward 18 months and my wife and I had suffered consecutive ectopic pregnancies losing a baby and then a set of twins as well as our ability to have kids. We experienced the full force of legalism’s condemnation, we were tired, ridiculed, and burnt out physically and emotionally. I honestly wondered if there was anything more to Christianity.

    As God would have it, I was asked to teach Romans Verse-by-verse at a local bible college. Slowly but surely I saw Jesus. And He was speaking Grace to me. Over the next year my heart nearly exploded with the revelation of God’s goodness.

    I eventually lost my job and many friends for preaching grace.

    But here in 2014, I am now the preaching pastor at a large church in Johannesburg, I travel to share the good news of God’s grace, my wife and I are at rest in Jesus like we’ve never been before, and we are the parents of a 2yr old boy, and a set of twin boys aged 5mnths. We named our eldest son Eli John (God is Gracious) and our twins Leo & Jude (Lion of Judah).

    It truly is all about Jesus. Thank God for His Grace!

    • What a story, Adrian. Brutally painful then wonderfully beautiful. God is good and he cares deeply for us, his kids, even more than we care for our own. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  14. Caz - Australia says:

    I have never been more at peace. I am overcoming some unhealthy habits, it is not happening overnight but as my Faith grows I become more certain of the ability of Jesus to save me from myself. I still experience anxiety and insomnia but I have a better answer now, I rest in Jesus and relax – quite literally imaging myself sleeping in his arms until I do fall asleep. Anxiety about a tough day day coming up- no problem! Jesus has got my back and I know I have the strength and the talents to deal with whatever is thrown in my path. And LOVE! I walk around with a smile on my face for no reason, just like when I first fell in love with my husband! There is a saying that “we are all beautiful in the eyes of those who love us”. Well my whole world just got a lot more beautiful. The abundant love I feel is pouring out to people in my community and I am more generous, more forgiving, more caring. Not because I “have to” to be saved but because I am already saved and I WANT to!

    I became a believer in Christ just over a year ago. I was an atheist and very anti Christian prior to that. The full story about how it came about is too long for here but it was through a professional relationship with a person who has deep faith. In a nutshell: She was a Seventh Day Adventist and I was curious about her beliefs as she strictly observed diet and Sabbath laws so we sometimes talked about what she believed. She never preached but always told me that God loves me whether I believe in Him or not.

    One day after talking about God and death (she has no fear and is certain she will sleep until Jesus wakes her, it will seem like a twinkle of the eye so pretty much instant from her perspective) I said I wish I had her faith but I just can’t get it, its not within me after all these years of Atheism.A short while later I was driving home from work and Jesus spoke to me very clearly, I felt his voice tell me He is real, I can trust Him and Believe. Tears of joy ran down my face and I went home and downloaded a Bible to my eReader.

    I have read the bible almost every day since and read many studies, tried some different churches (yes, even though my friend is an Adventist I realized that living under the old Laws was not what Jesus wanted for me so I did become an Adventist). Every time I read the Bible I ask God to guide me and tell me what He means. Eventually I realized that “Church” is not a building and sought a fellowship that is not focused on a building or tithes for missions or building extensions etc. I was being pointed to Grace alone.

    Then I found Paul’s book a couple of weeks ago. Paul’s message of pure Grace reinforced some of the earlier revelations I’d had while reading the Gospels and explained why I had felt uneasy about some of the practices I had come to think were part of being a “good” Christian. God is good :)

  15. For somebody who believes in grace, you sure got a lot of rules on every page.

  16. I grew up in the church. To deal with sin, I would confess everything I was doing. The one area of biggest struggle was lust. My youth pastor led me through a book on lust. I became even more aware of my problem with lust and tried harder to stop. The book did nothing, and it’s one of the most well known Christian books on lust. When I was 23 I took a job as a taxi driver at Penn State. I worked the night shift, so I checked out the girls in their revealing clothing as they went out to party. I didn’t want to. I had to stop some how.
    Then I started attending a Bible study at a friends apartment. We watched videos of Joseph Prince. Finally I realized that Jesus took care of my sins on the cross. I didn’t think about my sin. I only realized that this teaching on grace can apply to lust.
    Change happened naturally. A girl would get in the cab, showing a lot. I could not lust after her. It felt like my neck was frozen in place. It suddenly became more difficult to lust. It felt great. I’m not under any rule against lust. I’m just so full of the love of God that I naturally respect a woman’s body.

  17. In April 1995 I was going through a lot of stuff within my church family, not good stuff, a lot of condemnation and accusations towards me. I would walk a lot during that time and on one particular walk I heard my Father’s voice so sweetly and succinctly. He showed me a vision of myself of a very small child and then spoke and said, “you are like a small child, trying to dress yourself, getting your arms into the wrong sleeves, shoes on wrong feet, etc. this is what you are trying to do putting on righteousness and you can’t do it – I must clothe you,” he said. Then I began to see my Heavenly Father removing all my filthy rags and clothe me in His robe of righteousness, crown me with His crown of life and place in my hand His scepter. I was a believer and had this “passionate, hot desire for Him,” and yet He showed me very clearly that my works and passion don’t make me righteous. Also, not many days after that when walking, I received an incredible peace within that has never left me, and at the time of noticing this incredible, indescribable peace I said, “Whoa, what is this?” I was so concerned in losing it, and I heard my Lord Jesus say, “Pennee, did you do this?” and I responded, “no Sir,” and he responded, “Well you can’t maintain it, it is my gift to you.” And since those days Jesus has kept his promise and peace is always resounding in my heart. In 2001 I was introduced to John Sheasby (a grace teacher from S. Africa) and later you Paul and Joseph Prince. I am so thankful that what the Lord was showing me in my simple daily walks he continues to confirm through grace and the teaching of grace. Thank you and my prayer is that all God’s children will receive the revelation of grace and peace.

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