Making Church Skits Cool Again

November 30, 2021 // 9 Comments

As a teenager, I was in the church drama team. It was cool. On Fridays we’d rehearse, and on Sunday’s we’d perform. We were so good that we were invited to perform in other churches. But were we that good? In hindsight, I wonder if we were. I wonder if the invites came because the bar was low and because [...]


October 19, 2021 // 9 Comments

I blame Covid. On account of lockdowns, my kids could no longer attend youth group. I had to step up, and fill the gap. But I am no youth leader, and my Bible classes were boring. It didn’t help that there was a big age gap between my youngest and the oldest. What worked for small kids, didn’t work for big [...]

50 Fictional Fathers

June 20, 2020 // 41 Comments

For many people around the world, but not me, this Sunday is Fathers’ Day. This gives me an opportunity to do something I enjoy: make a list. Below is a list of 50 fictional fathers. It wasn’t an easy list to make. Initially I wanted to list 50 great dads, men like Atticus Finch and John Walton. But I [...]

Keywords of grace

March 3, 2012 // 2 Comments

And now for something completely different. My friend Ryan Rhoades sent me this picture below. It is a word cloud generated by which shows the relative frequency of words found on Escape to Reality. You can draw your own conclusions but I’m pleased to see Jesus gets a big mention here and I love [...]