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God is good, but how good is he?

April 30, 2010 // 44 Comments

  I read something on the weekend that hit me like a stone. It was written by someone who is troubled that the church no longer fears God like in the good ol’ days of the Old Testament. The problem, apparently, is the result of “overemphasizing the goodness of God.” Think about that. We have [...]

Granddad’s Bumper Sticker

April 13, 2010 // 2 Comments

Back in the 1970s my Granddad had a bumper sticker on his Ford Cortina that read: Christians Aren’t Perfect, Just Forgiven In the past 40 years I have thought more about that bumper sticker than any other! And after all this time I still haven’t decided whether I like it or not. Originally I thought the [...]