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How to Become an Unbeliever in 3 Easy Steps

April 30, 2014 // 77 Comments

How do you turn a believer into an unbeliever? How do you extinguish the flame of faith? These questions have been on my mind lately because I have seen people reject that which is good and shipwreck their faith. Perhaps you have seen this too. What causes someone to walk away from the Lord of Grace? I can [...]

Questions Ain’t Questions

April 23, 2014 // 28 Comments

Growing up in Australia, I was used to seeing trucks from a company called “Soils Ain’t Soils.” Strange name for a company but I get it. They’re saying there are different types of soils, and some soils are better than others. The same could be said of questions. Perhaps you’ve noticed an upsurge in the [...]

God is Not Your Employer

May 20, 2013 // 26 Comments

The good news of God’s acceptance is not widely preached. You are much more likely to hear about God’s high standards than his unmerited favor. It’s like Jesus has this list of positive qualities he is looking for in his ideal bride. She needs to be a good cook, like Martha, and have plenty of good works, [...]

Acceptance Elevates Us

November 19, 2012 // 13 Comments

When you know God is pleased with you regardless of your productivity, it will free you from the pressure to perform. When you’ve heard God say “Yes” to you, it will empower you to say “No” to the unhealthy demands of Pharaoh’s whip-cracking taskmasters. If you have been burning the candle at both [...]

6 Examples of Confession in the Bible

November 4, 2012 // 20 Comments

Confession has become a touchy subject in the grace community. Judging by some of the comments I have received in the past week, there are some folks who think we must never confess sins, that to do so is to slap Jesus in the face and run back into works-based religiosity. It’s true that confession has been [...]

Why Confession is Still Good for You

October 25, 2012 // 35 Comments

If you know me, you will know that nothing winds me up faster than telling people they must do things like confess to be forgiven. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, confessing your sins does not compel God to forgive you. God does not forgive us on account of our confession but in accordance with the [...]

Endure Hardship? Or Thresh Mountains?

December 31, 2011 // 40 Comments

A few days ago, a house on the Sunshine Coast in Australia was destroyed in a fire that was possibly started by faulty Christmas lights. A family of five were sleeping inside at the time but only the father managed to escape the flames. The neighbours found him in the driveway “burnt from head to toe” and [...]

What Happens to Unfruitful Branches?

June 5, 2011 // 129 Comments

Jesus said, “if you love me, you will keep my commandments” (Jn 14:15, NASB). In the hands of a religious person this becomes a conditional statement: You have to keep the commands of Jesus to prove your love. The problem with that, however, is the commands of Jesus are impossible to keep. As we saw in our [...]

10 Myths about the Ministry of the Holy Spirit

May 15, 2011 // 16 Comments

Religious people tend to view the Holy Spirit as a kind of Divine Bookkeeper, a recorder of men’s sins. But if Jesus did away with sin once and for all by the sacrifice of Himself (He 9:26), what’s left for the Holy Spirit to do? He must be unemployed! In Part 1, we looked at 10 myths surrounding the Person [...]

Not by Sight

March 16, 2011 // 39 Comments

Ever since James wrote that “faith without works is dead,” Christians have been busying themselves with all sorts of busy-ness to prove to themselves that they really, positively do have faith. But much of what passes for Christian works could be done by anyone, with or without faith. Let’s not kid [...]

Dealing with Unanswered Prayer

March 13, 2011 // 49 Comments

“I have been asking God to heal me for years. I don’t understand why He hasn’t me. I guess it’s not God’s will for me to be healed.” If you’ve been following this short series on prayer, I’m hoping you can spot at least two things wrong with these statements. First, it is always God’s will to [...]