bridge-blueprintHere is a list of blogs/ministries that proclaim the gospel of God’s radical love and forgiveness. Enjoy! (If you would like your blog or website added to this list, please see the instructions below.)

A Lance to the Heart (Lance Floyd)

Alicia LaGrone Ministries (Alicia LaGrone)

All the Time God is Good (John Reed)

Beyond the Pale (Steve Hackman) (Bobby Shirley)

Christ Beholders (Ben Fetcher)

Christ Dynasty (Prize Chukwuka)

Confessions of a Recovering Churchboy (Rocky Glenn)

Communicating Grace (Bas Rijksen)

Cornerstone Bible Church (Kris Page)

Created for His Life (Gary and Dee Roberts)

Cross Generation Church Los Angeles (Hin Taslim) (Daniel van der Merwe)

Done with Religion (Jim Gordon)

Emmaus Hut (JM Koh)

Facebook 3:16 (Nicholas Griffiths)

Forward Ministries (Clint Byars)

Grace Generation NZ (Robbie Tan)

Grace Global Church – Auckland (Richie Lewis)

God’s Grace Works (Paul Noble)

Grace Center Houston (Eric and Deborah Skidmore)

Grace Wins (David Miller)

Grace Without Measure (Evan Beecham)

Heilan Word Ministries (Vic Cameron)

In Him (Bret Trasamar) (Jennifer Underwood)

Journey Without a Destination (Jess Hays)

Larkins Dsouza International Ministries (Larkins Dsouza)

Life as It Is (Wynema Clark) (Michael Wilson)

New Creation Now (Mike Filippi)

OneWayLove Mission (Alexander Chapota)

Organic Grace (Ted Nelson)

Parresia Ministries (Tricia Gunn)

Promise after Promise (Kindall Nelson)

Psalm 16:11 (Makala Doulos)

Reigning in Life (Simeon Edigbe)

The Bible Class (Ebenezer O. Sackey)

The Father We Never Knew (Philem Doherty)

The Hope Message (Hensu Jaya)

Under the Waterfall of Grace (Sparrow St. John)

Grace blogs/websites in other languages

Gospel of Grace (Hatta Halimas; Indonesian)

Want to get your blog, website, or ministry added to this list?

Using the comment form below, send us your blog/website name, link, and contact name. Also send us your answers to these four questions:

1. Is your blog/website devoted to proclaiming the gospel of grace?

2. Does it have a permanent link to Escape to Reality (either in a blogroll, a links page like this, or RSS feed)?

3. Are you passionate about telling people how much God loves them and cares for them?

4. Is your blog/website at least one year old?

To get a reciprocal link here, your answers need to be: “Yes, yes, definitely yes, and yes.”  At the top of your comment write, “Please add me to E2R’s link page, you good thing!” This page is updated weekly.

41 Comments on Links

  1. Hi there, I checked out the blog link you provided and it doesn’t seem to have any posts. Am I missing something?

  2. Please add me to E2R’s link page, you good thing!

    Please consider adding my blog on your link page. You can check it out at and contact me at or daniel דּנאל@danieltwtwt

    My answers to your questions posed above are:
    1) Yes!
    2) Yes
    3) definitely Yes!
    4) All most

    u r xtrmly blessed!
    from bestest thing, daniel דּנאל

  3. “Please add me to E2R’s link page, you good thing!”

  4. Thank you, Brother! Keep banging the drum of Grace!

  5. Please add me to E2R’s link page, you good thing!


    1. Yes.
    2. Yes, since I was first introduced to it almost a year ago… just after I had a revelation of grace. I put your link up then, and often share them on FB.
    3. More than I can type in this comment! (Which is probably why I have a whole blog!)
    4. Yep. The blog is almost 3 now, but I only discovered grace about a year ago… so the tone of the blog changed from “I have to prove to God I was worth the sacrifice” to “Wow! You wouldn’t believe what I know… and you need to know it too!”

    If it’s not quite up to par with your other links, that’s okay. 🙂 I just thought I’d like to share if you’d be okay with it.

  7. anthonyportillo // March 4, 2016 at 4:24 am // Reply

    “Please add me to E2R’s link page, you good thing!” Bless you brother, love the blog! We are a grace addicted bunch in Pennsylvania would love to be added to your list!

    • Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for the message. However, I didn’t see your answers to the four questions (see above). For instance, is your website >1 year old? Thanks.

  8. Paul , Where’s Andrew Farley on this list ? Farley has some great stuff on Grace .

    • So does Joseph Prince and he’s not here either. Frankly, those guys hardly need any help from me to get traffic. This is a link exchange page for grace bloggers, most of whom have small platforms.

  9. Hi Paul! Thanks for listing the website, Unveiling Jesus. About a year ago I started a ministry called Parresia, of which Unveiling Jesus is now a part. Unveiling Jesus is the name of the book, and Parresia is a broader ministry. So if it’s ok, would you mind switching to on E2R? Thanks!

  10. Please add me to E2R’s link page, you good thing…

  11. Alicia LaGrone. My website is The answers to your questions are: yes, yes, yes, yes. I’ve been a fan of yours for years now. I’ve had my site for over 10 years now. I was just updating some pages and realized I didn’t have a link to your site. That was unacceptable so I added you in my resources section. Keep doing your great work for the Lord. and check out my site when you have time. Much love in the Lord, Your Sis-In-The-Faith, Alicia.

  12. I love this blog and use it in my sermons. My blog is about life and a grace as well. But my vlog is about grace only. It is in polish as I wrote in previous comment and a few films are in English.

  13. “Please add me to E2R’s link page, you good thing!”…

  14. Text: Larkins link:

    by Larkins Dsouza International Ministries

    1. Yes, all the way.

    2. Yes at I already added yours. Also some articles of mine I have back-linked to some articles of your website.

    3. Yes of course, the main reason I became a pastor.

    4. website is 2 years old.

  15. Please add me to E2R’s link page, you good thing!

    My blog:

    Your link is on my resource page
    My blog is over a year old
    I have been writing about grace a lot this year now that I have found this site and other sites that have helped me understand.

  16. its, with a dash in between.

  17. Please add me to E2R’s link page, you good thing!

    Created for His Life
    Gary and Dee Roberts

    Yes, on our resource page
    Yes. Definitely Yes.
    Our website is over one year old

    Thanks for your site! It is a wonderful source of encouragement. We’ve been following for over a year. Thanks for adding our site to the list.

  18. Please add me to E2R’s link page, you good thing! Been following you for over seven years…
    Thanks for this Grace opportunity!
    Prize Chukwuka, Pastor.

  19. Please add my website: “Yes, yes, definitely yes, and yes”.

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