Shipwrecked Faith

January 30, 2013 // 58 Comments

“Timothy, my son, I give you this instruction in keeping with the prophecies once made about you, so that by following them you may fight the good fight, holding on to faith and a good conscience. Some have rejected these and so have shipwrecked their faith. Among them are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have [...]

Does God Envy?

January 9, 2013 // 31 Comments

A misunderstood God leads to a misguided faith. If you think God is insecure and constantly assessing you on your performance, you will be insecure yourself. You will be forever wondering whether you have done enough to please him. Some time ago I wrote that God loves us unconditionally, that contrary to what [...]

Where was God in the Connecticut School Shooting?

December 18, 2012 // 33 Comments

Yet another school shooting has resulted in the loss of innocent lives in America and now questions are being asked: Where was God? Why didn’t God stop this? Why didn’t God protect the lives of those 20 children? For a grieving parent, these are normal questions. When you have suffered the greatest loss any [...]

Exodus 4:24-25

November 29, 2012 // 67 Comments

“Why did God try to kill Moses on the way to Egypt?” This question was recently put to me by a reader and it is based on the following passage: At a lodging place on the way, the Lord met Moses and was about to kill him. But Zipporah took a flint knife, cut off her son’s foreskin and touched Moses’ feet [...]

Acceptance Elevates Us

November 19, 2012 // 13 Comments

When you know God is pleased with you regardless of your productivity, it will free you from the pressure to perform. When you’ve heard God say “Yes” to you, it will empower you to say “No” to the unhealthy demands of Pharaoh’s whip-cracking taskmasters. If you have been burning the candle at both [...]

6 Examples of Confession in the Bible

November 4, 2012 // 20 Comments

Confession has become a touchy subject in the grace community. Judging by some of the comments I have received in the past week, there are some folks who think we must never confess sins, that to do so is to slap Jesus in the face and run back into works-based religiosity. It’s true that confession has been [...]

Healthy vs Unhealthy Confession

October 28, 2012 // 22 Comments

Grace is God’s response to our messes. If you don’t acknowledge your messes, you’ll never receive his grace. In the last post we saw that confession is one way to receive grace and break the power of sin. However, confession is a word that is poorly understood. Like the word repentance, confession has been [...]

The Gospel in Ten Words

September 17, 2012 // 15 Comments

My new book, The Gospel in Ten Words, has just been released. Ta da! What’s this book about? –    It’s about the good news most of us still haven’t heard. –    It’s about the good news that was supposed to bring great joy to all people but hasn’t. –    It’s about the good [...]

An Open Letter to Hot-Blooded Young Men

August 21, 2012 // 66 Comments

Grace attracts sinners. Since I am someone who preaches radical grace, I get a lot of emails and Facebook messages from sinning Christians. A few are looking for help in overcoming sin, but most of them want an assurance that God will continue to love them despite their bad behavior. More often than not, these [...]

Which Bible Do You Trust?

July 17, 2012 // 59 Comments

A few days ago on E2R’s Facebook page, I posed the following question: “What translation of the Bible do you reach for first?” There are plenty of great Bible versions out there but I wanted to know, which Bible do you prefer? I had a reason for asking this question which I will get to in a minute, but I [...]

Is Forgiveness Something God Does or Gives?

June 20, 2012 // 35 Comments

When you sin against someone, your relationship with that person comes under strain. There’s this Thing that comes between the two of you. To be reconciled you need to deal with the Thing. Jesus said if you are bringing your gift to the altar and you remember your brother has some Thing against you, go and deal [...]