Dealing with unanswered prayer

March 13, 2011 // 49 Comments

“I have been asking God to heal me for years. I don’t understand why He hasn’t me. I guess it’s not God’s will for me to be healed.” If you’ve been following this short series on prayer, I’m hoping you can spot at least two things wrong with these statements. First, it is always God’s will to [...]

Speak to your mountain

March 10, 2011 // 63 Comments

I spent much of my life praying in vain for the sick. Only a few of those I prayed for ever got healed. But in the last couple of years I have begun to discover why my prayers were so powerless. I now realize that what I thought was faith was nothing more than wishful thinking. In short, I have learned that there [...]

Who killed Herod?

March 1, 2011 // 87 Comments

In the past week numerous websites have declared that Christchurch’s recent earthquake was God punishing the city for its sin. But as I explained elsewhere, God’s remedy for sin is not earthquakes, hurricanes or terrorism. God dealt with all our sin at the cross. If God used natural disasters to judge cities, [...]

James – Apostle of Grace

February 21, 2011 // 5 Comments

In this series we have seen that one of the keys to understanding James is to watch Paul. Paul is the canary in the mine. He needs to breathe pure grace or he’ll explode. When Peter distances himself from the Gentiles in Antioch, Paul smells mixture and reacts angrily. But when James says “shave your head,” [...]


February 17, 2011 // 0 Comments

If you enjoy reading Escape to Reality, you’re going to love my new blog Each day from Monday to Friday you will find a fresh grace quote from well-known preachers like Derek Prince, Watchman Nee, Andrew Wommack, Rob Rufus, plus others you may not have heard of. The blog exists to prove that [...]

Acts 21:17-26

February 16, 2011 // 16 Comments

If I told you there was a New Testament believer who esteemed the law, made offerings at the temple, and circumcised at least one of his friends, you might think, “there goes someone who needs to hear about the grace of God!” Yet the apostle Paul did all these things. Why? To win Jews to Christ… Though I am [...]

Did James understand grace? 6 reasons to say yes!

February 9, 2011 // 43 Comments

Your opinion of James matters a great deal. If you think James was confused about the gospel of grace, then you might as well throw your Bible away. If James was preaching a different message from Paul, then the NT writers are a house divided. And if the writers of the Bible do not agree with each other on basic [...]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

February 5, 2011 // 13 Comments

Escape to Reality is one year old today! I started blogging on 5 February 2010 for no other reason than I couldn’t help myself. I had words inside me that needed to get out. I didn’t know if anyone would want to read them, but to those of you who have, thanks! And to those of you who’ve taken the time to [...]

“Grace Rules” by Steve McVey

January 27, 2011 // 7 Comments

A little over 15 years, ago Steve McVey wrote the best selling book Grace Walk. Apparently when McVey got to the end of that book he wasn’t done writing, because a few years later out came his follow-up book Grace Rules. The second book, like the first one, takes aim at the subtleties of legalism that often [...]

12 reasons why you don’t need to confess-to-be-forgiven

January 14, 2011 // 170 Comments

The grace of God has many expressions, but forgiveness is the first. Miss forgiveness and you’ll miss grace. How do we set aside grace? One way is to treat forgiveness as something other than a gift. If you work to earn what God has given, then you have made the cross of Christ of no effect. You have set aside [...]

Son or sinner – what are you confessing?

January 10, 2011 // 44 Comments

Imagine hearing a sermon like this: “Marriage is wonderful. Marriage is a gift from God. God wants everyone to enjoy the gift of marriage. If you give Him just $50 today, God is so faithful that He will release upon you the blessed state of marriage.” How would you respond to that invitation? If you were a [...]

Confession, Conviction, Confusion!

January 4, 2011 // 58 Comments

Did Jesus sneak out of heaven against His Father’s wishes to come and die for our sins? Did He distract the Holy Spirit then slip away on His own initiative to shed His blood for our forgiveness? Of course not! Yet judging by some of the comments I get on this site, it’s clear that some think that God the Son [...]