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The very best posts and articles from Escape to Reality can now be found in this collection of Greatest Hits. These books also contain original material in the form of follow-up questions and responses, along with background stories about how some of the articles came to be written.

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5 ways Jesus revealed grace

What is hyper-grace?

How should we read the words of Jesus?

Seven signs that you might be living under law

Taking communion in an unworthy manner

Does God give and take away?

Two religions: Works and blood

What if I disappoint God?

Is grace a license to sin?

How to walk after the flesh in 20 easy lessons

What really happens to unfruitful branches?

How well did I understand grace before I understood grace?

“Practical holiness” – your fast-track for setting aside grace

Lukewarm in Laodicea: Are you “hot” enough for God?

Whose medicine are you taking? The dangers of taking scripture out of context

Faith is a rest

How to become an unbeliever in 3 easy steps

8 signs of hyper-grace churches

May the grace be with you (Star Wars tribute)

Jesus and the wrath of God

The wrath of God in the new covenant

What is your dream?

The cure for guilt

Does God scourge his kids?

Is the Christian race a marathon?

What happens to Christians who stray?

How does God deal with our sin?

Once shaved, always shaved?

Shipwrecked faith

Where was God in the Connecticut school shooting?

Acceptance elevates us

An open letter to hot-blooded young men

Why was the seventh day holy?

What is holiness? (It’s better than you think)

What was Last Adam’s greater work?

The greatest law preacher

Your One Big Truth and the wisdom of Puddleglum

Do NIV readers have a sinful nature?

What happens to Christians who commit suicide?

Speak to your mountain

The Christchurch earthquake: Four questions Christians can answer

12 reasons why Christians don’t need to confess-to-be-forgiven

What keeps Christians weak and unproductive?

To him who overcomes (Rev 3:21)

God is good, but how good is he?

Top 12 blessings in the new covenant

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