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Top posts in 2013

December: Jesus and the wrath of God

November: How should we read the words of Jesus?

October: The wrath of God in the new covenant

September: What is your dream?

August: Faith is a rest

July: The cure for guilt

June: Does God scourge his kids?

May: Is the Christian race a marathon?

Apr: What happens to Christians who stray?

Mar: How does God deal with our sin?

Feb: Once shaved, always shaved?

Jan: Shipwrecked faith

Top posts in 2012

December: Where was God in the Connecticut school shooting?

November: Acceptance elevates us

October: What if I disappoint God?

September: Is grace a license to sin?

August: An open letter to hot-blooded young men

July: “Practical holiness” – your fast-track for setting aside grace

June: Why was the seventh day holy?

May: What is holiness? (It’s better than you think)

Apr: What was Last Adam’s greater work?

Mar: Forgiven, reconciled, and saved?

Feb: 5 ways Jesus revealed grace

Jan: The greatest law preacher

Top posts in 2011

Dec: The other reason for the season

Nov: Your One Big Truth and the wisdom of Puddleglum

Oct: Are sinners forgiven too?

Sep: Do NIV readers have a sinful nature?

Aug: How to walk after the flesh in 20 easy lessons

July: What happens to Christians who commit suicide?

June: What really happens to unfruitful branches?

May: How well did I understand grace before I understood grace?

Apr: Taking communion in an unworthy manner

Mar: Speak to your mountain

Feb: The Christchurch earthquake: Four questions Christians can answer

Jan: 12 reasons why Christians don’t need to confess-to-be-forgiven

Top posts in 2010

Dec: What keeps Christians weak and unproductive?

Nov: Seven signs that you might be living under law

Oct: Fear and trembling

Sep: James 2:24

Aug: Does God give and take away?

July: Two religions: Works and blood

June: To him who overcomes (Rev 3:21)

May: Lukewarm in Laodicea: Are you “hot” enough for God?

Apr: God is good, but how good is he?

Mar: Top 12 blessings in the new covenant

Feb: Whose medicine are you taking? The dangers of taking scripture out of context

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