End Times

Many are worried about the end of the world. Are we doomed? Will we have to go through a great tribulation? Is Jesus returning soon? These questions lead to two unfortunate outcomes: (1) dud end times’ predictions , and (2) the dismissal of Biblical prophecy. Here are Biblical answers to your end times’ questions.

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6 awesome things that will happen when Christ returns

A future tribulation?

Are we entering the Great Tribulation?

Faithful unto death? What if I’m not?

Is Jesus returning soon?

The 5 comings of Jesus

The day and the hour

The market for bad predictions

The sky is falling!

When are the last days?

When is the end of the age?

When is the rapture?

Will Jesus return this year?

Check out our comprehensive list of every scripture pertaining to the final coming of Jesus.

Want to go deeper? Check out Dr. Paul Ellis’s end time’s book, AD70 and the End of the World.

4 Comments on End Times

  1. I write this to inform you Sir that, your understanding about the end times has totally missed the mark. There is a tribulation coming and the Church will be raptured before that. This is also seen in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar(explained to him by Daniel) of a big statue made of gold,silver,bronze,iron and feet of iron and clay. We are living in the feet days and the rapture is imminent. At this time you also need to go back to the Holy Spirit and seek a fresh revelation on this subject. Jesus gave different words for different people.Matthew 24 is for the people of Israel which will face the same troubles, and even worse, during the tribulation times.There is no instructions on this for the Church for it will not be present on earth. The parable of the 10 virgins doesn’t apply to the Church because it’s the bride and not the bridesmaid.Whether you publish this comment or not, I hope the message reaches you.

    • Of course you are free to believe whatever you like, but if you had been a first century believer your eschatology would have killed you and anyone who listened to you. Thankfully early church did not share your views. The first-century believers listened to Jesus, they saw the signs that he foretold and did what he said. We should be glad that they did.

      Jesus listed numerous signs in connection with the great tribulation, and all of them were fulfilled in the timeframe he specified. Like the great flood, it will never be repeated. The rapture and return of Jesus are separate events.

  2. I never said the disciples of that generation were not supposed to heed what Jesus told them. But He addressed two generations of Israel at the same time.What happened in AD70 was a trailer, the full movie will play out after the rapture…

    • It is a mistake to think one prophecy has multiple fulfilments. By that logic, we might look forward to the coming of a second or even a third messiah or multiple crucifixions. Jesus specifically said the great tribulation was a one time event. It happened. There won’t be another.

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