Readers’ Feedback

The intimidating gospel of our time left me crippled for over 30 years. Paul Ellis’s message of grace has been the key to my freedom. I have now boldly stepped out into a missionary adventure carrying this message.
– José A., missionary, San Juan, Puerto Rico

I used to suffer badly from depression and anxiety. I was an atheist and I couldn’t imagine God being able to help me. I was recommended Escape to Reality and it was Paul’s article on the good news that truly saved me.
– Nath C., Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

I have been a Christian for nearly 50 years and a pastor for 10 years, but until I began reading Escape to Reality I never really understood God’s amazing grace. Paul Ellis has really opened my eyes. Now I use what I am learning to teach this amazing grace myself.
– Earl H., pastor, Fort Pierce, FL

Thank you, Paul for changing my thinking. After 40 years of wrong preaching and problems, I am now preaching the truth found in the grace message. Your weekly email teaching surely changed my ministry.
– Con B., pastor, Durban, South Africa

The Holy Spirit speaks through Paul Ellis’ writing. How do I know? He has spoken to me. When I first encountered E2R, I’ll admit I was wary; its message seemed too… appealing. But Jesus shone through the words and began to melt away my legalistic perceptions. And then it was just me and him, and I finally grasped grace.
– Rachelle R., caregiver, Hunter Valley, Australia

My 30 years as a Christian had been utterly miserable because I had been taught a false grace. I believe our Father brought me to E2R. Grace taught here will blow your mind; it has mine. If you have faulty foundations then pure grace starts to dig them up and lays right foundations. I spent 15 years away from church. If I was at Paul’s church I’d be banging on his door and asking for a service every day.
– Bill G., finance director, Winchester, UK

I had been searching the net for my intended sermon against “hyper-grace” theology. I found E2R and got convicted about mixing grace and works in my preaching for the last twenty years. Yes, I had read books on grace before but it was through the writings of Paul Ellis that God could finally reveal his true character to me. Since then something has changed in the deepest core of my identity. Shame got replaced with “I am the righteousness of God in Christ.” What else has changed? Ask my wife!
– Reinhard L., pastor, Velbert, Germany

Wow! I consider myself a lifelong student of God’s incredible power and grace. Although there are many preachers of grace, I have found none more articulate and clear about the message than Paul Ellis.
– Michael M., real estate investor, Birmingham, AL

Paul Ellis is today’s voice crying in the wilderness, proclaiming the beauty and freedom of grace in a world bound up with law. His insights have led me to a deeper understanding of what Jesus did for me 2000 years ago. His writing has demolished confusing teachings that plagued me for decades.
– Mike L., MSgt, USAF (ret.), Orlando, FL

God bless you brother. You have brought me back to Jesus Christ. He is the only way! Grace has saved me. Thank you for being a teacher of grace and showing the way by the truth written in the bible! Amen! Amen! Amen!
~Al Gentry, Detroit, USA

I want to tell you that I am truly encouraged by your posts and your posts encourage millions of new covenant believers around the world.
~ Chin San Soh Singapore

My grace journey began with your blog being one of the first i found…i find it absolutely captivating!!
~Michael Reichert, Dover, USA

I have learned more truth in my less than one month’s time following this blog than I have learned in 21 years of religion.
~Sally Ann Fisher, Missouri

In a world that preaches mixture and law, I am left astounded and speechless by the amazing grace that Paul shows. He beautifully goes against cultural-Christian thinking to display the unconditional love of a Dad who wants us just as we are; a Dad that showers us with grace, blessings, favor and love just because we’re his. I know now that I am a child rather than a slave because of leaders like Paul!
– Jessi C., college student, Yakima, WA

E2R has been instrumental in my escape from the bondage of legalism and into the freedom of grace. Now my children are learning from Paul Ellis as well and I couldn’t be happier.
– Krista F., homeschooling mom, McKinney, TX

I love E2R. I lived under legalistic and bondage teaching for many years. Then I happened to stumble upon E2R at the perfect time in my life. I get excited every time I see an E2R email in my inbox.
– Deborah L., cleaner, Hurdle Mills, NC

This may sound strange but reading new covenant messages on E2R made me feel like I’ve been born again again. Thank you Paul for re-introducing the gospel.
– Luis S.J., real estate broker, Malolos City, Philippines

Escape to Reality’s presentation of the good news is so simple, even a twelve year-old could understand it. Paul Ellis’s gospel is highly contagious and whole-heartedly recommended!
– Omotola O., software developer, Lagos, Nigeria

When I came across the works of Paul Ellis I wanted to cry, jump around, and dance all at the same time. Finally someone else was speaking the pure, unadulterated grace of our Lord Jesus. This is what the world needs to hear! This is what the world is hungry for!
– Tori C., college student, Spokane, WA

I found Escape to Reality after reading The Gospel in Ten Words. What an eye-opening view of the gospel and our heavenly Father! Now I understand that the gospel truly is Good News and I have a Father in heaven who loves me with an unending love no matter how badly I screw up here on earth!
– Anne G., bookkeeper, Chelsea, OK

I have been greatly blessed by E2R. The clarity of Paul Ellis’s explanations and the fixed focus on Jesus just makes me shout “wow!”
– Evans D-M., businessman, Tema, Ghana

I’ve been a Christian for 13 years but I didn’t truly know God until I was exposed to the gospel of grace. Thank you Paul, for proclaiming this truth so boldly on E2R! It has transformed my life and I’m forever grateful.
– Opeyemi P., medical student, Nashville, TN

Paul Ellis does what every great author does – he makes you think outside your box and challenges you to see Jesus in a new way. His message of amazing grace is not only clear but accurately portrays the message the apostles and Jesus died for.
– Zach M., youth pastor, San Antonio, TX

E2R has changed me from religious to gracious, revealing more of Jesus in my life. Kudos brother Paul!
– Jeremiah M., student, Nairobi, Kenya

I have been reading E2R for the past few years. I always look forward to the next post or book! Paul Ellis has a very special gift in writing. The message of the cross is all about grace and Paul captures this essence. I love that he is willing to refute those who oppose in ignorance, yet with grace and love.
– Maryann P., nurse, Clinton, NC

The name of your website has been just that to me, an escape to reality. I have been a Christian for over 30 years. By God’s grace and your website, I have been able to rest in God’s amazing grace.
– Robert H., store manager, Greensboro, NC

By God’s grace I discovered Escape to Reality. Paul’s presentation of the gospel message is such good news, as the gospel should be. I thoroughly enjoy his writing style and wit which keeps me engaged and always returning for more. God has given him a great gift to share with the world!
– Sandy M., homemaker, Gresham, OR

I was in a dark place when I found Escape to Reality. Now, I’m no longer in a state of hopelessness, but I am marveling at God’s wonderful grace! Jesus has saved me!
– Grant W., student, Cleveland, OH

In reading Paul’s writings I found that I was living under mixture. Through his ministry God has totally liberated me and now I have a far greater understanding of the gospel of grace.
– Dennis E., scrub nurse, Beckley, WV

I find Escape to Reality so helpful. I had asked God, “Please, help me learn more about your grace.” I had walked away out of fear and ignorance but his grace found me. I praise God for Paul’s ministry
– Nicomedes C., heavy equipment driver, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Before I found Escape to Reality, I had no peace, and I felt guilty and condemned in regard to demands of law. As I started reading Paul’s posts, God revealed the truth and now I am completely free. I know how much God loves me and what he did for me through Jesus. I thank God for Paul’s ministry!
– Santhosh, computer technician, Chennai, India

I love Paul’s commonsense explanations of the Scriptures, and the way he peels away all the bad teachings that have come up over the years. So much religious dogma has entered the church making the simple gospel complicated. I appreciate Paul’s sense of humor, too, and enjoy sharing the good news with our ladies Bible study. Thanks Paul.
– BJ Brown, retired, Grand Junction, CO

I have been extremely blessed and greatly encouraged by the writings of Paul Ellis. His pure approach to helping me understand the wonder and depth of God’s grace through Christ has opened my eyes to a deeper love and gratitude for the sweetness of our heavenly Father and his love. Thank you so much. The Truth is Jesus, and he will set you free!
– Aimee F., Whitehall, PA

Escape to Reality has been a wonderful blessing in my life. Because of the years of wrong teaching, I have needed to hear the message of grace many times and in many ways. Grace truly is the message of Truth which sets us free! I share Paul’s messages with others all the time. I have given his books to heaps of people. E2R has a far wider outreach than you can imagine. Paul, I often thank God for how he speaks through you!
– Kathleen A., teacher, Wellington, New Zealand

My wife and I grew up in the traditional Christian church with its teachings of saved by grace, live by law. We have found Escape to Reality to be a real blessing. Finally, we’re hearing the gospel of grace without the religious teaching of rules and commands.
– Michael D., writer, Columbus OH

For almost five years I have being reading Paul’s articles. His teachings are kind, strong, and easily consumed. Through Escape to Reality, Jesus has set me free from many fearful beliefs that I had held since childhood—doctrine and Christian ideology that had me tied up in knots. After I stumbled across E2R, the lies began to unravel and I was exposed to the fantastic, enormous grace of Jesus. I am eternally grateful for Paul’s role in helping me discover the truth.
– Connie-Louise A., public relations, Toowoomba, Australia

E2R has been such an encouragement to me. It has helped me change my entire perception of how to successfully walk this new creation life and, in turn, relate that to my congregation. Lives are being changed! Thanks Paul for all that you do!
– Andrew B., pastor, Fenton, MI

When I first began to understand the grace of the gospel of Jesus, I found that there were some scriptures that seemed contradictory. Paul Ellis tackles these difficult verses head-on and explains them through the lens of grace. I am extremely grateful to Paul for helping me to get a revelation of grace that makes more sense than any law-based message ever did.
– Bryan B., software engineer, Fort Worth, TX

Paul Ellis and his books and blog are great blessings, especially with my questions about God, grace, and Christianity. I’m not just learning, but also unlearning. I will be forever grateful to God for your life, Paul, and I’m looking forward to years more of reading your writings.
– Love M., QA specialist, Philippines

Your messages are such an inspiration!
~ Susan Ngungi, Nairobi, Kenya

I have come across your site here Paul and am so grateful God has led me to you… Paul, you are a mighty Man of God and thank you again for sharing His Words with us. I am 70 in 2 years, but am being set FREE from all sorts of bondages. Thank you God. Thank you Paul.
~ Linde Nicolay, Preston, UK

Thank you all @ Escape to Reality. I have spent my life until this point under self persecution/shame and condemnation over the lack of proper theology on grace/works. But… over the past week I’ve read every article and searched the word and now my faith is more alive then ever, I actually “feel” as if I’ve been saved, before it was head knowledge, but now it’s heart assurance! Thank you so much for being obedient to the faith and withstanding the constant religious backtalk from people like my old self. Grace to you and yours!
~ Jonathan Gould via Facebook

There is one problem I have with your blog –  I can’t stop reading it! I was up half the night last night sharing your blog with some of my minister friends. Man, we are greatly blessed. I can tell much time has been put into your blogs because every word is potent. Whenever I go to the verses you refer, it causes me to not only believe in grace because of your blog but because it’s in the bible. Thanks again.
~ Presley Watson, Hartselle, USA

I just want to thank you for all your writing and posts. I’m always very alert to your posts, because I know that it will be inspiring and revealing. Just want you to realize that you do make a difference or your yielding to the Holy Spirit in you as you would probably say. Keep the good work and may God bless you and your family in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
~ Mike Davis, Fayetteville, USA

Hi Paul, I really love your site, and have learned a lot. You are gifted at nailing ‘sacred cows’… Keep on with your excellent ministry-we all need to be challenged!
~ Ken Eden, Teignmouth UK

Paul what can I say- you have surpassed yourself with this blog, it is so refreshing to read “truth” and let’s talk confession, without getting into a debate! You have given expression to letting go of pride by “chucking out” all your pre conceptions and to heck with what man will say because I taught and preached the opposite for years. It does not take guts to do what you have done: It takes a true deep love for Jesus and He expressed himself in this blog through you. Awesome, thank you my friend. I just love this website and I have sent the address worldwide, especially darkest Africa. Keep going Paul and a heartfelt thank you for the true Gospel message.
~ Keith Blond, Durban, South Africa

Thank you, Paul, for another post full of grace and truth!! I found E2R when I was desperately searching for the correct interpretation of 1 John 1:9 several months ago. I have been in many “Christian” churches throughout my life and I have been taught wrong in every one of them. They all mix in law and condemnation with grace to one degree or another. Thanks to your faithfulness I am finally understanding the truth. I am 56 years old. Because of the wrong things I have been taught since childhood, I developed severe depression and OCD/scrupulosity. You may well have saved my life from a tragic end. Bad doctrine badly hurts sincere seekers, but the Truth really does set us free. Thank you, my brother!!
~ David Goodreau, North Scituate, USA

My son found your site when he googled after hearing his dad make a comment on a verse from a song being sang at a memorial service. You guessed it, the phrase ‘He gives and takes away’. My husband noticed that the verse doesn’t make sense. I am so glad men (I generally believe so) are so not religious because we found your site because of that observation!!! For 2 years now, the Lord has been opening our eyes to see how religious the church as we know it has become and He has been teaching us about His love and it has been exciting as well as lonely at times because we can’t find too many who could understand what we are seeing that sometimes I couldn’t help wondering if we’re off the truth. I’m so glad we found your site. You outline the points you are trying to make so well. Thank you for taking time to write.
~ Janet Medalla, Cebu, Philippines

I love the simplicity of this blog and I love the simplicity of the gospel. We have it all through Jesus and are complete in Him. Amen!
~ Vic Cameron, Carstairs, UK

Thanks, Paul! You make sharing the Good News so easy. I am able to share the Gospel with my sphere of influence just by sharing your posts. You make it easy to understand and it is written to regular folk! Be encouraged… you are a blessing to the world! Abundance of Grace is yours today and always!
~ Chris Esters, Charlotte, USA

These posts are awesome. This is what we need on Facebook – the truth. Bless you. Look forward to more posts and have shared several on Facebook. I live in Redding and go to Bethel…Pastor Bill Johnson. 🙂
~ Paula, Redding, USA

Happy Birthday (E2R)!!!! You don’t know how much this site helped me and is still blessing me! Keep them coming 🙂 You are truly a blessing!!! Blessings to you always!!!!
~ Susan Vivas, Cayman Islands

Paul, your material is excellent and very timely, since the church today seems to be growing ever more “religious”. The pendulum appears to have swung the other way for now, but thank the Lord, sites like yours are sprouting up to offset the ‘leaven’. Please keep the articles coming!
~ Ken Eden, Hungerford, UK

Gracias SENOR por tu gracia.
~ Marco Diaz, Las Vegas, USA

I have been greatly blessed, my heart rejoices because of what God did for me. What a wonderful Savior. Thank you for explaining it so well. I found this site at a time when a Pastor told my husband to come in the church and confess all his sins. I asked him, why do you have to confess what was forgiven and forgotten by God? I will share this site with my husband and we will go through each scripture verse. God bless you.
~ Lilyan, Toronto, Canada (5 Jan 2011)

Paul, you put it so beautifully! I can’t get enough of this message:) I only wish I had the words to share as you do with my friends and fellow believers. Thanks for doing this site!!
~ Judi Hinson, Ocoee, USA

Thank you, Paul, for the messages of God’s grace that you bring to us. That Jesus finished the work on the cross once for all is truly THE good news. Amen. Abundant love, peace and grace to you all.
~ Dave Rumfelt, Stockbridge, USA

Just want to say, thank God for you, Paul! In the internet it is easy to find misleading information, which together with a fleshly mindset, focuses us on our sin and our own ability to try to live righteously. Trying to live by the law brings death. However I am glad that God led me to find your website, which reminds me to focus on Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life! Do keep on blogging, because it encourages me, which in turn helps me encourage others to look to Jesus!
~ Benjamin Seow, Singapore

Hi Paul, Thanks for these great truths! Clear as Jesus! I like that!
~ Mike Laabs, UK

Hi Paul, I was just searching the web to find some background information for a sermon on the Church of Laodicea. So blessed to come across your articles and discover someone who views things from a GRACE position. God bless you and keep blogging.
~ Richard Kerridge, Melbourne, Australia (13 Nov 2011)

Profound! Powerful! Well written! Paul you are a trained warrior… The Holy Spirit is giving you some awesome insights into the depths of Grace and Righteousness, thanks for your obedience in sharing them with us. Loving your stuff my friend, keep them coming!
~ Andre van der Merwe, Johannesburg, South Africa

THANK YOU for this Paul…You were always instrumental in getting my head around problem areas for me and praise God and how amazing that you are continuing to do so. Don’t think I ever thanked you enough and doubt that you even knew so I am thanking you now. Much love to you and Camilla.
~ Shirley Jenkins, London, UK

I just visit E2R every morning, even if it means revisiting previous posts. That’s great of you Paul Ellis. Keep it up. Be encouraged.
~ Kintu, Kampala, Uganda

Paul, this is so well put. I found myself reading with my hand on the top of my head, wanting to absorb every scripture and line you had written. You must continue writing about your convictions. I have been so blessed, and I know that others will be too!
~ Tammy Hackman, Hong Kong

37 Comments on Readers’ Feedback

  1. Bettycarol Germany // July 25, 2012 at 1:33 am // Reply

    I am a long-time believer, so it was a joy to read your “10 Myths about the Holy Spirit. My life as a Christian (minister of music) and (my husband of 57 years, too) is to serve Christ whenever and wherever we can. We live in Memphis, TN What a blessing to hear someone who ‘rightly divides the Word of Truth! Thank you!

  2. If my head is filled with to much junk from the world including religion I always come back to your site and poof it disappears.Keep up the great work.I know it is time consuming but we need this.It is like a refreshing rain.Blessings for your faithfulness.

  3. Debbie Bierman // October 15, 2012 at 1:54 pm // Reply

    Paul could you write a post on the end times and how it affects Gods covenant people? A lot of ppl are saying America is being judged and God has pulled back His Hedge of protection. My understanding is Jesus bore the sins of the world and God is not angry with us? However his word will come to pass and Jesus will return. Can you hep? Thank you Debbie

  4. Paul, ur blog is becoming addictive to me. I now read it morning, afternoon and night. I still have an exam to prepare for. Each day i read it, everything appears new to me. God bless you Paul

  5. Shirley Anne Cutcliffe // January 14, 2013 at 12:53 pm // Reply

    G.R.A.C.E. God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. Salvation is the Gift, Faith is the hand that reaches out and receives the Gift which God offers. We need to be careful not to confuse the gift with the reception of the gift. The Gift is freely available. Accept it with thanks, like you would a present. Titus 1:! For the GRACE of God that bringteth salvation hath appeared to ALL men.

    • I like that definition – SO many think grace alone means no effort on our part to receive and use the gift for his glory. Those are the works God created for us beforehand that we should walk in them.

  6. Wow – that brings back memories. Yes, that was me.

  7. Much bless by your clear teaching…..God is really good. Hope you can also teach of the parable of the talent in Matt 25 soon. Thanks again. God bless you greatly.

  8. Fascinating. Simply fascinating. When I read the various posts and the comments following them seems there is no end to it. But I have to stop somewhere.

    For those who have doubts about the effects of Grace teaching may I say something? This blog is full of commenters who testify how the teaching of radical grace has literally set them free from years, even decades of struggle to live righteous or acceptable lives on their own effort. Yet we have people asking where is the fruit? Isn’t that pretty odd?

    Surely these people are not rejoicing now because they have been set free to live licentious lives full of sin, rather they are rejoicing because they are now free from struggling against sin as Jesus has overcome sin on their behalf. They merely need to accept and rest in his finished work, enjoying what He has accomplished so they will now live holier lives than they used to previously, without any effort on their part.

    I think the Grace teachers are very clear that it is effort that results in failure, it is faith that results in victory.

    • Warren (South Carolina) // May 6, 2015 at 4:44 am // Reply

      It seems everyone wants to be a “fruit inspector”.
      Warren (South Carolina)

  9. Dear Paul – I have heard it taught and I think reasonably so that we cannot be the bride of Christ – Israel is -and while we have a few verses to back the claim the church is like a marriage between & man and woman (Eph 5) Paul constantly says we are the “body” of Christ – If we are His body, how can we be the bride or wife of Christ when he returns?
    it make sense that Jesus the Head (Colossians) will unite with His body (Ephesians) when He returns – Truly a marriage made in heaven but the OT makes it clear that Israel is the wife of YHWH -so if we are indeed the bride of Christ then we have two marriages – Jesus & the church – YHWH and Israel – to me it makes more biblical sense that “like” a marriage, as a bride etc… as we are closely connected to Jesus as His body but nowhere does it literally state we are the “bride of Christ as it it states directly that Israel is the wife of Jehovah.”
    What are your thoughts? – Jeff S

    • According to the apostle Paul, a true Jew is someone who trusts in Jesus (see Rom 2:28-29).

    • Jeff, it seems to me that “Israel” being the wife of God and “the church” being the bride of Christ are the same thing. In the old testament there was no “church” Christ came for the jews first and then the Gentiles, jews refused, Gentiles accepted. While on the earth we who are believers in Christ are his body, in that we are his hands, feet, etc on the earth. When two are joined in marriage, biblically, they become one, so at Christ’s return believers will become one with Christ.

      • Thanks John – I agree “one in Christ” – but that same Christ is seated at the right hand of God – Jesus is the Head of the church – God the father is husband of Israel -Israel is the wife of YHWH – two distinct entities as are the triune godhead are three persons. If Israel had been replaced forever because of unbelief your comment might make more sense but we know Israel will be grafted back in after the church is gone – two separate groups – if both are the same than there’s no need to graft Israel back in as a separate entity unless God the father has a different relationship with Israel as Jesus does with the church or “called out ones” -It’s not that I want to argue and refuse to believe we could be the bride of Christ but I’d like to see scripture that substantiates that. The closest is Eph 5 but Paul only refers to Christ and the church likened to the marriage relationship. That is a close intimate relationship. We are one in Christ through His sacrifice and He like a husband loved unconditionally as we the body are to submit to Him. But nowhere does it say in scripture “the church is the bride of Christ literally” yet over and over we are told clearly we are his body, his workmanship, his building, His temple but no mention of “bride”. So How can the body of Christ be the bride? The metaphor doesn’t add up – That’s like the bridegroom marrying Himself! If your theory is correct then where would Israel fit in the last days relationally? But if the bride is Israel then scripture comes together and at the end as the church and Christ are one in the Spirit, God the Father literally gathers Israel as a wayward wife and establishes His kingdom for her (see Hosea) in the last days. Isaiah 2 is fulfilled – Israel has Jerusalem and David’s throne is established, Israel is the epicenter in the millennial kingdom but we the church, His body rule and reign with Christ globally – two separate groups – While your reply is the typical answer and much appreciated it doesn’t wash in light of all scripture for me – Thanks : )

    • Jeff, Where did Adam get his bride from? From his own body, yes? Was Adam any different or less for that experience? Can it be said that he could point to something that was missing after the bride arrived?

      I understand that Israel is blinded to Jesus until the time of gentiles is completed, that means the body of Christ is not yet complete. Upon the body being complete a bride can be provided. That is not to say that Israel is the bride only that the body needs to be complete before there can be a bride.

  10. When I got saved as a teenager, it was like I went from seeing in black and white to finally seeing color. Then a good 15 or so years later, I found escape to reality, and it was like seeing in technicolor!
    I couldn’t believe how good the Good News really was! I remember feeling so consumed with joy. I was so happy, I couldn’t stand it. I wanted everybody else to see what I was seeing too!

    I would spend hours every night, not able to stop reading, tears streaming down my face, praises in my heart. I’d have to put my phone down and sit up in bed (where I was reading), just because I was absolutely overwhelmed with what I was taking in and reading on that phone screen- that God was really that good.

    I remember thinking, “this is it. It all finally makes sense.”

  11. How do we handle Luke 14: 26-33? Being a “disciple” seems to require bearing a cross and giving up all.
    And we’re told to go and make disciples in Matthew 28:19…

  12. Thanks Paul I appreciate your reply – I know you get a lot of questions like this and there’s a lot of teaching out there that teaches Grace but tends to Nix Israel as imperative to the completion of Christ’s body. I have been waiting a long time to get the answer to this one because it gets confusing.
    But if all who were in Adam fell short of Gods glory then all who are in the last Adam rise again in Him.
    I guess that leads me to the next question that when the rapture happens and the church at that time the body of Christ is separated from the earth for that seven-year tribulation which is meant for the nation of Israel am I to understand that we are not the complete body of Christ? Or is Israel a separate entity being Jehovah’s wife as mentioned before the church began?

  13. Laurence Brill // September 12, 2016 at 3:32 pm // Reply

    Hi Paul… 🌏 Heaps of us do lots of driving in the big cities or hiways & byways nowadays. I listen to a great deal of God stuff when handcuffed to my car now 🚙💨 Do you have podcasts available❓ Also, videos for watching while munching on lunch or breakfast or quiet times at night, noisy times in the day, middle of the morning, while we are awake & even asleep‼️ If not, they would be sensational. Any plans to do eithe Podcasts or Videos❓ Cheers brother ✅

  14. Emmanuel Ameh // December 1, 2016 at 6:15 am // Reply

    Your blog has been a great blessing to me. Thank you very much for always serving the revelation of Jesus and His goodness fresh.
    I did get the link to the free grace pack. I will like to get it, though I receive mails from you.
    I will include my email underneath again for the link. God bless you.

    • Thanks for the feedback. If you didn’t get the free ebooks, please follow these instructions. Thanks.

      • Paul, I don’t know if you’ll get this, but I just need an opinion. I’m currently in the process of unlearning how I thought a life of faith works. Grace makes much more sense than all the other things I’ve heard about faith. I’m just trying to apply it to my life.

        I just finished reading your article on how God is always willing to heal us, and it made me wonder. For all my life, I’ve had high-functioning autism. I was diagnosed at an early age and even before I knew what it was, I knew I was different from everyone else. Now that I’m a young adult, I sometimes struggle with feeling as though I don’t fit in. I have a great family and a great church, but the way I think just sometimes makes me feel less than.

        Now that I read your article, I’m starting to wonder if I should do something about it. Should I ask God to take away my autism or not? I’m not looking for a definitive answer. I’d just like a second opinion.

      • Hi Rachel. Opinions, I have plenty. First of all, you’re not different from everyone else because everyone has issues, struggles, and many have long-term illnesses. You often don’t hear about these things in church because we tend to focus on our “victories” rather than our struggles. But as soon as one person dares to be honest and transparent, the floodgates open. Everyone has a secret. Second, God already knows about your autism. You can talk to him about anything – he’s your Father who cares for you – but you don’t need to inform him or ask what his will is. Jesus already told us. “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” If it’s not his will for there, it’s not his will for here. Third, I would not make peace with your affliction. This is a biggie and it’s my personal conviction, but you did ask. I know many Christians have made peace with their illnesses but not me. I will always speak to an illness as though it was an enemy. If an illness afflicts one of my young children, I don’t say “Welcome to our home.” I rebuke it. I show unlimited grace to my kids, but I don’t show grace to sickness.

        I don’t have all the answers, but these are the lessons I have learned so far. Be blessed, and be well.

      • Thanks. I don’t really think of it as an illness, just a different way of thinking. I’ve spent most of my life trying to measure up, but at the same time I don’t know any other way of thinking. It’s like suddenly giving someone who’s been paralyzed their whole life the ability to use their limbs (okay, maybe a bad analogy, but, you get my point).

  15. Roshan J Easo // December 24, 2016 at 1:36 am // Reply

    I don’t know where to ask this, but this is a great place to ask questions. Sometimes theology limts what we are and we need to get outside of it, if we can, we can come here. Is a relationship with Jesus what he had in mind. I’ve been told differehtly.

  16. It’s not just Paul’s gift for writing, his godly wisdom, and his insights, but the fellowship of reading reader’s comments and being given the opportunity to reply too. Also, I am very grateful for Paul’s references to other publications. One of these that I’ve just started reading and can’t stop reading is Bill Gilham’s “Lifetime Guarantee”…. it sounds ridiculous to say this perhaps to some, but I can easily weep with the relief of discovering from Escape to Reality and other publications referenced here, what Christ meant when he said “IT IS FINISHED!” Thank God! Now, lets live the abundant life together and set the other prisoners free! Thank you Paul!

  17. I am writing an article and would very much like to find the citation (page #) in “Abba’s Child” where Brennan Manning says:

    “Define yourself radically as one beloved by God. This is the true self. Every other identity is illusion.”
    This quote is so lovely and I would like to share it.

    With love and appreciation,

    • Hi Kathy, my copy of that book is packed away in a box. What I do when looking for quote sources is I google the entire quote inside quotation marks. Often Google will come back with a picture of the page from the book. Hope that helps.

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