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  1. Eddie Hernandez // December 2, 2013 at 9:17 am // Reply

    12 Reasons Why Christians Don’t Need to Confess-to-be-Forgiven
    is the ONLY article i have read so because my ? to you is in regards to Scripture Mathew 6:9, if Jesus is Our teacher, mentor and Messiah and we are to follow his example, to be Christ-like; How is that you are telling Christians that their is no need for them to confess their sins???

    Thanks for your time and would appreciate an explanation when you can make some time. LORD Bless you and your family. Take care

    MUCH Love,

    Eddie Hdz

  2. Devouring the blogs sir. Thank you.

  3. Paul Ellis is Holy, Righteous, a Saint, seated at the right hand of our Heavenly Father, a Son of God, fully pleasing to God at all times, for eternity !! Abba Father is never disappointed in Paul Ellis !! All because of what Jesus did at the Cross !! It is Finished !! God is blessing Paul Ellis every day and night ,, God bless you Paul ,, keep sharing your life!!

  4. The data you described was crystal clear. Thanks!

  5. Paul when we ask questions how can we be sure the source is jesus and not self. In general, I feel different and it’s hard to gauge.

    also there were many questions I wanted to ask, but soon everything was answered. is that the way? Or should we ask our questions anyways?

  6. Good question — especially from someone who faces Bible questions left and right!

    It’s hard to determine the source of questions. From what I know, I can distinguish two types. Some questions are designed for accusation, as seen when the Pharisees asked God why Jesus would not go off of the cross. Other questions are more honest, as seen when Jesus cried out to God. Both questions are similar (why God doesn’t seem to be there), but the root motives are different — one of accusation, and one of connection.

    God knows our doubts/questions and cares for people with them. He welcomes us who come to him while encountering honest questions. Aside from Jesus, Habakkuk and Abraham had questions and asked God. In my personal life, some questions seem a bit more accusatory, but at the same time, I have a feeling that I want to hear from God and seek him (it’s an awkward feeling).

    Long story short, we can (and should) seek God for help with honest questions.

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