I have known Paul for about 20 years. He is a man of immense integrity and humility. When he writes something he means it! Many are looking for truth they can rely on. In this book, Paul delivers this big time. Read and be in awe of how good God is!
~ Rob Rufus, senior pastor, City Church International, Hong Kong, from The Gospel in Ten Words

Paul Ellis does an amazing job of revealing the heart of Jesus.
~ Jeremiah Johnson, senior pastor, Grace Point Church, KY, from Letters from Jesus

Paul unpacks the true meaning of scriptures we’ve misread or that have been mistranslated, and he delivers truth in a way that sets us free to be who God calls us to be.
~Lyn Packer, author, from The Silent Queen

Paul is a voice of confidence and clarity for a generation coming out of the shadows of an angry God mentality.
~ Ken Spicer, lead pastor, New Creation Church, Beaumont, CA, from AD70 and the End of the World

I have never read anything by Paul Ellis that I didn’t love. His laser-sharp focus on Jesus, his commitment to the authority of Scripture, and his gracious demeanor go a long way in clearing the air with the grace and truth of our Savior.
~ Jeremy White, pastor, Valley Church, Vacaville, CA, from The Hyper-Grace Gospel

I cannot recommend Paul’s publications highly enough. An absolute God-send and go-to when eyes are opened to the absolute shock-and-awe of God’s goodness unveiled in the Person and finished work of Jesus!
~ Richie Lewis, senior pastor, Grace Global Church, New Zealand, via FB 

Paul Ellis has written the definitive book on what the gospel truly is all about. After I finished reading the book, I immediately reread it again, it was just that good!
~ Ed Elliott, aka “The Vagabond Evangelist,” AMZN review for The Gospel in Ten Words

Paul Ellis continues to speak truth and invites everyone back into the welcoming love of Jesus.
~ Jami Amerine, author, from The Silent Queen

Paul Ellis’ latest book is a breath of fresh air. He has done much here to dispel the fear of end times.
~ Tony Ide, senior pastor, Freedom Life, Perth, Australia, from AD70 and the End of the World

Paul Ellis brings amazing clarity and understanding to grace, which is the very essence of the gospel.
~ Chris Barhorst, pastor, True Life Church, Greenville, OH, from The Hyper-Grace Gospel

Paul Ellis has taken every scripture that has been misapplied in order to silence women, as well as an abundance of passages that give accounts of women leaders and speakers, to thoughtfully, thoroughly, and theologically explain how God actually expects women to find their voices and use them. Thank you, Paul, for your partnership in the gospel and your dedication to spreading the really, really good news of God’s grace.
~ Tricia Gunn, author and founder of Parresia, from The Silent Queen

Paul Ellis’s explanation of grace and sanctification brings a degree of clarity often missed in Christianity today.
~ Clint Byars, pastor, Forward Church, Atlanta, GA, from The Hyper-Grace Gospel

When I stumbled upon the beautiful revelation of the new covenant, it was Paul Ellis’s writing that affirmed and helped me make sense of my newfound freedom.
~ Eric Dkystra, pastor, The Crossing Church, USA, from The Gospel in Twenty Questions

I love the way Paul writes and communicates the truth with wit and humor, while his scholarly diligence undergirds and shines through everything he offers.
~ Ralph Harris, best-selling author, from Letters from Jesus

More than ever before, the gospel must be proclaimed with both courage and clarity; courage to a culture consumed with complacency, and clarity to a church confused by inconsistency. It is for these reasons and more, that I gladly commend Paul Ellis to you.
~ Chad M. Mansbridge, senior pastor, Bayside Church International, Australia, from The Gospel in Twenty Questions

I have been reading Paul’s writings for a few years now and I have often been encouraged and strengthened by his revelation on the gospel.
~ Wayne Duncan, senior pastor, Coastlands Christian Church, South Africa, from The Gospel in Ten Words

When it comes to crystal-clear New Covenant theology, Paul is a brainiac! He blames everything on Jesus and that’s why I love him! He’s also a super cool guy to boot!
~ Matt McMillen, Matt McMillen Ministries, via FB

I had been searching the net for my intended sermon against “hyper-grace” theology. I found Escape to Reality and got convicted about mixing grace and works in my preaching for the last twenty years. Yes, I had read books on grace before but it was through the writings of Paul Ellis that God could finally reveal his true character to me.
~ Reinhard L., pastor, Velbert, Germany, from Grace Disco

I have been a Christian for nearly 50 years and a pastor for 10 years, but until I began reading Escape to Reality I never really understood God’s amazing grace. Paul Ellis has really opened my eyes. Now I use what I am learning to teach this amazing grace myself.
~ Earl H., pastor, Fort Pierce, FL, from Grace Party

I can think of no better person to respond to the accusations against the modern grace message than my friend, Paul Ellis. His defense is filled with exactly what I would expect—respect, wisdom, and an abundance of grace.
~ Lucas Miles, president, Oasis Network For Churches, from The Hyper-Grace Gospel

The intimidating gospel of our time left me crippled for over 30 years. Paul Ellis’s message of grace has been the key to my freedom. I have now boldly stepped out into a missionary adventure carrying this message.
~ José A., missionary, San Juan, Puerto Rico, from Grace Disco

Paul Ellis is a gifted writer. His case for women as leaders in the church and as equal partners in marriage is insightful, intelligent, and thoroughly thought out.
~ Marg Mowczko, writer and theologian, from The Silent Queen

Thank you, Paul for changing my thinking. After 40 years of wrong preaching and problems, I am now preaching the truth found in the grace message. Your weekly email teaching surely changed my ministry.
~ Con B., pastor, Durban, South Africa, from Grace Remix

Paul Ellis writes concisely, yet comprehensively, all the while preaching the truth in grace and love. It’s this skill that makes him one of my favorite authors.
~ Phil Drysdale, Phil Drysdale Ministries, from The Hyper-Grace Gospel

Escape to Reality has been such an encouragement to me. It has helped me change my entire perception of how to successfully walk this new creation life and, in turn, relate that to my congregation. Lives are being changed!
~ Andrew B., pastor, Fenton, MI, E2R reader