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Is the church too feminine?

October 21, 2020 // 1 Comment

I have been blown away by the positive response to my forthcoming book, The Silent Queen: Why the Church Needs Women to find their Voice. Although the book doesn’t come out until Christmas, I thought you’d might like a taste now. The following article has been cut from the Introduction… Since its inception, [...]

Submission doesn’t mean what you think it means

October 7, 2020 // 10 Comments

Bad theology hurts women. Sometimes it even kills them. In his book Ten Lies the Church Tells Women, Lee Grady tells the story of a woman called Doris who suffered through an abusive marriage. Doris’s husband, the head deacon at their church, would sometimes come home from work in a rage and physically assault [...]

Who submits in marriage?

October 2, 2020 // 12 Comments

When Camilla and I were writing our wedding vows, my future wife told me that she had a problem with the word submit. We had dug up some traditional vows based on Ephesians 5:22: “I promise to love, cherish and submit to my husband as to the Lord.” “I’m not going to say that,” said Camilla. I didn’t [...]

6 awesome things that will happen when Christ returns

September 24, 2020 // 21 Comments

Judging by the number of books written on the subject, we ought to be able to predict Christ’s return down to the minute, but the fact is nobody knows the hour or day. Jesus could return before the end of the year, or he might return after you have died of ripe old age. Only God knows. From time to time a wave [...]

Is the King James Bible sexist?

September 10, 2020 // 17 Comments

Recently I asked the question, “Is the Bible sexist?” It is and it isn’t. It is in the sense that it records the sexist stories and laws of patriarchal societies. But it isn’t in the sense that it reveals God’s heart for equality and freedom. Men and women were made equal in God’s image (Gen. [...]

Women pastors in the Bible

September 2, 2020 // 24 Comments

What is a pastor? A pastor is a shepherd. That’s what the word literally means. A pastor is someone who tends and guides spiritual sheep. Can women pastor? Let me answer that question with a better one: If God has gifted and called a woman to pastor, should we oppose him? Here’s another: Since God empowered [...]

What’s so special about Christ’s right hand?

August 27, 2020 // 10 Comments

While writing my book Letters from Jesus, I discovered a lot of gems in scripture. Some of these were hidden in the introductions Jesus gives his letters to the seven churches. Consider this introduction from his letter to the church in Ephesus: These are the words of him who holds the seven stars in his right [...]

How to rule and reign here and now

August 20, 2020 // 12 Comments

Do you know that in Christ you are royal? Most Christians do not know they are kings. They think that are going to be kings – one day, maybe, after Jesus returns – but they do not know that Jesus has empowered them to rule and reign here and now. “One day I will be crowned but for now I am merely a humble [...]

Are we entering the Great Tribulation?

August 6, 2020 // 51 Comments

This has been one of the toughest years in living memory. At the time of writing close to 700,000 people have died from a disease nobody knew about nine months ago. In many cities there have been riots, looting, and other signs of lawlessness. People are suffering. Some fear the imminent emergence of the [...]

Jesus at the door

July 30, 2020 // 11 Comments

Jesus knows us better than anybody. He speaks our language. He talks to us about things that nobody else cares about. He listens. And he does all this because he loves us. This was something I learned again and again while doing research for my book, Letters from Jesus. The letters from Jesus to the seven [...]