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Are You Wearing the Full Armor of God?

June 8, 2023 // 10 Comments

One thing pastors like to do is dress up as Roman soldiers and preach on the armor of God. “You need to wear the full armor of God,” they say as they bash their gladii (swords) against their scuta (shields). It’s a lot of fun. But does it work? Apart from the memory of Pastor Frank’s paunch poking out [...]

Law + Works + Grace = ?

June 1, 2023 // 21 Comments

The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives. For example, if you buy into a narrative that says, “The Bible is a book of rules we must obey,” you will find laws to obey on every page. If you believe, “The Bible teaches us to work for God’s favor,” you will find long lists of things to do. But read the [...]

The Study Bible You’ve Been Waiting For

May 24, 2023 // 0 Comments

Do you know how to use a Bible commentary? A commentary is a kind of explainer. It tells you what the scriptures mean. Or to be precise, it tells you what the commentator thinks they mean. Which means if your commentary was written by someone with an old covenant mindset, you’ll get an old covenant [...]

What’s With the Head Coverings?

May 4, 2023 // 22 Comments

When I wrote my book about women in the church, my aim was to examine every verse that has been hijacked to oppress and silence women. I wanted to show that contrary to what many of us have heard, woman are in no way inferior to men. In the new covenant of grace, women can preach, teach, and lead, and do anything [...]

“You Shall Surely Die”

April 26, 2023 // 43 Comments

Once upon a time you were spiritually dead. Then you met Jesus and now you are spiritually alive. Or so the story goes. Like many religious phrases the idea that we were spiritually dead makes sense until you start asking questions like “what is spiritual death?” and “why isn’t spiritual death mentioned [...]

Is it God’s Will for You to Suffer (1 Peter 4:19)

April 13, 2023 // 12 Comments

“Paul, why are you writing a Bible commentary? There are so many.” It’s true. There are many Bible commentaries out there. But as far as I know, there are no grace-based commentaries. Instead, there are commentaries that mix grace with works leaving you confused, anxious, and uncertain. Let me give you an [...]

Do we need a New Covenant Study Bible?

April 5, 2023 // 8 Comments

The Bible contains the most beautiful, life-giving words. Yet many don’t see them because they’re reading scripture through the wrong lens. Consider the following verse: If you address as Father the One who impartially judges according to each one’s work, conduct yourselves in fear during the time of your [...]

How to Test the Spirits

March 30, 2023 // 9 Comments

Spirit, soul, and body – do you know the difference? Your spirit is that inner part of you that connects you to the spiritual world; your body or flesh is that external part of you that connects you to the physical world; and your soul is that part of you that chooses whether you are going to walk after the [...]

How to Walk in the Spirit

March 23, 2023 // 14 Comments

You were designed to be spiritual. You were created to walk in the spirit. Yet many people walk after the flesh. They make judgments based on what they hear, see, and understand, rather than listening to what their spirit is sensing the Lord is saying. To be led by the Spirit is to live with our eyes fixed on the [...]

What Does it Mean to be Spiritual?

March 16, 2023 // 10 Comments

What comes to mind when you think of the word spiritual? In scripture, we are exhorted to desire spiritual gifts, sing spiritual songs, and pray spiritual prayers. We are to walk in the spirit and live a spiritual life. Sounds good. But what does it mean? Here’s what spiritual does NOT mean: Spiritual does not [...]

Duck Church

March 9, 2023 // 4 Comments

Søren Kierkegaard, the Danish existentialist, used to tell a story about Duck Church. It goes something like this: Once upon a time there was a town of ducks. On Sunday morning all the ducks came waddling out of their houses and waddling into church where they squatted in their pews. After they sang their duck [...]

Six Reasons Why Original Sin Cannot be True

March 2, 2023 // 53 Comments

Original sin says we were born bad to the bone. From the moment we drew our first breath, we were inclined towards sin, utterly depraved, and hostile towards God. Since beginning this series, I’ve received messages from readers who defend original sin by quoting Romans 3, 5, and other scriptures that say we are [...]