Out today The Grace Bible: 1–3 John & Jude

If you have ever wondered, How do I read this scripture through a new covenant lens? The Grace Bible is for you.

In The Grace Bible every verse is explained from the perspective of grace. While other study Bibles can leave you feeling like you’re not doing enough for the Lord, The Grace Bible reveals how much the Lord has done for you.

It’s the study Bible with good news on every page!

The first installment of The Grace Bible has just been released. With more than 400 notes, it covers every verse in the dynamite letters of John and Jude. In John’s letters we are dazzled by the light of God’s unfailing love, while in Jude’s letter we are equipped to contend for the faith.

The Grace Bible: 1–3 John & Jude is available now in three formats: paperback (compact), hardcover (larger print), and ebook.

Thanks to the support of our patrons, the paperback is cheap and the ebook is even cheaper. So grab a copy for your pastor, your Sunday School teacher, and your loved ones. It’s the perfect Christmas present. Hint, hint.

I wrote The Grace Bible because there is else nothing like it. It is a distillation of my very best writing. It is the book I wish I had read years ago.

Happy reading!


PS: The second and third installments of The Grace Bible will be released early 2023. Sign up at thegracebible.com and be the first to know.

10 Comments on Out today The Grace Bible: 1–3 John & Jude

  1. Woo hoo, Paul…. I so recommend it having read it already.

  2. David Goodreau // November 30, 2022 at 10:21 am // Reply

    Hi Paul,

    Does this Grace Bible teach that Jesus saved the same ALL that Adam brought into sin and death, as detailed in Romans 5?

  3. Dr. Randall Dupont // November 30, 2022 at 2:32 pm // Reply

    Do you have a kind

  4. Does patrons get it free?

  5. Hi Paul,
    I like your 1 John Grace Bible study, and your notes have been helpful in our Bible study class as we are delving into 1 John. We were having discussions on 1 John 2:1 regarding God, our Father. The topic of the universal fatherhood of God was brought up. Is God the Father of only believers, and the devil is the father of unbelievers? Jesus alluded to this in John 8:39-47 when He said in verse 44: “You are of your father the devil,” when speaking to the Pharisees.

    Your Grace Bible mentions in your commentary notes of 1 John 2:1 that “God is the father of all.” Our class was centering on God as the Creator of all people and things, but only the Father of true believers. Thanking you in advance if you or any of your readers can shed any light on the concept of the universal fatherhood of God.

    • Hi Alex, I’m glad you are enjoying the new Grace Bible. I unpack about the phrase “children of God” in my Grace Glossary. It gives a fuller treatment to the subject than what you have in the book. I also discuss that phrase Jesus used of the Pharisees in my entry for John 8:44 in the Grace Commentary.

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