About Dr. Paul Ellis

Dr. Paul Ellis

As a pastor and a professor, I worked six days a week and preached on Sundays. Eventually I crashed and burned. Forced to rest, I learned something about grace and began writing a blog called Escape to Reality (E2R). Sharing grace treasures with people is now my passion and full-time occupation.

Why do I write?

I write so that you may know that there is no bad news in the good news, and that life without Jesus is like a frame without a picture.

Life isn’t about keeping the rules or pleasing the boss or paying the bills. Real life is the adventure of learning who you truly are – a dearly-loved child of God.

If you want to revel in the extravagant wastefulness of your Father’s love, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to learn how to walk in the freedom of God grace, I encourage you to become an email subscriber (it’s free).

What else?

I’m a born and bred Cantabrian (NZ) who grew up in the great state of Western Australia. I’ve lived in Asia and California and I now live in Auckland. If you’re interested, you can keep up with my news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Goodreads. I’ve written briefly about my grace journey here.

Camilla is my first, best and last wife. We were married in 1999 and each year has been better than the last. We have four amazing kids.

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My books on grace have been published in a dozen languages and won awards. If you want to translate my books, read this. If you want to pick my brains on how to become a semi-successful self-publisher, I have compiled some notes and resources here.

These days I spend most of my time curating the Grace Commentary, unpacking words for the Grace Glossary, and occasionally releasing installments of The Grace Bible.

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About Escape to Reality

E2R went live on 5 February, 2010. Published articles are indexed by scripture and subject. Check out the archives for more or use the search boxes in the sidebar and footer of this page.

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83 Comments on About Dr. Paul Ellis

  1. Christine Cattanach // February 7, 2010 at 11:50 am // Reply

    Hey Paul, glad to hear you are still alive and kicking. Love to you all, Christine

  2. Hey Paul,
    What a surprise to click on my spam box (where i seldom go) and find you in it. And then to track your blog and find you have indeed returned to NZ. Excellent musings…….i too am a Pastors Son ambushed by God, never had the intention of ministry in fact far from it 🙂
    Discovering what God had in mind before time began brings nobility to human existence (2 Tim 1:9). It is indeed God’s glory to conceal a matter but the honor of man to seek it out. Regards from our family to yours.

  3. Paul,
    I was sent your blog (teaching by Derek Prince) by a friend. I am amazed to find the good stuff you have on your site. I haven’t read all the articles but really like the ones I have. I too was leading a church (in the midlands in the UK) up until 2 years ago. Now doing trans local stuff so we have recently built our web site. Still need to add teaching material. The stuff I have recorded in the past is really poor sound quality so we will do new stuff. We too have a passion to see people free from the spirit of religion, condemnation and sin consciousness. What a pleasure to find a like-minded crusader.
    Keep the good stuff coming.
    John Alcock.

  4. Dear Paul,
    Thanks VERY much for this blog!! I found it via Facebook. I know the bitter results of when you think you have to DO something in order to have peace with God. I ended up far away from God, guilty, depressed, tired, confused and very rebellious. Now I’m close to God again and more mature (less dependent on what others might say) and I am convinced (because of the Bible and my own experiences) that it’s all about Jesus and what HE has done for us (“it is accomplished”)! Very interesting what you write about the Corinthians, that Paul didn’t put them under the Law when they were messing up… I think also the fight against sin comes down to knowing who you are in Christ and letting His Spirit fill you. And when you do stumble (as we all do every day), you can rest in Him. Anyways 🙂 I love the blog and will read the rest too. Thanks!! 🙂

  5. Hi Paul,

    I am also a believer in the perfect work of our Lord Jesus Christ. The teachings of JP have reassured me of this fact and also brought back the fullness, freedom and joy I had when I first recommitted my life to Christ. I recently noticed something which almost appeared like a contradiction in the New Testemament which I hope you can explain a bit better to me: when comparing the writings of Paul in Romans and those of James, where James writes in James 2v14-26 that we need to have works to perfect our faith and then he refers to Abraham taking Isaac to the alter, an act which together with Abraham’s faith made him righteous. Paul again in Rom4 teaches us that Abraham was made righteous by faith alone. Can you please shed some light on this?

    God Bless
    Muller – South Africa

    • Hi Muller,
      Good to meet you! I’ve just started a series unpackaging James 2 in light of Romans 4. I hope it helps.

      • Thomas Simonson // July 20, 2020 at 7:46 pm //

        My question is this,for 14 years of being a recovery meth addict of 23 yrs, I thought I had given my life to Jesus. However, beside the Meth I also lived out a life of sexual addiction.
        The meth addiction is completely gone, however the sexual seems to rear its ugly head and I have fallen back into that same trap. I confess my sins to God and my biological brother. My biggest concern is believing that God has given up on me and recently 2 Peter 2-20 has been brought to my attention by a Pastor. My heart exploded and I very concerned.

      • Reckon yourself dead to sin and alive to Christ. This article may help.

  6. Hi Paul,
    I was just searching the web to find some background information for a sermon on the Church of Laodicea. So blessed to come across your articles and discover someone who views things from a GRACE position.
    God bless you and keep blogging. Richard

    • Hi Richard,
      Good to meet you and thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you got something out of the Laodicean series. Writing can often be a hard slog, but it was such a thrill putting that series together. Definitely a case of writing out of the overflow! God bless!

  7. Paul,
    Your material is excellent and very timely,since the church today seems to be growing ever more “religious”. The pendelum appears to have swung the other way for now,but thank The Lord,sites like yours are sprouting up to offset the ‘leaven’. Please keep the articles coming!
    I would love to see some material geared towards evangelism-especially of the open air variety,as many are being influenced by materials emanating from certain sites such as The Way of The Master etc.(Ray Comfort/kirk Cameron) which seem to preach/teach a mixture. Stay blessed!

  8. Hello Paul

    I am part of a small fellowship that believes in the Grace of God and the finished work of Jesus on the cross. I love what you have written about communion and I pray that many people in established churches start to hear to true gospel. Other people in our church read your blog and it is because of our pastor that it has been brought to my attention. I will continue reading what you write and sharing it whenever I can. Thank you so much and nay God’s blessings lift you and reveal to you just how perfect you are in God through Jesus.

  9. Janet Medalla // April 26, 2011 at 12:55 am // Reply

    Hi Paul,

    My son found your site when he googled after hearing his dad make a comment on a verse from a song being sang at a memorial service. You guessed it , the phrase ‘ He gives and takes away’. My husband noticed that the verse doesn’t make sense. I am so glad men ( I generally believe so) are so not religious because we found your site because of that observation !!! For 2 years now, the Lord has been opening our eyes to see how religious the church as we know it has become and He has been teaching us about His love and it has been exciting as well as lonely at times because we can’t find too many who could understand what we are seeing that sometimes I couldn’t help wondering if we’re off the truth. I’m so glad we found your site. You outline the points you are trying to make so well. Thank you for taking time to write.

    • It’s so encouraging to hear that I’m not the only one who notices when lyrics in some Christian songs are not true/based on the Bible, the living Word of God. I always find it curious that someone – the worship leader certainly – didn’t catch it and choose a song that was congruent with Yeshuah/Jesus.

      I heard Joseph Prince say years ago that the Holy Spirit can’t witness with lies – only Truth: Jesus, the Word. His power is released when we speak Truth/Him. Words are vehicles and we are instruments – of the corruption of sin or of God’s glory. His Word is so rich, His wealth so vast, we can draw on it forever and never reach the end of it! Feed on the Word and drink its living water, indeed!

      So much of church is formulaic, without soul. No matter how loud the band is or how many times the worship leader and minister say “Praise the Lord” or “Glory to God”, the absence of Holy Spirit power is palpable and leaves me, too, often feeling sad and lonely. It’s good to hear you have experienced the same. Thank God that things are changing: the light is dawning on our hearts, one by one, more and more. Soon it will be daylight! Maranatha!

  10. Joyce Ewing // August 1, 2011 at 5:34 pm // Reply

    I am so blessed by your posts and just had to let you know how much they touch my heart and encourage me. THANK YOU so much for taking time to share your heart and the true Gospel through your blog! Very few times, if ever, have we heard this message in a “normal” church service, but praying that this revelation of our LIFE IN OUR SAVIOR will sweep through the people of God!Having lived most of my life striving to live the Christian life, the wonderful Gospel thrills me more and more! Praising our wonderful Lord! In Him,

  11. Dear Paul, what a blessing youre site is, I can only see the work of the Holy Spirit here and I gobble up every morsel and then…. I share across Africa VIA email, what a God given gift email is. I think sometimes – what is my diploma in theology worth when the true Gospel message was not the message I was taught, It is so sad, hence I point everyone I can to your site because it is free and accessable to people in Africa. Joseph Prince and Wommack are great, but there is a lot in your site so take a bow.Lastly PAUL, when the Bible talks about the heart of man, I know it is not about the heart that pumps blood. My thinking is leaning toward a “mans understanding” – Hagen said it was the spirit which does not make sense. I would appreciate to know your thoughts. PS 5:12

    • You can find verses in the Bible suggesting that the heart is the part of us that thinks, feels and understands. I’m not sure you can feel with your spirit but then there’s a lot about the spirit we don’t understand. You might say our spirit is that part of us that accesses the spirit realm but Jesus said we’re to love God with our hearts. We love Him with all our heart but worship Him in spirit. Does that mean we don’t worship Him with our heart? Does that mean I relate to God in love with one part of me but worship Him with another part? I think not. This is probably one of those times where it does more harm than good to chop a man into separate bits.

  12. Keith and Paul, thanks for the conversation. Questions and thought of the component of the soul and spirit. I’ll just not chop man into separate bits. Navigated to your site this morning, thank God! Thanks,

  13. I found you looking for stuff about our sinful nature, or lack of it. 🙂 I am from Christchurch, NZ, so very surprised when I read you are a Cantabrian! I am really enjoying your blogs and info. Nice to read something that makes sense and isnt religious. What you said about the sin nature was very well written, and filled in some gaps I had. Nice to have found yr site anyway, and look forward to more interesting articles.

  14. Dear Paul,
    I have been struggling for so very long in my Christian walk. I like so many have suffered from depression, anxiety and just down right turmoil. I knew it was spiritual because I have not had joy for such a long time. Unfortunately, I focused on trying to find out what the depression was all about and looked to books by Christian psychologists. That was a long road going no where. I have been listening to some very good teaching which I know the Lord led me to but I still was feeling lost so I cried out to him again yesterday morning. I googled “walking after the flesh” and found your blog in my search. I I know I have found that many are struggling with the same issues that I am and that you have also struggled with your understanding of grace. I am getting hung up on berating myself. Why have I been so blind for so long? Very diappointed with my life. I have been stuck for so long.

    Thank you for your blog. I believe the truth I am finding there will put me back on track with my relationship with the Lord.


  15. I’m back on track and praising the Lord! Just Keeping my eyes on Jesus and his finished work. I am forgiven and have been forgiven and my sinHe remembers no more. His perspective is eternal! I am looking at things from God’s perspective. Hallelujah. I am breathing the fresh air of God’s grace!

  16. Your blog is amazing. Keep writing! 🙂

  17. Paul,

    I recently met someone and He is insisting that baptism is a requirement for salvation. Do you have any blog post on this? I really want to understand why some people are putting emphasis on baptism.

    – grace and peace

    • I understand this emphasis in the way that I understand that faith without works is dead. I would encourage every believer to be baptized in the same way that I would encourage every loving couple to think seriously about getting married. Marriage is not love, it is a public declaration of love. Similarly, baptism is not faith per se, it is a public declaration of faith. But is it a requirement for salvation? Well, today’s Easter. Why not ask the thief on the cross?

      • Exactly what I said to the guy. the theif didn’t get baptized, nor did restitution. but then they argued that the thief was under a different covenant. thinking out loud, then that covenant is better than ours? just by asking Jesus to save me, then saved instantly! no baptism thanks for reply. I would love to read your future post on baptism. will follow you.
        – grace and peace be upon you

      • well said Paul. The thief on the Cross did not have time to come down, be baptized and go back to the Cross to die. I believe baptism is important and we have to be baptized as public declaration of our faith in Christ. But baptism is not a requirement for being saved. We are saved by Grace through faith and it is not man’s result of following rituals. Adding something unto the grace means that Jesus did not accomplish His work on the Cross, thus It would make his statement “It is Finished” false. We know that We he said it is Finished he meant It.
        Keep Blessed

  18. Hi Paul,

    Reading articles in E2R really helpful and I found answers for my question for years. God really good. I read JP and Andrew Wommack book and podcast as well. The message of grace, bring hope and live in me. May I translate your article(s) in my mother tongue? I wish to see many believers have access to grace based teaching. Tq

  19. Christine Wilcock // August 11, 2012 at 1:04 am // Reply

    Hi Paul. Thank you for your helpful website. I’ve only read a few things so far, but I’m sure I will enjoy dipping into more of it. I downloaded a book from the free stuff section and recommended it to a bunch of friends. One of those liked it so much and has now placed an order for a load of copies to put in her bookshop! Thought you’d like to know….’give and it shall be given’ comes to mind. Christine.

    • Thanks for the feedback Christine. I’m glad people are benefiting from those free resources. That’s what they are there for. Just out of curiosity, which book did you download?

  20. Hello I believe in a Grace message. It’s sad that I only just heard this a little while ago, and I’ve been a Christian for a long time. I love God with all my heart, and I want to please him. I like most people was taught in order for God to forgive your sins AFTER you accept Jesus as your lord and savior….. you STILL have to confess everytime you sin. This of couse makes me crazy because how can I remember to confess everytime I sin? What about the sins I don’t remember to confess? What about if I die before I forget to confess something? What about I commit a sin that I don’t think is a sin, so I don’t confess it? This can’t be right that we have to confess each and every sin even AFTER we accept Jesus as our lord and savior.

    After we accept Jesus we live under Grace. But since I am just learning I have a hard time explaining it to people. They bring up some scriptures and I don’t know how to answer them accept to say Jesus has forgiven ALL our sins if we accept him as our savior and lord. We don’t have to keep asking for forgiveness over and over and over for something that Jesus ALREADY did.

    But I want to know how to answer certain scriptures when people ask. Like the prayer in Matthew that says we ask God to “forgive our sins” when we pray. And that if we don’t forgive other people, then God won’t forgive us. When people ask I don’t know how to answer that. Can you please expain these verses in terms of Grace. Thank You.

  21. Brenda Williamson // December 11, 2012 at 6:01 pm // Reply

    Hi Paul,
    I love your blog because it is so encouraging and uplifting. I’ve enjoyed Joseph Prince’s teaching also, but after hearing his messages daily for a long time, I realized that I never heard him speak on the Bible teachings where the Lord is repeatedly requiring that we must not only show repentance for our sins, but we must repent and TURN from that particular sin. I have been a Christian for many years, and feel grounded in my belief, but it makes me feel concern for the non-believer. Is it fair and who will be held accountable for those who are receiving only part of the redemption story? There is NOTHING more precious than God’s grace, and it is the most important gift that we will ever receive. Do you believe with your vast knowledge of the Bible that we don’t have to follow the teachings of Jesus and ask forgiveness of our sins?
    Thank you so much,
    Brenda Williamson

  22. Hi Paul
    Sunday 19/11/12 during a developing theme in worship on ‘no condemnation’ I quoted Jn 3 17 and asked the question – Why is it that the people who should not be condemned, appear to live as the most condemned….. racking up how much time we read our bibles, spend more time praying, give more of our financial resources ,yet still feeling not enough is done for God to be happy . Suggested we were more focused on Jesus presents instead of His presence.
    Felt a bit like Elijah ‘Am I the only one to beginning to understand grace’. You can imagine the surprise when on Friday23/11 Amazon emailed recommendation for The Gospel In Ten Words. Read the first chapter and it blew my mind. Sunday 25th quoted from the 1st chapter.
    I just love trusting and resting in Jesus – the less done gets more achieved.
    Thanks for a brilliant book and web site. Admit I am mulling over my understanding of unconditional forgiveness particularly forgiving myself.

  23. Hi Paul
    Be encoraged pure grace is the only way.Amazing life in JESUS

  24. Julie Perkins // April 29, 2013 at 3:58 pm // Reply

    I just found your website researching some 1 John 1:9. Great find! I have been learning about Grace from Andrew Womack, Joseph Prince & Gregory Dickow. My biggest frustration is finding a local church that teaches Grace. They are all teaching the mixture of law and grace. Really am enjoying all of your writings and the coversation strings. Thank-You, God Bless You,

  25. Michael Osean // May 29, 2013 at 1:10 pm // Reply

    Like Julie, I find it hard to find a local church that teaches Grace. I’m also very disappointed about the heat that Grace preachers like Joseph Prince take. I think it is SO unfair. I came across this link from a complimentary comment Paul wrote about J Prince. The Grace message has changed my relationship with my Lord Jesus in a profound way and I look forward to following this site. Thank you Paul.

  26. I came across your site while surfing the web for J. Prince teachings. Like many others, the churches I have attended preached a mixture of Law and Grace but the true gospel has been revealed and unveiled to me more and more and in the recent months, I felt like I have been led into the inner sanctum of this grace. The eyes of my understanding have been further enlightened through the teachings of J Prince and now through your blogs. Thank you and shalom to you and your family. By the way, I live in Western Australia 🙂

  27. Michael Jenkins // August 26, 2013 at 7:46 am // Reply

    Hey Paul, I just want to say how much I enjoyed this blog.
    I am learning everyday.
    Grace is amazing!

  28. Richard Lee (Maryland USA) // November 6, 2013 at 2:13 pm // Reply

    Paul – my sister is going through one tough situation after another. I have attempted to explain the goodness of God and that God does punish us. She is a Christian but maintains that God is sovereign so if he doesn’t stop some bad thing then he allows it, so he’s responsible. Can you help me help her?

  29. Hi Paul. I have a certain friend who is convinced that she has not been sanctified, that even though we are saved and won’t go to hell, God still wants us to follow the law so that we can “sanctify” ourselves. Any tips?

  30. Just found your blog today. To say that I have been on a quest to know the truth of who God is for the last five years would be an understatement. Every illusion and lie of Satan has been shattered. There are no words to describe the freedom and love I now know in reality. My husband and I have been married almost 40 yrs. We now find ourselves in the spring of our lives for the first time. The beautiful truths concerning our loving God and how He sees us were made known to us by the Holy Spirit after leaving mainstream Christianity and living “outside the camp.” I see sin differently and am full of compassion on those who participate with it in any form, knowing how much they are loved by their Heavenly Father. There is so much more I want to share with you, especially about the journey we have been on since our younger daughter chose the gay lifestyle over 10 years ago, but I cannot do it in 250 words. For anyone who might read this, I just want you to know that our God is faithful. He is after our heart. Once He has that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

  31. Kevin Burtnick // January 20, 2014 at 4:36 pm // Reply

    Greetings. I see you care deeply about Truth. What are your thoughts about the teachings of Joseph Prince?

  32. Hi Paul, firstly, congratulations on a “site” that is informative, encouraging/ uplifting and in my book, the “best of breed”

    Church? – what i do find is that the preachers or guest preachers are not interpreting the bible correctly and sometimes tend to take scripture out of context. This becomes increasingly more evident, when my teaching over time has been pure Grace, Joseph Prince, Creflo Dollar, Max Lucado and last but NOT least, Paul Ellis.

    What does one do? definitely no arguments about doctrine, but for me, discard that which does not sit right with my spirit and allow God to love me more and more.
    Keith Blond
    Durban South Africa

  33. Daiinah Kamei // April 23, 2014 at 10:20 am // Reply

    I have read your posts about grace and everything. I’m impressed and blessed by your teachings! Thank you.

  34. Paul, I am half way around the world from you. Living in Iowa in USA. I was looking about Grace and stumble on to your sight. Grace is such a wonderful gift. I serve two small little churches and lead worship. I have bookmark you site to read and mediate on what I discover. Thanks for sharing on your faith journey in life.

  35. PreciousZik // July 21, 2014 at 5:35 pm // Reply

    Hey bro Paul! Thank you for this great work!

  36. Paul.
    I have been steering many soul ships your way for last 4 mths.
    Could your site be Free?
    Perhaps give our new souls Out of the Jungle free like Jesus without asking for conditions. email info etc. Just a breath of what you share soo well!!!!
    Freinds dont want to read when pushed to give email info.
    Blessings Sire.
    Jesus is smiling and opening Eyes, Hearts and most important Souls. Release Out of the Jungle on Homepage if possible.

  37. Paul

    I was desperately looking and surfing in internet for grace messages and found here. It is very much blessed. Nuggets of truth are available here. Really appreciate the efforts. Thanks Paul!!!

  38. I really enjoy your writings.

    I am seen so many so called “prophets” on Christian TV trying to be an Old Testament Jeremiah type Prophet. In your opinion, what is the difference between the Old Covenant prophets and the New Covenant prophet?
    Grace to you.

  39. Hi Paul, I am from Hong Kong and current a student in the U.S. Stumble on your blog today and I truly enjoyed your sharing. May God use you for His glory. Praise Him and happy new year!

  40. David Martini // April 16, 2015 at 3:51 am // Reply

    Hi Paul. I just wanted to say that I’ve been visiting your blog for a couple months now and I want to thank you for the work you have done here. I am very appreciative about hearing the grace gospel again. Like so many others, I lost a sense of God’s grace. After many years of being a born-again believer. I started to feel like it was “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” Not much freedom between those two places. At a time now when Jesus is seeming to be marginalized by so many, it’s wonderful to be having my focus once again placed on him and removed from myself – well, at least somewhat at the moment. I have had some days where I have begun to again feel “his” great joy and love returning to my weary senses. Like another commenter said, I too wish I could have these articles sent to me about three decades ago.

    Thanks for the refreshment!

  41. Hi Dr.Paul, I subscribed for the email, but I haven’t got my Grace free e-books! And secondly I’m studying in Russia, and I wished to read your book collections, so How could I purchase them?

  42. Found you when searching for Andrew Wommack:)

  43. Wayne Alumbaugh // October 30, 2015 at 9:32 am // Reply

    I not clear on this communion thing. Many Christian churches say anyone is welcome at the table. Who knows what all the rest are doing. Help clear this up. Plenty CONFUSED. Wayne

  44. Hi Paul,

    God led me to your blog site as I asked Him the question, “What event was Paul referring to when he said: For some of the Jews killed the prophets, and some even killed the Lord Jesus. Now they have persecuted us, too. They fail to please God and work against all humanity as they try to keep us from preaching the Good News of salvation to the Gentiles. By doing this, they continue to pile up their sins. But the anger of God has caught up with them at last. ”
    (1 Thessalonians 2:15-16 NLT)

    Your answer is the only one that makes sense given what Jesus accomplished at Calvary.
    I was put out of a Pharisaical pentecostal church which I had fully supported for 30 years as a result of beginning to get a glimpse of the fullness of grace and fullness of truth that is only found in Jesus Christ and starting to share that with my brothers and sisters there.

    Consequently, your point of view is very helpful to me and I want to thank you for all the efforts you have made in publishing a biblical view from the starting point of Gods grace.

    I hope to be able to share with you in the future as I consider the things you have put forward.

    Yours in Christ,

  45. Hi Paul, I’m back from the other post. Do you hold to the “outer darkness” view that Bob Wilkin holds to? I don’t need the answer to the other question, because I did read on your blog that you hold to the change of mind definition of repent. I agree with that.

    I don’t believe in the outer darkness view simply because Jesus says we will forever be with Him after the rapture, so we will all be coming back to earth with Him to reign for 1000 years. No believer will be left in outer darkness. If you could elaborate, that would be great.


  46. good morning, paul,

    just read your words above.

    it is true we are saved by grace but repentance is required of the sinner. true repentance includes conviction to live life the way our lord and savior showed us by his life: totally obedient to god’s law and that is why he is pronounced sinless. though we cannot completely live our lives without breaking his law, (that is why we need our savior to save us and continually advocate for us) god promised that jesus’ blood will wipe away our judgment if we confess (admit) our transgression and endeavor with his help not to live in sin.

    for this reason, i believe it has lead to gross false teachings and practices that god’s word was divided into two and re-named “testaments.” testaments are mere statement of witnessed facts or intentions of one side. what we have with god is “covenant” which requires all parties involved to fulfill their obligation expressed in that covenant. god said if you do my commandments, i will be your god.

    god commands believers, his people in covenant with him that we carefully obey his law, neither adding nor subtracting to it. this is not being legalistic. this is how we show our gratitude for his overwhelming sacrifice of his son who gave his life that we may have life. this is how god expects us after he brings us into his kingdom of light out of the kingdom of darkness.

    perhaps you have addressed this in your other blogs. i am praying you have.

  47. Do you have a you tube channel?

  48. Grace Vs Law I desire to know the truth and more so understand.

  49. frank kanyama // October 31, 2016 at 5:19 am // Reply

    I love what you are doing Paul.

  50. Roshan J Easo // January 31, 2017 at 12:33 pm // Reply

    Thanks for giving sinners with poisoned minds what they are looking for – grace. Thanks for givings saints with what they are looking for too: grace!

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