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Praying the Word of Grace, by Jonah Priour (Dec 2022)

This book is filled to overflowing with the riches of God’s grace found in the pages of Scripture. For years, I have loved praying the Scripture, and have been absolutely captivated by the theme of grace that permeates it. This book is intended to lead you into personally experiencing the God of grace for yourself in greater and greater ways. Encounter after encounter, grace upon grace.

May we find the amazing grace of God in the deep, the true and the real. Grace is the place where the brilliant and beautiful light of Heaven fills our lives, no matter how dark it may seem. Where we are transformed from the inside out. Where we are fully embraced by perfect love that reaches into our world, and we are loved to life and wholeness, right where we are … all because of who Love is.

The Grace Message: Is the Gospel Really This Good? by Andrew Farley (March 2022)

Grace. It’s a word we’ve heard since the very first step in our faith journey—but do we really believe in God’s grace? Grace raises eyebrows. It begs questions. Grace turns everything upside down. The Grace Message invites you to discover the best flavor of Christianity and celebrate the good news of the Gospel to the fullest. Here, you’ll learn:

• how to abandon rule-based living and stop trying to measure up

• why your new identity in Jesus matters more than you can imagine

• how you can now enjoy God’s New Covenant way of grace

Life is too short to miss out on God’s best—and what you don’t know can hinder you from experiencing Jesus in every area of your life. So if you’ve been weighed down by ruthless religion, or you’ve been searching for that high-octane version of the Gospel that you know must be out there somewhere, here it is. This thought-provoking book will challenge you to dismiss the lies you’ve believed and to make up your own mind about how big God’s grace really is.

God’s Great Embrace, by Adrian Best (Jan, 2022)

Imagine experiencing the same unshakable joy Jesus had while he walked this earth. Feeling for yourself his inherent sense of love and belonging, peace and assurance, purpose and fulfillment, despite life’s sufferings. All this can indeed be yours!

Take a journey through God’s Great Embrace and explore the wonder and mystery of the believer’s union with Christ. Come to know true freedom through sharing in the life of Abba’s Son, Jesus. Full of stories, rich truths, and an abundance of practical applications, this engaging book presents a profound yet easy-to-read biblical exploration of the triune God’s love and grace in a way that’s sure to encourage and inspire you as well as challenge and transform you.

Rest, Girl: A Journey from Exhausted and Stressed to Entirely Blessed, by Jami Amerine (Nov, 2021)

If you’re overwhelmed and exhausted. . . If you’ve ever thought that all you need to do is try harder. . . If you’ve ever felt unappreciated or overlooked. . . If you’ve found Jesus or you’re still searching. . . Your Heavenly Father Invites You to Rest, Girl.

Female readers of all ages will find a sassy, funny, authentic, and encouraging friend in master word weaver Jami Amerine, as she comes alongside you to share God’s overwhelming grace and peace in an inside-out journey to true, life-sustaining rest. In a climate that is steeped in stress and worries, this book offers a priceless opportunity to walk in faith to experience the overwhelming blessing of a mind, spirit, and body at rest. Jami will lead you on a humorous, engaging and life-altering journey from restrictions and unrealistic expectations to the unconditional love of the Father

Should Christians Confess Sins?, by Kevin Ashwe (Oct 2021)

Did the Apostles teach or practice confession of sins? Did Jesus teach or practice confession of sins? What does 1John 1:9 really mean? What is the basis of forgiveness? The sacrifice of Christ or our profuse confession? Do we have complete or installments forgiveness in Christ? Can restitution really pay for sins? Does the Holy Bible teach confession of sins? These questions and many more are answered in this book.

Who Do You Love? Discover How to Live From Purpose and Fulfill Your Call, by Clint M Byars (Sept 2021)

“God, what do you want me to do? What is my purpose in life?”

Have you ever said something like this? Most of us feel like if God would just tell us what He wants us to do, then we’d know our purpose and could fulfill our calling. The problem with that way of thinking is it puts all the emphasis on performance. Yes, God has things He wants you to do, but that is not your purpose. Your purpose, or the reason you exist, is determined by something entirely different than your assignments in the Body of Christ.

Your purpose is inherent to your identity as a child of God. Your calling is a journey you embark on with God to rescue people from darkness and bring them into the light of Christ. That is the desire of every believer, but we do not know how to discover our path. I have developed a process that will light the path of your calling. In this process, you will determine a course that is rooted in God’s love for you and your compassion for others. I will walk you through a simple series of questions and exercises, culminating in a workable plan, with clear actionable steps to follow God and ultimately fulfill your calling. It’s time to stop limiting yourself and set sail into the calling of God on your life.

You Can Handle the Truth: Making Sense of the Bible in 3 Simple Steps, by Chad M. Mansbridge (August 2021)

You Can Handle the Truth is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to biblical interpretation (or hermeneutics), equipping everyday believers to read and heed God’s Word. Struggle to read your Bible on a regular basis? Find some parts confusing, complicated or even contradictory? Wonder how to make sense of certain passages, or question its relevance to your day-to-day life? Rest assured, you are not alone! While Christians are often encouraged to study and obey the Scriptures … very few are taught how.

In this book, you’ll be mentored on how to: choose a translation, read your Bible effectively, discover a text’s meaning, consider context, see the Scriptures as a unified story leading to Christ, discern between literal and non-literal passages, find personal significance, and share it with others. Its purpose is to present long-established principles of biblical interpretation to a new generation of Bible students.

The Order of Melchizedek: Understanding Eternal Righteousness, by Kris Page (July 2021)

Who is Melchizedek in the scriptures, and how does His role as High Priest impact our right standing with God today? In this book, you will discover the powerful revelation behind this obscure figure that is found within the pages of the Bible. Also discover major differences between the High Priests of the Old Covenant and the High Priest of the New Covenant. I believe that you will be strengthened in your faith, and in the confidence of your eternal salvation as a result of reading this book.

Why You Should Never Again Make Vows, Pledges, or Promises To God! by Prize Chukwuka (July 2021)

This eBOOK is a compelling read that puts a fresh perspective on the Biblical concepts of vows, pledge, or promise making, as it relates to Christians of this Grace or New Covenant Age. It is not the traditional legalistic teaching that the majority of Christians are accustomed to. Therefore, the things you are about to discover in this book might be provocative to popular theology, or to what many may have been taught in their local Churches about Vow-making, Pledge-making, or Promise-making to God. This eBOOK exposes further the deceptions and manipulations of religion, or legalism, for what it really is. It has been written for every lover of Gospel truth, in furtherance of the Grace revolution.

Coup de Grace: The Doctrine Of Christ, Especially For Those Who Despise Religion, by John S. Kennedy (June, 2021)

The world’s great Christian religion has sorely misrepresented God’s direct Word to all humanity. In just twenty-two succinct chapters of the Holy Bible, God Himself puts forth a peace treaty that settles all matters of Judeo-Christian theology and doctrine.

God has given us His very theology and doctrine. Straight from God to each of us. From start to finish. In exacting order, having no breaks or holes in its logical flow. God Himself is our guide and teacher. Let God spare you the ignorance, the guesswork, the frustration, the heartache, the despair, the arguments and confrontations that come with every other source of theology and doctrine. Let God Himself reveal the famously promised “all truth” of Holy Writ, directly and personally to you. It’s the best news you will ever read.

Space for Grace: 366 Devotions, by Jim Fielder (May, 2021)

You need ‘Space for Grace’ when a hectic life is squeezing out all joy or when exiting a high-control religion. But how does Grace relate to:

Sins – which cannot be overcome?
Prayers – which have become mere empty clichés?
Anxieties – which make daily life a joyless chore?
Christians – who don’t feel a personal relationship with Jesus?
Efforts – when feeling like ‘a nobody’ on a big religious treadmill?

Space for Grace presents scripture-a-day comments organised into twelve monthly themes. It also includes a daily 15-minute Bible reading program that thematically covers the whole Bible in one year.

Captured by Grace: Be Freed from Fear so You can really Live! by Ben Dailey (March, 2021)

Post-Traumatic Religious Stress Disorder. One fateful day, Ben Dailey realized he had been struggling with this condition . . . crushed, actually. He had preached the gospel week after week, but something kept him from experiencing the freedom, joy, and love he described to people sitting in his services. Years of performance-based religion-and the nagging guilt and shame it produced-had made the Christian life a grind. Then, grace broke in. In this book, Pastor Ben peels off layers of false assumptions and misbeliefs to explain how God’s magnificent grace can transform our hearts, our choices, and our relationships all day every day. God is inviting us out of the dense jungle of guilt and into the freedom of His love. Can you relate? We talk often about God’s grace, but do we understand the scope and depth of it? And if we understand it, do we really believe it? Don’t answer too quickly. Don’t miss the message of this book. It’s perhaps the most challenging and thrilling truth the world has ever heard . . . including you.

What If… A 40 Day Exploration of God’s Goodness, by Lyn Packer (Feb, 2021)

In What if… Lyn Packer takes us on a glorious exploration of the New Covenant, through a series of “what if” questions. In doing so, she asks us to look deeper at what we believe and why we believe it, in order to discover greater truths and freedom in Christ. Questions are an essential part of any growth process. They have the unique ability to act in our lives as both a tomb and a womb, a place of death where things are laid to rest and a place where new life forms and consequently bursts into our world, demanding both our attention and our care.

If you’re up for the challenge of asking questions of what you believe then this book will have a catalysing effect, taking you on a journey of discovery that will lead you deeper into truth and freedom.

The Christian Identity, Volume 3: Discovering What Jesus Has Truly Done to Us, by Matt McMillen (Nov, 2020)

Who are you Christian? This question is as old as the New Covenant itself. From the moment Christ died, all of humanity was given the opportunity to know God in a way unlike ever before. Jesus’ death sealed the deal, but when He came back to life, every person on the planet now had the chance of God making His home inside of them—permanently.

Unfortunately, religious hierarchies who extort Christians, our main enemy, Satan, and the power of sin, all want nothing more than for us to not know what the Cross has truly done. The spiritual identity of every believer has become heaven-ready! On the inside, we are currently brand new creations! Not when our physical bodies die, but right now, we are new!

My name is Matt McMillen, and over the next thirty days I’ll take you on a daily devotional adventure of discovering who you really are as a child of God. Christian, you will be amazed at what the Cross has done to your identity! Thanks for joining me! Let’s go!

Who Am I? Navigating Life with Greater Certainty by Discovering your True Identity, by Elize-Marie Muller (Oct, 2020)

Who are you? If someone asked you, how would you respond? Probably, your answer may change from one day to the next, or one season of your life to the next. Why? What influences how you think about yourself? In this book, you will learn: the difference between identity and personal attributes; to recognise false identities and discover the foundational role of a biblical identity; about the link between identity, behaviour and purpose.

As a Christian, you may be familiar with biblical terminology about who you are, yet unfamiliar with how that empowers you to live the life Jesus intended for us. This book explains nine biblical identities that God declares over every Christian believer. Knowing about them will help you overcome sin and live in greater obedience, courage and victory.

Why I Don’t Preach Sin: What was Jesus Preaching that Attracted Sinners to Him? by Kevin Ashwe (Sept, 2020)

What was Jesus preaching that attracted so many sinners, and what are we preaching today that scares sinners away from us? What did the early Church believe that resulted in the great revivals, victories, and transformations of lives we read about in the book of Acts? Most times we believe things that seem to mean that Jesus died in vain. If man could handle sin on his own Jesus wouldn’t have come. So why do we put the burden of breaking sins’ power on man?

Sin is destructive and God to whom sin is against has provided the one and only sacrifice for sin. Why do we ignore it to make man’s performance the cure for sin? If we believe what Christ did with sin it would greatly affect what we preach and believe. We’ll see more Christians lead an upright and victorious life in every area. In this book, I took the time to handle the below questions and issues: What is the Gospel? Is sin still our problem? Did Jesus really settle the sin problem? 9 reasons why I don’t preach sin. The danger of preaching what is not the gospel. Why do believers struggle with sin? How to live free from sin. And many more are what you’ll be finding exhaustive answers to.

Love Secrets, by John Mark Pantana (July, 2020)

This music-inspired book explores the love of God. Here’s how to read this book: From left to right. That’s the first step. The second is equally as important: with a guarded heart. “The Bereans were open-minded in that they received the Word with all readiness and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so” (Acts 17:11). Open-minded but heart guarded. Don’t fully accept my or anyone else’s word for it. I received many popular Western teachings that bound me. The Bereans took what they heard and searched the Scriptures to “find out whether these things were so.” This is good practice. Also, I believe the Holy Spirit will “ring a bell” within you, testifying to truth-that-sets-you-free. Third step: expect to experience the person of Jesus. I have included prompts at the end of each chapter for you to engage the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in an experiential way. With each prompt, let the eyes of your heart open-wide for a fresh-wave of glory-enjoyment; this little practice can shake loose heaps of dormant head-knowledge. For a real knowledge, truth must be awakened in the heart. Just a few minutes of heart-connection with God could change your entire life. I’ve included blank space for you at the end of each chapter to write down anything that happens. Fourth step: listen to music! This book is intrinsically linked to my music record: Love Secrets; thirteen songs about God’s love. And now: thirteen chapters. Each chapter of this book is titled after a song from the album and explores in detail the truths I sing about. I’ve arranged the order of chapters differently from the album for a more fluid reading experience. I would recommend listening to the corresponding song during the prompts at the end. You can listen to Love Secrets on every music platform. Fifth and finally: have fun. You’ll notice this book is not prim and proper. I hope you giggle and enjoy the goofy banter. Book instructions complete.

Daughters of Eve: A Resounding Call to Recapture God’s Glorious Vision for Women, by Lyn Packer (May 2020)

In her book Daughters of Eve, Lyn Packer delves deep into scripture to discover Gods heart and intent for women. She also explores history, both in society and the church to expose how far we have wandered from that original plan and present us with a clear pathway back. In doing so she establishes herself as an inspirational and prophetic voice that calls us back to God’s original plan for mankind – both women and men. That plan was, and is, glorious and God is calling us today to rediscover and walk in the fullness of that.

Lyn also shares her personal journey from a childhood of abuse, to being suppressed within the church and eventually to freedom – (the story of many women worldwide). Her story is inspirational and compelling reading and it offers people everywhere the knowledge that in Christ they truly can experience life in all it’s fullness.

Righteousness: A correct Perspective of Sin, by H.d.H. (May 2020)

An understanding of righteousness provides the foundation for the christian walk. This book is a short walk-through – looking at righteousness.
This book takes an understanding of righteousness out of the academic realm, a realm it was never supposed to be in. We will show you righteousness from a Biblical perspective – not via the ‘Lens’ of traditional Theology. This book will show righteousness in a way that reflects the True nature of God – in a way that will make sense.

It will challenge and confront traditional doctrine. And will correct the view – because it needs correcting! You will see righteousness in a way that will move you closer to God, close enough to see him as a Father. At the very least, this short walk-through will provide you with ‘food’ for thought. You will see righteousness in a new light. It will present righteousness in a way that will finally answer questions in a way that makes sense..

A God of Grace and Mercy: Stoned to Death for Picking Up Sticks, by H.d.H. (April 2020)

There is a traditional well trodden path that takes you through the Old Testament. Adopted by many seminaries, taught from many pulpits, and founded on doctrine. But, it paints a picture of an Old Testament God of Wrath… and then works hard to present a different God in the New Testament. And, as well, it has problems answering questions, difficult questions. This book takes a different path, a very different path. A path that not only provides answers, but more importantly, a path that reflects the True God. The same God you ‘see’ in the New Testament – A God of Grace, a God of Love. This path reflects a God who doesn’t change, doesn’t need to. And that’s comforting, because we know God never changes.

On this path, you will only ever see a God of Love Grace and Mercy. On this path you will see this same God from start to finish. And … On this path, we will not bypass ‘the difficult parts’.
The choice of which path you take through the bible will always be your own choice. What we will do in this book is give you another path to consider. A path you will not have previously walked, a path with some very different views ….. A path you will enjoy walking.

A Better Way: God’s Design for Less Stress, More Rest, and Greater Success, by Ryan Haley (April 2020)

Are you tired of hearing all the promises about the “abundant life”, getting the life sucked out of you in your own efforts to attain it? Are you stressed and wearing yourself out trying to get results in your business? The bad news is that your limited human thinking and abilities will do little to end this vicious cycle. But there’s Good News! In fact, it’s almost “too good to be true” news…

In this book, Ryan Haley uses his remarkable life story and personal experiences to provide a unique and life-giving revelation of God’s unconditional grace. Through powerful testimonies and scriptural illustrations, A Better Way brings to life eternal truths about the truly Good News of the Gospel. A wealth of practical exercises and resources are included to take you from head knowledge to personally experiencing “where the supernatural meets the practical”.

Faith Hope Love, by Colin Kerr (March 2020)

What is at the heart of this diverse, messy, and sometimes horribly misrepresented faith called Christianity? Most attempts to summarize the Christian faith are either overwhelmingly detailed or skewed to a specific denomination. Faith Hope Love offers an updated explanation that is both concise in its content and interdenominational in its approach. Distilled from historical Christian beliefs and rooted in three classic Christian words, Faith Hope Love fills a much-needed niche in contemporary theological literature. Author and pastor Colin Kerr offers an introduction to the Christian faith that is both academic enough for educational use and accessible enough for Millennials and Gen Z-ers to explore for themselves.

The Righteous Believer: A Biblical Perspective of Your Right Standing in Christ, by Brian Matthys (February 2020)

Many believers are hindered in their spiritual life due to a feeling of unworthiness and a nagging sense that they just don’t measure up to what God expects of them. To them, God the Father feels distant and unhappy with their shortcomings. The Righteous Believer is a Scripture-based explanation of the right-standing with God the Father that every believer in Jesus Christ enters into upon being born again. The reader will come to an understanding that their righteousness is not based on their performance or works but has already been provided for us through Jesus’ finished work on the cross.

The Christian Identity, Volume 2: Discovering What Jesus Has Truly Done to Us, by Matt McMillen (October 2019)

Who are you Christian? This question is as old as the New Covenant itself. From the moment Christ died, all of humanity was given the opportunity to know God in a way unlike ever before. Jesus’ death sealed the deal, but when He came back to life, every person on the planet now had the chance of God making His home inside of them—permanently.

By grace through faith in what Jesus did for our sins, we Christians get a brand new identity from the moment we first believe. No longer living by rules, wasteful efforts, or people-pleasing, we now live and breathe by way of a supernatural relationship with the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, religious hierarchies who extort Christians, our main enemy, Satan, and the power of sin, all want nothing more than for us to not know what the Cross has truly done. The spiritual identity of every believer has become heaven-ready! On the inside, we are currently brand new creations! Not when our physical bodies die, but right now, we are new!

My name is Matt McMillen, and over the next thirty days I’ll take you on a daily devotional adventure of discovering who you really are as a child of God. Christian, you will be amazed at what the Cross has done to your identity! Thanks for joining me! Let’s go!

Perfect and Forgiven: Discovering Your Freedom From Shame, Guilt, and Sin, by Zach Maldonado (October 2019)

What do you do when you feel unworthy? How do you find freedom from shame, guilt, and sin? We’ve boiled down the message of Christianity to being imperfect people who have been forgiven. But what if the message isn’t just about what Christ has done for us–forgiving our sins so we can go to heaven one day–but also about what He has done to us? Life is filled with shame, guilt, sin, and hurt. These things have convinced us that we’re flawed, we’re not enough, and that something is uniquely wrong with who we are. And quite honestly, we look to Christianity for help and the message we often hear leaves us disappointed, doubtful, and disillusioned.

Zach Maldonado has experienced this firsthand. But he’s discovered that who we truly are is not found in what we’ve done or what we’ve gone through. In Perfect and Forgiven, Zach takes us into his own journey of identity, and with humor, vulnerability, and a unique story-driven format, reveals how to live free from shame, guilt, and sin. Through understanding who you are in Christ, you can begin to live free from the shame that condemns you, the guilt that riddles you, and the sin that entangles you.

Twisted Scripture: Untangling 45 Lies Christians Have Been Told, by Andrew Farley (May 2019)

Confront the lies that hold you back. Discover the truth that sets you free. Let’s face it – the Bible contains passages that are challenging to interpret and can even incite fear. Sure, we want to believe that God’s grace applies to our unique troubles: addiction, divorce, habitual sins, or a feeling of distance from God because we don’t seem to measure up. Still, perplexing Bible passages eat at us.

Bestselling author and national radio host Dr. Andrew Farley is known to challenge legalistic and lifeless interpretations with his discerning take on controversial Scriptures.  In Twisted Scripture, Andrew skewers sacred cows and shatters destructive lies, bringing the undiluted truth about God’s love and grace in a colorful and conversational look at the most controversial passages in the New Testament. This book offers more than just encouragement and freedom. It may change everything about the way you see yourself and God.

It’s Your Time to Shine, by Rob Rufus (March 2019)

Enjoy one of the best books on grace you will ever read. This has been a project in the making for many years and we believe will expand your horizon and revelation into God’s grace and make you shine! As you delve into the good news, I believe you’ll experience an open Heaven and an atmosphere of undiluted, unfading glory. As this message goes out, some will be healed as they turn the pages, just reading. Transformations will take place. The miracles of God will manifest. Lives will be edified as we enjoy the goodness of our God.

Fifty Days in His Pursuing Love Devotional, by Kim K. Francis (February 2019)

Experience the depths of Christ’s cherishing love for you! As a Christian, you are Christ’s flawless bride in whom He delights and celebrates continually. But if you don’t know this, you will miss experiencing wondrous delight in intimacy with Him. In this fifty-day companion devotional to Kim K. Francis’ His Banner over Me Is Pursuing Love, you will savor your Spiritual Bridegroom’s reminders of: Your eternal spiritual union with Him • Your complete forgiveness of sins • Your pure, righteous, and holy identity in Him • Your eternal safety and security in Him • His indwelling life as your source for living • Your life under the new covenant of grace • The foreign source of the ungodly thoughts you experience. Fall in love for the first time or once again with the One who gave His life for you and to you, so that He would never have to live without you!

“Hey Ref, You Stink!”: Finding Your Worth in a Worthless World, by Marlon G. Sparks (November 2018)

I’m not sure of the degree of difficulty there is statistically in officiating a sporting event, but I am sure it’s right up there with “milking alligators,” “juggling lit sticks of dynamite,” or “cleaning a rattlesnake pit.” No matter how good you are at it, you are eventually going to get bit or something (or someone) is going to blow up.

Simply Gospel: Discover Just How Good the Good News Really Is, by Nathan Tanner (November 2018)

What you believe about the gospel is potentially the most important aspect in your relationship with God. You win in life or lose by the gospel you choose to believe. In Christian society, the gospel can mean anything from a type of music, the Bible in general or even promises of heaven or threats of hell. The First century church believed the gospel to such an extent that they were willing to give up their possessions, yes even at times their own lives for what they believed about God. So, what is the Gospel? Join me on this exciting journey to discover what the Good News really is and how to share it clearly, lovingly and supernaturally. You will be surprised by the goodness of God

Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors: How Less-Than-Perfect Parents Can Raise (Kind of) Great Kids, by Jami Amerine (October 2018)

As moms, we know we’ve messed up in so many ways. Royally. Maybe you think you’ve failed your children, your spouse, and your God.

But did you know that in the midst of your failures and fears, you are still loved—royally? As a child of noble birth? Do you believe your children are in better hands than your own and that you don’t need to hold on so desperately?

Jami Amerine, author of Stolen Jesus, delivers a totally relatable account of her hilarious and honest experiences and misadventures in motherhood. She’s eager to help you see how to let your Heavenly Father parent you, so you can embrace peace as you parent your children.

Come meet with the One whose presence turns sticky floors into sacred ground.

Lost in Grace, by Jim Fielder (Aug 2018)

A series of 100 Bible-based articles on the subject of lostness. They provide devotional mini-Bible studies for those feeling lost in life or in a religious space to the discovery of being lost in wonder at amazing grace. Suitable for individual meditation or group discussion.

The Grace Exchange: The Pursuit For More of God, by Craig Sparrow (July 2018)

Divine purpose is fulfilled as grace exchanges empower your dream. In this book, Craig Sparrow shows how the potential to carry and demonstrate the fullness of God is both available and accessible. He explains how grace exchanges enable every believer to encounter a greater reality of God’s fullness.Grace exchanges are the pathway to discovering and living out the more.

Every believer’s assignment is to become more aware of this greater reality. With revelation and insight, Craig shows how grace exchanges offer a dual role to restore and resource your life to fulfill your divine purpose. As grace interchanges with more grace, believers are transformed—which in turn, offers an invitation for others to also encounter God’s goodness. In this book, Craig Sparrow shows how the potential to carry and demonstrate the fullness of God is both available and accessible. He explains how grace exchanges enable every believer to encounter a greater reality of God’s fullness.

Life According to Perfect: The Greatest Story Never Imagined, by Ralph Harris (April 2018)

Terrific stories have been written about following and meeting with Jesus. They happen on a high place or in a magical land. But what if the meeting didn’t happen in a distant or magical place, somewhere you had to go? What if it occurred inside of you—every day, at any moment—and you were God’s happiest, most magical place to be? Meet Elliot Samuelson. He’s 12 and lives in the little town of Sarx. He has already learned to cope. He copes with his dad’s expectations. He copes with his mom’s need for a sparkling family image. He copes with his teacher’s rules. He copes with the bully’s threats. He’s a coper. In fact, everyone in Sarx has from a young age learned how to cope—and that’s the problem. They all know how to cope. But no one knows how to truly live, until Elliot meets a stranger on the edge of town, who shows him a better way. A Perfect way. And Elliot’s life, and the town’s, are never the same. Yours won’t be, either.

The Cross Worked: Why You Can Have Confidence On The Day of Judgment, by Zach Maldonado (February, 2018)

“You will be treated like Jesus on the Day of Judgment!” That is exactly what the entire New Testament is shouting to believers. There will be no fear, no shame, and no guilt on the Day of Judgment. Instead, we can have confidence on the Day of Judgment because we are totally forgiven and just like Jesus. In The Cross Worked, Zach Maldonado explores the Scriptures about forgiveness, reward, and judgment, and dismantles the popular religious jargon around these verses, revealing: Believers are forgiven of all their sins–past, present, and future; believers will not be judged for their sins; Jesus Christ is our Reward; we are secure in Jesus. Discover how the truth of the cross enables you to enjoy Jesus and live each day with confidence!

Grace360, by Edem Light (January 2018)

The gospel has never been about man’s works. It is time to unlearn the exhausting Self-Help philosophy of this world and the death dealing law of Moses which have been passed off as the gospel for so long, and become acquainted with the rest filled grace of Jesus. This is what this book is about; It reveals grace, not as a part of the gospel but as the gospel of Christ Jesus

Stolen Jesus: An Unconventional Search for the Real Savior, by Jami Amerine (October 2017)

Let’s be honest. The journey to discovering Jesus—Real Jesus—can be complicated, messy, and a little crazy. Just ask Jami Amerine. Banned from the Mormon church as a child, she’s spent the rest of her life trying to reconcile Fifth-Grade Jesus, Catholic Jesus, and Americanized Jesus (just to name a few). But when she met Real Jesus, everything changed.

You can meet Him too—right here, just as you are. With designer coffee in hand or your jar of pickles for lunch. (Jami will tell you that story in chapter 1.) If you’ve ever felt confused by the conflicting representations of Jesus you’ve encountered in the world, you’re invited to join Jami’s quest to release all the wrong ideas and get to know Jesus as He really is—bewildering grace and all. (Oh, and Stolen Jesus? He sits on Jami’s mantel. You’ll get to meet Him too!)

His Banner Over Me Is Pursuing Love: An intimate, interactive study of the Song of Solomon, Chapters 1 & 2, by Kim K. Francis (September 2017)

Christian, do you know that you are the pure, righteous, and holy bride of Christ, and your Spiritual Bridegroom only has eyes for you? Your brain may be going tilt-tilt after reading that statement, but it’s completely true! Jesus Christ longs for you to personally experience His cherishing love and exuberant life in your Monday-through-Sunday living. He knows that as you enjoy His lavishing, unconditional love, you won’t be able to help but express it in this world. The secret to loving is living loved in Christ, your Spiritual Bridegroom. His Banner Over Me Is Pursuing Love is the first of three intimate and interactive six-week studies of the Song of Solomon, an allegory describing the divine romance between Christ and His bride, the church. Spanning chapters 1 and 2, this premier installment will help you renew your mind with the following refreshing and liberating truths: • As the bride of Christ, you are completely forgiven for the sins of your lifetime. • Through Christ’s finished work on the cross and your identification with Him in His crucifixion and resurrection, you have been made brand-new, and Christ is now your very life. • The new covenant made in Christ’s blood has forever sealed you in Him. Your Spiritual Bridegroom will never leave you nor forsake you, regardless of what you do or don’t do. • Because of His grace, you are free from law-based living to be completely enamored with Christ alone. • You have a real, invisible enemy who is trying everything within his limited power to hoodwink you into accepting his lies about who you are. Once you learn his most effective strategy, you will be armed and dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. If you long to know Jesus as the love of your life, this study is for you!

What I Really Believe: Established for a Supernatural Lifestyle, by Nathan Tanner (September 2017)

Do you desire to operate in great faith? Are you ready to experience the supernatural every day? Your beliefs have the power and potential to change the world in which you live. You do not need to understand everything in the bible. You do however need to know a few key truths and know how to get them to work in your life. That is the purpose of this book, to help you establish the truth of Christ’s finished work in your own heart and to help you see God as he really is, not as you may have been taught to believe. This book will help lay a solid foundation so that you can experience God and operate in His supernatural power every day. The results will be the most incredible awakening to the Gospel that the world has ever seen.

Clash Of The Covenants: Escaping Religious Bondage Through The Grace Guarantee, by Michael C. Kapler (May 2017)

Have you been robbed by religion? Have you ever wondered where you really stood with God? For everyone trapped in a mindset of wondering whether God is angry or disappointed with them due to a lack of performance or dedication, help is on the way. In fact, it already arrived more than a couple thousand years ago.

The current reality of unconditional love, peace, freedom, forgiveness, and everything else that is good, has been gifted to us by God’s grace through the finished work of Jesus Christ. This is the message most people have been longing to experience, but it may require a complete change of mind from a lifetime of traditional church doctrines that have left many drowning in guilt and feeling as though they are in a state of bondage. God has provided a way of escape from the burdensome religious business—it is through a New Covenant where it is impossible for us to fail, because Jesus is the mediator and guarantee of this better covenant, and it has been established on better promises.

The Truth About Job’s Suffering: God’s Not Guilty, by Mahesh Taank (May 2017)

The Truth About Job’s Suffering, explains Job misunderstanding God and how we can avoid the same mistakes. (1 Cor 10:11) Many people honor Job as a giant of the faith who was renowned for his great patience. But Job was not listed in Hebrews 11 among the other heroes of the faith… find out why in this book Is the premise of the book of Job about a good man going through bad times, or a gracious God who desires to bless us no matter what the circumstance? In this book, you will experience God revealing Himself in a fresh and new way, shattering all our false imaginations, perspectives and myths which we have embraced outside of Christ.

This book unravels Job’s dark journey of discovering that God was not the source of his troubles, or the architect of any calamity but of blessings and peace. You will receive fresh and living hope in the midst of the problems in life by discovering that the Lord is working with you to bring a happy end to the situation. (Jer 29:11)

Children of the King, by Andrew Nelson (May 2017)

Amoria, a magical land of beauty, wonder, and turmoil where four friends must find the long lost King, the only person who can defeat the evil Silirion and restore peace to the land. “…an inspiring allegory that will both entertain and encourage readers of all ages.” Andrew Farley, bestselling author of “The Naked Gospel” “…a timeless adventure that is crafted to touch the hearts and minds of readers at any age. A classic parable by all counts.” Tracy Levinson, bestselling author of “Unashamed.”

Seeing Beyond the Grit to the Pearl: A Pathway to Spiritual Awareness & Your True Self, by Robbie Grangaard (April 2017)

Our current day is exciting and challenging! Are you longing to make a difference or be of influence in today’s world? Do you hear a call to authenticity, awareness, and clarity beyond the ordinary? A call to adventure, purpose and fulfilment? Conscious decisions will be needed on the path of hope, which direction to take, which signpost to follow. Ladies, there’s an urgency to pervade the atmosphere with the fragrance of God. That’s challenging, and yet it’s so exciting!

A Path of Significance: This book is for the one who is of incredible value and worth, the one who may or may not be conscious of that truth. Your life purpose awaits definition and you want to know your true identity. This book will call you to see with deeper perception who God intended you to be and to become aware of your purpose and destiny. Fragments of the author’s own path, and possibly fragments of your own, weave their way throughout the chapters, meeting at times to new discernment and clarity. You are on a path to significance! You are about to become radiantly alive in God!

Grace-Full Business Devotional, by Evan K. Beecham (Feb 2017)

Identity theft is said to be the number one crime in the world, so we do everything we can to protect our identity from theft. To lose our identity to a thief is a devastating thought. The first act of identity theft occurred in the Garden of Eden. This incident affected every human ever born. Losing our identity, not knowing who we really are, is like spending our lives groping in the dark, searching for a light to help us discover ourselves.  This book is dedicated to those who have struggled with life because of identity theft. If we don’t know who we really are, then we won’t know just how priceless, accepted, and loved we really are. I have written this book with great excitement to share this life we all have been looking for and just how fulfilling our businesses and occupations can be, fulfill your passions–a gift from God, your redemption is complete in Christ Jesus. Let the journey to freedom begin today.

The Garden Theology: Discovering Design Acquiring Identity, by Jan H. Lamprecht (February 2017)

What is commonly diagnosed as an identity crisis – when we cannot seem to grab a hold of our purpose in life, is in actual fact a design crisis. Somehow our design evaded us. Or did we circumvent it on account of a different influence? I believe the latter to be true. The serpent in the garden presented man with an alternative design which resulted in an alternative identity. In ignorance, we treated the symptom of fallen man and remained oblivious to the cause of the symptom. We tried to make all sorts of unfitting identities stick, whilst there remains only one true identity for man – Christ as our very life. If we are to remedy a design crisis, we need to get to know the Designer who designed us and trouble-shoot all the way back to the garden. Hence the title – The Garden Theology.


The Father We Never Knew: The Unbinding of the Lazarus Church by the Restoration of the Gospel, by Phelim Doherty (February 2017)

The gospel of God’s grace announces nothing less than the abolition of religion. But we have taken a supernatural message and turned it into a mere natural one, and the result is a spiritually immature church that sees strength primarily in natural terms, and church growth as being about congregation sizes and resources rather than revelation. When the glitter of religious performance-what we can achieve for God-is peddled in the church as real gold for long enough, then we raise a generation of believers who know how to do things for God, but not how to be the children of a joyful Father! We raise a nation of holy orphans who, not knowing their Father’s righteousness as their spiritual DNA, live constantly trying to prove their parentage through their performance. The result is a church so sin-conscious and self-conscious that she is like a bride so insecure in her identity that she has buried the likeness of her Father beneath layers of makeup. In this book the author begins to peel back that makeup to reveal the simple beauty of the gospel: Christ in us.


The Treasure of Design and Purpose, by Karen Moffett (December 2016)

For children: Ahoy, Matey! Come along for a fun-filled, educational adventure that explores Gods treasure of design and purpose. We will make all kinds of amazing discoveries. Do you know where we are in space or why we are there? Do you know why fish don’t walk on land and trains don’t fly? The world without design and purpose would be topsy-turvy. God has given His creation everything we need from the Milky Way Galaxy, our home in space, to the amazing force of gravity that keeps our feet on the ground and not flying around upside down. Of course, the most treasured design He made in the universe is YOU! Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen. Were going on an adventure of exploration!

God’s Love Mystery, by David R Carley (October 2016)

God’s love mystery is the most precious gift that can be given to mankind. God created within every human heart a basic yearning for an eternal life filled with freedom, joy, peace and love. This desire can only be satisfied by its Creator. In this book you will explore the secrets of God’s love mystery. In this book you will look at the devastation vain “Christian” beliefs have inflicted on the lives of countless saints. God’s word says, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear, because fear involves punishment. The one who fears has not been perfected in love” (1 John 4:18). God’s love mystery can help to finally set you on the right track to begin breaking free from the satanic chains of fear, confusion, doubt, and unhappiness you are experiencing. The more you understand and believe in the secrets of God’s love mystery, you will increasingly enjoy the eternal freedom, love, joy, and peace that God put in your heart to desire so deeply.


All Things New: Starting Where Jesus Finished, by Chuck Elmore (October 2016)

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ fundamentally changed humanity and established a new creation way of life. In this new creation, the old rules, nature, and powers-that-be have been overcome, and those who have been adopted into the family of God are blessed with friendship, communion, and a vital connection with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Enemy has tried to obscure Christ’s victory over sin and death with distractions that center around self, whether it’s self-gratification or self-righteousness. This book exposes those schemes and reveals the Good News to be infinitely better than we believed. All Things New will help you: • Remove the veils of legalistic mistruths to behold the face of God. • Recognize and withstand the Enemy’s attempts to keep your eyes off Jesus. • Understand the victory Christ has won for you and be transformed into your identity in Him. • Leave the wearying cycle of performance, striving, sin, and despair to be restored to hope and full reliance on the Lord and His power within you to overcome. • Move on to greater things in abundant, new creation life.


The Gospel that Paul Preached, by Paul Edwards (August 2016)

What is the standard that God requires in order to be acceptable to Him? The answer is the “gospel,” the New Covenant of God’s unmerited favor. Through the Lord Jesus finished work at Calvary, believers have been restored to a place of favor with God. No longer servants—but sons and daughters of King Jesus.

For many believers, the New Covenant really is something new. The great tragedy is that most people know exactly what the Ten Commandments are. Failure to divide the Old Covenant from the New creates a crippling concoction of confusion and condemnation. The revelation of grace that is found in the Lord Jesus and His finished work at the cross liberates believers from the tyranny of the law and its impossible demand for righteousness.

In this book you will discover “who” righteousness is and who believers have become by believing the good news. Learn to interpret scripture in the light of the New Covenant. Understand the purpose of the Law and its place in the believer’s life when scripture is understood in context. And most of all have your eyes opened to the Lord Jesus the lover of your soul and mediator of the New Covenant.


Freedom, by Jeremiah Johnson (July 2016)

From the beginning of creation it has been God’s will that his children live in freedom. The human heart cries out for freedom and often searches for it in the worst places, because the church at large has not always been a model for freedom. BUT… Jesus is bringing freedom back to his church, to make the church beautiful again, to make the church attractive again, to make the church a place people actually want to go, not run away from. After all the bible does say, “Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.” Wherever Jesus is, in that place you will find freedom, wherever Jesus is not, in that place you will find an absence of freedom.

This book is about my pursuit of freedom. Initially I chased after Hollywood’s lying dreams of freedom in parties and sex, drugs and rock and roll, which left me in the slavery of addiction. Then I found freedom briefly in the arms of my savior before being ushered into the slavery of manmade religion. Then finally, Jesus rescued me from the clutches of manmade religion with his amazing grace. Join me in this journey as we pursue and protect this freedom that Father God wants us to have.


The Not Confused Series, by Gavin Cox (July 2016)

The Bible documents seven covenants or contracts. Terms and conditions apply. Anyone not clear on which contract applies to them, why, and how, will inevitably be confused regarding what Christianity is all about. Book 1 is simple, straight-forward and clear. It will help you read your Bible with understanding. You will know what Jesus did and why, and how it applies to you. You will also be able to approach any passage of Scripture armed with that knowledge, and be able to apply it appropriately to your life and circumstances.

Book 2 explores exactly what the Gospel is – what is meant by this Good News. As you read you’ll discover why the Gospel is timelessly and universally applicable, how it saves, and what the innumerable benefits of that salvation are. The Gospel’s greatness lies in the simple fact that it is the continuous application of that which the Lord accomplished through the crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. “Why the Gospel is the Best News Ever!” takes time to celebrate the rich, multi-faceted, eternal beauty of who Jesus is, and of what He has done!

Living in the will of God is the application of the New Covenant in our day to day lives. Book 3 is full of well illustrated and very practical instruction on how to do just that. The will of God is the will of God for all of His children, and you too can confidently live in it.


Beyond Forgiveness, by Joe Langley (July 2016)

Forgiven… Freed from guilt… Our sins separated as far as the east is from the west… The “once and for all” sacrifice for sins accomplished. But the Bible speaks of something more. “We were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, but how much more shall we be saved through His life!” What is that “much more?” How are we saved through His life? What is the bigger picture of our salvation?


Horseshoes and Hand Grenades: The Good News I Found When Close Doesn’t Count, by Amber Brown (June 2016)

Sometimes all it takes is a moment of revelation to change everything. This is a book about a personal journey to a simple truth that took an exhausted and questioning believer to a place of rest and fullness. For so many that are experiencing confusion, anxiety, lack and fatigue, it’s time to experience an overwhelming tide of good news that is for every area of life. This revelation is about more and discovering the game changer that takes a life that is impossibly hard to a life that is effortless. Good news anyone?

Grace Unchained: Discover the Power of Grace, by Andrew Nelson (May 2016)

Jesus came to give His followers abundant life, yet a look at the spiritual lives of many Christians reveals a life full of everything but abundance. In despair many of us wonder, “Is this all there is?” Andrew Nelson invites you to journey with him as he answers this question with a resounding “No!” As Andrew answers some of the most challenging questions of our time, discover why the gospel truly is the “good news” of God. Fall in love with Jesus all over again, or for the first time. Embrace the truth that sets you free.

Limitless: The Life You Were Meant to Live, by Ben Dailey (April 2016)

The relentless, unwavering grace of God is staggering. It blows up your misunderstanding, your false pride, and your secret fears. In Limitless, Ben Dailey reminds you that when you focus on God’s grace, His amazing love will destroy your fears. You’ll learn to accept that despite the cataclysmic disruption caused by sin, God has never given up on you. Through Limitless, you’ll remember that you don’t need to earn His love through duty nor do you need to try and prove yourself. Simply receive it, bask in it, and let it change you from the inside out. Allow Jesus to fill your heart with an ocean of His love, forgiveness, and acceptance.


Knowing Spiritual Reality, by Jeff Moore (April 2016)

This book explains what is really going on when we make choices. What part God plays and what part we play in the saving of our own soul. Also it makes it clear how salvation works by grace through faith which means our choice of faith is our part in reconciliation. It takes two I do’s to make a marriage not just one. God reconciled all but He left it up to us to agree with His choice. Yes He paid for all but not all are yet saved in this life. Salvations three stages are discussed greatly while the last part of the book deals with our attitude and how it determines our altitude. We are to humble ourselves to see God as He is today then we are to grow up into His likeness of what we saw. Humility is key to the submission and insight that it takes to be an overcomer in this life. We are not waiting for a coming Jesus until we have overcome all His enemies! Psalm 110 It is our responsibility to grow up or not. It is our choice to be willing. This book is written to both the seeker and the studier who wants to know God personally. It has personal testimonies to bring the context into reality. There is no end to how or to whom this applies for many are confused and misinformed. Universal Reconciliation and the grace verses free will groups are both dealt with here. Each chapter has an illustration or chart to help the reader understand the spiritual view of things. This book is full of answers for both the hungry and the hurting Christian. It is written to those whom God has chosen to call His own. You!


Good God, by Lucas Miles (March 2016)

God is neither responsible for your pain, nor is He allowing it. In fact, He is against it and wants nothing more than to prevent it. Deep inside every person is a hope that God is good. Yet faced with personal hardship or the world’s tragedies, it’s easy to doubt God’s character and to blame Him for our pain.

Good God unpacks our misguided concepts of God so that we can begin to see Him as he truly is — pure, loving, and completely good. If you’ve wondered if God is testing you — or perhaps worse, punishing you, you are not alone. Most of us want to believe that God is good, but we cannot find a way to harmonize God’s goodness with the evil that exists in this world. Good God introduces the God that we all want to believe in but have been too afraid to embrace. With the Bible as his guide, Lucas takes readers on a journey to uncover the lost and forgotten nature of the Creator of the Universe and discover a real relationship with God.


God Tone, by Haans Erlandson (Sept 2015)

Hearing from God has become a laborious process that people have disqualified themselves from. In God Tone you will discover that God has designed us to hear Him as a normal part of our life. You will be encouraged in your identity and inspired in your relationship with Him. What man often complicates, God has simplified through the finished work of His Word—Jesus! You will know that God speaks from His point of view—his Love. Learning to hear from how He defines you gives you the power to be who He made you to be. Hearing from God creates an unseen advantage to implement His plan through who you are not merely what you do.

Success is determined by hearing God’s voice through relationship, not merely copying principles. You will hear the tone in which He speaks to you, which includes His love, logic, and intent for blessing your life. At the heart of any relationship is healthy communication. To communicate vibrantly, we must take confidence in the fact that Jesus has qualified us to hear the God Tone.

Grace in Brokenness: Hearing God’s Heart in Divorce, by Lori Fry (Aug, 2015)

Divorce is one of the most difficult and divisive subjects for believers. Marriage was designed by God to reflect the oneness we have with Him. So what is Father’s heart on this subject? We know that He is a God of oneness and reconciliation. We want to exhaust all possible means toward restoring oneness and reconciliation in marriage. But having said that, does God always insist that His children stay in an abusive, neglectful, or irreconcilably broken marriage at all costs? Does reconciliation necessarily mean that the marriage survives? Does He expect even the innocent victim in a divorce to remain alone forever? Is there such a thing as a graceful divorce?


Staying Connected, by Jeremiah Johnson (Jan 2015)

Why is it we see a person meet Jesus, get born again, begin to bring forth fruit of a changed life, and then we see another person meet Jesus, get born again, and they bring forth little to no fruit? There seems to be a genuine lasting change in one person’s life but then in the other person’s life no lasting change. Sometimes you will see change for just a short time and then they’ll go back to the old life they came out of. This may have happened to you. I know it happened to me. Why is it we see some people come to Jesus and get delivered from destructive lifestyles and other people seem doomed to remain in bondage? Why is it we see some people set free from depression, sexual addiction, cutting, self-hatred, eating disorders, drug addictions, alcoholism, anger, lying, cheating, stealing (the list goes on and on) and some do not? WHY do we see more change in some people’s lives than others? It is a question that has challenged me my entire born again life.

If God is the creator of the born-again experience, then why does it appear that some of his handiwork is beautiful and fruitful and others appear to be a flat failure? Something is wrong; there is a breakdown somewhere. We know there is nothing wrong with God, and if there is nothing wrong with God there can be nothing wrong with his finest work the beautiful work of redemption through Jesus. God is the artist behind the born-again experience, but it appears some of his work is unfruitful. We know that thinking is wrong, so what exactly is the answer? The answer is simple. The answer is easy. The answer is Jesus and his amazing grace. I invite you to come and see how all the things you have been striving so hard to gain and accomplish are easily received in an abundance of grace. Amazing grace keeps us connected and fruitful, not in our strength, but his.