How to Get Your Book Published

“Paul, can you tell me how to get my book published?” I sure can. I have been in the publishing game for 20+ years. I have published more than a dozen titles including a few award-winners. I’ve worked with traditional publishers and gone the independent route. And I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons, such as this one:

Lesson #1: There has never been a better time to be an author

If you have a book inside you, your options for getting it published are better than ever.

“Well I don’t have a book inside me, and I don’t understand why you’re talking about this. I thought Escape to Reality was a gospel blog.”

You’re right, and this is the wrong place for a discussion on the how-to’s of publishing. But I get asked the question at the top of this post so often that I thought I’d share my experience with all the writers and budding authors out there.

Not a writer? You may want to pass this along to your writing friends.

Want to be an author? Then read on.

My heart is to help people do what I do, which is write about the gospel. Writing is one part; getting the message out is the other. You may be the most gifted writer around, but if you don’t know how to navigate the publishing world, no one will read your words.

If you have a message or story to tell, I want to help you share it.

Over the past few months I have been writing a series of articles on the how-to’s of getting published. In this series I distill the many lessons I’ve learned over the years. I answer questions like these:

  • What are the two easiest ways to publish my book?
  • What are four ways not to publish my book?
  • How can I find a professional editor who is a good match for my writing style?
  • How can I hire designers and proofreaders without getting fleeced?
  • How can I make a paperback without using a printer? Or how can I avoid filling my garage with unsold books?
  • How do I get my book listed in retailers’ catalogs?
  • How can I print a full-color book for two bucks a copy?
  • How do I sell the foreign language rights for my book?
  • And more.

This series is called “Getting Published,” and the first four instalments are available now as a patron-only series on Patreon. When I’m finished, I may bundle them all into an ebook, but that may not happen for some time. So you can wait, or you can access the material now by becoming a patron. By signing up for a small monthly contribution, you can take your writing to the next level.

“Why not give this stuff away for free?”

Four reasons. First, you will value these lessons more if you have to pay for them, even if it’s only a small amount.

Second, these lessons are an awesome investment. They will save you wasting thousands on self-publishing companies and useless marketing campaigns. In this series I share some of the expensive mistakes that I’ve made and that you can avoid.

Third, by becoming a patron you’ll get better access to me than on any other forum. Got a question about writing and publishing? On Patreon I’ll answer it.

Fourth, and most importantly, by becoming a patron you subsidize the preaching of the gospel. Patrons keep me writing. Their support means I can give gospel books away for free, and those are the ones that matter.

To show you what I mean, for every new patron who signs up this month, I will give away ten e-copies of Stuff Jesus Never Said. Sign up as a patron – and this applies to anyone, not just writers – and ten people will get the good news through my most awarded book.

This is a great deal. For way less than the price of pretty much everything, you’ll be kickstarting your writing career and helping others hear the good news of God’s unconditional love and grace.


2 Comments on How to Get Your Book Published

  1. Craig Perkins // November 8, 2017 at 4:03 pm // Reply

    This is wonderful Paul !! My friends have told me for years,, you should write a book ! Maybe I will !😀

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