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How D. L. Moody endured his most frightening crisis

April 8, 2020 // 1 Comment

The world is in lockdown, which makes it a great time to read. We may not have jobs, movies, sport, and takeout food, but we still have books. Thank you, Jesus. I’ve been reading a biography on D.L. Moody, the great American evangelist. I have no doubt that the present crisis would not have troubled him [...]

Your Ten Point COVID-19 Survival Plan

April 3, 2020 // 15 Comments

How the world has changed! A month ago we were wondering how Harry and Meghan were going to pay their bodyguards; now we are facing the greatest crisis of our lifetimes. A few weeks ago no one had heard of COVID-19; now all of us have had our lives disrupted by it. In February, I wrote an article on how the [...]

A free study guide and a sweet treat!

March 30, 2020 // 11 Comments

Hi friends, I have TWO exciting book announcements to share with you. 1. The Chocolate Gospel ebook is now on sale My latest book, The Chocolate Gospel, has just gone live on Kindle. You can also get it for your Android device and in PDF form here. If you missed out on the Kickstarter project, you will not be [...]

How the Church can shine during COVID-19

March 25, 2020 // 27 Comments

Last Sunday in New Zealand, we set a record for the lowest church attendance in living memory. Next Sunday will smash that record because we have just begun a four week lockdown. No one is going anywhere. In an attempt to curtail the spread of COVID-19, many governments are banning public gatherings. Churches, [...]

How to talk like a king

March 19, 2020 // 9 Comments

You are a king which means you need to talk like one. If you would reign in life, you will need to exercise authority from time to time. You will need to “king down” upon your problems. How do you do that? Grace comes through faith and faith must be acted upon if it is to be of any benefit. The easiest way to [...]

Who will Jesus spit out?

March 5, 2020 // 6 Comments

“I will spit you out of my mouth” (Rev. 3:16b). This spitting out passage, which comes from Christ’s letter to the Laodiceans, is sometimes used to terrorize the bride of Christ. “Fail to perform and the Lord will reject you. If you’re not on fire, you’ll be in the fire!” Such an evil line is a [...]

Who invented the word hypergrace?

February 27, 2020 // 16 Comments

Who was the first person to coin the word hypergrace? It wasn’t the Apostle Paul. Sure, he described God’s grace as hyper-super-abounding, but he was writing in Greek. Who was the first to say it in English? Hypergrace. Who said it first? It wasn’t me. Not even close. So who was it? Seriously, I would like [...]

How to share the good news if you’re an introvert

February 19, 2020 // 19 Comments

I have a problem. I want to tell people the good news, but I have trouble talking to strangers. Heck, I have trouble talking to friends. (Just ask my friends how often I call them.) Like 50% of the human race, I am an introvert. I don’t have the gift of the gab. I will never hold your attention with my [...]

The Chocolate Gospel is on Kickstarter!

February 13, 2020 // 0 Comments

The Chocolate Gospel is here! For the next two weeks, you can order my latest book on Kickstarter. And then it’s gone forever. You cannot get The Chocolate Gospel on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Book Depository, or anywhere. It is ONLY available on Kickstarter and ONLY until the end of the month. If you wait [...]

Should we close the church for the coronavirus?

February 8, 2020 // 16 Comments

“Please don’t come to Mongolia.” I have been asked to visit many countries, but Mongolia’s the only place I’ve been asked to avoid. In 2003 I was heading to Ulaanbaatar for a church conference. I was packed, I had my visa, but at the last minute the organizers asked me to stay home. Why? Because I was [...]

E2R turns ten, and a free book for you!

February 5, 2020 // 14 Comments

Ten years ago today I wrote an article called “Whose medicine are you taking? The dangers of taking scripture out of context.” I used this article to launch a brand new blog called Escape to Reality (E2R). Five hundred articles, 30,000 comments, and nearly 10 million page views later… I’m kinda blown away [...]

Ten birthday candles: E2R’s most inflammatory articles

January 29, 2020 // 36 Comments

Escape to Reality is turning ten next week! To mark the occasion I could list the ten most popular articles, but that would be boring. I’d rather list the ten most inflammatory articles, the ones that lit a fire and got people talking. Think of these as ten candles atop the cake of nostalgia. 10. The [...]