How to Get Paul’s New Book Before It Goes on Sale

“You’re being selective with scripture.”

Ever heard that one? Tell people about the unconditional love of God and you’ll hear things like:

“You’re cherry-picking verses. You’re forgetting (insert tough scripture here).”

There is a perception that we who love grace ignore inconvenient scriptures. In response to this, I started a website called the Grace Commentary.

The commentary is a popular tool, but many people prefer books. I know I do. I want something I can hold in my hands and share with friends. And this is why I wrote The Grace Bible, the first installment of which is about to be released in PAPERBACK.

With every verse covered – even the “inconvenient” ones – The Grace Bible is a resource you will turn to again and again.

The first installment of the Grace Bible has been expanded to include four New Testament books: 1–3 John and Jude. The new book will be released in ebook and paperback formats in time for Christmas.

Can’t wait? Patrons and supporters will get the new book MONTHS before its release. If you have been thinking of becoming a supporter, now is an excellent time.

Sign up for:

  • $10/month and get the EBOOK + access to my library of study notes & classic sermons
  • $25/month and get an advance copy of the PAPERBACK + ebook + library
  • $100/month and get a personally AUTOGRAPHED book + ebook + library
  • $250/month and get a signed LIMITED EDITION HARDCOVER + 10-paperback GIFT PACK + ebook + library

Sign up at any level and you will also get your name listed on the Grace Bible supporters’ page.

Patrons and supporters are the reason why Escape to Reality and the Grace Commentary remain totally free. Patrons also make it possible for us to give away books and resources to leaders all around the world.

Being a supporter is easy and you can quit any time. But if you want to get The Grace Bible: 1–3 John & Jude before it goes on sale, be signed up on Patreon or Donorbox before Saturday 10 September, 2022.

Thank you!

1 Comment on How to Get Paul’s New Book Before It Goes on Sale

  1. Good one Paul. Can’t wait to get my hands on this! Love it! ❤️😃🙏🏽✝️🕺🙌🏾

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