Last chance to get “The Happy, Wondrous, Divine Exchange”

Just a gentle reminder that you have about 24 hours to take advantage of our special offer.

“What special offer?”

Sign up as a patron by Saturday and you will receive my latest ebook, The Happy, Wondrous, Divine Exchange. My book tells the story of the world’s most popular sermon, as told by everyone from the Church Fathers down to the present day.

My new ebook is a timeless portrayal of the Easter message and it is free for patrons and supporters.

Patrons are changing the way the gospel is preached, and patronage is not without benefits. Sign up on Patreon and you can get instant access to a suite of goodies such as my personal study notes, ebooks, bonus materials, and draft chapters from forthcoming books.

Alternatively, sign up as a monthly supporter on Donorbox and get exclusive access to my supporters’ page (which has many of the same goodies).

But be quick. The world’s most popular sermon offer ends April 10, 2022.


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