What is the Modern Grace Message?

Exposing the dangers of hypergrace

A man once asked me a question: “I want to show my friends that the gospel of grace is not the latest fad. Can you direct me to some early church teachings on grace?”

I replied, “How about the New Testament? Much of what I know about grace comes straight from the life of Jesus and the teachings of the apostles.”

Those opposed to the gospel of grace often dismiss it as the modern grace message. They say it is a passing fad.

It is anything but.

A modern grace message?

What is the modern grace message? It is the ancient and eternal gospel of grace (Rev. 14:6). The only thing modern about it is we are rediscovering what was lost. After wandering in the wilderness of works, we are returning to our New Testament roots.

The hypergrace gospel is no new revelation but an old revelation that has been buried under manmade traditions, religious rituals, and unholy packaging.

Hypergrace preachers aren’t preaching a new and modern grace message, but an old and timeless one.

Is hypergrace Biblical? You better believe it.

In The Hyper-Grace Gospel, I quote from more than 40 hypergrace preachers all preaching essentially the same gospel. It’s the same message from different messengers, which is a sign to make you wonder.

How is it that Evangelicals and Charismatics, Catholic priests and Anglican vicars, rock stars and soldiers, theologians and poets, are all preaching the same message of grace? The reason is we have unearthed the same Treasure.

How is it that pilgrims, all starting from different locations and traveling different paths, have ended up at the same place? We all followed the same star that led us to Jesus. Our baggage may be different, and some of us have more than others, but we have all arrived at the same Destination.

It doesn’t matter where you start. What matters is where you finish.

If you’re digging through religious rubble, keep digging. And if you’re walking through a wilderness of works, keep walking. Don’t stop until you find that Treasure and arrive at that Destination called Jesus.

He is your final port of call. Jesus is your resting place.

Exposing the dangers of hypergrace

The hypergrace gospel is no new message; it is a 2,000-year-old revelation. If you have met Jesus then you have heard the hypergrace gospel.

So what is the danger? What is the error or problem?

The problem is you may have heard some other stuff as well – additional material that was never part of the original message.

If you’re a believer, you don’t need to hear the hypergrace gospel as much as you need to un-hear all the extra stuff that obscures the good news of God’s superabundant grace.

Don’t confuse the dirt with the gold.

The grace of God is like nothing on earth. Anything we add to the grace of God only detracts from its sublime perfections.

Extracted and adapted from The Hyper-Grace Gospel.


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13 Comments on What is the Modern Grace Message?

  1. Erik Grangaard // April 13, 2022 at 6:53 pm // Reply

    Happy Easter to you and your family as well Paul. When you sent out Derek Prince’s 10 points, although I have read them before, I could not put it down til I had finished it again and my mobile was nearly discharged… Keep preaching Paul and let the “mystery”, Christ in us, shine brightly!

    • Happy Easter to you and Robbie too. I know what you mean about DP. When I was editing that sermon, I could hear him speaking and the words filled me with the same joy and triumph as when I first heard the sermon years ago.

  2. I couldn’t dream up a more radical grace than what Jesus demonstrated on the cross.

  3. Timely encouragement. Thanks Paul

  4. eencourager // April 14, 2022 at 3:08 am // Reply

    Happy Easter, eastern brother!

  5. megagenius // April 14, 2022 at 6:42 am // Reply

    I did not find grace, grace found me.

  6. AMEN!, there are so many voices trying to imitate and represent our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and sometimes even though we think we are safe because we believe we are steadfast in our love and allegiance to Him we are not safe, the only answer is to rely on, trust and keep asking Holy Spirit to expound and expose our Lord ,His presence,truth and word to us ,He is our only hope here on earth to keep us safe from deception and error. Gods grace towards us, what it is,what it is for,what it does and why are of sole importance,we can’t risk misunderstanding or misusing it but we do not have the power to prevent this only Gods Holy Spirit in us can do this for us.

  7. Can a believer have legitimate concerns with “hyper grace?” Is hyper grace a little soft on sin and confession/repentance of one’s sins? The Bible teaches that all our sins (past, present, future) are covered by the blood of Jesus. Also the identity of a believer is that of a son/daughter of God. I WAS a “sinner saved by grace,” and now I AM “a saint who sins.” My concern is that some hyper grace preachers may downplay sin/confession/repentance. A believer friend who is committing adultery said he did not need to confess his sins to God because they were already forgiven and that he would “work it out on his own.”

    My comment to him was that his identity/position as a child of God was not hindered, but that his relationship and closeness with his heavenly Father was strained/marred/distorted until he admitted and agreed with God (confession) about his sin and repented. In other words, I agreed that the Bible teaches that his legal standing/position with God is not affected, BUT that his relational standing and close communion with his Father has been marred, and he would need to restore the joy of his salvation (NOT his salvation). Question: Would this be a good type of confession/repentance of sin for him to have made, or are hyper grace pastors opposed to this type of confession and need for repentance?

    • Hi Alex, I would also add that sinning is a bad idea because it is destructive. It destroys our lives, marriages, and families.

      The Bible defines hypergrace so we must take care not to redefine it through the abuses of a few. Since the grace of God teaches us to so no to ungodliness, any grace that teaches us to say yes must be counterfeit grace. Why would our good Father want us to destroy ourselves through sin? I have written elsewhere about confession.

    • No “grace pastor” or grace person“ is a “hyper condemner” (Pharisee type) or “hyper condoner” (anything goes as God is merciful and will forgive all as He is love type)we need to get away from this and onto the real issue,truth,reality common sense. Any born again,Holy Spirit filled person is sorry when they know they have hurt the Lord either directly or via hurting a person and like in any close,intimate relationship where injury or hurt has happened you feel badand want to repair it and want help to be/ do better so of course we “grace people “ sorry- born again believers admit our wrongs and seek God and the healing and wisdom we need that Jesus paid for for us at the cross.I suffer when I do wrong, I do not get away with anything, I feel bad however when I was less mature what made it worse was not fully knowing,understanding,accepting or trusting that I had a Father in Heaven who knew all about me had completely forgiven me from my beginning to end and carried on loving me regardless growing in this truth is giving me the power His power to be more like Jesus not less,when I did not believe this truth as much it kept me being the person I did not want to be and did not like doing things that kept making me feel bad because I feared God thought I was bad,like a self fulfilling prophesy really

  8. Yes Jesus and God very good. Very good. ever wonder why Jesus didn’t just make the romans and everybody else see him for who he was? Like dude I get the whole sacrifice and love thing, but you could’ve just showed us “ayo son of god man” I don’t get it man.

  9. Jesus did reveal and make it clear to us who He was and still is doing this,
    it just takes the right time for each individual AND Gods Holy Spirit to spiritually,supernaturally help us to see Him for who He truly is in order to be able to accept,receive and say yes to Him as our Lord and Saviour, we can’t see Him it (the truth)in our own human,natural eye,mind,understanding as our spirits are cut off and deadened to God due to our inherited fallen nature’s that’s why it takes a quickening from Gods Holy Spirit to help us see the truth as the fall and the devil has blinded,deadened and disconnected our hearts,spirits from the Lord- the truth

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