Bio for Paul Ellis

Byline: Dr. Paul Ellis,

Bio (25 words): Paul Ellis is the author of several award-winning books such as The Gospel in Twenty QuestionsThe Hyper-Grace Gospel and Stuff Jesus Never Said.

Bio (40 words): Paul Ellis, a former pastor and university professor, is the award-winning author of The Hyper-Grace Gospel and Stuff Jesus Never Said. One of the world’s leading Christian bloggers, he writes regularly on the good news of God’s amazing grace at

Bio (80 words): Dr. Paul Ellis is the multi-award-winning author of several gospel books. A former Bible smuggler, Paul pastored a multicultural church in Hong Kong for ten years. He was also a full professor at one of Asia’s leading business schools. He is ranked as one of the world’s most prolific scholars in the field of international business. He lives with his wife and their four children in Auckland, New Zealand. Paul writes regularly about the good news of God’s amazing grace at

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