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  1. Brian Dunning says:

    Paul, what is your position on what is termed the Exchanged Life?

  2. Hi, am just getting used to the gospel of grace, even though I’ve been born-again for long. So in the light of that, am trusting God for my children and knowing that Jesus has made provision for me to have them has eased up a lot of worry and anxiety. My question is, how do i rest in the finished work of Jesus and at the same time resist the devil. Also what’s your take on acting on my believe (faith) according to James 2:17, concerning my situation.

    • Chuck Barnes says:

      I’ve been there! Put away all of your works Mentality! Jesus did it all for you. Claim all the blessings in the New Testament. All that Jesus did was for you. Giving Thanks continually. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness and all these things shall be added to you. As you begin to come into the knowledge of his love for you With nothing attached, It will be so easy for you to be an overcomer.

  3. Can anyone baptise me?

  4. Holy Needle in a Haystack Batman!! I am trying to find if you have any articles written on 2 Tim 2:12….the ole if you deny him, he will deny us hullaballoo. Do you have any? Much obliged!

    • I don’t, but I should include it in my ongoing series on eternal security.

      • Hello Paul, I heard teaching on this passage which blessed the socks off me! I understand the word ‘deny’ here is the same word used when you ‘deny’ a child a specific blessing (pocket money as an example) because there is a discipline issue. Jesus will not deny us to the point of not knowing us, but we will be denied (effectively by ourselves) the blessings we could/should receive by denying Christ access to our lives. if we deny Him (time, faith, access to our hearts) He will deny us that which could be ours through right relationship.
        Hope that made sense!

      • Hi Neil, which passage would that be?

  5. Hello, I was just wondering, how is the judgment seat of Christ (believers judgment) to be viewed through the lens of grace? Maybe I’m not seeing it correctly but the rewards we received or the lack there of based upon the type of life we live for the Lord will be something we will have to live with for all eternity. Thanks,

    • Hi Steven,
      I have written a chapter on eternal rewards in my new book The Gospel in Twenty Questions. One day I hope to find time to write some posts based on that chapter, because the material in that book is something I have never seen discussed anywhere, and especially not within the grace community.

      • Bill Fowler says:

        I really look forward to hearing about that. Especially here in the United States where we are so focused on achievement and accomplishments. It’s so easy take those scriptures and turn them into performance-based Christianity. Thanks for dealing with all the subjects that we are often too afraid to address!

      • Hello Paul and Merry Christmas,

        Thank you for your reply. I just read the sample of your new book
        “The Gospel in Twenty Questions” and it’s awesome. Again, I say thanks.


      • Thanks Steve.

  6. Can you please tell me why there are Christians who are struggling in financial hardships?Specially here in our country Philippines.Is it normal for us here to be in hardships because our country is struggling in our economy?even we are Christians?

    • Dear Jay, I am also a Filipino. What are you so afraid of? You have Christ in you. You have Jesus, you have everything. Speak the word and declare.

  7. I have a question. The Bible says that has believers we have the Spirit of Christ. Now, is the Holy Spirit separate from the Spirit of Christ? If so, Is the believer without the Holy Spirit until we ask God for Him? or do we receive both once we have become born again. Also, is this different from what happen during Pentecost?

  8. Hey Paul,
    I know the Holy Spirit dwells in us. However, is it still the Holy Spirit that brings the tangible weighty Glory? Or is that the like Spirit of God entering the room? You know hoe people say the Presence in here is thick.

  9. please i need to ask a question about demas in the bible. like paul said, does it mean demas renounce hsi faith in christ

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