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12 Comments on Paul’s Books

  1. Hi Paul, no need to post my comment- I’m reading this one on Kindle- end of chapter fourteen says “As you receive the love of you Father you find you cannot hold it all in. You have to share it with others or you’ll burst.”

    Maybe the “you” should be “your.”

    Great book! Just thought I would let you know.

  2. Please send me your Grace pack Wonderful condemnation. Guilt-free teachings encourages me to live totally under grace through the power of the holy spirit I am a pastor and was preaching on Armenism teaching half law and half grace and I was living in the secret sin of porn and then would feel guilty and repent and feel good tgen preach on overcoming sin on Sunday and again sin and it continued for 5 years but now for almost 20 days I’m feeling set free and being really born again by his grace after listening to Joseph Prince and bro. Paul’s teaching on escape to reality. God bless you Paul for setting believer pastors like me free with the wonderful gospel full of only grace.

  3. Jared Westendorp // November 24, 2017 at 11:09 pm // Reply

    I am reading through the hyper grace gospel book. Forgiveness and the timelessness of it was revealed to me. I prayed for that for a while. If it wasn’t for Mr. Brown stirring the pot to see what is in it and then having it explained to him via book, I don’t know if doubt could be more flushed out of my thought life. Thanks Dr. Paul the patient answers you gave him and me too.

  4. Please Paul I wish u guys could make these books for free esp. The softcopy.We don’t hv credit card and good internet here.

  5. Trying to order your books, please assist. Thanks

  6. I wonder if Paul Ellis your book sells in Singapore where I live ? And may I know which church you are from . I used to attend Christian Life centre Paul De Yong church when I was in Auckland & my family attends Joseph Prince church in Singapore

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