Steve McVey

“Grace Rules” by Steve McVey

January 27, 2011 // 7 Comments

A little over 15 years, ago Steve McVey wrote the best selling book Grace Walk. Apparently when McVey got to the end of that book he wasn’t done writing, because a few years later out came his follow-up book Grace Rules. The second book, like the first one, takes aim at the subtleties of legalism that often [...]

“Grace Walk” by Steve McVey

November 9, 2010 // 10 Comments

Christians are often surprised to learn that they have been mixing law with grace. People have said to me, “I’m not trying to keep the 10 commandments, so why do you say I’m living under law?” I doubt there are many believers who are trying to live by the 10 commandments. Yet the choices many make show [...]