Old vs. New

old covenant, new covenant

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  1. Steve Ames says:

    Thank you Jesus

  2. Brilliant – If He hadn’t found fault with the Old Covenant there would have been no need for the New Covenant – Thank you Jesu for fulfilling all the requirements of the Law so it could be put aside!!!

  3. This teaching seems like a clarification of earlier teaching. There are posts that describe that we trade our sinful selves and get in exchange His perfect self in righteousness (and by the same token we give him our sick selves, and get His perfect healing). Bill Johnson also believe that we must submit totally to God before He begins to hear and take into consideration our desires because only the submitted self is able to receive desire. I guess the only “requirement” to get what God’s grace provides is having the preference for God providing rather than requiring. Hope that seems clear or clear-er. :-)

  4. Also elsewhere you’ve stated that we have to choose between trying and trusting. It’s clear to me that trying refers to seeking our own salvation (like deists or some self-styled “self-made” millionaries) while trusting refers to an agressive yet peaceful holding and pressing into a love Father who surrounds us with the same peace and agressive love.

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