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The New Song of Grace


This week our baby girl received her Australian citizenship certificate in the mail. She just became a little Aussie. This despite the fact that she has never been to Australia, she can’t name the six states or the prime minister, and she doesn’t know what a lamington is. She’s never read “The Man from [...]

Is Grace a License to Sin?


Grace-preachers attract sinners and that is a good thing. If you consider yourself a sinner you have come to the right place! Sinners are welcome in the House of Grace. I wish our churches were magnets for sinners for that would be a sure sign that we are preaching the true gospel of grace. If this scandalizes [...]

An Open Letter to Hot-Blooded Young Men


Grace attracts sinners. Since I am someone who preaches radical grace, I get a lot of emails and Facebook messages from sinning Christians. A few are looking for help in overcoming sin, but most of them want an assurance that God will continue to love them despite their bad behavior. More often than not, these [...]

12 Famous Examples of Walking in the Spirit in the Bible


The Bible describes two kinds of life and two ways to live. You are either in the flesh or in the spirit (Rm 8:9) AND you can either walk according to the flesh or according to the spirit (Gal 5:25). The sinner lives in the flesh and walks according to the flesh. The Christian is in the spirit and ideally walks [...]

Life Doesn’t Have the Last Word (When You’re Walking in the Spirit)


A man, blind from birth, learns of an operation that will give him the gift of sight. Encouraged by his friends and family, he undergoes the procedure. The operation is a success and for the first time in his life he can see. However, he finds himself disoriented and confused. He recognizes nothing and is unable [...]

Romans 7: The Flesh Test


Have you seen the pearl of wisdom hidden in Romans 7? Many miss it because they view the chapter as “not written for me” or as a mere prelude to chapter 8. This is a shame because if you can grasp what Paul says in Romans 7, it will save you a world of hurt. “Just remind me, what’s Romans 7 about?” I [...]

12 Infamous Examples of Walking After the Flesh in the Bible


“…and everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” (Jdg 17:6) Since most of us have grown up with a works-based view of salvation, we tend to think of sin as doing bad things. If we avoid doing bad things we’ll avoid sin. But the Bible has a different definition of sin. “Whatever is not of faith is [...]

How to Walk After the Flesh in 20 Easy Lessons


If you’ve ever taken young children to the zoo, you will know that the big animals are initially more popular than the small ones. Elephants, rhinos, and tigers get more attention than otters, turtles, and geckos. And so it is with works of the flesh. Ask any Christian to list the works of the flesh and they [...]

Your Glorious New Past


When you got saved you were probably told a lot of wonderful things about your future. “God has a wonderful plan for your life.” You may have also been told some wonderful things about your present. “We’re living in the kingdom now!” But you probably didn’t hear too many wonderful things about your [...]

Want to be a Transparent Christian? Then Reveal What’s Really Inside


Many years ago I participated in a street outreach in Australia. With our loud and upbeat music we soon attracted a large crowd. This was good. Sinners were going to hear the gospel and get saved. Then the preacher got up to speak and it all went pear-shaped. “I have a lust problem.” Oh-oh. Instead of telling [...]

The Flesh vs the Spirit – Two Good Books


For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these things are opposed one to the other, that ye should not do those things which ye desire. ~ Galatians 5:17 (Darby) Paul describes the Christian life as a tug of war between the flesh and the spirit. The flesh is that part of us [...]

1 Corinthians 11:26-32


A big part of the communion-confusion stems from a misreading of Paul’s instructions to the Corinthians. As I have not found a good translation of 1 Corinthians 11:26-32, I have provided my own paraphrase below. (I looked at the meaning of the original Greek behind some of the words in an earlier post.) Take [...]