Søren Kierkegaard

Duck Church

March 9, 2023 // 2 Comments

Søren Kierkegaard, the Danish existentialist, used to tell a story about Duck Church. It goes something like this: Once upon a time there was a town of ducks. On Sunday morning all the ducks came waddling out of their houses and waddling into church where they squatted in their pews. After they sang their duck [...]

Top 12 Søren Kierkegaard Quotes

May 5, 2010 // 11 Comments

Today, 5 May, is the anniversary of the birthday of that gloomy Dane, Søren Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard, who was born in 1813 and died on 11 on November 1855, has been called the father of existentialism. If you don’t know what existentialism is, just read Ecclesiastes. Existential thinking often pertains to the [...]