What Do You Think? Two Must-Read Books about Transformed Minds

What you think has a great bearing on who you are and what you do. “For as a man thinks, so he is,” (Pro 23:7). Yet an outsider looking at the church would find there are some who don’t seem to think much at all. I’m talking about those who hold to a mindless form of religion, characterized by unchecked emotionalism. Then there are those who do nothing but think and who dismiss anything they do not understand. Theirs’ is a carnal form of Christianity that holds to a wholly rational and powerless gospel.

God has given us minds to think, but we are not led by our our thinking. We are called to live by the Spirit rather than the cerebellum. Our spirits are made new the moment we are born again but from then on our minds have to play catch-up. They have to be renewed. We need to take on new attitudes, new ways of thinking. We need to cultivate the habit of saying yes and amen to the promises of God. We need to call things that are not as though they are. We need to believe we can do the works and greater works of Jesus, just as He said we would.

In the past few months I have read two excellent books about the mind of the believer.

The book I have just finished is The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind by Bill Johnson. My favorite line in the whole book is, “God is changing the way Christians think about the so-called impossible” (p.30). Certainly the so-called impossible seems to happen all the time at Bethel Church. It happens so frequently that they have a member of staff whose sole job is to record the miracles taking place.

Many people distrust their own minds, but Johnson writes that the mind is actually a powerful instrument in the hands of God. So, what are we supposed to do with it?

Our job is to tap the revelation of the Lord in our area of talent or gifting so that we can accurately and powerfully reflect the King and His Kingdom. (p.75)

Johnson writes about the three kinds of leaven mentioned by Jesus. The leaven of Herod is a godless belief in the strength of man and man-made systems like politics and persuasion. Christians who hold such beliefs are indistinguishable from their atheist neighbors when dealing with problems.

The leaven of the Pharisees represents the theory of God but not the experience. It’s lifeless religion based solely on reason. Reason-minded Christians provide explanations for the way things are, but no solutions.

The leaven of the Kingdom is the faith-provoking revelation. It is revealed in the life lived from the Kingdom toward earth. Consider Jonah and Jesus sleeping in their boats during storms. Jonah slept to escape an unpleasant reality. Jesus slept because He was Kingdom-minded Kingdom and in the Kingdom there was no storm.

Johnson compares powerless preaching to a vacuum cleaner salesman who throws a handful of dirt on your floor, promises his cleaner is powerful enough to remove everything in sight, hands you’re a brochure and then leaves. That’s what we do when we merely tell people that the King heals all their diseases and delivers them from all their torments. How much better if we showed them!

A startling insight in this book is the idea that God is enamored with our desires, that He longs to see what makes us tick. Before we were saved our desires were corrupt. But when we are intimate with the Father our desires are pure. Perhaps your mind wanders when you pray. Just maybe, says Johnson, it’s not the devil distracting you but God leading you to creative solutions to problems.

Transformed Mind will certainly make you think! You will never look at your desires and daydreams the same way again.

Last year I read So You Think Your Mind is Renewed? by Cornel Marais. This book starts from the same place as the other one – God calls us to do humanly impossible feats – but it has a heavier emphasis on healing.

In his book Cornel asks, “Would you go fly a plane after having only read a book about flying?” Of course not. So why do Christians think that just reading the Bible is the answer? Mature Christians exercise. They act on what they believe. They reconcile, they set free, they save, heal and deliver. They do unto others as they would have others do unto them.

This book provides a sound introduction to the gospel of grace (“grace upon grace”), demolishes a few mindsets (“sickness is never from God”), then gets down to the business of training people how to do the works and greater works of Jesus. It’s “be, know, do,” just like in the army.

Don’t ever wonder if it’s God’s will to heal someone. The root word for “heal” in the Greek is the same as the word for “save.” Just as it is God’s will to save everyone, it is His will to heal everyone.

Healing is not our privilege, it is our right. Jesus didn’t suffer and die for you to have the privilege of maybe being healed. He died so you could be well! (p.92)

There are no formulas in this book. The message has not changed since Jesus first uttered it: “only believe.” But aside from the boost to your faith, you will learn some practical tips that will help you get healing for yourself or those you pray for.


11 Comments on What Do You Think? Two Must-Read Books about Transformed Minds

  1. Honestly, I struggle with “God wants to heal everybody.” Physically? Then why doesn’t He? Surely we are ALL healed, sooner or later:-) In heaven we’ll all have our healing! But none of us live in our earthly “tents” forever. So when someone has cancer – how do we pray? My husband has been healed of several life threatening illnesses (through surgery) but this time I wonder…the cancer is still present.

  2. Hi Vicky

    This is and will always be a very difficult topic to explain or cover. The reason is because all people die and the vast majority of them die as a result of a sickness or disease. You are right in saying we won’t live in our physical bodies for ever and that we will be ‘completely healed’ in heaven. The hardest thing to come to understand and come to terms with is that something as physical and real as a sickness, does not remove from the truth of the Word of God. A sickness to me is a physical lie. It is not representative of Truth, that we were all healed. Just because it is real to us, doesn’t mean it is truth. The Word of God says ‘by His stripes we WERE healed’ (1 Peter 2:24) That is truth. Anything less than that is a lie aimed at getting you to doubt God. If the Word says you are healed yet you are sick, the purpose of that sickness is firstly to steal, kill and destroy, and secondly to make you doubt the Word of God. So we can either give in and doubt that God wants to heal so we can make sense of the sickness, or we can keep on believing, keep on fighting, even unto death.

    “If it is God’s will to heal all, why doesn’t He just do it?” Don’t take this the wrong way, but who says He hasn’t? If 1 Peter 2:24 says we WERE healed, it means it’s already done. God healed us 2000 years ago. Any and every sickness in us is in direct violation of what Jesus died to secure for us. And just like Jesus made a whip and drove the thieves out of the temple, so we need to drive those that steal from our bodies, the temples of God. If Jesus didn’t drive them out, they would have remained there. If we don’t drive them out, they will remain in us too. Jesus commissioned us to heal the sick, drive out demons, just like He did. Speak to your mountain about God. Don’t speak to God about your mountain. Talk to the cancer like it is a person. Tell it to get out in Jesus Name. Get angry, like Jesus did. Get fed up and then do something about it.

    If you are truly seeking for answers about healing, please follow this link to my website and download the Divine Healing Training course. That will more than equip you to help you see your husband healed. While you are there, grab a free copy of my book that deals more in depth with these issues.

    Divine Healing Course:

    Free Book:

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.


    • Cornel, this post blessed me so much and I want to learn more about healing and how to release God’s power within me. I desire to see my mother and husband set free and be a blessing in any situation that the Lord would use me to minister healing and miracles!! I tried to click on the links to your healing course and free book, but it took me to an empty website. Have you moved since you posted these web addresses?

  3. Hi Vicky, thanks for your honesty. I appreciate where you’re coming from. It seems you have a victory, then you have a setback. You get some good news, then you get some bad news. It’s frustrating and tiring and the enemy likes to kick us when we’re down. We’re in a battle and will be until Jesus returns. At the same time I know from personal experience that we can enter his rest even in the middle of frightening storms. When kingdom reality is allowed to break out into our earthly reality the result is miraculous. I asked Cornel to respond (thanks Cornel!) because he’s written a good book on this subject. I particularly recommend you take a look at Chapters 10 and 11. God bless you and know that we’re praying for that cancer to be completely gone!

  4. Linde Nicolay // May 24, 2011 at 12:46 pm // Reply

    Thank you both Cornel and Paul. I learned more through your explanation. I praise God for your faithfulness and help to us. You can’t imagine what a blessing you are to us. GRACE, GRACE and more GRACE!

    • Linde, you might not know this, but Cornel and I are practically neighbors – he lives just down the road from me. That said, we communicate we each other most frequently via FB/email, so we might as well not be.

  5. Vick,

    Here is a simple but powerful truth to: “If God’s will is for everyone to be healed… why…” The reason is because the Church (us as the Body of Christ) is not doing what we are supposed to be doing (Mark 16:17-18).

    Many brothers will be quick to point out on healing in the atonement; however most of them will as quick as that ‘pass the hot potato’ because it will be up to you to have faith… and if you don’t get healed, it’s your fault because of your lack of faith. Sadly, that is the main reaction you will see, instead of us being the ministers of the Spirit that He has made us.

    Please let me know if I can be of assistance.

    You all are amazingly blessed in Him!

  6. Wow that comment by Cornel. Explains so much why I’ve failed to receive the healing already provided for. Speak to your mountain :). Also went through a teaching by Andrew Wommack called A better way to pray. Thank you so much Paul for the blog, every time I read the articles and comments my mind is renewed to the true nature of God. Never knew I had so much religion in my thinking even though since 2012 my eyes were opened to the True Gospel. Found this blog two months ago and this is my first comment. You guys are a blessing

    • Asa, also it shows how we -as ministers of the body of Christ- have not been representing Jesus! It’s true that you can receive healing for yourself -in which case, you DO need to have faith… but it’s also true that if someone is ministring to you, THEY are the ones doing the believing for you! – so your faith is not the issue in that case. Sadly, how to minister to others is not adequately taught because of that sacred cow.
      In the name of Jesus, every problem in Asa, I command you to go NOW. Every cell and tissue, be FREE. Body, line up in Jesus’ name. Thank you Father God!

  7. I know this is an old post but can you help me out with something
    How do you come to the conclusion that the greek word for heal and save are the same?
    While I believe that it is God’s will to heal everybody I was’nt able to find anything in the greek to substantiate that they have the same root word
    Maybe I just don’t know how to look it up.

    • Look up the Greek word sozo (Strongs number 4982). It’s translated heal in passages such as Mark 5:23 (a physical healing) and Luke 8:36 (deliverance from demonic influence) and save in passages such as Acts 2:47 and numerous other places.

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