Special Thank You Gift: A Free Book!

Some time in the next few hours, Escape to Reality will pass the mile-stone of 10,000 hits. I’m a little bit blown away by the fact that people like you keep coming back to read what I write. To thank you for doing this, and to mark the occasion, I would like to give you a special gift – a free book!

Now this is no ordinary book and you won’t find it on Amazon. It is a complete and edited transcript of Derek Prince’s outstanding series on The Divine Exchange. This was a series of messages on the cross that Derek Prince preached back in 1987. Since then this message has been shamelessly pinched by preachers and authors all over the world. It is an absolute classic!

The raw transcripts of this series can be found online. I nearly went blind reading them so I asked the kind-hearted folks at Derek Prince Ministries if they wouldn’t mind me putting them all together in an edited, easy-to-read book. They said okay and you get the benefit. (A week ago I published some quotes from the book here.)

You can find your free book here. Get yours now before the rush! I suggest that you turn off the TV and the phone and set aside an evening to read the whole thing in one sitting. You will be blessed if you do.

5 Comments on Special Thank You Gift: A Free Book!

  1. Thank you for your Efforts. May the Lord reward you.

  2. i need some free books for development of our ministry.

  3. Paul, its great that you subscribe to Derek Prince’s teaching. The divine exchange series is in indeed foundational to his ministry – a great series. But, I’m not sure he makes the same claims as you do about the idea that there is no need to confess your sins to be cleansed. In fact, Derek taught the relevance of 1 John 1:9, which you influence others to discount. You claim all future sins are forgiven – like Derek does – only that his teaching means to say that ‘as a born again person all the sins you may commit in the future are forgiven as & when you confess them’, whereas you say, ‘it’s okay to ‘say the same as God’ but, really, you don’t need to. So, sins committed after being born again, as you put it, has no consequence. This sounds great as you soup up God’s grace and discounts His insistence on obedience (Hebrews 3-4). But, to someone who does not discount those parts of passages in the Bible which do not suit them, it very much reminds of what Jude had to say about ‘creating license for sin’.

    • Those who do not grasp the life-changing power of God’s supernatural grace regularly mistake it as a license to sin and have done so ever since the time of Paul. Grace changes hearts, not confession. Any confession done to clean the slate or restore that which you can never lose is a dead work. It’s stinky self-righteousness. Confession must be done in faith, ie: in response to what God has done. In the new covenant, he takes all the initiative. More here.

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