This is not good news…

not_the_good_newsBut this is: God is good!

And so’s this: You are forgiven, redeemed, cleansed and sanctified by the blood of Jesus

And this: If God has loved you once, He will love you forever!

I hope you enjoy re-visiting some of the best gospel posts from 2010. For more good news about God’s grace, check out the Archives and Top Posts. May 2011 continue to be the Year of the Lord’s Favor for you!

God bless,

Paul Ellis

3 Comments on This is not good news…

  1. Yup, God is good. He does not burn or torture anyone, whether believers or unbelievers. He is love, and perfect love casts out fear. Happy new year.

  2. We used to joke about opening a Christian coffee house called Turnor Burner

  3. Paul your sense of humor makes me laugh! Yes, that is DEFINITELY not good news, is it?!….and @Gerry– your coffee house name is witty too….but ha– I wonder how many people would actually come in for a cup of joe with that name?!

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