3 Comments on Little Green Apples

  1. Paul, you write: “You won’t find any believer in the New Testament confessing their sins to be forgiven.”
    This is factually and simply incorrect. You are a false teacher and are out of step with two millennia of Christian praxis to boot. In Mark 1:5 the people of Judea and all the people of Jerusalem made their way to him (John the Baptist) and they were baptised by him in the Jordan they confessed their sins…

    James 5:16 This is your elephant in the room –at least it was for John Calvin who cast around desperately for some way to get off the hook. The only way out for Calvin was to deny that the sick person actually confessed to a presbyter. This is absurd reading since the only two people mentioned in the reading are the sick person and the presbteros.
    Conclusion: You have to do a lot of twisting and contorting in order to get out of the plain and obvious meaning of Scripture

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