Glory and Grace Conferences 2011

I have been to every Glory and Grace Conference in Hong Kong since the first one in 2007. They have been awesome times of meeting with God with outstanding teaching from guys like Rob Rufus, Fini de Gersigny and, last year, Andrew Wommack.

This year there are seven G&G Conferences taking place around the world.

The links below will lead you to further information.

  1. The Netherlands (Barneveld), 18 – 20 Feb at Doorbrekers Church
  2. The Philippines (Manila) 22 – 23 April (no website yet, but keep an eye on this)
  3. Australia (Sydney)  5 – 7 May at Jubilee Church (follow the news on FB here)
  4. Australia (Adelaide) 12 – 15 May at various locations, more info here
  5. South Africa (Gauteng), 22 – 23 July at Real Life Church and Central Park Church
  6. South Africa (Pinetown) 28 – 30 July at Highway Christian Community
  7. USA (Atlanta) 3 – 5 Nov at Northlands Church

7 Comments on Glory and Grace Conferences 2011

  1. Thank you for sharing. Did not know Rob would be coming to the netherlands. Its just 4 hours driving from germany and I am going for it!
    High on expectation!

  2. My staff and I are planning to come to Atlanta in November. Sounds awesome. Thanks for the info!

  3. Is there a brochure or any info. about what is offered at the meetings, or what the meetings are about, or what can we expect. Thanks.

    • Hi Doug,
      I doubt you will find any more info other than what’s on the links above. It’s the nature of these conferences to be a little bit unpredictable. The conference with Andrew Wommack last year was nothing like the earlier one with Joshua Mills! If that’s not enough for you, I suggest contacting the host churches directly. You can find their details through the above links. If you’ve not heard Rob Rufus preach before, you can download sermons from the CCIHK website. But take my word for it – Rob’s good!

  4. New link for Atlanta, USA Glory and Grace Conference: . Early registration pricing ends in 1 week. You can also follow the updates for the conference at!/glorygraceatl . Any promotion would much appreciated!!

  5. was at the atlanta one… we will never be the same!!!!

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