Take the Grace Test

A few weeks ago someone asked me, “how well did you understand grace before you understood grace?” (You can see my response to that question here.) Now it’s time for me to ask you that same question; how well do you understand grace? Below is a very simple test to find out. Because this is a grace test, I’ve filled in the perfect answer on your behalf…

4 Comments on Take the Grace Test

  1. i think i must have a block in my brain. why oh why can’t i get it?

  2. Hey, I passed! A++ …even before youu filled in the answers

  3. is it truly that simple?

    • Yes Kat, it is. The good news is only good because God is good. We would not be forgiven, redeemed, justified, healed, blessed, or anything, except that God is good. All of these gifts are only good, because the One who gives them is good.

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