Acceptance elevates us

When you know God is pleased with you regardless of your productivity, it will free you from the pressure to perform. When you’ve heard God say “Yes” to you, it will empower you to say “No” to the unhealthy demands of Pharaoh’s whip-cracking taskmasters.

If you have been burning the candle at both ends trying to get ahead, a revelation of God’s acceptance will bring you to a place of rest. It will get you off the merry-go-round and sit you down in pastures green.

But that doesn’t mean you will be idle. Those who wait upon the Lord renew their strength (Isaiah 40:31). Paradoxically, those who have been freed from the need to produce are often the most productive people around. This happens because the loving acceptance of another brings out the best in us, particularly if the Other is someone special.

Perhaps you have had the pleasant experience of being accepted by the most beautiful girl in the room or the best man in the house. It is the thrill of being elevated to a higher level. “Really?! You choose me? But you’re way out of my league.” As nice as that is, it pales in comparison to the lift that comes from being accepted by the Maker of heaven and earth. To the glory of his grace you have been lifted out of the miry clay and seated with him in heavenly places. Talk about your upward mobility.

With God on our side like this, how can we lose? (Romans 8:31b, MSG)

When you realize that God is for you, it gives you boldness. You begin to strut, not out of arrogance but confidence. “God is on my side. How can I lose?” You’ll walk into the lion’s den with a holy swagger and face the furnace without fear. “God is with me. I will not be burned” (see Isaiah 43:2).

Situations that intimidate the socks off your coworkers won’t bother you in the slightest. You’ll go in front of performance reviews and interview panels with complete peace and without any desperate need to impress. “My promotion comes from the Lord. If these guys see that, great, if they don’t, that’s their problem.” Secure in your Father’s approval, you won’t be bothered whether your ministry flourishes or founders. “It’s his church anyway. I’m just pleased to play a part.”

But the good news is you won’t fail. How can you? When you are confident of your Father’s absolute delight in you,

You’ll be on your way up!
You’ll be seeing great sights!
You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights.

With all respect to Dr. Seuss, this not about the empowerment that comes from self-belief but the divine and uplifting influence of God’s mighty grace.

Sons and daughters who are supercharged by their Father’s favor shine like stars (Philippians 2:15). Elevated by his love they mount up with wings like eagles. They race against horses and walk on the water, living testimonies of the energizing power of his divine acceptance.

Excerpted from The Gospel in Ten Words.


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14 Comments on Acceptance elevates us

  1. krista sabrina gonzales // November 19, 2012 at 8:06 pm // Reply

    Thanks for this post, Ptr. Paul. 🙂

    I can relate to this. I think, this is really for me.

    Daddy God shall bless you far more than you can imagine.

    Yours in Christ,Sabrina 🙂

  2. Now I am going to get the book!! Don’t get me wrong please. I had bought other books, and put the thought of buying this one aside until I go through these books. Now, I don’t want to go through these books until I read this one! This is more than a review or quotation to me. It is straight talk to my heart! Thank you Paul.

  3. AWESOME…..!!!!! thank you so much and i thank you LORD JESUS for the work you’re doing through my brother Paul. I never delete the emails……….., and i pass them on to all friends in facebook…..!!!I LOVE YOU.

  4. I sometimes read your blog and haven’t for awhile, was a christian years ago and turned away because for many reasons but the chief one being having Bible verses thrown in my face by people who had abused me as a kid and being told i MUST forgive them even though they never apologized….

    Last night, after thinking the spirituality issue through based on ,my search for truth,having read far and wide.. Once again, the realization hit that most people in the world rely on approval of other people…People like vampires are feeding on each other to feel good about themselves. All the world’s systems (whether religion, psychology, politics, business et al) appear to be set up that way, and it keeps everyone OFF BALANCE, empty inside , which makes them easier to manipulate and prey upon..I got the intuitive flash, that this is why God’s people are “separate” they don’t NEED other people as their source of supply, God is their supply..this is why they can stand firmly despite all that is going on around them and do not have to get caught up in the insanity going on around them. They are centered because God is at their center.
    (this could also be why the world hates them)

    It started to sink in at a deeper level, and i began to understand WHY i have been going back and forth between the world’s way and God.

    THEN came to your blog this morning and was floored to see what you have written.

    He really is there isn’t HE?
    It is really true isn’t it?

    Thank you for your blog,
    If you could spare a prayer for me, i would be grateful.


    • Hi erika,, abuse leaves a mark,I think we all can relate,although mine didnt come till later in life,my parents were good parents,I remember saying to my mother the older I got .[hey Mom can i come home now.] anyway,funny thing or maybe not so funny thing about vampires, they feed just enough to get full, but not enough to kill the host, so they can come back and feed some more later, they all come to kill, destroy and steal, ….hangin sister, And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose NONE of all those he has given me………and you are one of them.

  5. This was awesome! Thanks, Paul.

  6. I love the way ,the Lord uses whats in your heart to love all of ous

  7. perfect timing,Thank you,i needed this,this morning,the last few years have been rough,I have been,and am [are]? experiencing that boldness, funny thing,you face something and you say,wow did I just do that,its a afterward realization……sometimes its like the quote from the Wyatt Earp [Kevin Costner] movie [ Mister, I’ve been in a really bad mood for the last few years, so I’d appreciate it if you’d just leave me alone.]……… in that case you have to remember the say it with love, which I have to admit I have not done, probably the reason the Lord has keep me away from people for a while BUT things are changing, Hangin brothers and sisters,he will complete his work.

  8. I just realized from my post I must pay more attention to my spelling,Paul will be grading them and sending them back

  9. Don”t know how I missed this post.It gives me peace as I read it.When the enemy comes and says you you you.The response should be Jesus loves me.I am accepted in the beloved.I think the rest energizes us.Thanks Paul.

  10. Ganyo Ebenezer // November 21, 2017 at 10:19 pm // Reply

    I discovered your blog about two months ago and have decided to read every post here. God richly bless you.
    Paul, please how can I get copy of your books, I’m in Ghana.

  11. Joseph Liu // March 26, 2022 at 1:08 am // Reply

    Really love this article. God’s acceptance always reveals bigger love on me and lifts me up.

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