“The Power of Right Believing” by Joseph Prince

The other day Camilla and I were watching a movie called Silver Linings Playbook. At the end of the film I wanted to hug every character in it and give them a copy of The Power of Right Believing by Joseph Prince. I say that because everyone in the movie was broken or damaged in some way. Some had suffered loss, others had been unfairly treated, but nearly all of them were experiencing emotional pain or were in some way afflicted by a mental disorder.

The message of the film is that even when we’re broken, we can still experience life and love, and that’s a wonderful message. But can we also be healed? Can we be delivered from mental illness and emotional trauma? The film makes no promises.

One of the characters in the film is a man named Pat. Pat has bipolar disorder which causes him to sometimes act in an agitated and violent manner. This troubles Pat because he is not a violent man. Pat seeks help from a caring psychiatrist called Dr. Patel. Dr. Patel tells Pat, “You need a strategy,” to which Pat replies, “That’s easier said than done.”

Pat is an honest guy. He knows he has problems that he cannot overcome. What he doesn’t know is that Jesus is greater than all our problems. Jesus is able to meet our greatest needs.

And this leads me to Joseph Prince’s new book.

The Power of Right Believing is a book that tackles the predominant illnesses of our day, namely, mental illness and personality disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and insomnia. It’s book of stories about people who have been radically set free by grace.

My favorite story is the one about the minister from Oregon who was assigned to provide counseling in a state mental institution. He entered a room full of severely broken, moaning people. These patients were so far gone the minister couldn’t engage with them. So he sat on the floor and started singing, “Jesus loves me this I know.” He did this for weeks and, over time, the patients began to sing with him. Within a year, all but two had been restored and were discharged from the hospital. They weren’t healed by a song. They were healed by a revelation of their Father’s love! Here’s Prince:

When you allow God’s love to saturate your mind, it doesn’t matter what wrong believing, fears, or addictions are keeping you bound. His grace will begin to break them down. (p.11)

According to Prince, the devil is after your mind. He wants to keep your mind negative, oppressed, depressed, and pessimistic for he knows that as long as you believe wrong you’ll live wrong.

The very areas you are fearful and anxious about indicate the presence of the wrong beliefs in your life that God wants you to be freed from. (p.150)

One of the problems with mental illness is it can turn you inward and away from healing love. In the film, Pat is aware of all that is going on in his mind. He knows his triggers. But this self-awareness actually makes things worse because it leads you to rely on your own understanding instead of relying on Jesus. Cognitive behavioral therapy succeeds when it breaks destructive thought patterns, but it fails when it promotes self-examination ahead of Jesus-examination. He is the Healer, not you.

Right believing is all about renewing your mind and uprooting the wrong beliefs that shape your thinking and behavior… God wants to change the way we think by shifting our thoughts from self-occupation to Christ-occupation. (pp. 199-200)

SLP_memeI want to commend Joseph Prince for addressing the illnesses of the 21st century. Many churches are way behind the eight ball on this. They have a heart for the sick but the sick are narrowly defined as those with physical ailments. As I have said elsewhere, churches need ramps for the mentally ill just as we have ramps for wheelchairs.

I’ve probably given you the impression that The Power of Right Believing is for mental people. It’s not – it’s a book for all who desire good health and peace within. The secret to that is not emptying your mind but filling your it with powerful thoughts of God’s love and grace.

If you want to live right you have to believe right. You have to see yourself as your heavenly Father sees you – as dearly loved and precious.

Self-help books point you to what you must do. My messages and books are all about Jesus helping you – pointing you to Jesus and what he has done for you! (p.77)

The Power of Right Believing is a good, healthy book that will resonate with many. Indeed, after just a couple of months it has already become a five-star grace book. My only complaint is that the message is often interrupted by plugs for the products of Joseph Prince Ministries. Reading this book is a bit like watching a movie with trailers in it. And that’s a pity because this movie – The Power of Right Believing – is good. It proclaims a message that you and I and people like Pat desperately need to hear:

read this book200Long before the enemy can steal your victory, he steals your song. Long before he can steal your joy, he steals your praise. Before you know it, you start becoming critical, pessimistic, moody, and oppressed. Don’t allow him to do that.

Let praises be continually on your lips and always be conscious of the Lord’s presence, his favor, his goodness, and his blessings in your life. (p.241)

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  1. Nigel Gwynne // January 16, 2014 at 12:32 am // Reply

    Reading this book could improve your mental health and set you free from a life time of bondage to addictions.
    If you want to stay the way you are, don’t read this book.

  2. Dear Paul

    Just want to tell you that you have a new fan , just love how God has gifted you to write and how you use that gift!!!

    Thank you!!!

    In Christ

    Uschi de Bruyn

  3. Paul, once again you say what you mean, and mean what you say. Over the years that I have followed your blog; I have valued your words, and just your resolve in being honest and open about your faith in God. Thanks for giving us a healthy perspective, and the courage to be ourselves, and not limited by others reactions to the message that God has given us.

  4. I agree with you, Paul. A lot of depression comes from the hopelessness that people perceive and they don’t know the way out.

    On the other hand, there are many mental illnesses that come from the utter garbage that we get to eat, or even worse still, that doctors prescribe for their patients. Then, when the side-effects start manifesting, they prescribe another chemical to remedy that, which doesn’t quite do so and bam! another prescription to address that and so the cycle continues. I have a friend, who praises God, knows that she’s loved and all, but the medical drugs/anti-depressants have fried her brain to such an extend that she had to very carefully and systematically withdraw from these substances without simply dying in the process. She’s almost there now, but it’s a holistic approach that does/did it.

    So while I have ample personal testimony of the power of God my life, that of my wife and children and my parents, I also have ample testimony of situations where God doesn’t act miraculously and instead leads people to stop poisoning themselves systematically.

    All in all, knowing one’s position, the Source of one’s life and the Father’s true nature, does lead to a cure and true life.

    • That’s a good point Roland. Some – not all – of our illnesses are 21st-century problems. They’ve emerged with new diets and lifestyles and can be remedied by making changes to diets and lifestyles. On the subject of prescription pills, there is much we don’t know. Often the attitude of doctors is “try this and see what happens.” Thank God for pills that help, but many don’t. In the film, Pat takes no pills because for him they made things worse.

      Note, I am strongly resisting the temptation to make a pun about the gos-pill at this piont.

  5. Jeana Pollard // January 16, 2014 at 4:03 am // Reply

    Thank you so much for this. I sit in a doctors office as I type this dealing with my satan powered anxieties. I want Jesus centered thoughts. Therein lies my victory.

    • Amen! His amazing love for you conquers all. Blessings 🙂

      Romans 8:37

    • jeana: a big load began to lift from me when I began to search out the real meanings to much that I didnt understand, for instance…………Faith (4102/pistis) is always a GIFT from God, and never something that can be PRODUCED by people. In short, 4102/pistis (“faith”) for the believer is “God’s divine persuasion” – and therefore distinct from human belief (confidence), yet involving it. The Lord continuously births faith in the yielded believer so they can know what He prefers, i.e. the persuasion of His will (1 Jn 5:4)…………so therefore you begin to stop trying to muster up things,and you begin to just rest and believe,and trust him.

      • Yes!
        Forget for a moment HOW we become born again but once we do experience new birth our work is to know God, to know what is true about ourselves and our environment ( ie what the Word says and not what we have always thought to be true)
        THEN believe it and NOTICE when we are UNBELIEVING it so we can KEEP believing it DESPITE,and this is a crucial DESPITE, a lack of physical externally verifiable evidence.
        We have to work to unlearn patterns of thought.
        We work to be able to rest in this knowledge of Truth.
        Sorry to mix posts but this is a big part of our jedi training.
        May the Grace be with you by knowledge of the Truth.

      • Earl, this is huge confirmation to what the Holy Spirit spoke to me one day a few years ago in the midst of a long season of battling with doubt and unbelief. He told me, clear as day: “Faith is a gift.” I’ve known about Ephesians 2:8-9, but this is like the final nail in the coffin of my striving for faith. I’ve experienced the sweet freedom of letting Jesus do and stand amazed as I “just be,” which includes faith. But, there’s that unfortunately familiar nagging that makes you think, “But is it still secretly up to me?” Truly, a huge blessing that God used you to speak such sweet, timely affirmation of His words that really changed my life. This just brings it full circle.

    • when i suffered from anxiety attacks my prayers were a simple “Jesus, take these thoughts out of my head and replace them with thoughts of you!”
      praying for you jeana!

  6. As a head-over-heels-in-love-with-Jesus Christian who also is bipolar, I take exception with this oversimplification. For one thing, this remedy is still about what “I” must do – in this case, what I must believe. (Which I do, by the way, but I’m still sick.) How can you tell me that I will be fine if I just believe right if you have never been in my shoes? It’s the old, “It’s all your fault if you are not healed, because you don’t have enough faith” syndrome, except with mental illness it is even more cruel because believing is harder. The roots of mental illness involve spiritual, psychological, emotional, mental, volitional, and biochemical dimensions, at a minimum. Supernatural healing is all of God and not of me – least of all my (imperfect) faith, which can and will be impaired by mental illness.

    • Hanna, the old line “it’s all your fault if you’re not healed” is a wicked lie that I certainly would never communicate. My review is necessarily brief and so yes, there is a danger of oversimplification. I encourage you to read the book before judging it.

      There is no doubt that many of us face battles. The good news is these are battles we can win!

      All of us have struggles. All of us have weaknesses. In a sense, we are all characters in that movie learning to live and love in the midst of our trials. What the book (and the gospel) offers is the hope of a breakthrough. This book has stories of some very ill people getting healed by God’s power. These stories are meant to encourage and inspire, not condemn.

  7. Grace Francis // January 16, 2014 at 4:27 am // Reply

    This is so true, knowing God’s love really changes everything. Since I made the discovery of how great God’s love really is, I’ve been so much happier and freer, like this weight has been lifted off my shoulders and now living by faith is so much easier because I know God is someone who can be trusted to take care of my life. When I’m fully aware of God’s love, I don’t have to try to believe, I don’t have to try to be happy or overcome the things I struggle with in my life, whether it’s circumstance or sin. It’s as if His love melts away those things, leaving me full of nothing but happiness and an overwhelming desire to share this with others. I always wondered what ‘joy’ really was. Now I know. 🙂

    You know, people who oppose the “radical grace” message worry that if we don’t preach law, people will go and live sin-ridden lives, never coming to the realization that we’re “sinners,” but this just isn’t the case at all. Of course there are some people who pervert grace, but I think the people who are most able to accept the message of grace are the people who are most aware of just how sinful they are. They know they can’t overcome sin or other problems in their lives and it’s a source of torment for them. For people like that, the revelation of how much God loves them and that by dying on the cross, Jesus didn’t just pardon them from hell, he completely changed everything.

    After all, we are now a new creation. We aren’t sinners anymore. God took the old stony heart that could only be a slave to sin and changed it to a heart that’s filled with his Holy Spirit. This revelation, that God isn’t angry with us or waiting for us to mess up, that we no longer have to be slaves of sin, is truly the most wonderful thing in the world. Of course we can still be deceived by Satan, but as long as we stay immersed in what God has done for us and how much He loves us, we naturally overcome the flesh.

    People who teach the law don’t realize that they’re actually empowering the flesh and making it impossible for them to overcome sin. I truly hope that someday, those people can realize that there is no power in themselves, or in the law which promotes self-effort. The true power lies in God’s love.

  8. thank you Paul I have Josephs other books and had planned to get this one, now I know for sure I will get it. this hits to close to home, and have seen truths in this area but have not been able to connect the dots,coming out of were I have came from, on one hand you look at healing and deliverance, and see how it is necessary, but like a friend of mine who has a healing and deliverance ministry, one of the main topics is, people come back to him next week for more deliverance,he tells them it is very important to know who you are in Christ and be anchored in it, for me it started with knowing how saved I was,how secure I was.and something Bob Mumford wrote the other day basically saying ………..”.knowing who you are so that we can proclaim the light rather than fight the darkness”……… MORE light,and stop screaming at the devil, the TRUTH will set you free,so I don’t have a complete pic yet, but I feel confident, the lord will complete the picture.

  9. I strongly agree that The Power of Right Believing is a great grace book. I would highly recommend this and any of Pastor Prince’s books. His teachings introduced me to the real Jesus and have continually revealed more of His grace to me and my family. Joseph Prince is a gifted teacher who lays out powerful, life changing truth, while always using the Bible as his foundation.

  10. Haha ” Gos-pill “. If there was ever a time i wished temptation overcame you, it would have been in that comment 🙂
    (Warning: Possible side effects may include peace, joy, love, gentleness. For a full list of side effects see Galatians 5:22-23. Swallow whole with living water.)

  11. Dylan stover // January 16, 2014 at 2:38 pm // Reply

    Did you ever personally know or meet pastor prince? Since you do pastor in china if I’m not mistaken
    From Dylan

    • I’ve never had the pleasure. And it’s been four years since I pastored in Hong Kong.

    • Joe A. Serge // February 24, 2014 at 2:50 pm // Reply

      Because I am so spiritually-uplifted by Prince’s teachings I am disenchanted to hear Pastor Prince this week in an online sermon say believers should tithe as expression of gratitude for God’s unmerited favor. I strongly believe Christians should support church ministry work,however,tithing is not the way. By saying believers should tithe rather than financially support the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Prince mixes law and grace.

      • hi joe,I heard the same teaching this morning and was puzzled,the way i understood it though was Melchizedek brought out the bread and the wine first, and blessed Abram,and thanked God for the victory, so God provided the victory and supply, I remember Prince saying one time,you cant give what you dont have, maybe im seeing it wrong. so Abram gave out of his abundance

      • Charles // May 26, 2014 at 5:38 am //

        It could be a simple misunderstanding. I haven’t heard that message, but like many of you on this forum, I have been greatly blessed by Joseph Prince’s teaching. I love the message of grace. However, it was only recently that I actually came to know that tithing is not a new testament requirement. It was just an understanding the Lord gave me.

        Now I know New Testament believers are not REQUIRED to tithe. However, does that somehow change the principle of giving and receiving? Not at all, because that is a principle, not a requirement. I still want to tithe, but now I want to do it not because it is a requirement, but just as a reaction to the fact that God has given me the power to get wealth. As I give, I know I will receive even more, because biblical principles don’t change.

        So I would recommend that people tithe, I would suggest that they do,perhaps even advise them to, but never insist that they do, or tell them they have to. You see, there is a difference between giving people a good idea, and misleading them into believing it is a requirement.

        I hope Prince hasn’t done the latter, and I would be hard pressed to believe it, as he is often greatly misunderstood by his critics.

        God bless you.

      • In the New Testament, you don’t have to tithe, but you GET TO because you want to honour and worship God with your increase, and also to bless others as you have been blessed with the increase. Tithing is not originated from the Old Testament law. Abraham was not under Mosaic Law (which wasn’t existent then), but he tithed to Melchizedek, who was a type of Christ (bread and wine–Christ’s body and shed blood), and he represents the priesthood we belong to today, and not the Aaronic priesthood, which came to a symbolic end when the high priest rent his garment during Jesus’ trial (Matthew 26:65), which was a forbidden act for a high priest under the Aaronic priesthood law (Leviticus 21:10).

        In New Creation Church, tithing is very much matter between the individual believer and God. If one does not have the revelation on tithing, we are told NOT to tithe (I think, lest one treats tithing as a means to obtain God’s favour and blessings, instead of these being the unmerited grace of God.) Nor is the believer ever made to feel guilty for not tithing or not giving to the offerings. Church ushers are instructed not to pass out envelopes, unless the members asked for them.

        [Note: The above is just my view and observation as an ordinary member of New Creation Church since 2011.]

  12. Raphael Ikem // January 17, 2014 at 8:57 pm // Reply

    Thanks for this blog Paul, doing a great job, I have been blessed by your facebook page, this year I joined your blog for updates. This is how I see God’s love it’s beyond human comprehension and I sometimes lack words to describe it, but truly drives away our fears anxieties and apprehensions. Many don’t want to accept it cos it’s not logical, it doesn’t operate the way we were law trained, truly if we are rooted in God’s love our belief system changes.

  13. If you by any means believe your or anyone’s physical healing will reveal something about Gods character you are mistaken. All it reveals is your unfortunate faith in the flesh . You already have every healing you could hope for it really is a done deal. If God heals someone physically to express this gift, it is not an expression of favour for one but rather a display of a gift for all who believe.

    • Hi Chris, I’m not following what you are saying. Are you responding to something specific that seemed to indicate something other than “by His stripes you are healed”? Thanks

  14. Hi LJP what is it that you struggle to follow.It is not a response to anything just what I believe God has said about physical healing.

  15. paul you are doing wonderful job. i love every single post of your’s.thank you jesus.

  16. I’ve been attending Pst prince’s church aka new creation church for over a decade now. I must tell you words cannot express my gratitude for his ministry. It’s through him I see how God can use a man who is willing and faithful to obey Him, to preach a radical grace message that God has called him to. And we are the beneficiary and the fruits of his ministry. So far so good, praise Jesus!

  17. I am a hyper Gracer, but I see the lies and fakings of these “word of Faith-ers”
    The older ones put on reading glasses , because of eye deficiencies of old age, yet claim “their power over all sickness and aging of the body….” They have grey hair and wrinkles too!
    So I highly recommend that you all just Be aware, that Satan can even lead you astray here with some of these guys!
    We all get old and weaker, and will experience some firms of sickness! It’s actually a mental disease to mislead people that all sickness can be overcome by “this new age mind sciences techniques”. There is greater power of His Life and His love to others when we experience weakness. To deny this, is to refute the message of Great Grace that came through the Apostle Paul! Just trust the Holy Spirit to be your teacher and Jesus to be your ultimate Pastor. Note: follow the money, tithing is all Old Covenant which no true member of the church should preach, except if they are a false hireling teachers who are doing this for money and self glory, I see this in Mr. Prince, and as “the Who” said, I won’t be fooled again.
    Beware those highly esteemed by others, vs, the end of the Parade, off scouring position that the world and most of the so-called “self centered “church” looked at Paul. Most ? “Converts” left him at the time of his death! A great Deception is upon you from these “Word of Faith” liars. Paul Crouch, who made them and their false healing doctrines “famous” just died of heart failure that he suffered with for his last 10 years…. This is all a lie, read the New Covenant epistles of Paul to learn the TRUE TRUTH.

    • When you said you were a “hyper gracer”, I was expecting something more encouraging. Is it ok to assault the character of men you don’t really know because some of their beliefs are different than yours? What about showing some respect to the grieving family of Paul Crouch? In the case of Pastor Prince, he ends every broadcast telling people to give their tithes to their local church.  

    • Joe A. Serge // February 26, 2014 at 9:03 am // Reply

      Hi Dave, Pastor Prince is indeed well-versed in the Scriptures.however yes,,we have to be aware in the Spirit because at times his sermons hints of a cult especially when he says God speaks to him directly and that occasion when bells mysteriously chimed as he as he preached. He’s good but he’s human and therefore susceptible to error… .. .. . .

    • Hi Dave, I don’t want to discount everything you said. There is good reason to say many in the church have gone too far in their teachings on giving. I think the issue lies more with making people feel obligated to give. The first instance of tithing in the Bible was prior to the law, so tithing in itself is not law. It becomes law when we make it an obligation. However, tithing can be done out of a motive to honor Jesus. This is what Joseph Prince teaches. He tells his own people not to tithe if they don’t see it as a way to honor Jesus. He also takes no salary from his church. He does promote books and teaching material, but saying that’s wrong is assuming his motive is wrong. Those teaching materials are spreading the gospel of grace and, as far as I know, most of that money goes back into spreading the gospel as well. Pastor Prince doesn’t know me, but I love him like a friend. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t speak up for him? I hope to see you share more of your views in the future (without naming names of course 🙂 ). Blessings

  18. The type of tithing that Joseph Prince teaches:

    1) Only tithe if you want. God loves a cheerful giver.

    2) There are tithing under the law or under Grace. Abram gave out of his abundance to Melchizedek who blessed him with the wine and the bread (Communion!). Under the Levi priesthood, there is tithing by the law, which is not valid today. Always remember, Jesus is a priest forever, “after the order of Melchizedek” (Hebrew 7). Under grace, we don’t need to – we GET to tithe.
    3) Tithing is God’s plan to prosper. How so? Hebrews 7 talked about this clearly. Paying the tithe to Melchizedek and receiving the blessing from him are both considered to be proof that Melchizedek was greater than Levi and all the Old Covenant priests. (Heb. 7:1–17). When you give tithes today, to Jesus, he has an avenue to bless the rest of your finances. Issac, son of Abraham, sowed in the middle of a famine, and he prospered.

    4) Tithing is for the local church – Joseph Prince preach strongly against people tithing to his TV ministries, and urge everyone to tithe to the local church so that there may be food in the house. (Malachi 3:10) In fact, New Creation Church RETURNS tithes back to people who tithe overseas to the ministry.

    5) Tithing is for believers with a revelation of Grace. Visitors and non-believers are advised repeatedly not to tithe. No tithe records of individuals are openly disclosed.

  19. Akwasi Prosperity // April 26, 2014 at 5:56 pm // Reply

    I will honor The Lord with my substance and the first fruit of all my increase. If I can’t give The Lord my money, what else can I give?? I have been financially blessed excellently and the testimonies keep increasing. There is nothing wrong in honoring The Lord with one tenth of your income. It is an expression of His love. I am greatly concerned about people who talk against tithing because tithing preceeded the Law…Abraham was the first to give his tithe. Can we say therefore that he erred?? The Lord offers us avenues to bless us financially and it is up to you to take it. You can choose to not to take it but in the name of Jesus, don’t discourage others

    • There is nothing wrong with giving. There is something wrong in selling grace.

      • Judah emory // March 7, 2015 at 12:31 pm //

        That is right the gospel of grace is a free gift. that is the point in hyper grace!

    • If you can’t give the Lord your money what else can you give? God does not need your money it is irrelevant to him he will be quite able to build his Kingdom without your contribution.If you think you honor God with ten percent of your income you are deceived you insult God with ten percent, you probably give your government more than this, and spend more than this on your idols.If you have given because of a correct heart attitude this is what he wants but even in this you will have no reason to boast as it is God that gives new hearts.Gods storehouse is filled with changed hearts not gold or silver or money as they have no value in Gods Kingdom.And this storehouse will be a testimony to his glory and he will share his glory with no man.God gives and we receive it is only in our arrogance that we think we can give God anything but our broken selves.

    • I tithed for several years and it never did me any good at all.

  20. I am someone who is currently struggling with mental health issues and my christian life. Being human, I have many questions, concerns, even doubts at times. I have read that 40+ milliion people suffer from anxiety or depression. I come from a christian background and the first thing out of very close family members was that depression, anxiety etc comes from the enemy. My question is, then do these 40+million people have spiritual issues? Needless to say, the information I was given my family memebers has made my anxiety worse (scared out of my mind) I have been on my knees praying for months for healing or just some kind of relief. On the other hand, I have also read that mental illness has a stigma and many people fail to recognize it as a disease as diabetes or cancer. I understand that we must put our trust in God, but what happens when a person has no relief?

    • Hi Mel, thanks for your comment. I have heard that as many as one in twelve people battles with some kind of mental illness and anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. are among the biggies. I would say it’s simplistic to assume mental illness is the result of demonic activity. There could be numerous causes – environmental, genetic, life-style, as well as spiritual. Stress is often a factor. I lived in Hong Kong where mental illness is virtually never discussed. There is a stigma attached and to discuss these things is to lose face. Now I live in New Zealand where people discuss mental illness with much more freedom. I believe the church has a huge opportunity to shine a light and bring comfort and hope to people suffering from mental illness.

      Have you read The Power of Right Believing? It is a good book. I trust the grace in it will help you.

      • I have not read the book, I have been thinking about it and researching. This is how I came across this site.

    • hi mel, I think Paul is right on about this,I deal everyday with a person with these issues,and it is a challenge, I always say im up for meds or miracles, which every helps, the enemy is usually in the mix somewhere, obviously he is not there to help,coming from a charismatic background,I have seen the demonic oppression side…….over the years I to believe right believing is the direction,” more light” if you will, I got tired of shouting at the devil,…I began to realize YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. The other day I read a quote from Derek Prince ” There is more power in one drop of Jesus blood than in all parts of satans kingdom put together.”

  21. Enjoying the honest and sharing of this sight I just found while visiting J. Prince.site.
    Will visit again soon?

  22. Hi!! I have been reading your website for a couple of days now, and it has been huge help, thank you for that! I have been saved for 3 years now, Jesus freed me from depression overnight, and I was introduced to real grace by Pastor Prince, I had revelations and a beautiful, free walk with Jesus, I was literally in love with Him.. But something happened… people told me things, like I was going to lose my salvation for a particular sin I did, and they mostly thought rules and laws, and my focus from Jesus shifted to myself. I don’t know when and I don’t know how it happened. I know for 2 years now that something has been going wrong, this is not the Jesus that saved me. But I have become like you described in your last lines… But I can still come back to grace right? I really want to and I really need to. I miss my Savior. Not like He has left but religion stole my Jesus. I want grace back… God is still ok with me and He will take me back right? I am so desperate to accept His grace. He is the only one I need. I am here a 24 year old girl, a mess, and feel like I have no future without God. just need to hear it.

    • Agnes, thank you for writing. You are right in saying religion has robbed you. In fact, yours is a common story. Many of us start with grace and drift into works. The good news is that God never changes and his love for you has not diminished one jot!

  23. Revival is coming to the entire world. It will be grace that melts the hearts of the unbelievers. The free gift of salvation provided by the beloved son of God will be poured out upon all flesh. Thank you Jesus for my salvation. I love you!

  24. Bought this book because you recommended it and I can say boldly that God used Joseph Prince to bless me. The chapter on playing the right mental movies helped me a lot. Pastor Prince said we need to replace a thought with another thought(right thought) to win. For years I struggled to believe right, always thought God was partial as He only blessed those who were in my eyes ‘keeping his commandments”. Shame on me! I was under the law but GRACE saved me and I now live life continuously replacing the enemy’s lies with the truth of God’s word.

    Thank you Paul.
    Greetings from Nigeria.

  25. Serge Kulapa // January 8, 2015 at 5:52 am // Reply

    The power of right believing has been a huge blessing for my life. I was blessed with a number of good stuffs in that book. Just to enumerate a couple: Firstly i discovered that my mind was the battle field and that my negative emotions (like fear, anxiety,etc) were result of wrong thinking. I’ve discovered the power of HOPE, etc. I’ve started putting these teaching in practice and have seen tremendous improvement in my own life and would recommend the book 11 out of 10.

  26. Joe A.Serge // March 10, 2015 at 5:18 am // Reply

    Pastor Prince is a great televangelist however, he errs when, as he did this week, says Christians should tithe. He says although the Old Covenant law demanding tithes no longer applies under New Covenant grace nevertheless, Christians should tithe to honor God, as Abraham did on meeting Melchizedek, king of Salem and high priest of God. Pastor Prince fails to recall that Christians do not follow the ways of Abraham and his Levite priesthood descendants. New Covenant believers are a royal priesthood and Jesus is our high priest. He doesn’t want a tangible homage – whether burnt offerings or money but that we extend love and mercy to one and all..

    • JP baffles me as well.He preaches grace and yet he says tithing is the way God blesses us financially.Well if Jesus paid it all then why does God require 10%?Why is that God requires nothing in the form of works righteousness to heal me(by his stripes we are healed etc)or supply my needs but contradictorily requires money to bless me financially?Or maybe the answer has something to do with the huge overheads of running his ministry?Which then begs the question of where is his faith if he feels the need to manipulate and cajole his congregants into paying up.All seems suspiciously like cherry picking the grace message which inevitably equals mixed grace.

  27. I am confused by the title ” Escape to Reality ” nobody argues about tables and chairs – that’s reality!

    On the other hand … God, Faith, belief in miracles, the Bible, Jesus, divine law … these are all supernatural and all unproven. They are about as far from reality as you can get.

    Looking at the comments here, like this one ” it will be grace that melts the hearts of the unbelievers ” – I doubt any one has sat down for a few hours with an Atheist. I bet most of you think Atheism is a denial of the existence of God , or you think Atheism is a Religion …. or you think Atheists believe in Satan … sound familiar? – that’s Church propaganda – and you have been brainwashed if you think like that.

    I am here because this book was mentioned in my Facebook Atheist Group “this book has transformed Atheists into full blooded Christians ” … well I am a “full blooded Atheist ” … and from what I have seen here and on youtube and the pages of the book I read on Amazon … it just confirms my doubts about the Theist claims, the same doubts I had 40 years ago when I first heard those claims.

    • Hi James,
      The meaning behind the name “Escape to Reality” is explained here. I am not sure why you claim miracles are unproven. Perhaps what you mean to say is you haven’t seen one. I know for a fact that grace melts the heart of an unbeliever because I have seen it many times. I have seen haters turned into lovers and atheists turned into believers. That’s not propaganda, just the truth.

      • Thanks, Paul I read it:
        Reality is found in Jesus Christ.” When Paul said this to the Colossians, he was drawing a line between the shadow of death-dealing religion and the substance of a life-giving Savior.

        // I have seen it many times //
        I am not sure what you have seen, but I will give you my analysis of a miracle. 60,000 people travel to Lourdes every year looking for a Miracle cure. Sure enough, about 6 people will be cured of some sort of ailment , even cancer.

        Now, you take 60,000 people at random, Atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, aboriginals … guess what , surprise-surprise , about 6 of them will also be cured of some ailment . What we have learnt is that just because we don’t understand why some people are ‘ miraculously ‘ cured , one thing for sure, we do not attribute that cure to some random supernatural event, because you have to ask yourself why won’t God heal amputees?

    • watch it James ,Its catching

  28. Tithing was first mentioned in Genesis, long before the covenant of Law.

    And no, JPM is not in the red, all thanks to the grace of God. If you’re living in America, you should be able to readily get their financial report yearly, I believe.

    In case you’re wondering, I don’t work for JPM and have never met Joseph Prince face to face. Yes, I used to be curious too to see if he received any salary or royalties and dug into the financial reports. The findings? No, he never received either remuneration. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself.

  29. I love this book! I have a copy and also have listened to it on Audible a few times. Highly recommended. I have a mental illness as well. I’m hoping Jesus will heal me.

  30. Guess what!? Guess what!? After discovering your website, and receiving teaching from you and Joseph Prince, I began to supernaturally become more and more set free from near 30 years of mental illness! I was busting at the seams to share my story. When my 10-year-old daughter came down with a Mental illness, we began going to my pastor for counseling. I started to share with him bits and pieces of my story. He was intrigued with this abounding grace that set me free like mainstream Christianity never could. He asked me to write my testimony, and it was revelation for him. He actually preached a message on it and 5 people got saved. Then he had me share my testimony in front of the church. I want to tell you the whole story (but don’t have room) of the incredible way it happened. But being an introvert and terrified of public speaking (and waking up hoarse and sniffling like crazy that day), I found out where I am weak, HE is strong!

    It went amazingly well, and I had several people impacted, and tell me to write a book. My pastor texted me his publisher the next day, and said I’ve got 6 months to write a book! It all began the day I stumbled across escapetoreality.org I can’t thank you enough, and don’t suppose I’ll get the chance in person until eternity!

    “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

  31. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Thank you!

    • I’m sorry to hear that. You should be able to manage comments by clinking the link that comes in each email. If that’s not working for you, you could add them to your blocked addresses.

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