Grace bumper stickers

Recently someone wrote to ask me if they could put on the back of their truck along with a short grace slogan. I was honored to be asked. But their request got me thinking about grace slogans. In short, can the message of grace be reduced to a bumper sticker?

The gospel is simple. You don’t need a degree to get it. Nor do you need to read Hebrew or Greek to understand it. So theoretically, there should be no reason why the message of grace can’t be reduced to a sound-bite.

But grace itself is HUGE. Paul wrote of God’s hyper-grace (Rom 5:20) and Peter wrote of God’s manifold grace (1 Pet 4:10). To paraphrase Brennan Manning, putting grace on a bumper-sticker is like trying to contain Niagara Falls in a tea-cup.

Can it be done?

I put this question to readers of E2R’s Facebook page and got some brilliant – and some not-so-brilliant – responses, and I have turned some of these into bumper stickers (see below). You can decide for yourself which ones are the brilliant ones.

(If you like any of these stickers you can make one for yourself at

grace stickers_sq

What do you think? Do any of these grab you? Can you do better?

If you’re a long-time E2R reader, you may recall a post entitled, “The Gospel in One Word, Two Words…” In that post I presented some short gospels – many fewer than ten words – and invited readers to do likewise. Some of their suggestions ended up in my book, The Gospel in Ten Words.

So here is today’s challenge: Can you convey something of the manifold and hyper-grace of God in a bumper-sticker sized quote? If you can I might put your suggestion in my next book for the whole world to see! So let’s see what you’ve got.

47 Comments on Grace bumper stickers

  1. Grace (Jesus) > Sin

  2. Jesus Loves You!
    (But I’m His Favorite!)

  3. Mary Kay Riley // August 8, 2014 at 2:29 am // Reply

    I like Brennan Manning’s quote, “Trying to put grace on a bumper-sticker is like trying to contain Niagra Falls in a tea cup.” Would that fit? It sure explains it well.

  4. MARLENE KOVECK // August 8, 2014 at 2:30 am // Reply

    “Grace Reigns”

  5. Grace is obliging and constraining to goodness: Let not sin reign, but yield yourselves unto God; , Rom. 6:12-13. The love of Christ constrains us not to live to self, but to him 2 Co. 5:14,15. We must exercise ourselves to godliness.

  6. Doug Thompson // August 8, 2014 at 3:03 am // Reply

    I’ve been to think of a Grace slogan for a t-shirt or cap?!

  7. I like it,I have a hard enough time coming back from the responses,and now you want me to advertise and get rocks thrown at me. the only thing I can think of to work into a grace bumper stinker would be something my mother used to say when something was hard to do,she used to say { your trying to hard.} sooooo maybe along the lines of [its not grace if your trying to hard].

  8. It’s an old acronym, but i think it works well. God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. Or Maybe, God’s Righteousness At Christ’s Expense.

  9. I liked the one that said, ” God even loves your Mother-in-Law” 🙂
    How about, ” God’s love never hurts”

  10. REPENT!!! from self righteousness 

    Legalism is wrong. Grace is right.

    Grace – The new law

    (Ok sorry)

    I love you. -God

    Do you know how much I love you? -God

    I love you so much. -God

  11. If you could earn it. It wouldn’ be grace.

    If you can’t lose it, if you never earned it.

    Grace: Receiving Gods best when you feel like you deserve His worst.

  12. Psalm150:6 // August 8, 2014 at 4:02 pm // Reply

    “Grace, Its free or its nothing.”

    “God finished the race with a capital G. Grace.”

    Law =you must be perfect
    Grace= God is perfect.

  13. Deborah Kean // August 8, 2014 at 4:36 pm // Reply

    The mother-in-law ones are stupid (speaking as a mother-in-law), and as for the USA one, I didn’t know yours was an American site Paul?

  14. Grace…believe, receive, enjoy, repeat!

  15. rajesh khakha // August 8, 2014 at 6:49 pm // Reply

    G- GOD IS

  16. “Ask not what YOU can do for GRACE, but what GRACE has done for YOU.” (

  17. One suggestion above prompted me to add one of my grace songs to the mix.- despite its length. It is all part of the Niagra Falls of Daddy’s love for you and me!

    Amazibg grace, God’s Righteousness
    At Christ’s Expense for me.
    You paid the ransom I could not
    To buy my Liberty.

    You bore God’s wrath and every curse
    While dying on a Tree.
    With You, I died and rose again,
    Brand New, Alive and Free.

    My outer man has yet to know
    Full freedom from all sin.
    Yet You forgave me totally
    And now reside within.

    There’s nothing I can say or do
    To earn your lavish Grace.
    Instead, I trust your Finished Work
    That nothing can erase.

    I thank you, Lord, for all You have done
    Far more than the eyes can see.
    By faith in You I now receive
    Your life abundantly.
    C Sermon Song © Copyright 2009 by Leonard J. Ransil

  18. Jesus is the only star in this show.
    Grace for the worst of us no if, ands, or buts about it.

  19. “Lifes blurry without Grace.”
    “Without Grace its just a frown on your face.” —Psalm 34:5
    “Without Grace its just a endless race.”

  20. Grace is a person who shows you how much God loves you.
    Have you met Him yet?

  21. Grace makes beauty out of ugly things.
    I’ll have to ask Bono first though!

  22. G-Gone to





  23. Sheryl Fauceglia // August 12, 2014 at 2:59 pm // Reply

    “Got Grace?”
    “Grace7” (picture a little 7 to symbolize grace to the 7th power)

  24. “Its laws’t in space without Grace.”
    “Get out of outerspace with Grace.”
    “Abundant joy and fresh legs begin at the finish line. Grace” —John 19:30
    “Traded my stinky old lawboots for some fresh running and dancing shoes. Grace.”
    “There is no bad news in the good news. Grace.” From the book The Gospel in Ten Words— Ellis
    “Jesus is Grace or nothing at all.”

  25. Noble assignment, gives me somthing to think about while pastors mix law and Grace:)
    God’s soo good its embarresing these days. Thanks for helping the scales fall off my eyes Paul! I can barely contain the new energy and love of Gods word since reading your book. “The Gospel in Ten Words.” Our families ministry for the last two months since reading your book has skyrocketed!!! Grace and Peaceto you and yours in abundance sire. 🙂

    • I’m glad to hear my book has been a blessing! Thanks for letting me know.

    • Paul – I devoured your book, bought 3 more hard copies to give and lent my kindle copy electronically. I hurt for those who suffer for lack of Grace awareness/acceptance. Including people I love. I wish there was a book that documents 25 short, real life stories of what happens to someone when they “get” Grace. I got everything I ever wanted when I “got” Grace 3 years ago after suffering for 40 years.

      • I’m replying to myself. Often, I falter often. Usually it’s when I read a verse that is one of those which SEEMS to challenge my Grace view. I can go into a 24 hour (or so) taillspin of fear and depression. Don’t know if you have any advice. I almost feel like I can’t read the Bible.

      • I went through the same thing for a while, but once we know grace and love is who He really is, we question anything that contradicts His true nature. This doesn’t mean we have to rewrite the Bible, it means we’re not infallible and there’s probably another way to look at it. How does a loving Father raise His children? Does He condemn them, dwell on their faults, or only bless them if they can measure up? We’ve been led to believe this is how our heavenly Father deals with us, but this represents a god we formed in the image of our old self. Our new self is formed in His beautiful image. This is how the Holy Spirit teaches us. He’s not revealing sin, He’s revealing the beauty of who we are in perfect union with Jesus.

  26. Why not challenge some folk for some convo starters.

    “I am worthy of grace.”

    “Grace is not grim. ”

    “Grace is like Waffle House, it’s everywhere and delicious.”

    “Darkness holds against you, he does not.” – Yoda

  27. I became a child of God, because of the works and performance of Jesus(at the cross)!

  28. Grace makes the Kingdom go round

    Grace NOT graft

    Gripped by gratuitous Grace

    I’m running on Grace

    YOU need Grace

  29. Grace- The Final Frontier.

  30. (picture of a wispy dandelion) GRACE. No longer afraid to blow it.

    Grace > All The Rules You Keep

    REDEEMED… and relaxed.

    GRACE. Twin Brother of the King of Kings.

    Holy, Righteous, and Redeemed.

    Righteousness in Christ > Haters in the World

    We Are As He Is In THIS WORLD.

    Nothing Can Separate Us From His Love

    On a permanent vacation… in Grace

    RETIRED… No longer keeping the rules.


    Live by the rules < Live by the Spirit

    Made Perfect in Christ

    Moms Against Legalism

    Don't Let Your Friends Get Legalistic

    Armenianism Is For Losers

    (haha, sorry, that one made me laugh…)

    confess and repent….
    confess and repent…
    confess and repent…
    now repeat…

    past, present, and future…

    Sealed in the Holy Spirit

    Hyper-Grace Preacher on Board

    My other car was stolen by a legalist. Ironic, eh?

    God Believes In You!

  31. Religion says do. Jesus says done.

  32. Late entry-
    In the words of a president of USA;
    “It’s grace stupid!”

  33. Grace is the NEW….Covenant!
    Making the jump to HYPERGRACE.

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