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In a couple of months Escape to Reality will be five years old. Five years isn’t a long time, but my goodness, a lot of water has gone under that bridge. Truly grace is a fast-flowing river that will take you a long way in a short time.

Here’s a comment I received from a kind reader: “I have learned more truth in less than one month following E2R than I have learned in 21 years of religion.” Does this mean I am the world’s greatest teacher? Nope. But Jesus is the Truth I have written about in every article here on E2R. Indeed, he is the Reality in E2R.

(Incidentally, I have a theory that religion makes us dumb but grace makes us wise, which is interesting because religion is complicated while grace is simple. Yet God chooses the simple things to confound the so-called wise and his grace makes wise the simple. This means there are three kinds of people: the confounded, the wise, and those in between. Which one are you?)

Anyhoo, five years and 400 Jesus-focused articles later, here we are. It’s been an amazing journey and it’s far from over. But this may be a good time to pull the boat out of the white water and take stock of the countryside through which we are travelling.

To that end I have written a book. It’s called Grace Disco and it’s out TODAY. This book is a compilation of some of the best articles from E2R along with reflections and stories about how each was conceived, received, and that sort of thing. Here’s an excerpt:

Why did I call this book Grace Disco? C.S. Lewis described our relationship with the Lord as a dance. If it is, it is not a ballroom dance that demands a high degree of skill, nor is it a ballet that requires years of training. Grace is a tune anyone can dance to. Grace is the happy beat that gets your feet tapping, your shoulders shimmying and draws you onto the floor.

School discos—remember them? They were great equalizers. On the dance floor it made not one jot of difference whether you were good at maths or were the captain of the team. All that mattered was that you joined in and had fun.

That’s how it is with grace. It doesn’t matter how good you are or whether you’re some kind of big shot. All that matters is that you join in. And when you hear the sweet tunes of God’s favor towards you, you will.

I have been working on Grace Disco for over a year and it has been a fun exercise. I have enjoyed digging around in the archives and I have been blessed reading the discussion threads. In preparing this book I have given the original articles a bit of spit and polish and now they really shine, and the testimonies of how they have been received bear witness to the fruit of this gospel message.

Who is this book for?

Grace Disco_medGrace Disco is a photo album for those who have been here from the beginning and it’s box of unopened treasure for those who have just joined us. But it’s especially for those who have not heard the gospel of grace and who may not be in the habit of reading blogs.

In short, Grace Disco may be the perfect Christmas present for your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, home group, pastor, church – basically anyone who needs to hear how much God loves them. And you can get it TODAY without having to drive, park, queue, or push your way into a crowded mall!

And as a way of saying thank you to you, dear reader, I want to let you in on a little secret: this week you can get Grace Disco for FREE on Kindle if you buy it in paperback (through the Kindle-matching program). So why not get a bunch of books to give away and grab a free one for yourself? You can also get Grace Disco cheap on PDF.

Grace Disco is more than a book. It’s an invitation to jump into the river of God’s grace. It’s a revelation of Jesus who makes wise the simple and teaches us to dance! Why not grab your copy of Grace Disco right now?

49 Comments on Grace Disco – out today

  1. Dear Brother Paul,

    Thank you very very much for all that you have done and are doing for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I discovered you and your website exactly one year ago and I cannot begin to tell you how much my life and changed and how much peace and serenity that has come into my life and world by what I have learnt reading your articles.

    Please consider producing a discipleship manual of sorts or a compendium of studies on the subject of Grace and the New Covenant that we can use to disciple and train believers from new birth to matured ministers of the gospel. It will be a very much needed work for growing and maturing the Body of Christ globally and universally.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and grant you fresh revelation in the knowledge of Him.

    Please keep up the good work. You are truly a blessing in our generation.


  2. zenithsuperlative // November 28, 2014 at 10:42 pm // Reply

    Administrator! The link to the PDF is broken – please fix, I really want to read this!
    Thank you!

  3. Paul love the message of the New Covenant and Grace . My husband and I pastor a wee church in South west Scotland on the River Clyde. Our music team of two have written New Covenant Songs for the past year and one is called River of Grace. Love it! Thankyou.
    Let this message flood the church and cause it to Awake to RIGHTEOSNESS and let’s all join the Dance.

  4. Hey Paul,

    Good idea! Only, you should have warned us … we been saving your articles for some years now and I guess they don’y shine as the ones you polished. Can we send them back in for a face-lift?

    u r blessed and happy anniversary

  5. Thank you Paul.  God bless you. 

  6. PDF link does not work. Sorry.


  7. If people could just hear it Grace would be packing the dance floor!
    The best “set” in history comes courtesy of M.C. J.C.
    Keep spreading the Word.

  8. A moment was not lost here, in buying [the Kindle version of] Grace Disco! Even though I’m new to your writings, I’ve become expectant of the next blog, the next book and whatever I can learn to enrich ‘the Dance’! Looking forward to a Good.Read, over Christmas, and to encourage others to join me. (I’m sure I’ll be buying more copies… ) Thank You!

  9. Paul, I could not get the PDF of Grace Disco. Thank you, be blessed, Ed

  10. “Religion makes us dumb, but grace makes us wise. Religion is complicated, while grace is simple. Yet God chooses the simple things to confound the so-called wise and his grace makes wise the simple. This means there are three kinds of people: the confounded, the wise, and those in between. Which one are you?”

    I much prefer the simple life. Thank God for grace and for Paul Ellis.

  11. Paul, the PDF link does not work…is there a reason for that.

  12. realizing the freedom of grace has taken the good part of 40 yrs,coming from a catholic background,I began promoting transcendental meditation in 12 grade Catholicism class because things where pretty dry ,when i first heard [ learned] about the charismatic thing, I had never heard or seen anything like that before,anyway threw teachers like Bob Mumford and Derek Prince and having a personal relationship with these men , I experience freedom I had never known. Then in the early 80s I found Andrew Wommack. and then, accidentally found Joesph Prince,thinking he was related to Derek Prince,the dance REALLY started and then E2R came along and things started ROCKIN. Thank you Paul. brother Earl

  13. Can’t download pdf says page not available

  14. Was looking forward to reading this. Love your articles and Gospel in 10 Words is probably my favourite book ever (with Gospel in 20 Questions being very high up the list as well).

    Unfortunately the PDF link doesn’t work though.

  15. Hi Paul,

    I’m sure many would join me in saying such a big thank you for all you do and your postings. You have bought blessings to a multitude directly and also indirectly. Our Father bless you mate.

  16. Hi Paul, PDF link does not work….. Even this one: ( that you have re-posted. I am not sure what is wrong?

  17. Hi everyone,
    Just to let you know the good folks at Gumroad have fixed the link problem, so the PDF will appear now. Thanks.

  18. Si fu!

  19. How could you do this to me, Paul?! I’m backed up already on the Ellis works with The Big House tantalisingly close (thank you Kindle) but frustratingly no time to read it before the Christmas holidays! Now you rub Grace salt into the wound with a new, delicious offering!! Not fair! I want to say thank you but …….oh okay, Thank You in anticipation, Paul. No more till January though, right??
    Nah, what am I saying, you’re awesome. Keep it comin’ !

  20. The Religion of hyper grace is surely smarter than the other dumb religion of following commandments. Gee some of you are so brave! You all failed in following commandments and the faith it takes to allow God to do it with his spirit but you excel in blind faith of hypergrace with no rules because you don’t have to do anything. I see how you do it now. Just make God agree with everything we want and just add water. It’s fantastic!

    • Actually I think pretending to keep the rules is the easier route, especially if you get to pick and choose. In contrast, a relationship based on love requires real effort – it’s just that it doesn’t feel like effort. Just ask any parent.

    • God is the TRUE FATHER.
      When you can see Him like this you see how offensive to Him is thinking he wants us to keep rules.
      Ask to know how much He longs for you Zak and be blessed!

      • Zak Stokic // December 1, 2014 at 1:43 pm //

        Fair comment Lewis although I have no doubts about The Fathers love, I experience it every day.:-)

    • Let’s see—
      the kindness that Paul teaches
      the anger that Zak teaches.
      Hmmm. Such a hard choice.

  21. Hey, Paul. I ordered your book, but don’t see how to get the free Kindle of it. How do I do that? I’ll be telling our study about it tomorrow night. We’re reading aloud through your The Gospel in 20 Questions book and being mega blessed and joyed! Thank you!

    In our Christ’s Love & Grace, Lynn \o/

  22. Paul,
    Thanks for this high octane distillation of Reality.
    Every page enlarges my heart, as I contemplate my loving Father and see my world through the eyes of His grace.
    May grace, joy and peace continue to abound in your direction.

  23. Paul,

    Thanks to your blog and your book The Gospel in 10 Words, my husband and I were able to learn the truth of the Gospel and get away from a cult church last November. Since then we’ve found an amazing church family and given birth to a beautiful son who we love more than words can express. I am so thankful to God showing us the truth through you so we can raise our child to know how much God loves him. Thank you so much for sharing Jesus with the world.

  24. I am thankful for simplicity. Does Jesus then see greater wisdom in the simple than Solomon who wrote to make wise the simple? I think I trust Jesus by now.

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