Some honest answers for Michael Brown

Brown and PrinceCharismaNews has just published an article entitled “Some honest questions for Joseph Prince.” In it Michael Brown puts 11 questions to “Pastor Prince and those who embrace the modern grace message.” Unlike Pastor Prince, I’m not a busy man. I don’t have to preach four or five times this Sunday. So I have taken it upon myself to respond to these questions on behalf of all who embrace the gospel of grace.

Regular readers will know that this is not the first time I have responded to something Michael Brown has written against the grace message. “Paul, why do you keep taking the bait?” Because I enjoy it. I appreciate the opportunity he gives me to proclaim the gospel of grace.

Plus, as an author, I can tell you that January is a quiet month for selling books and there’s nothing like a bit of controversy to boost sales.

Michael mentions a couple of his titles, so permit me to mention mine. The timing is propitious since my book The Hyper-Grace Gospel: A Response to Michael Brown and Those Opposed to the Modern Grace Message has just won a Silver Medal at the Illumination Book Awards. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the academy and Dr. Michael Brown, without whom this award would not have been possible.

Okay, advertising over, let’s get down to business. Below are shortened versions of Michael’s eleven questions along with my brief responses to each.

1. Does God require anything from you as his child, other than receive his grace? If so, are there spiritual benefits that come through obeying these requirements and spiritual losses that come from ignoring them?

Ephesians 1:3 tells us that every spiritual blessing comes to us through Christ. There are no extra blessings that come to us separately from Christ and in response to our obedience. All is grace.

2. Is it possible for us to displease the Lord? Is he always pleased with us? Can we grieve the Holy Spirit?

As I say elsewhere, the notion that “Hyper-grace preachers say God is not grieved by your sin” is a myth. Your choices and behavior can grieve the Holy Spirit, but only because he cares for you and wants you to prosper in every area of your life. Your behavior matters because you matter. But don’t confuse behavior with identity. You are not defined by what you do. Your identity is Christ and in him you are and always will be 100 percent pleasing and acceptable to God.

3. If the Lord always sees you as perfect, is there any way for you to disappoint him? I’ve heard it said that we can only grieve or disappoint him by not trusting his grace, but according to your message, hasn’t that sin been forgiven as well?

Yes, every sin was carried on the cross and in Christ we are completely and eternally forgiven. Still, there are things we can do that make the Lord sad, such as being slow of heart to believe the good news of his grace.


4. If God has pronounced your future sins forgiven in the same way he has pronounced your past sins forgiven, why do Paul and other New Testament writers address these very sins in their letters? Why does God bring our present sins up to us in the New Testament, even warning us about the dangers of walking in those sins, if they have also been forgiven and forgotten in advance?

God will never judge or punish you for the sins that Christ bore on the cross. The audacious claim that he chooses not to remember or record your sins comes straight from scripture (Rom 4:7-8, 2 Cor 5:19). In Christ, you have received redemption and the forgiveness of sins (Eph 1:7, Col 1:14). So why do Paul and the other NT writers talk about sin? Because sin is destructive. Sin can hurt you. Your Father loves you too much to say nothing while you ruin your life. Your sin won’t undo the work of the cross, but it could undo you, your marriage, and your family.

5a. A leading hyper-grace teacher claims that the doctrine of progressive sanctification is a “spiritually murderous lie”…

Clark Whitten makes this claim (on page 28 of his excellent book Pure Grace) and I agree with him. The “saved by grace but perfected by human effort” teaching has produced a church that is, in Whitten’s words, “judgmental, angry, hopeless, helpless, dependent, fearful, uninspired, ineffective, and perpetually spiritually immature.” He’s right. The idea that sanctification is something we produce is a stone cold grace-killer.

5b. If “progressive sanctification” simply means to walk out our holiness with the help of the Spirit, what is so dangerous about this teaching?

There is nothing dangerous about it, since that is what scripture and hyper-grace teachers teach. In Christ we are 100 percent holy. The message we preach is “be who you truly are.” But this is not progressive sanctification as most understand the phrase, or as Michael himself describes in his Hyper-grace book when he says our sanctification is positional (ie: not real) and something to pursue. Michael insists “sanctification is a process!” (p.100) and he interprets New Testament exhortations as demands and requirements that must be obeyed, but I smell carrots and sticks.

6. We agree that the Holy Spirit never condemns us for our sins as believers, but does he ever make us uncomfortable when we sin?

Jesus called him the Comforter, not the Discomforter, so I guess not (John 14:16). I have written elsewhere on how God deals with us when we sin.

7. We agree that we do not need to confess every sin we commit each day in order to “stay saved,” but is any type of confession and request for forgiveness appropriate? For example, is it appropriate for believers to say, “Father, I’m sorry for sinning and I ask you to wash me clean”?

It’s not wrong to ask God for forgiveness and grace in your hour of need. If asking helps you to receive what God has already provided, have the freedom to ask. What’s not okay is telling people that God only forgives them because they ask, confess, repent, or do anything. The Bible teaches that we are forgiven in accordance with the riches of his grace (Eph 1:7), not our asking.

8. I know that you are against certain types of self-examination lest you become “sin conscious”… (But) if I understand you correctly, you would question the salvation of someone who demonstrated no change of life and continued to walk in unrepentant sin. But doesn’t this mean that, on some level, you are looking at your “performance” to verify your salvation?

Not performance, but fruit. Performance suggests a show put on to impress others; spiritual fruit can only be produced by the Lord. If you want to know if someone has been apprehended by the love of God, look for the fruit. Fruit are not sin. Fruit always point to Jesus.

9. Do you think there’s any danger in claiming that the teachings of Jesus before the cross don’t apply to us as believers today?

In his book Michael suggests that hyper-grace preachers claim “The teachings of Jesus are not for us today” (p.203). This comes in a chapter entitled “Why are we running from the words of Jesus?” But who’s running? Who is dismissing the pre-cross words of Jesus? Certainly not Joseph Prince or any other prominent grace preacher. These are scurrilous claims which may be why Michael doesn’t repeat them here. Instead, we get the watered-down hypothetical: Is it dangerous to dismiss the pre-cross teachings of Jesus? Of course it is, Michael, which is why we don’t do it. Please stop suggesting that we do.

10. What does it mean to walk in the fear of the Lord? What do you make of verses like this: “And if you address as Father the One who impartially judges according to each one’s work, conduct yourselves in fear… (1 Pet. 1:17).

What does it mean for the wives of unbelieving husbands to live in “purity and reverence” (1 Peter 3:2)? I only mention this because the word for reverence is the same word for fear Peter uses in chapter 1. If Michael is suggesting that we fear the Lord, is he also suggesting wives fear their husbands? Surely not. Jesus says that to fear the Lord is to worship him.

11. Do you see any possible danger in emphasizing that it is impossible for a believer to lose his or her salvation? On a practical level, do you feel it’s important to add any scriptural caveats to your teaching of eternal security and, if so, how can you do this without putting an emphasis on “performance”?

There is no danger in reassuring believers that Jesus keeps his promises. Instead of preaching “scriptural caveats” I recommend we preach the gospel. Instead of judging the performance of others, I recommend we preach the performance of Jesus. This is what Joseph Prince and every other grace preacher does.

Grace and peace to you all.

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118 Comments on Some honest answers for Michael Brown

  1. I never listen to believers with ‘doctorates’…they simply tend to be arrogant and uber-critical of the ministries that are leading people to Jesus… Paul, Jesus & Peter weren’t doctorates…

    • Um, well, this is awkward.

      • Paul, I unfiortunately don’t use the language that most believers do, because I;m niot there yet. I am just tired of Christians trashing people like Joseph Prince, Joel Osteen, Keeneth E. Hagin, etc. I may not have it all together and who ever could argue that they did…but guys liek Doctorate Brown don’t know what they are talking about. I now have almost 300 of JP’s sermons. Not bragging on me, but bragging on the Lord.

        Years ago, never would have bought a tape from a preacher. I know what JP preaches. Brown is wrong. He is a bomb thrower. He is not a preacher. He’s doing the enemy’s work. More than likely not knowingly but of ignorance. But he can go shove his doctorate you know where. Never once heard JP bad moyuth one preacher. Not even Osteen & he is fiercely attacked. Shows you what ‘spirit’ they come from brother.

      • What’s up Doc!

      • Rob said, “Brown is wrong. He is a bomb thrower. He is not a preacher. He’s doing the enemy’s work. More than likely not knowingly but of ignorance. But he can go shove his doctorate you know where. Never once heard JP bad mouth one preacher. Not even Osteen & he is fiercely attacked. Shows you what ‘spirit’ they come from brother.”

        First of all I know Dr. Brown personally. He is a mentor to me. Also, I know SJ Hill (as in the author of Enjoying God and other books based on grace and the love of the Father) personally, and is a mentor to me as well. To some degree these two men are on oppposite in of the spectrum. However, they both love God. I could glean stuff from Joseph Prince as well.

        I would say to Rob that the devil is the accuser of Christians. I would be very careful to say he’s doing the enemy’s work and he can shove his dr you know where…just for a few reasons. It’s doesn’t provide grace to those who hear.(Eph and Col both talk about this). It in and of itself is a quote of disdain and pride (at least in how it sound). Secondly, I know what Dr. Brown has done for the kingdom. Tread lightly my friend.

      • Paul if you have a doctorate I’m sorry if I offended you. I wasn’t trying to malign people with doctorates or any degree. My point really is that everywhere I catch brown opining on ‘grace preachers’ he touts his doctorate overa nd over again as if it makes him an expert on the Gospel of Grace. I consider the Apostle Paul and expert on the Gospel of Grace and Brown does not share the same beliefs as the Apostle Paul. And the more I listen to Prince and read the scriptures he refers to, the more its quite clear to me that the Lord has given Prince a revelation of the Pauline gospel. And Brown’s attack on preachers like Joseph Prince is not doing the Body of Christ any favor. He is simply trying to block people from the Grace of God and their miracle, ignorantly and not realizing it.

      • No, I’m not offended at all – just amused. 🙂

      • it is not always about the preacher bu the lies. no where in the word does it mention radical grace. but as much as you believe what u believe you still could yourself be driving others away. either way we will ALL BOW BEFORE GOD ALL. believers and unbelievers alike. so i trust the way i reverence him here is the same in heaven and even more. so why would he not enjoy how i honor him but in heaven ask me to bow, when here it was not obligation an even at all. NO sometime you see the crap and those who party in it. why should i do anything else but pray,AS IF YOU CAN ESCAPE GOD. God know who you are as well as everyones heart. why am i fretting, no need some will be some will not be that is fact. i need to detach myself,and only God can do that for me. but there is a lot of bullshit out their including radical grace ,hyper grace. this is too much when GRACE alone was sufficient and still is.. you do what u have to drive influence whoever. no one escapes their dues here on in eternity, sins are washed but u will still be held accountable for much more. loll!

      • Can demons type or text?

      • LOL!

      • Kael Cee // May 4, 2016 at 2:41 pm //

        I’m taking up my doctorate but I am a hyper grace believer. I see the hopelessness that mixed gospel brings. It makes you happy, and sometimes it makes you sad. It makes you kind, and sometimes it makes you mad. Thanking Paul Ellis for his insights on pure grace.

    • wdlyonsjr,

      I’m not against love for the brethren (quite the opposite) and obviously that’s what you want but do you really expect something really clean. I’m not condoning Rob saying Dr Brown can shove it you know where but seriously you seem to expect all Christians to be nice and sinless (perhaps I’m wrong). Yet the apostles before and after the cross were human. They argued, Peter was a hypocrite, Paul had his own issues he admitted to, Peter denied The Lord, John wanted to call down fire from heaven on some people and it’s interesting how The Lord dealt with all this. Not what we’d expect. My point is the world is looking for something real (not people who claim to be perfect) and I just hope you don’t forget “the least of these”.

      • My comments weren’t what most Christians would utter out of their mouths, but I’m still a baby Christian in terms of how to communicate. BUT, people like ‘Doctor’ Brown have driven me away from church my whole life.

        If people could change their behavior they would. You wouldn’t need Jesus and youw ouldn’t have anything superiro to what the godless world has. And Brown bugs me greatly because Prince and Osteen are the first preachers whoever showed ME that the Lord understands my struggles and what drives bondages and sins in my life. And Brown is WRONG for attacking preachers that are helping believers believe correctly.

        Prince & Osteen give me hope that the Lord can change me. Brown tells me, stay away from church and the Bible, we are holier than though. So yea I get agree with Browns and how they think a doctorate gives you a monopoly on revelation.

      • Aaron Ashby // February 4, 2015 at 5:33 pm //

        Well said brother, it makes me angry as well. My whole life I’ve been under the hammer of church and for many many years have been bitter. God has been taking away my bitterness and shaping me in boldness. Standing for the True Gospel is such a privilege, and God is showing me which battles to fight. He will bring us through this old condemning mindset, as He has already.

      • Rob dear, I understand what your saying but i pity any Christian or otherwise who thinks a doctorate gives them more superiority as the word states, “not many wise, not many mighty, not many noble were called but he chooses the foolish things to confound the wise, 1 Corin 1:26. He never sees his bride has foolish but according to how the world sees us; for we are fools for Christ sake, Not withstanding thou, God can and has used those who obtained doctorate for specific groups if its of grace. Paul in the bible was so educated, he was like a doctorate or obtained phd level on Pharisee, (“Pharisee of the Pharisee”).. This is a revelation I got from our Lord, there are two types of Grace attackers,, the jealous ones like the Pharisees who was jealous of Jesus,, yet they knew he was the one to come and tired to oppose him, The other group genuinely do not know but love the Lord.

    • Even though Michael is a legalistic writer, let us not respond to him with bitterness, hatred and anger lest we would be acting like the world which we are not. We are set apart people with a right standing with God and God loves us as much as He loves Michael. I just pray that Michael’s eyes will be opened to the riches of God’s grace and hopefully he will live a more satisfying life with love like Christ’s. Amen!

    • Once, an elderly man told me to my face that my ministry leadership was inferior to his because he has two PhDs. I was at a loss for words with incredulity. I admit, after the shock wore off, I went through a sense of anger at being belittled like that, but I also didn’t feel right about “pulling rank;” wouldn’t that just put me on the same level? So I forgave him (by which I mean, I chose to let God deal with him instead of doing it myself). God tells us that He opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble (see 1 Peter 5:5). I wouldn’t worry about the foolishness or pride of others. It’s much more gratifying to thank Jesus when going through a humbling experience because it’s a unique, precious chance to respond as He would. Also, for those who may be interested, the entire chapter of Philippians 2 is a gorgeous exposition of behavior worthy of a “spiritual royal,” AKA child of God.

      • Don’t forget that God has also “qualified us to be ministers of a new covenant” (2 Cor 3:6). You don’t need a certificate to be qualified – you just need to believe God!

    • Doctorates didn’t exist in the 1st century, but Paul most certainly did have the equivalent of a doctorate. He was one of the most educated people of his time. Doctorates and education are not evil. We all should pursue more knowledge, just not at the expense of a relationship with God. Knowledge of God is the preeminent thing.

    • I don’t think they had doctorates back then anyway.

  2. Boom! I like it when a plan comes together!! lol
    To add to point 8….I like to get people to compare that of a parent and their love for their child or a spouse in how they feel towards their other half. In regards to their child….do you feed your child for fear of punishment if you don’t care for them or do you do it because you love them?

  3. I doubt Joseph Prince will answer these questions, since he says he doesn’t answer his critics. But Paul has done a fine job answering these briefly and honestly. And the manner in which he answered suggests to me that he didn’t even break a sweat. No contortion involved or twisting scripture. I love the answer about fear of the Lord. I see such peace and rest in grace (not to mention good fruit).

    • Why should Joseph Prince waste his time answering critics who don’t even come close to having a ministry, like his? And Jesus has blessed that ministry. Its not a ‘man -made’ ministry.

      A lot of Tom, Dick and Harry Christians in the pews, not doing squat for Jesus but criticizing his anointed. Sometiems I wish we were back under the Old Covenant so the rpeacher’s critics would be swallowed up by the earth, the way it happened to those jokers who criticized Moses. Thank God for the underserved, unearned favor of God. The critics would be generating an obscene amount of business for funeral homes.

      And their preachers would blab about how God needed another flower in His garden, as opposed to removing another evil voice for the enemy…

      • Wayne Nickel // August 30, 2015 at 11:03 am //

        “Why should JP answer critics”. While JP has been preaching a wonderful grace message so did C Spurgeon and yet they have some other contradictory teachings. That is why the Christ’s church is more than the leader of a church as everyone has been given gift(s) for the whole body. There are things I shared from the Bible I thought were true but was revealed later to me my misunderstanding. Our pastors are always open to hear from another brother or sister if they have not clearly presented the scripture. JP has challenged believers in writing on specific scripture…whether right or wrong, if you call on people to challenge yourself on what you have said than be prepared to defend that teaching. Not responding can be viewed as arrogance and not open to correction. I hope that is not the case. It may very well be that it is easier to respond to a critic on a blog like this and maybe that is what JP and his pastoral team should offer if they specifically call out a challenge or refrain from doing so. Note, that I am referring to specific challenges. Thanks

  4. Thank you so much, Paul for taking time to answer Michael’s confusing and misleading questions for us who believe in Jesus as the person of Grace. Allow me to say this to you, Paul that in the arena of writing, YOU ARE A WIZARD OF GRACE! Keep on writing what the Holy Spirit is impressing upon your heart because both of the camps are enlightened! 🙂

    • A wizard? Like Gandalf? Cooool! I gotta get me a staff. And a pointy hat.

      • Hahaha yeeeeh! And you gotta talk low with lots of authority so that all of christianity will see and hear that you are a true Grace preachur and they will flock to the banner of light and Grace and away from the works of devilry created by the evil wizard Saruman…. lol

  5. Thanks Paul I love, love love your answers! Grace and Peace be multiplied to you.

  6. Brown seems confused when he thanks JP for the liberating aspects of his grace message and yet condemns it for leading people astray.Either that or he is being disingenuous.It is very difficult to know where you stand with a legalist when they kill you with a smile.

  7. Evelyn Reyna // January 24, 2015 at 1:52 pm // Reply

    And this is what is so Amazing about Grace. Thank you Paul Ellis, for your clarity and truth.

  8. Paul, you are having way too much fun! I wish I was doing it with you😎! I believe that’s actually how I came across you when I was researching Michael Brown and his comments. I purchased your book and fell in love with your stance on Grace. Thanks for addressing this so quickly and appropriately.

    • Pennee Rowland // January 25, 2015 at 4:00 pm // Reply

      Yes, thank you I wrote my most often listened to grace preachers (first sat under these 2 teachers in 2001) John and Beverley Sheasby to see how they would answer these questions. I was so happy to get this post.

  9. I am continually dismayed by the notion that I would, after knowing God, behave badly just because I can, that the only thing that stops me is fear of divine retribution. If I behave well, out of fear of punishment, it is at best useless (although I think it is much worse than useless). I hope I behave well because that is the person that He has made me. If I am just acting nice, I am a liar.

    To underscore a point that Paul made, I avoid “sin” because it hurts people, and I don’t want to hurt anyone. It’s not for my own sake. If every pulpit stopped wagging their fingers at their church body, I think their congregations’ behavior would improve, not worsen.

    • Here are two quotes you may find appropriate for these preachers: 1- Christians get very angry toward other Christians who sin differently than they do. 2- The problem with legalists is that not enough people have confronted them and told them to get lost.

  10. I stumbled gratefully into your website a few weeks ago and have been digesting the good gospel you are preaching. I’m also enjoying Grace Disco. Keep on sharing the love of Jesus, not this fear and works that M Brown is spouting.

  11. john macdonald // January 24, 2015 at 2:52 pm // Reply

    Thanks for sharing. I appreciate all of your resources Paul

  12. What would God do if it weren’t for custodians of His word like Dr Brown?
    But seriously, before seeking an audience with Joseph Prince, one question for Dr Brown; have you even taken the time to really read any of his books?
    Had Dr Brown not already necessarily ascended in grace at his rebirth there would be no further for him still to fall!

  13. I am not a prominent grace preacher but I do enjoy the gift that is E2R and I share it because I went through a time where I DID run from Jesus’s pre-cross words. Because I had no where to turn! I thought grace was ineffective without works and I just couldn’t work has hard as all those old testament judges.

    Jesus didn’t come to make harder workers. He came to love. As 1 Cor. 13 says I can sacrifice my body to the flames, but without love I gain nothing. I know this is hard for people who feel like they can’t love. (I’ve considered these heavy streets.) But God loves you. And He won’t lose His grip on you. He doesn’t condemn you for sinning. He loves you through your lack of understanding or the grip of whatever is against you. Even if you still want sin, there is always a sure salvation for you, though you may forfeit your health or life. Man may be in the bate and switch business apart from Love, but God surely isn’t. Escape to Reality in your time of need.

    • Beautifully said! I just read this about the cofounder of the Christian music group Newsboys:
      “I’m now an atheist,” Perdikis wrote in guest post on the “Friendly Atheist’s Patheos blog.

      “I always felt uncomfortable with the strict rules imposed by Christianity. All I wanted to do was create and play rock and roll… and yet most of the attention I received was focused on how well I maintained the impossible standards of religion. I wanted my life to be measured by my music, not by my ability to resist temptation.”
      The law brings death, Jesus is life!

    • He didn’t come to make harder workers Roshan says. However Paul (the grace preacher) in Colossians that he worked harder than anyone, but not him but the grace of God in Him. God’s grace caused him to work hard. He doesn’t condemn you for sinning. He doesn’t let you stay there either. The woman in John 8, (Where are your accusers, neither do I condemn you, Go and sin no more!) Then he says, even if you want to sin, there is a sure salvation for you……Where is that in the Bible? Honestly? People who believe you can lose your salvation would say no. However, people who believe in once saved always saved would argue my point as well that we were never saved in the first place if we want to keep on sinning. I am not talking about failing and being human….just living and willfully living a lifestyle of sin.

      • wdlyonsjr,
        I’m not a hyper-gracer, but (what ever anyone supposes Dr. Brown has “done for the Kingdom”), I still say he simply does not preach the pure Good News–at least not that I’ve heard in about 4/5 years of listening to No, he preaches “committment”, “get serious”, “loving God”.
        You know the “sage advice” he gave my friend who was struggling because he felt he married the wrong woman?
        “It’s time to grow up. Time to be a man.”
        Wow. That was really full of grace and enablement!

        By Dr. Brown not explaining grace (or the process of accessing grace through faith) he over-emphasizes works. I’m not denying he knows God (he does), but it *isn’t* because his doctrine is flawless (as with all of us, it’s because God is merciful).

        Obeying the Gospel gets me fellowship with God without deeds where God becomes my righteousness for His own glorification. Walking in grace is the revelation of God on earth. Why is it I never hear Dr. Brown (particularly in the middle of teaching on “righteousness”) “expounding” on that reality? Does he just assume everyone knows it? I don’t understand. Unrighteousness is a *symptom* of a deeper issue. Romans 5:2,17 say if we access grace through faith we will be righteous.

        God “led” me to obey the Gospel so that I can see the smiling face of Jesus.

        I reject Dr. Brown’s religion that never bothered to connect me to God.

  14. Does Charles Spurgeon really believe in Progressive Sanctification?

    • Not from what I have read.

      • Colleen G // January 26, 2015 at 4:16 am //

        Here is an excerpt from a Spurgeon sermon on Hebrews 10:14
        “Dear brethren, we could not have access to God, unless on the footing of perfection; for God cannot walk and talk with imperfect creatures. But we are perfect; not in character, mark, for we are still sinners; but we are perfected through the blood of Jesus Christ—so that God can allow us to have access to Him as perfected creatures. We may come boldly because, being sprinkled with the blood, God does not look on us as unholy and unclean, otherwise He could not allow us to come to His mercy seat; but He looks upon us as being perfected forever through the one sacrifice of Christ.”- Sermon No. 232; delivered on Sabbath evening, January 2nd, 1859, by the Rev. C. H. Spurgeon

  15. Paul, I thank you so much! Posts like this are extremely valuable for me, they are awesome medicine against confusion! I love your insights and your humorous way of writing 🙂 Thanks!! I love it

  16. Earl Hendricks // January 24, 2015 at 3:43 pm // Reply

    Man, I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the gospel of grace. Those who seem not to want to receive it, spend their time finding faults with those of us who do. Thanks for the article. I concur.

  17. Cindy Robicheaux // January 24, 2015 at 4:16 pm // Reply

    Thank you for continuing to dispel religion and set people free through the Word of His grace. I am very grateful !

  18.  This sort of reminds me of when some folks had some honest questions for another famous grace preacher 🙂

    Then the Pharisees met together to plot how to trap Jesus into saying something for which he could be arrested. They sent some of their disciples, along with the supporters of Herod, to meet with him. “Teacher,” they said, “we know how honest you are. You teach the way of God truthfully. You are impartial and don’t play favorites. Now tell us what you think about this: Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?” – Matt. 22:15-17

  19. Outstanding response Paul!

  20. wendylewweldon // January 24, 2015 at 5:36 pm // Reply

    as always – very informative and spot on!! thank you !

  21. thanks brother Paul, yes the grace message has saved me from the doing every thing to only pleasing the law (pastor and his family, submission- to the authority, obedience to them no matter what, etc) o how miserable I was when I was in the grip of such people, saved but according to those pastors going to hell because the pastor was not happy with me for not becoming his doormat, but now I can say the grace of God has really delivered me from fear of people (church-Law) and has given me true freedom in Jesus Christ my Lord.
    thank God for this Grace revolution for it is truly God’s revolution….

  22. Peter O'Connor // January 24, 2015 at 6:19 pm // Reply

    Rat poison is some 99% food, but that tiny bit thats introduced to the food is enough to take out the non-discerning rat. Getting wary of preachers who want to introduce a tiny bit of law or performance to the Gospel for the rat-race, as its a killer ingredient.

  23. Jesus is the embodiment of Grace and Truth. I am grateful for the message of Grace. I have heard through you, Joseph Prince, Andrew Wommack, Kenneth& Gloria Copeland, Creflo Dollar just to name a few. God bless you (and them) with even more opportunity to share His grace with others.

  24. Awesome answer bro Paul. Thank you Holy Spirit. Each answer is a powerful truth and a punch on devil’s face. Remain blessed. You are really a great blessing.

  25. Charles I. Anderson // January 24, 2015 at 8:42 pm // Reply

    Hi Paul, why don’t you openly debate Doc Brown? Let the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ prevail!

  26. Very, very well said Paul. 🙂

  27. You hate to call a spade a spade, but unfortunately, Michael Brown just doesn’t get it. He writes these questions to pick a fight, while saying he doesn’t want to pick a fight.

    Fortunately, Paul, you do get it and your answers are simple and spot on. Renee always says you’re a top bloke!

    I think Michael misses a key aspect of the kingdom and feature of the New Testament writings: that the kingdom is both now AND not yet. We live in the interim between the victory of God and the final submission of powers and authorities to that victory. For us, we are BOTH sanctified and perfected AND being perfected by the grace of God. It’s strange and non-linear, but that’s clearly what the New Testament writers are getting at. And yeah, it’s clear I’ve been reading N.T. Wright…so should Michael Brown.

  28. Thank you Paul!

  29. Nick spangler // January 24, 2015 at 10:31 pm // Reply

    It is so obvious that mike brown and charisma thrive like a news or political advertisement machine. From controversial sounding titles of articles (but not in the good way), to vague questions set up to argue any answer, to a obviously dishonest view and worry of things. I love Mike brown, but I cant stand this American fox and cnn news style christianity. Clearly, charisma is hardly coming from an honest stance.

  30. i got to know about this website by accident, and i totally love it…thanks paul for this… and i totally love JP and his messages… Jesus is all about Grace…
    God bless you…


    • I attempted to translate Celeste’s comments:


  32. thanks for this paul, people need to stop mixing Grace and The Law…Jesus came to bring Grace…some Christians are making this Race of ours tougher by mixing up the message of Grace…Grace to you Paul…

  33. Wow Paul! One of your best posts – ever! Powerful by the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

  34. Absolutely excellent Paul! Charisma should publish your response!

  35. So then, if God is “100 per cent pleased with us all the time, no matter what” how is it that those mentioned in Revelation 3:5 is an applicable New testament warning? And where in scripture does it remotely state that “God sees us as Jesus” somehow, and NOT for what we do/are?! Paul, do you believe that God can or cannot look upon sin?

  36. I always been following some of the great teachers such as Kenneth E Hagan Kenneth Copeland and others of the same mindset. But in recent years have almost I guess you would say rediscovered the fullness of grace and I’m very thankful for this. Thanks Paul for clearing up things that are or may be legitimate questions at some point in people’s lives about grace! Rediscovering the fullness of grace through Joseph Prince, Andrew Womack, and of course you Paul, is such a breath of fresh heavenly air. When I read or hear some preacher talking about greasy grace or even using the word hyper- grace in a derogatory sentence makes me almost sick to my stomach. I would say almost 100% of those teaching and preaching this do not fully believe in eternal life meaning the God kind of life that has been imparted unto us, they believe that you can fall from this and ultimately lose your salvation.

    Blessings, Michael D

  37. Thanks for defending the faith once for all handed down Paul!
    From my very limited perspective the entire debate and every question always boils down to this one essential question: Is Jesus Christ enough or is He not enough? For God? For us? For everything ?
    If the answer to that essential question is no then Dr Brown is right? If the answer is yes then Dr Brown is wrong- DEAD WRONG!

    • So this is what the Sovereign Lord says: ”
      Now to you who believe, this stone is precious. But to those who do not believe, “The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone,” and, “A stone that causes people to stumble and a rock that makes them fall.” They stumble because they disobey the message—which is also what they were destined for. (‭1 Peter‬ ‭2‬:‭7-8‬ NIV)

  38. I’m a bit confused.
    Dr. Brown says he is s grace preacher; yet his questions resemble the questions I used to ask when I was was fooled by the mixed Grace/works religions.

  39. great writing. do you mind if i translate this in Bahasa Indonesia, so i can share this with my indonesian fellow? 🙂 Thanks

  40. Keith Fergus // January 25, 2015 at 3:28 am // Reply

    Etertanlly grateful for the grace and truth Jesus brought!
    You should challenge Brown to a public debate!

  41. Ramon Torres // January 25, 2015 at 3:30 am // Reply

    If the doctrine of grace secures one of his eternal salvation, why does the Bible teach about the falling away of those who have been redeemed by Christ?

    “But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord WHO BOUGHT THEM” (2 Peter 2:1)

    “If they have escaped the corruption of the world by knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and are again entangled in it and overcome, they are worse off at the end than they were at the beginning. It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them.” (2 Peter 2:20-21)

    • Peter is not talking about Christians. He is describing false prophets and teachers who follow the way of Balaam (v.15), are “slaves of depravity” (v.19), and although they have heard about Jesus they “never stop sinning” (v.14). They are unrepentant unbelievers who know about the things of God (as Balaam did), who are acquainted with the “way of righteousness,” but they’ve turned their backs on it (v.21) and so remain under condemnation (v.3). Peter calls them “unrighteous” men (v.9). Why does he say the blood of Jesus bought them? Because the blood of Jesus was shed for the whole world (1 John 2:2). More here.

  42. 3. If the Lord always sees you as perfect, is there any way for you to disappoint him? I’ve heard it said that we can only grieve or disappoint him by not trusting his grace, but according to your message, hasn’t that sin been forgiven as well?

    Paul, we often make mistakes when we teach that God has forgiven our sins and remembers them no more, this forgiveness is a judicial forgiveness and this is for your justification however not entirely for your sanctification. your are forgiven because Jesus has paid the dept , the demand of law satisfied and you are justified. this is independent of your work. because Justification is not by sinless perfection but by Jesus’ crucifixion. By grace, through faith and without works. this gave us opportunity to be in the family of God and God becomes our father. however, when we live with him we may commit sin and could disappoint him not because it directly affect him but because sin hurts us and he doesn’t want see us hurt because he loves us. these sins however are not only being in a flesh trip ;relaying on will power than grace and being slow of heart to believe the good news of his grace. we still disappoint him with our sins. when God say I remember your sins no more, it doesn’t mean sinful acts has no punishment /but no condemnation for us who are forgiven by a divine decree./. “I remember your sins no more” this is a Judicial act and this is for your justification to be free from condemnation. Grace doesn’t change Gods behavior. we have to see God as a father who loves his children and who sometimes punishing them for the sake of holiness.

    • God never, ever punishes us. This is a manmade teaching that is a hundred miles from the Father’s heart. Since all sin was condemned on the cross (Rom 8:3) and since the punishment that brought our peace was on Christ (Is 53:5), it would be unjust of God to punish the same sin twice. There aren’t different levels of forgiveness. The gospel is simple.

    • The Father has helped me to understand that not only did Jesus carry our sin to the Cross, He became sin, every evil deed, every evil thought of this world, He became, He was so beaten as to be unrecognizable….there was nothing left out on the Cross…it is all Grace, and the Father is NOT punishing us…He punished His Son….the wrath of God was poured out on His Son…For the LOVE of the World…it is Finished. As far as the east is from the west, He has thrown our sin into the sea, and He chooses not to count them against us!!! Man simply has a hard time humbling himself under the Grace of our God….this is so that no man may boast!!! i

      • Nizam Khan // January 26, 2015 at 7:02 am //

        This is very interesting, graceherald. Please point us to the scriptures that say: “He punished His Son” and “…the wrath of God was poured out on His Son”. Thanks.

      • It is, Romans 5:9, “Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.” It is, strongly, implied that the wrath of God was poured out on him (His Son). Further, Jesus said in John 3:36, “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on Him.” The one who believes in the Son will not suffer God’s wrath for his sin, because the Son took God’s wrath when He died in our place on the cross (Romans 5:6-11). Those who do not believe in the Son, who do not receive Him as Savior, will be judged on the day of wrath (Romans 2:5-6).

      • Here’s another scripture besides what Tom mentioned. It’s Isaiah 53 and more than one verse in that chapter implies he took our wrath like “it pleased the Lord to crush Him”. I’d also say Acts 2 but that’s debatable.

  43. Outstanding response. I commend you for gracious words of truth to the opposition. Brown’s counterpart Faries posted a similar article. Churches are bad, we are all going to hell in a hand basket. More performance is needed….
    So glad to relax with Jesus and rest in His finished work
    blessings Paul!

  44. Hey Paul,

    I don’t think you answered number 1 fully for me 🙂 Does God require anything from you other than receiving his grace? Thanks in advance 🙂

  45. Paul, when Satan uses people to distort the gospel, this is where he uses people like you to make it plain and simple. Continue to let us be blessed as you are blessed. Thanks.

    • Thanks Nizam. I like plain and simple.

      • Nizam Khan // January 26, 2015 at 7:08 am //

        OOPS. It sounds like I was saying SATAN uses people like you, Paul, to make the gospel plain and simple. You know that I meant to say “Jesus uses people like you…” My apologies.

    • So Nizam, so are you saying Satan is using Dr. Brown to distort the Gospel? I just want to clarify if you are calling the backing of what Dr. Brown has taught and done for years Satanic?

      • Nizam Khan // January 27, 2015 at 9:31 am //

        wdlyonsjr, I answer your question with this question: What is the purpose/need for the above article if what Dr Brown said is Biblical?
        You may also want to consider what Peter O’Connor said above about “rat poison”.

  46. Lesley Monaghan // January 25, 2015 at 6:42 am // Reply

    All my thanks to those who preach the gospel of Grace.

  47. I am really concerned here because what I see here is a gospel of fanaticism. Paul warned that we shouldnt say I am of Paul or Apollos or in the present day I am of Joseph Prince or Michael Brown. Paul even advised follow me as I follow Christ in other words we follow leaders because we believe they follow Christ. Pls get a bible that has all the words of Christ in red and let him teach you more about grace and works. God bless you all.

    • Question: Are ALL the words of Jesus “IN RED” addressed to Christians today?

      • No and I assume your thinking is in context of the grace doctrine because I am aware he spoke to the Pharisees and Sadducees but he also spoke to the 7 Churches in the book of Revelations so what are your thoughts on that.

    • Much of today’s church relies more on a book the early church didn’t have, than the Holy Spirit they did. God will never violate His Word, but He doesn’t seem to mind violating our understanding of His Word. We don’t believe because we understand. We understand because we believe.

  48. Paul, I went to the original posting of Michael Brown’s questions at charisma. I was hoping to see Paul’s answers posted there. I did find them posted but not by Paul, by someone with the monicker “afchief”. If I hadn’t seen them there I would’ve posted them as well. Would that have been okay with you?

  49. It’s really refreshing to hear your views Paul. It’s not really yours, but that which the saints practice and preach at all times.
    Now I really don’t know if Dr. Brown is a legalist or not, but I may have a word for those who’ve been unsavory toward him. I for one know of the gospel work that he does in India, being based here. And secondly he’s open about asking questions without making rumors and lies pass through the church.
    I’m hoping he too can see that grace really doesn’t have any limits, just like God, and the quality of His finished work on the cross.

  50. Should we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not! Faith without works is dead! All that glitters is not gold! Dig deep to find the truth. There is a way that seems right to man but in the end is death? Js

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