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There are hundreds of grace-based articles here on E2R. So many to choose from. If you’re new to grace, where do you start? Right here…

Grace Classics for website

My new book, Grace Classics, is officially released today. It is a collection of the very best articles from E2R along with reflections and stories about how each was conceived and received. Here’s an excerpt:

Christ offers us an unfair exchange; our life for his. God favors us with this exchange. We give him our sinful selves and get everything in return. A law mindset looks at what we give up (nothing you could keep), but a grace mindset rejoices at what he offers in return (everything!).

And here’s another:

The story of my life is this: I made a plan; God had a better one. I thought I could attain a certain level; God took me higher. This pattern has been repeated so frequently I often wonder if my best-laid plans are nothing more than set-ups for divine jokes, as though God was saying, “You thought you were going to accomplish what by when? That’s funny!”

I have learned not to hold tightly to my plans and that when you walk after the spirit—when you are open to his gentle leading and direction—God will often take you places that were far better than you could imagine or conceive. My plans may be jokes, but the good news is that God’s punch lines are awesome.

I have been working on this book for several months and it has been a joy revisiting old articles and seeing how readers have responded to them. Some have raised follow-up questions, while others have wondered about contrary scriptures. I discuss some of these responses in the book.

If the original articles here on E2R are the rehearsal, then this book is the concert performance.

As with Grace Disco, Grace Classics is super-cheap. My aim is to spread the word of grace as far and wide as possible. If you’re looking for a good introduction to the gospel of grace, or if you want to share the good news of God’s unconditional love with friends and family, then this is the book for you. (To celebrate the release of the book, email me a receipt showing you ordered ten or more copies before tomorrow, we’ll send you ten autographed book plates!)

Live in the US? Buy Grace Classics in paperback and you can get the Kindle version for free (through Amazon’s Kindle-matching program)!

Live outside the US? Buy Grace Classics from the Book Depository and they’ll ship it to you for free!

Other purchase options can be found here.

8 Comments on Grace Classics – out today

  1. I’m enjoying this book. I’m sure I will want to order more copies to give away. Which means I’d like to take advantage of your offer. But I do not know what an autographed book plate is!

    • Haha. It’s a signed and specially printed label that goes on the inside cover of the book. It’s an alternative to a signed book which, in my case, is prohibitively expensive (since books have to be shipped to and from NZ).

  2. Awesome!

  3. Paul, I love all your books. But this book, I’m not sure I have words for it but I am impressed upon by the Holy Spirit! It is pure genius! I am only 65% through, but this might be my best quote from the book. “We don’t repent to get forgiven; we repent because we are forgiven. This is the good news! You need to repent and believe it. Repentance doesn’t make God forgive you; it helps you receive by faith the gift of forgiveness that has been made available in Christ Jesus.”
    I am envious of your close friends Paul! I don’t mean to blow your head up, but I can’t help but get excited by what I read. I’m sure my friends would probably think I’m nuts. 😎

  4. Paul, I have a question or really a comment about your section on page 79 titled “4. Why didn’t God stop this from happening?”…
    I understand your reasoning and wisdom upon reflecting on a good God. There obviously is a reason he doesn’t stop these awful atrocities around the world throughout time. Your reasoning,in my opinion, is sound…
    That he had actually warned me and tried to spare me and save my wife from this ordeal. I begin to experience the supernatural understanding of God’s goodness and love. I came away with the thoughts and understanding. That even though as you so eloquently stated, he does not intervene by stopping events from happening. I found that he did intervene in my situation with revelation. I came away with the sense that our good and loving father was more than willing to reveal to his children warnings of when tragedies might strike. Just like in healing, I have not experienced this with 100% accuracy. But as you have stated that doesn’t take away from healing in the atonement or the willingness of our father to heal. I believe that God is always willing to heal but I can’t explain why everyone that comes to him does not get healed. I believe that our loving father is always willing to reveal but I don’t know why we don’t always hear it. If you’re willing I would love your thoughts further on this.

    • Thanks for sharing your story, M&M. The short answer is, I don’t know why everyone is not healed when Jesus healed all who came to him. Clearly, something’s amiss. I’m not blaming anyone and I have little truck for stock answers. I’m just saying there’s a disconnect and I don’t know why. But that doesn’t stop me praying for the sick.

      • Paul, sorry to have confused you. I am clear enough on the healing issue. I was bringing up another issue.
        The point was, where God might not intervene and stop a tragic event, my experience has been that he is more than willing to warn his children that one is coming. It Does not work like picking up a telephone or radio signal but the times I have listen to him he has warned me of coming dangers.
        Thus my example of my wife.
        This to me adds another dimension to the goodness of God and his concern for our well-being even here on earth.
        I wanted to know your thoughts on that particular topic. I was hoping you may have had some experiences or knew of other people that have had similar experiences.

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