Last chance to get “The Good Shepherd”

Hi friends,

Just a gentle reminder that you have one day remaining to take advantage of our special offer.

“What special offer?”

Sign up as a patron before this weekend and you will receive my latest ebook, “Henry Moorhouse’s ‘The Good Shepherd’.” My book introduces the Victorian boy preacher, Henry Moorhouse, and his great sermon in easy-to-read language for modern readers.

What is a patron? Patrons are readers like you who contribute a small amount each month to become partners in this message.

Patrons are changing the way the gospel is preached, and patronage is not without benefits. Sign up on Patreon and you can get instant access to a suite of goodies, such as bonus articles, my personal study notes and draft chapters from forthcoming books.

Not only that, but I will match your gift by giving away a corresponding number of books. Sign up at $5/month and I’ll give away 5 books. Sign up at $100 and I’ll give away 100 books! The more you give, the more we give away. It’s that simple.

Don’t like Patreon? Sign up as a monthly supporter on Donorbox at any level and I’ll send you the free book.

Being a patron is easy and you can cancel at any time. But the Moorhouse special offer is only good until tomorrow. His “Good Shepherd” sermon is an absolute gem, and a powerful word of comfort for these unsettled times. Don’t miss out.

Grace and peace,


4 Comments on Last chance to get “The Good Shepherd”

  1. // June 11, 2020 at 9:08 am // Reply

    I am already a partner, but I don’t know how to listen to the Good Shepherd teaching.

  2. I would like to become a $10/month member, but prefer to give the amount yearly. Is there a way to do that and get the offers mentioned?

    • Hi Diana, at this stage it’s not possible. An alternative solution would be to take out an annual subscription on Donorbox. Although monthly or annual supporters on Donorbox do not get the Patreon newsfeed, I do send them Patreon goodies every few months or so. I would make sure you got the Moorhouse sermon.

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