Last chance to get your name in Paul’s book

Next week.

That’s when you could be reading a copy of my new book, The Silent Queen. But that can only happen if you are signed up as a patron by the end of this week.

What others are saying about The Silent Queen:

“I loved this book, and I learned heaps from it. I know you will too! You might even get set free as a result of reading it!” – Lyn Packer, author of Daughters of Eve

“Brilliant! Amen! Yes!” – Jami Amerine, author of Well, Girl

“A delight to read. Insightful, intelligent, and thoroughly thought out.” – Marg Mowczko, Australian theologian and writer

How do I get my name in The Silent Queen?

Sign up as a monthly supporter on Patreon or Donorbox in the next two days (before Oct 31, 2020) and I will thank you in the acknowledgements of the ebook version of The Silent Queen.

How much?

One lousy dollar.

You’ve probably got one in your pocket, all alone and friendless. Put that little guy to work and do some good. For every dollar pledged in the next two days, I will give away a copy of the book. The more you give, the more books we give away.

Become a supporter today and you’ll get instant access to all sorts of bonus materials such as my study notes and classic sermons from great preachers, PLUS these awesome extras:

– Sign up at the $10 level or higher and you will get an advance review copy (ebook) of The Silent Queen next week!

– Sign up at the $25 level and you’ll get the advance review copy AND a paperback book fresh from the printer AND your name will be printed in the acknowledgements of that book!

– Sign up at the $100 level and you’ll get the advance review copy AND a signed paperback copy of The Silent Queen. AND if you want me to add a personal message for that special someone, just let me know. AND as a special one-off bonus, you will receive a signed (and very rare!) copy of The Chocolate Gospel as well!

Patreon and Donorbox are easy to join and you can cancel at any time. But no books will be given away, and your name won’t be in them, unless you do it before the deadline: Saturday 31 October 2020.



2 Comments on Last chance to get your name in Paul’s book

  1. Hi Paul,
    I would LOVE to get the new book but would prefer to NOT have my name in it.
    Can you arrange that?

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