What is the Purpose of the Law?

Watchman Nee tells a wonderful story about a clumsy servant.

As long as the servant sits still and does nothing, his clumsiness is not apparent. But the moment you ask him to serve, trouble begins. He knocks over furniture, drops plates, and makes a frightful mess.

In Nee’s parable, we are the clumsy servant because

we are all sinners by nature. If God asks nothing of us, all seems to go well, but as soon as he demands something of us, the occasion is provided for a grand display of our sinfulness. (The Normal Christian Life, p.157)

The problem is that we think we’re free but we’re not. We’re prisoners of sin but we don’t know it until the law comes along and asks us to do something we cannot do. The law reveals our bondage to sin.

I know that all God’s commands are spiritual, but I’m not … I’ve spent a long time in sin’s prison. (Rom 7:14, MSG)

Picture a prisoner living in a small cell. He’s been there so long he’s become institutionalized. His cell is all he knows. He thinks it’s his home and has decorated it with flowers made out of toilet paper.

Then the law comes along and says, “You think this is real life? Freedom and flowers are just outside this wall. Pass through and be free.”

The prisoner says, “I’ll do it,” and walks smack into the wall. The prisoner remains as confined as ever, but now he’s had some sense knocked into him. He sees the stone walls of his cell as if for the first time. He realizes, This is not my true home. I want to be free.

We are the prisoners, and our bodies are the prisons. Our bodies aren’t inherently evil or sinful, but they are the place where we encounter sin. The effects of sin are felt in our bodies and minds. This is why Paul refers to “sin in me” and “the body of sin.”

Since we experience sin in the flesh, the temptation is to respond in the flesh. But sin is stronger than our flesh. We may think we can resist sin through sheer determination, but it’s a lost cause. This is why we need the law—not to help us win against sin but to help us lose and lose quickly.

The four purposes of the law

First, the law reveals our sinful state. It draws attention to our confinement under sin.

Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin. (Romans 3:20)

Before he came to Christ, the apostle Paul had a problem with coveting. But he didn’t know he had a problem until the law revealed it to him.

I would not have known what sin was had it not been for the law. For I would not have known what coveting really was if the law had not said, “You shall not covet.” (Romans 7:7b)

It’s the same with us. We don’t know what sin is until the law tells us. We don’t know we’re not free until the law dares us to act free and we find we cannot.

You may have thought, “I’m basically a good person,” but the law says, “You don’t know what good is. No one is good except God alone. You have fallen short of the good life for which he made you. You are less than what God intended you to be.”

As we listen to the accusations of the law we realize this is true. “I covet. I lie. I slander. I’m not such a good person after all. I’m guilty as sin.”

The second purpose of the law is to inflame sin. Upon discovering he had a coveting problem, Paul resolved to fix it. “I didn’t know I was sinning, but now that I do, I’ll stop.” Problem solved. Only it wasn’t. To his dismay, Paul found that his law-keeping efforts only made things worse.

But sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, produced in me every kind of coveting. For apart from the law, sin was dead. (Romans 7:8)

If you have ever tried to overcome sin in your own strength, you will know that the harder you try, the harder it gets. You resolve to be pure but you stumble. You promise to do better but you fail again. You hear an inspiring sermon about giving God your best, and your flesh responds, “Jesus, I’ll do it for you.” So you charge hard at that stone wall like a bull. “This time I’m gonna make it.”

Bam! Down you go again.

“Why is it that the harder I try the harder I fail?” Because you’re relying on the flesh and the flesh is weak.

The law was brought in so that the trespass might increase … (Romans 5:20a)

The harder you try to keep the law, the stronger sin becomes, for the power of sin is the law (1 Cor 15:56). The problem is not the law, which is holy, righteous, and good; the problem is you. As sin’s prisoner, you are simply not capable of freeing yourself. The harder you run into that wall, the harder it’ll smack you down.

This leads to the third purpose of the law.

I found that the very commandment that was intended to bring life actually brought death. For sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, deceived me, and through the commandment put me to death. (Romans 7:10–11)

God didn’t give us the law to help us overcome sin; the law is meant to help sin overcome you.

The law ministers death. It does this by demanding that we perform day in and day out, with no time off for good behavior. “Come on you sinner! Try harder. Don’t you want to do your best for Jesus? Don’t you want to be free?”

Urged on by the merciless law, we run into the stone wall again and again until we are smashed and broken and our pathetic promises are exposed as futile. Eventually we collapse, spent and hopeless. From our once-proud mouths we whisper words of defeat.

“I can’t do this. What a wretch I am. Who will rescue me from this prison of death?”

And this leads us to the fourth and finest purpose of the law.

Why do we need the law?

So the law was our guardian until Christ came that we might be justified by faith. (Gal 3:24)

What is the purpose of the law? The ultimate purpose of the law is to point you to Jesus so that you may be set free from sin and live in it no longer (Rom 6:2). The law is not your teacher, your friend, or your protector. The law is a guide who leads you to Jesus.

For Christ is the end of the Law [the limit at which it ceases to be, for the Law leads up to him who is the fulfillment of its types, and in him the purpose which it was designed to accomplish is fulfilled. That is, the purpose of the Law is fulfilled in him] … (Romans 10:4a, AMP)

If you have met Jesus, the law has fulfilled its purpose. You have no further need of its aid. You can dismiss it as a good and faithful servant.

Thank God for the law that leads us to Christ.


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62 Comments on What is the Purpose of the Law?

  1. Thank you and God bless you and your family and ministry.

  2. Marjorie Keenan // November 3, 2020 at 6:44 am // Reply

    The problem with this is that God did not give us the law. Moses introduced the law. Jesus called Moses the accuser. He said to the Pharisees…you say that, but I say this. Why do you listen to Moses who is a liar, and not listen to me.

    The law was man’s idea of what God required of us to be Holy and Acceptable in God’s sight. Christ judged ALL MANKIND Righteous and Wholly Acceptable to God from before the foundation of the world. Holy has nothing to do with sin. Holiness is our position in God…we are complete and whole in Him.

    The Israelites needed a saviour to redeem THEM from the curse of the law. We were never under the curse of the law. Grace did not impute sin to mankind. The law brought sin-consciousness. Before law sin was not imputed to man.

    God is GRACE.. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. God has always related to man with GRACE and always will. That is his nature. Nothing can separate us from the love that is God, except in our own minds.

    • I don’t see where Jesus called Moses a Liar. I see the Law was put in place to reveal our need for God to lead us into his perfection for us through Son Jesus. Without the Law whether I am born an Israelite or not, matters not, without the Law how will one know they need God? By my own corruption I am guilty by trying to be God of God. I Do not see Moses called a liar by Jesus, can you provide verse(s) for me please. I am not arguing or care to, just asking for scripture.
      Thank you

      • Cecilia Lim // November 5, 2020 at 11:22 am //

        Yes I agree, it needs scripture passage to support what we are trying to say, to Marjorie don’t take this in a wrong way, but you post many things that I myself found it very confusing, sorry I’m not here to argue but for clarification

      • Jesus himself, is the fulfillment of the Law of Moses and all the Prophets before him. In his resurrected life, that Father places, we are no longer under Law, to have to do. We Just do as led to do. The same as Jesus did, when fulfilled the Law and Prophets. We are freed to do, not take it for granted. Thanks as Father and Son loves us all.

    • “Holy has nothing to do with sin. Holiness is our position in God…we are complete and whole in Him.” Amen, Marjorie! I love what you are saying.

      One thing that I’m seeing is an awakening of the human connection to God like never before. What I mean is that our religious paradigms that we box God into (that actually distance us from a real relationship with God and each other – just like the Law) are having a harder and harder time holding together under the realities of what people are experiencing in the world today. The belief systems that have only been challenged previously in debates are now challenged by the realities of life. Religious paradigms are falling apart in peoples minds and freeing their hearts do discover Christ who, as you say, “has always related to man with GRACE and always will”.

    • hello, marjorie. when god in the garden said, “eat this, don’t eat that”, was that law?

      • Only if you choose to view it that way . But that will stain God in your mind as a lawgiver who’s primarily concerned with our rule keeping. The God Jesus revealed makes it clear that those were statements of love, similar to a parent telling their children to not play in the road.

      • Marjorie Keenan // November 6, 2020 at 7:19 pm //

        Yes I agree!!

      • So, we can choose to play in the road or not? It’s a matter of trust to God, whether or not, what is told to us by God himself, to whether one does it or not.
        The key I see is to discern what is truth over error.
        I do not see that command, not to eat from that tree of goog and evil as Law
        Rather a Warning, if you do eat from it, you will die
        God never said he would kill Adam
        He plain and simply said if you do?
        Father knows best, no need to explain to anyone
        Thanks Jason

    • Marjorie, you have a dim view of the law and say some uncharitable things about Moses. The law, or Moses, is not a liar, but a mirror that reveals our true condition and consequent need for grace. Never forget that the Apostle of Grace said the law was holy, righteous and good (Rom 7:12). It’s true that the Israelites were the only nation with a law-keeping covenant, but even the Gentiles were under condemnation. Every one of us has a conscience that reveals the knowledge of good and evil and all of us have gone astray.

      There is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands; there is no one who seeks God. All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one. (Rom 3:10-12)

      Sin is not merely a Jewish problem. No one is holy or justified outside of Christ.

    • The passage your referencing (John 5:45) does not set ‘Moses’ (the person) as ‘the accuser’. The term ‘Moses’ is a clear reference to the first 5 books of Torah. That is, the Law. (As opposed to the prophets). Where ‘Torah’ is both the Law and the prophets.). The accuser is ‘the Law’. The Jews (who this was addressed to) would have known exactly what ‘Moses’ meant, both here and as it is used elsewhere in the Gospels.

    • richard elson // November 12, 2020 at 1:33 am // Reply

      The Law brought people to a clear understanding that there was no chance to get closer to God and his righteousness.
      John the Baptist stated the obvious to Israel and offered baptism to the repentant. In johns’ day they changed their minds from temple sacrifice and all the religious fruit that had grown from the law. It was obvious to john that two Pharisees on the river bank where not repentant because they still wore their religious robes.
      In other words they had not rejected seeking closeness with God via the fruits of the law.

      John prepared the people ahead of Jesus by popping their bubble.

      Because of John people now knew they were no better than rocks.
      And that’s how Jesus found them, they were broken. They were despondent and in shock after losing their, “superior than everyone else” identity, they mourned. Blessed are they that mourn.

      They had become aware of the vastness of their incompetence, the magnitude of their desperate debt and no longer clung to the law to solve it. They stood guilty without offering a defence, now they could receive mercy. Those that receive mercy and not justice don’t demand lawful justice from others. Blessed are the merciful.

      Those that entered the water with John weren’t loud mouthing their ideas of righteousness by nationality any more. They had nothing to teach, all their wisdom was as dung, they were silent and ready to learn. Blessed are the meek.

      The hollowness of the Faithless law came into sharp focus, and with such clarity came the knowledge of emptiness and deep desire to fill the hole.
      Blessed are those who hunger and thirst righteousness.

      The angry, retributive, vengeful God Moses portrayed was a lie.
      Blessed are the peacemakers.

      The Beatitudes are not written as a way to live your life, Matt 5 is a description of how Jesus found the people after John had prepared them.
      Jesus was saying, “now that you are feeling painfully unrighteous because of the fruit of the Law, you can begin a new life in Me. . . .you are Blessed”.

      I feel your struggle Marjorie.

      • Interesting comments, Richard. I like it. Indeed, we the Church, need to think differently about a great many things that, for most of us, our life long exposure to well-meaning and handed down religious teachings has locked us into a point of view that forces us to deep down have no choice but to conclude God to be angry, retributive, and vengeful. Which, as you said, is a lie – God never was that God. Nevertheless, that lie has nested itself deep in the core of our thinking and we paint our theology with it. For instance: We try to think of the cross is an act of God’s love, BUT DEEP DOWN we “really conclude” that the angry, retributive, and vengeful God who was disgusted with our sinful behavior punished Jesus in our place so he could calm down and now be a loving Father to us. I used to believe that but not anymore, just like I used to believe the Law was my friend to show me how to live. But it took years and many articles like the one above for me to really be able to break ties with a law minded relationship with God. Much thanks to E2R for that by the way. 😁

        Inner revelations of the magnitude and significance of Jesus relationship with his Father AND his creation (the very purpose of the Holy Spirit’s interaction with us) tend to shatter previously held views. Repentance (rethinking things to come to different conclusions than what we used to hold to) is a life long continuous thing. In order for repentance to take place we must be willing to consider that the point of view we are standing on and ready to defend, even with our mountain of scripture verses, could actually be tainted. In essence, that was Jesus’ message to the Pharisees. Of course, we don’t have to repent – we can continue to insist that Jesus is wrong. But why do that, and miss out on joy of being one with Christ!?! 😉

      • I see what you say, just one thing, Moses introduced the Law
        Has been misinterpreted
        The greatest of Law is:
        LOVE all else passes away
        First 4 commands
        Love God, with all one’s got
        The last 6 Neighbor as self
        Then Jesus add to that about neighbor to love as he has lord you
        Therefore depending on how anyone person interprets this Love to them personally is how one responds
        A tree can only be identified by its fruit
        Thank you Father for Son that it is done
        By that we that believe receive
        And just walk new in love to you, because you have loved us first

    • richard elson // November 17, 2020 at 5:32 pm // Reply

      I agree Marjorie,
      When we find ourselves under the tree of the knowledge of good and evil we relate to God via the facts as we judge them, via the balance of good and evil, via our shame and our best attempts to cover that shame. We therefore conclude that if I do good things then God will do good things back to me, Our sense of justice demands the opposite to be true, If you do bad, curses will follow. . . .think Malachi. “Bring the best stuff into the storehouse and I will bless you”.

      This what relationship with all gods looks like. . . all gods made in the image of man that is.

      Jesus words, Jesus works must be the best example of the true nature of the Father, there must be no competition between Moses/prophets and Jesus when understanding the true nature and character of God. “here is Moses, here is Elijah, here is my son, HEAR him. Hear HIM.”

      Moses and the prophets are a true and exact picture of what life looks like from under the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The tree of life is a place where our relationship with God is supported by his love for us, not our love for him. . .think the prodicle son.

      A life spent alternating between these 2 trees is neither hot nor cold. . .think lukewarm.

      • Good stuff! Now that’s a meaty comment, Richard. The Church has to start thinking critically about the theological conversation that has been handed down to us (and thankfully, we are, and the scales are falling off). Properly seeing the purpose of the Law is just the beginning (although it’s obviously a huge necessary step for modern Christianity to get past to stumble toward the reality of, and magnitude of, our hope in Christ). What has erroneously circulated as the gospel and passed down through many generations does not have to be passed along by us to the next generation. Adam hid in the bushes out of the fear that had contaminated his mind and gripped his heart baptizing him in anxiety, guilt, self-preservation, etc. He falsely painted God’s face and viewed his character from this new fallen perspective (as you said, the view from under the tree of the knowledge of good and evil). God had not actually changed and there was no REAL reason for Adam to hide. THAT is the problem God set out to fix through Jesus – our hiding for no reason. Reconciled relationship is God’s objective, not fulfillment of a legal system. Jesus did not die to satisfy an angry god’s wrath. It’s OUR wrath that killed him when he submitted himself to OUR anger. We have so many things backwards.

        I believe the Law was given to us by God, but given to our flesh, our fallen minds and hearts. Just like God gave Adam animal skins to cover himself. To accommodate, to give him what HE (Adam) thought he needed. That’s GRACE! In the bigger picture, the Law was also grace leading us on the path to the revelation of Christ Jesus.

    • Not all are in Christ because not all will believe.

  3. SARAH DONNER // November 3, 2020 at 6:47 am // Reply

    Thank you Paul, I was running into that wall for years but now, I run into the arms of Jesus” and instead of a cold hard wall slamming me down again and again , i now run to Jesus who removed that wall and instead is standing there with loving open arms every time”…

    • Awesome! Thanks Sarah.

      • Stephen Meek // November 9, 2020 at 4:24 pm //

        Paul, your grace for Marjorie is remarkable… there is always time for Marjorie; until the Day Messias returns – for Marjorie to have a change of Heart & mind here. Some bible-book teachers would add, Marjorie is leaning on false-doctrine regards, ‘all are righteous & acceptable before Creator-Father’. If that were true, the Cross of Messias is mute – of no need.

      • Thank you Stephen. You had some questions, but as I have now explained to Majorie, I will only publish comments relating to the article being discussed. Thanks.

  4. Very well written

  5. Paul, awesome revelation. Hebrews 4:9-13 to me talks about this not being able to enter God’s rest. For me I wasn’t able to until I came to the end of the energy of my own flesh. Not that I have completely gained, Phil. 3:12 I do not dare to be better than anyone else.
    Thank you

  6. Paul, you knocked it out of the park this time! That might be the best look at the purpose of the law I’ve ever read. Easy to understand, liberating, and TRUE!!

      • Hey, Paul! I agree with Jason 100%. During the last 5 years I have read 100s if not more of your articles, this one is a grand slam : ) It is so clear, so concise, and as Jason said so True! but missed by the majority of Christians I would dare say. I was a believer for 33 years before I feel God led me to your site and to an understanding of the new covenant and what Christ accomplished for everyone on the planet. We need only to believe that individually to begin eternal life and to gradually learn how to submit our life to Him and His care. Sin is never tamed, but we can come to realize that it (sin) leads us ultimately down a path with no good returns. But trying to battle it in our flesh only leads to ramming against the wall of which you speak : )

    • I agree with Jason and was going to say as much. Excellent explanation of the law. Can’t wait to read your next post on where to go from here LOL! Thanks for all you do. Blessings on you and your family.

  7. This is one of the best explanations I’ve heard of the purpose of the law. Due to legalistic teachings at church and pressures from school and work to try harder, the law had plenty occasions to beat me up. The flesh subtly still tries to hold on to the law. But I thank God for Jesus who sets us free from the law. Thank you Paul, you have brought so much clarity to this subject.

  8. Love your blog as usual Paul, thank you for that insight. God bless you 🙏

  9. Excellent! One your best, Paul.

  10. What about people who are struggling to even want to do what is right? When they hear the law and know that is good and right, but are struggling to even have the motivation to do it. Struggling with all the desires to do the wrong things.

    • All I can say is: continue belief in God by Son has taken all sin away
      Ask God to teach you,, in spite of the struggle, say thank you for being Forgiven regardless of sinning again over the same issue
      Ask from within how to walk new in the risen Son.
      Continue that exercise and watch it be taken away by Father of in risen Son for you too.
      He did it Son and hin Won for you to just be new
      When one tries to be, one cannot do it.
      God just love you period.

    • Don’t focus so much on what you should do, on right or wrong. Focus on Jesus, who He is, what He did. Fall in love. If you really just did the greatest commandment, “Love God with your heart, mind, soul, and strength,” what sin would you commit?

      Consider that sin happens when something is more important than God and you choose that over him. Meditate on what it is that you have put over Him and why. Meditate on really taking to heart that He is your everything and meets all your needs. Then you should see that this other thing you are choosing over him is a false God who will never save you.

      You must see the world differently, then the good that you know you should do will make more sense.

    • Get on with following Jesus and you won’t have time to spend in sin! He will show you who you really are and transform you from the inside out!

      • So true, Adam.

        Law minded = sin minded = hamster’s wheel = misery = eventual burn out = well… it depends on what we turn to at this juncture

        Christ minded = inner transformation = freedom from religion = discovery of reality = ability to actually experience and express LOVE

        I honestly don’t even think about the law or sin anymore on a personal level. They are no longer relevant issues, so they don’t really come to mind. Jesus saves us from that mental merry-go-round of death.

  11. Brandon Petrowski // November 4, 2020 at 1:23 pm // Reply

    Very well said as usual. Easy to follow and understand. I remember when I spent over a decade trying to “do right to get right”, and after being continually beat down by the law, finally said, “God, I can’t do it. I have tried and keep failing. Please change me, I am not capable.” It seems crazy, but this was like a bullhorn on my head declaring, “Duh, what do you think you need Me for?” The Holy Spirit made it click, and I was bawling like a baby. I had to reach a moment of surrender and tell God that He could do what He wanted with me, something I had feared for a long time while trying to do it on my own. I dreaded what He would ask of me and how I might be held accountable. Funny thing is, after hitting that point of surrender, I never felt more peace and joy and relief. Turning it over to God and giving Him reign to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in me brought such sweet release from the burden of the Law.

      It is scary to stand in the fact is is finishedohn through Son Jesus for us
      To this day I can’t find anywhere in the Bible where it says to ask for more forgiveness after belief to God through Son
      The only hint I find is 1 John 1:9
      Yet when I turn to 1 John 2 , I see ALL SIN IS FORGIVEN, done in Son.
      So either it is done or it is not
      I decided it is and see to not deny anymore to God by asking to be forgiven again and again to God, no my to another
      I see to admit and ask others to forgive me of my failures in not loving them as God just loves us all unconditionally
      Psalms 100:4, 103:12 John 19:30, Hebrews 9:14-17, 1Cor 13:13 Col 1:21-23, Eph 1:13,6,7

  12. Great article! Thankful for Jesus and for His amazing grace! Thanks Paul! Bless you

  13. Marjorie Keenan // November 8, 2020 at 5:43 am // Reply

    Paul I don’t know how you can write books like AD70 and Letters from Jesus and not question further what the bible conveys. Detach yourself from the book and start listening to the voice of God within. When you go back to the book, you will see the words differently. Jesus didn’t send the bible; he sent Holy Spirit to lead us into all TRUTH. Basically the bible ended with the Israelites and the coming of Jesus. Book of Revelation was not for the future, it was for those times. Yes there is some inspiration, but we should be living in the Spirit, not the written words of religious men who obviously were not reporting the true nature of God, but only their concept of God. Not mine and I am free from their RELIGIOUS garbage. ❣️❣️❣️

    • I could not have written those books except I love the Bible and my study of it has only deepened that love. It is a book full of treasure, and once you learn to filter the written word through the Living Word you find the Bible reveals Jesus on every page. There is absolutely no need to “detach” from Scripture to hear the Spirit and it is dangerous to do so.

      If the Holy Spirit is our trustworthy guide, and he is, then we can trust that he led the men who wrote the Bible.

    • I might humbly suggest that without the Bible, you have no way of knowing whether you are listening to the Holy Spirit or whether you are listening to yourself. That is one purpose of the texts that make up the Bible, they provide a check against that. If you do not have an objective authority outside of yourself, there is a tremendous risk of setting yourself up as the ultimate arbiter of truth.

      • Marjorie Keenan // November 9, 2020 at 7:00 am //

        Without the bible I have a better chance of knowing God because He tells me who He is, and He is awesome! He also leaves out man’s opinions of Him which leads to a heavenly experience!!

        I have no fear of being led astray. There is no “astray” with God. You can only experience more intimacy with Him and experience the ABUNDANT LIFE that He promised.

      • How do you test the spirits?

      • Marjorie Keenan // November 9, 2020 at 3:42 pm //

        There aren’t any spirits except the Spirit of God…

      • I can assure you that I have encountered many spirits that were not from the Lord.

        Please note, I normally publish comments related to the article being discussed. I would be happy to post any remarks you may have about the purpose of the law. But comments promoting other agendas will not make the cut. Thanks.

  14. Thank you bro. Paul I could not agree more. God bless you.

  15. Stephen Meek // November 11, 2020 at 6:38 am // Reply

    The purpose of the Law (of GOD) is many faceted__ the Law of GOD having been put in place before Israel was a nation & Jesus was crucified.

    One purpose ‘was’ to bring Light on Sin [sins]__ that the Law of GOD would be our Guardian – until the coming of Creator-Son (Jesus; b: Bethlehem – raised in Nazareth… that Jesus) @ his being crucified – Gal: 3-24. And here’s [a purpose] one for those of us who have exchanged the Spirit of the One True Almighty for the flesh [self] – Gal 3: 1-3.

  16. GAL 3:24 – states that the Law was a guardian – but- you need to interpret who Paul was talking to/about. ….. The Law was for the Israelites, it was their guardian (not ours). They needed it.

    And, I’d like someone to prove to me whether the Law was actually Gods idea. Seems to me that the children of Israel brought it on themselves.

    And, I’m not sure we need a Law to tell us we are ‘sinners’. Those living before the Law, or ‘outside of it[Job] knew. You only need the Law if your going to use it. (So you can prove a transgression.).

    The only other people who need the Law are those who need to defend the doctrines that are founded on it.

  17. What is the purpose of the Law of Elohim-GOD? In-part it was given to help people come to faith in the Elohim-GOD who is not like any other Elohim. Jesus did not say that he is the fulfillment of the Law of GOD & the Prophets.

    He did say, my 1st (Creator) coming in to the Earthly Realm – includes the mechanisms [accomplish, complete] to the fulfilling of these two things. And yet, none of the Law of GOD nor the Prophets will be fulfilled – ‘until’ the Day of The Returning Messias – when the present heavens & Earth are remade. Mat 5: 17-19.

    Caveat: ‘do not judge others motives’. Does AP Paul not teach the Saints to only make judgements on what those in the Faith – say & do? His words to the Saints in Corinth. The Saints who are adopted in to the Christ… now, @ their resurrection – they will take the place [to lead & to judge] of the (Spirits) Sons of GOD – who were given leadership over the [GOD made borders] Nations @ the time of Tower of Babel. There GOD separated those [both in language & people groups] who would not have GOD as their leader. And assigned other gods over them; to this day.

  18. Really good explanation on the truth about the law.

  19. I am a Gentile….not a Jew under the Old Covenant. It seems to me that the Law was only given to the Jews at Mount Sinai. Are you saying that the Law was given to Gentiles as well?. Can you show us this in the Bible?

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