Why Aren’t All Healed? (And Other Questions I’ve Been Asked)

I love a good question.

I love questions so much, I wrote a book full of them. What’s so great about questions? As I say in that book,

Questions are stepping stones to revelation and doorways to discovery. A good question can take you places. It can free you from unhealthy mindsets and set you on the path to wholeness and abundant living. A good question can change your life.

Sometimes my kids will ask a question that makes me marvel. I think, how did they come up with that?

I get asked more questions than I can answer. Which is fine. The act of asking is itself a healthy exercise, and I feel no pressure to position myself as the Answer Guy. I’m not the Holy Spirit.

Besides, a true teacher doesn’t dish out model answers like a penguin regurgitating food. A true teacher teaches others how to learn for themselves. They point people to Jesus in whom are hidden the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col 2:3).

Sometimes when someone asks me a question, I will say in all sincerity, “That’s a great question. I have no idea. Please tell me what the Holy Spirit shares with you.”

That may look like I’m giving the brush off, but I am encouraging the seeker to bring their question to the greatest Teacher of all.

Want to know which question I get asked the most? “Paul, have you written anything on this tough scripture?” My response used to be, “Check the Archives > Scripture Index.” But now I would say, “Check the Grace Commentary.”

The next-most asked question is, “Have you written anything on this subject?” Check out the Subject Index.

People often ask me for tips writing or publishing. Since I get asked that question a lot, I have compiled some practical and easy-to-follow guidelines.

Sometimes I get asked ambush questions. An ambush question is like a box of chocolates with a rat trap inside. Ambush questions make me feel special because Jesus got them too.

Occasionally I get asked questions that are interesting or inspire me to pray for wisdom. Below are four questions I’ve been asked in the past few weeks. If these are questions you’ve been asking, I hope my responses encourage you and strengthen your faith.

How to wait for revelation?

“It takes a revelation from God to open the eyes of our heart to truth. What can one do while ‘waiting’ for this awakening?” ~Randall

I wouldn’t wait in a passive sense. I would find something God has said on the subject, ruminate on it, and declare his word over myself. Do it as an act of faith. Every time doubt creeps in, kick it out and call to mind what God said.

God’s word is creative. It changes us. Soon you will find your reality realigning to his word.

Being drunk in the spirit

“_____ people are known for being drunk in the spirit. Just curious what your thoughts on this state are? Is it a kundalini demon like many evangelical charismatic types say it is?” ~Jason

There are two ways to get this wrong: (1) attribute to the devil that which is of the Holy Spirit, and (2) attribute to the Holy Spirit that which is of the devil. Both errors are serious, but the first one is more serious than the other.

I would be hesitant to go around saying “that’s a demon.” Over the years I have encountered many people who have been drunk in the Spirit and the fruit has usually been joy, peace and sometimes healing. Draw your own conclusions.

Why aren’t all healed?

“Isn’t laying hands on the sick and confessing our healing and continually thanking God and all that still just the same old works – a mixed law and grace message? The ‘you are blessed but here is what you need to do to be blessed’ message that is preached in faith circles. I feel like we are just following a formula all over again when we are saying this is what we must do to receive healing.” ~JM

Sadly, it is possible to turn healing into a works-thing and nullify grace. The intellect craves a magic formula, but if there is one I haven’t found it. And blaming sick people for their lack of faith is unkind and unhelpful.

Why do people remain sick if we pray for them? I don’t know. I don’t know why some of the people I pray for are healed while others aren’t.

I don’t know why Jesus healed 100% of those who came to him, but I hit less than 100%. But I do know that more people are healed when I pray than when I stay silent. Love compels me to pray.

In my own life I have experienced instant healings, but not always. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure this out, but so far I don’t have any good answers. (I have some answers.) In the meantime, I’m going to run with the revelation I’ve got and keep praying for whoever asks for prayer.

How do we know which bits of the Bible to trust?

“If God does not give and take away like it says in Job 1, how can we know which bits of the Bible are true and which aren’t?” ~Matilda

That is a great question. There are many verses in the Bible that should not be read out of context. For instance, Solomon said, “Money is the answer to everything” (Ecc 10:19), but it isn’t.

David prayed that bad things would happen to his enemies, which is inconsistent with what Jesus said about loving our enemies.

And there are many strange sayings in the law. For example: “You may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you” (Lev. 25:44, NLT)

In some of these examples, we are hearing from men (like Job) who were in great pain. If you have been in pain, you may have said things you did not mean or which proved to be untrue (like Job). I am glad these statements are in the Bible because that’s how real people talk.

But how do we know which verses are good for us?

It’s all good provided we read everything through Son-glasses.

The whole Bible is useful for training in righteousness, even the bits that sound unrighteous, as long as we filter everything through Jesus the Righteous One.

Bonus materials: More questions I’ve been asked (Patreon)

19 Comments on Why Aren’t All Healed? (And Other Questions I’ve Been Asked)

  1. I really like your answer to “Why aren’t all healed”. My wife has been suffering from chronic pain and drastically reduced mobility for about 7 years now. Although significant, her physical pain is not what bothers her. She has a big heart with passion to do a lot of things and she feels trapped in a body that just won’t allow it. I fully identify with your answer. One thing I’m certain of is that her condition is not due to “God trying to teach her something” – although much can be learned from any set of circumstances. It’s more due to misplaced trust in the Big Pharma controlled modern medical industry’s “advice” than anything else. We’re on to their schemes now to covertly destroy health in the name of health and the past 7 years have been a cascading discovery of the backwards world we live in that is not managed by sane people. I have a lot of questions too. We are never going back to the Garden of Eden. That path doesn’t exist. It seems we are going to have to go through our own self-inflicted destruction on this long and bloody road to restoration. Come the resurrection, Jesus WILL have the final word. On that, I joyfully have no questions!

  2. I am in desperate need of prayers. I cry out to YHVH, yet I am still under attack. Please pray for me. Mari

      • Brandon Petrowski // November 11, 2021 at 3:51 pm //

        Paul, you are a wise man. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. They resonate with my spirit and fit with what I believe God has led me to also on such subjects. I have often prayed that God help me to follow truth, not any particular man or teacher, other than Jesus. None of us has the total picture of truth and revelation. Some of us nail it in one area and miss it in another. When we understand that we don’t know what we don’t know and approach difficult questions with humility and sincere desire to seek truth, we can navigate those questions safely.

        That is why even when I am unsure what I think about one of your posts, I take it seriously and often pray about it. I believe you are sincere in your pursuit of truth and that you take great care in your examination of what the truth is on a particular topic. You also are not afraid to say you don’t know, rather than try to put some spiritual spin on something. I appreciate you and pray for you, your family, and this ministry almost daily.

        P.S. – Bunny trail sidenote FYI fun fact, etc, my middle name is Paul. 😁

      • Thanks Brandon. I have found there is a lot of freedom in saying “I don’t know.” The younger me would never have admitted to such weakness. Haha.

      • Brandon Petrowski // November 12, 2021 at 1:25 am //

        I can relate, same here. 🙂 It’s one of those upside down Kingdom things where what the world perceives as a weakness is often a strength.

  3. You took on some tough questions and presented some great answers. I think it’s also helpful to keep in mind that while we may experience periods of not having answers, we can always know and trust Him. Negative circumstances will try to speak to us about the character and nature of God, but He is always full of love and grace toward us. We can get caught in a trap of “what do I need to do” when His life is always received freely as a gift.

    • Well said, LJP. We must never let our legitimate questions cause us to doubt his rock-solid goodness and undying love for us. In this life we may not know why some things happen or don’t happen, but we can always be certain of our Father’s love.

  4. Wow?
    What I see is
    The Bible is God’s cliff notes to us each to see or not see. Depending on one’s motive
    God reveals or does not reveal, knowing each persons motive

    The entire Bible being Gods cliff notes, is bottom line to a Love Letter to me as well as everyone else
    I think we all are Job’s
    Will you deny or not deny God? Believe or not believe, stop sorting it out see the whole not hole

  5. Hi Paul – I just read this article and it really blessed me. It wasn’t so much something “new”, but something all together “true”. I am the curious heart in the room and the last few years have been a great time of learning-unlearning-relearning. Your articles have been a tremendous help in sorting out so many issues of that mixed bag of Law & Grace for me. Thank you for your insights and super helpful and hopeful articles!!! Soooo appreciative!. .

  6. Paul, love your posts. This one, I am a little surprised at you not referring to 1 John 5:14. Until I read an article on unanswered prayers, I almost quit praying for anyone asking me to or whom I had offered to pray for; thinking it was a waste of my time.
    Praying to God isn’t synonymous with a letter to Santa. He already knows what’s in my heart and that’s all he hears. But, I used to forget that my will and God’s will may not be the same. He ALWAYS does things according to HIS will not mine. His is ALWAYS for the Glory of God. We may never see the Glory to God in the death of a loved one at the time, but there always is. .
    A habit I have developed since researching prayer for others is ending my prayer request with “Please God do this according to your good, perfect and pleasing will.” That isn’t on God’s behalf but mine. To remind me that God’s plan is the one always followed, not mine. Knowing that God is always a good God and always done with love.

    • Thanks for your comment. I have written many articles on healing and how it is always God’s will to heal. We should have no doubt about that. But unless we’re healing 100% of those you pray for, then we need to be honest and open about that too. I have written on 1 John 5:14 here.

  7. Thank you Paul. Mostly for taking the time to read my comment. I went in to your statements on 1 John and the one above. I have a very difficult time believing it is always God’s will to heal or a child of God can remove his nature of sin because they accept Jesus as their Savior. I’m also a little confused now with Matthew 26:39. I believe I understand the need for Jesus denial of His request so that all sinners could be forgiven (healed of guilt) but other than Jesus imputed righteousness by not remembering our sins anymore (forgiveness) are we totally pure of heart. Only my opinion, and probably way off the mark. Still love your input.

  8. I am in my seventies and live with chronic pain. As a minister of the gospel I am grateful because the constant reminder of my mortality keeps me from thinking too highly of myself and helps me emphasize with the pain of others.

  9. Arthur Davis // November 17, 2021 at 7:19 pm // Reply

    We are humans and unless you are Super Super spiritual, we will at times have struggles with our flesh. Some maybe more than others. Just like The Holy Spirit helps some more than others. The.Holy Spirit helps some more than others, because they listen to Holy Spirit more. So some (not all) are not healed because they listen to their flesh, more than what the God says through His Word the Bible. I too cannot say why everyone is not healed. However I do believe Healing is God’s will for everyone. I like what F.F. Bosworth wrote in his book ” Christ The Healer” “If healing is not for everyone, than nobody can have faith/believe to be healed” God is not up in heaven, throwing dice to see who is going to or not going to be healed. He is not fickle, confused, or a respecter of persons. I said all that to say “therefore the answer must lie with us” What that answer is – well that person needs to ask God to reveal it to them. Whenever I feel something coming on, or fall ill, I take time to ask God, where I missed it, or if there is a change I need to make in my life. Like- exercise, cutting back on food, healthy or otherwise, complaining, allowing ones self to be sad, mad, confused, judgmental, etc. To help in those areas – Philippians 4: 8-9 and Galatians 3:13 says

  10. As a web developer I find the “escape” is “I don’t know why is not working, it worked on my machine” LOL.
    Nevertheless, I am following your blog since 2013 when I found your “The Gospel in 10 Words”. You are an amazing gift for The Body. Thank you

  11. Paul you have provided great answers.I believe healing has already been provided for everyone. God has given us everything we need. Jesus came that we may have life and have it in abundance, and this provisions are for everyone.

    My step to recieving healing and manifesting it, is knowing that healing has alreading been provided for me that I have already been healed, not just healing but every other need. I saw that and I lay hold of it. And has refused to let go despite any feeling to the contrary. Have I felt symptoms in my body after seeing that am healed, yes, has that changed what I have seen and believed no. Instead it has helped me pray better,fight better, knowing that am already healed, sometimes I feel a symptom of pain in my body, I rebuke it goes immediately, sometimes not immediately, I have seen that when it does not go immediately and I take my attention off it and focus on the Lord, I rest, and in that rest, I see manifestations…

    Paul am apologising if my comment is long, am trying to be keeping it shot.

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