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  1. Hey Paul. Question. What is with the mark of the beast. I have this fear about receiving it. Like if a demon or Satan help me with something at college, like preventing my laptop from being stolen or helping me remember it or whatever, then I continue using my laptop. Would that be like accepting the mark since I will be using my college work to get a job. Revelation says something about the mark allows to buy and sell stuff.

  2. Kyle Schooley // August 20, 2017 at 4:32 am // Reply

    Hi Paul, I purchased AD70 in PDF off of gumroad but didn’t receive it yet. Can you help?

    • If you tried to purchase it in the last 2 weeks, your order didn’t go through. I can’t see your name in the list of customers. Normally you will get the PDF immediately upon completion of your order. If you continue to have trouble, these guys will be able to help. Thanks.

  3. Paul, my name is Trae Milam. I am a enjoying learning about the life of grace rather than works righteousness though the many posts I am reading.
    This has been a long process of “unlearning” for me as I grew up under the gospel of works righteousness.

    My question is what are you thoughts on making decisions in work and career? What do you believe are the biblical purposes for these and how do we
    Decide and enjoy our work and career? Whether secular or full time ministry.

    • Hi Trae. Glad to hear you are growing in grace. It is a wonderful adventure. I totally reject the line between secular and full-time ministry. I was a pastor and a professor and I considered both as service to the Lord, for both gave me opportunities to represent Jesus. Religion likes to draw lines between the sacred and secular, but to the pure all things are pure. If God has gifted you to be a surgeon or bricklayer, or if you have a dream to be an author or arborist, it would be a shame to be anything else. Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord.

      • Trae Milam // August 23, 2017 at 4:28 pm //

        Thank you for the quick response. That was refreshing. Let me ask this question a different way (maybe the answer is the same). What is the “why?” behind deciding what to do 50-60 hours a week for work? What is the main purpose? In my upbringing, so much emphasis was put on Paul’s radical life abandonment to reach people with the gospel. In my current understanding (which I know is skewed), it is difficult to see how bricklaying is as God glorifying as missionary work or even being a nurse or teacher.

      • I’m not sure I understand your question, but I do know why Paul did what he did. “The love of Christ compels me,” he said (2 Cor 5:14). He did it for love, or to put it in less spiritual terms, he did it because it was fun. Leading people to Jesus and planting churches literally brought him pleasure and joy. Pleasure and joy are ways we can tell we’re hitting our sweet spot. I find great pleasure and joy in writing. Eric Liddell the Olympic gold medalist said, “When I run, I feel his pleasure.” And you can bet that experiencing the Lord’s pleasure feels pretty awesome. You may not find it fun laying bricks and building homes for people, but I guarantee there are people that do. Those people should lay bricks. Serving others as a nurse and a teacher brings enormous pleasure to some and helps others greatly. We have been given opportunities far greater than any generation in history. What a shame, then, to believe we must be standing behind a pulpit to serve the Lord. That is merely one of a thousand ways we can bring honor to Jesus.

      • Trae Milam // August 24, 2017 at 6:54 am //

        Hey Paul,
        Reading more and more and lots of questions coming up but think they all are centered around what is the new “why”? I am sure you are aware of the “Bible Belt” in America and it is from that Bible Belt culture of law/works righteousness where I have been shaped. I have been shaped to have specific answers to “why” I do everything. Obviously realizing how off they are at this point in my life (which is a bit difficult to be honest). So what is the new “why” behind career, location, lifestyle, etc? What is driving decisions?

  4. Paul,

    Good conversation so far. And to be clear, my hope from this conversation is for me to unlearn some flawed ways of operating. So from what I understand, your response to the question, “what is the ‘why’ behind work or what is driving my decision to decide what work to do?” is to do what brings you pleasure and joy. Correct?

    My spiritual upbringing taught me to choose a job based on how many people I could reach in Jesus’ name. The amount of evangelism and conversions was the measuring stick to an honorable career. So in my spiritual upbringing, a bricklayer will likely not have a booming evangelical ministry compared to a missionary or teacher.

    Can you speak to that mindset some? I think it will be helpful to see why that mindset in not biblically correct.

    • I wouldn’t put it that way. Eating chocolate brings me pleasure and joy but that’s not my life’s calling. When we are walking in our God-given gifts and calling – whatever they may be – we find pleasure and joy. I can’t tell you what your calling is. The adventure of life is figuring it out in the day-by-day walk with the Lord. To make a life-choice based on a calculation of how many you might reach for Jesus is to walk after the flesh. It’s leaning on your own understanding instead of trusting the Lord. It’s true that great evangelists are often held up as the benchmark, but if you are not gifted to be an evangelist, then trying to be one would be a waste of a life.

  5. Hello!
    My name is Steven.
    I have been battling schizophrenia for over 5 years and it has been a wild ride for me in itself.
    If you can can you answer some questions for me?
    1. My command hallucinations(auditory voices in my head that tell me what to do in every situation) are persecutory and very evil in themselves. They try to make me commit the unforgivable sin in two major ways now.
    First, they tell me when i smoke electronic cigarettes, i am condemning Christ and tell me not to smoke ever again. Same goes for when i am about to smoke regular cigarettes , eat my favorite ice cream, my favorite sodas, etc.
    Am i condemned if i dont listen to these voices and do it.
    I feel so pathetic when i dont comply and do enjoy myself. I admit i have an addiction to cigarretts and i am very scared when i do enjoy them because they tell me i will go to hell if i do enjoy and cope with these.

    2. At my work, there is a designated spot for smoking and i enjoy smoking , as posted in my first question. Whenever i go even near the designated spot, i see horrific things that i know my command hallucinations are using to stop making me smoke. One of my schizophrenia voices tell me that these images is not real and that it is not my fault for them and the voice tells me that i should not worry about it and go smoke either way. I did smoke a couple of times under this guidance and now whenever i remember myself smoking with these visual hallucinations still there i feel so condemned.

    Is the voice right and should i not worry or is it too late and i will go to hell?

    That is all and thank you for your time. I need these answers for the peace of mind. I am so inspired by these articles and i believe you will lead me to the state of a righteous mind.

  6. Hey Paul. Question. I was uploading stuff on my laptop and I think something added up to 666. I am afraid of using my laptop. Would this be accepting mark of the beast? I’m using my laptop for college to get a job. So if I use my laptop with this possible number, it seems like I am accepting the mark because of buy and selling and so forth.

    I think I might confused.

    • I think you might be. Laugh it off and move on with your life. Superstition is a form of unbelief in the goodness of God, and stupid.

      • Thanks Paul. I been having a rough time with being autistic. Also with OCD and ADHD. I’ve been wanting to write stories for a while but my OCD about Satan, mark of the beast, and other stuff overwhelmes me. With autism, it makes it very difficult to stop, change, and other things as well.

        With constant intrusive thoughts and my mind not working as one person (I think. I do a lot of stuff with out realizing it, but I’m not sure how to explain it) I start to think that demons are controlling me, helping me, or that I am listening to demons and following them.

      • I don’t know if you read – well obviously you do because you’re visiting my blog – but a very good book I often recommend is The Power of Right Believing, by J Prince. I did a review of it here. It will help.

  7. Brandon Bennett // August 30, 2017 at 7:29 am // Reply

    Hello I was wondering if you’d be willing to go into your process for writing if you have one. I believe I am being called to write a novel about grace and mental illness and so would like some insight into maintaining scriptural fidelity.

    • Hi Brandon, as you can imagine I get asked this question a lot. In response, I have recently begun writing two series, one on writing, and the other on getting published. I’m sharing tips of the trade that I’ve learned over the past 20+ years of writing for a living. However, I do not plan to publish these here as E2R is all about the gospel. Instead, they will be published as patron-only series over on Patreon (the first few installments have already been published).

      You will have to become a patron to see them, but it’s a good investment, especially if you are likely to be self-publishing. I’m making these articles as practical as possible, right down to the names of companies to avoid and service providers who can make your life simpler. These are the articles I wish someone had written for me when I was starting out. My hope is that new authors would find them immensely useful.

      Your novel idea sounds excellent.

  8. Because of the water disaster in Houston, TX – what are your comments regarding Ps. 147:15-18 that deal with weather?

    • Psa 147:15-18 “He sends forth His command to the earth; His word runs very swiftly. He gives snow like wool; He scatters the frost like ashes. He casts forth His ice as fragments; Who can stand before His cold? He sends forth His word and melts them; He causes His wind to blow and the waters to flow.” I don’t see any connection between this beautiful poetry and the natural disaster that has overtaken Houston. The psalm writer is acknowledging that God is the Creator of all those natural and meteorological systems which are essential for life.

  9. Paul, I find that I am unable to see beyond page 1 of the list of articles on a given subject. For instance, the subject The Cross, has 17 articles and when I click on it, 12 appear, but there is no way to go to the next page to look at the remaining 5. This happens on any subject I click on or any list of articles….only page 1 is available. How do I get to the next page? Thanks.

  10. I really need your help , my name is Eddie I’ve been trying to find away to contact you. I’m getting married next month and it’s an outdoor wedding. I’ve read that if one doesn’t get married in a church or by a pastor it will not count in Gods eyes meaning I will not be married in Gods eyes because of my wedding situation. If i get your blessing or just some positive feedback it will help so much. This has been killing me. I live in the U.S. . I just want this special day to be official and not let these people bring me down.

    • If you are married by a licensed celebrant, you are married according to the laws of the land. You are 100% married. You are not half married and half unmarried.

      Camilla and I were married twice; first in a civil service and then, a few days later, by our pastor. We did it twice because we really wanted our pastor to marry us but he was not licensed to perform weddings. However, if we had not had the second ceremony, we still would have been 100% married. Congratulations on your forthcoming nuptials!

      • Thank you so much , just one more thing. I have a marriage officiant marrying us on the beach , then we will go sign the marriage papers at the local civic center. I just want to be clear , I will be married in Gods eyes and it’s official like someone who got married in a church and by a pastor. God will count our marriages the same . You can write yes or no . Sorry again , I just need to make sure. Thanks Paul

      • Yes. Think about the unsaved couple who don’t get married in a church but are lawfully wed. Are they married in God’s eyes? Of course. And if they get saved do they need to get remarried in a church to make their lawful marriage more official? No.

  11. Hello sir , I have terrible OCD. Been battling it my whole life . If you can answer me this which I’ve been battling for years. I’ve read that if one lives in sin they’re not under grace. Just for my OCD , my head puts together the worst outcomes. Say the person believes in God and doesn’t live by the law meaning he doesn’t try and gain his righteousness etc… he does sin repeatedly, does that mean he’s not under Gods grace ? I don’t understand. Does he now lose salvation ? Answer any way you can please

    • Do you love Jesus? Do you know that Jesus promised NEVER to cast away those who come to him? Do you know that he who saves you, keeps you? Do you know that it is impossible for you to lose your salvation?

      • I love Jesus Christ sir, I just don’t understand the part that says if one lives in sin they are not under grace . So if I sin too much or repeat too much sin I’m not under his grace? I don’t live by the law , like trying to become righteous , trying to do what Jesus did . I don’t want to be under the law . I love Jesus , so if I’m not under grace I’m under law because of my sinning too much??

      • I would encourage you to get your eyes off yourself and fix them on Jesus. We don’t come under grace by changing our behavior, but by filling our minds with the One who is Grace.

      • I’m starting to understand what you mean , just don’t understand about living in sin and not being under grace ? I don’t live under the law at all . Yes I repeat sins . Please answer this last question

  12. Paul do you have anything about the Throne of David specifically during the Millennial reign? I was talking to someone a few days ago, a preacher friend, who thought that David would be seated on the Throne and not Christ. That kinda threw me and got me thinking.

  13. Mr Ellis ,
    I’ve struggled too like Edgar mentioned . Please help me anyway you can. I love Christ , but have read that living in sin , sinning too much what ever the case may be. The one who loves Christ and has accepted him is never under the law anymore right? Even tho he may have a lawmind set but he’s not under the law in terms as not being saved? Is that the same as being under grace. Once I accepted Christ I am forever under his grace even though I may put it aside at a times? I really don’t understand this part. I really need peace in this struggle.

  14. Hey Paul. Sorry for this wall of text.

    How do I understand certain scripture without getting confused. One scripture is about those who accept the mark of the beast drinks the wrath of God- they will not have salvation. But in Romans, nothing in all of creation, nor power, can seperate us from the love of God. Then does this mean that God can saves those that accepted the mark or not.

    Part of this question may be from OCD and stuff but I can’t seem to calm myself on something I don’t know or understand. You have helped me with a large amount of my OCD before and I believe it’s getting better. For some reason, my OCD is about the mark of the beast.

    The reason I get so fixated because I don’t understand what is being talked about in certain scripture. With autism aspergers, I see things black and white.

    My OCD and autism obsession about the Bible has been all over the place. Since I found your website, I have made great improvements with mental health.

    I read many of your post about renewing your mind, resting, and other stuff, but when I can’t understand other things that seem to contradict stuff.

    The reason why I have ocd about mark of the beast and drinking God’s wrath and its affects seems to contradict God’s word. Example is faith is rest, but then we got to avoid this mark or something. So with seeing things black and white, if I did something involving this mark, I start to think I accepted the mark of the beast and so forth.

    Living with mental disorders is emotionally painful, immobilizing.

  15. I’ve reached out many pastors but never a reply , figure I try one more time here. I’m not sure if I will ever be saved and believe in God. I tried it and heard Joseph Prince say if you live in sin or sin too much you’re not under grace . So that means my son is not under grace and back under the law unsaved? Back to being in the flesh. I thought my son is under grace forever and never back under the law because his actions. Maybe his mindset is messed up but not his state of being. I know you get questions all day . Maybe you can help me become a believer by clearing this up , if not it’s ok. Just all the negative I hear keeps me from believing.

    • So let me get this straight – if I give you a satisfactory answer, you’ll believe in God?! I have no answer for you other than what the Bible declares: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Rom 10:13). Have you called on the name of the Lord? Then you are saved and what any man may say or not say about the matter is irrelevant. Believe it.

      • Didn’t mean to come across that way. Just been through a lot . Joseph Prince made it seem if one believes in Christ and lives in sin or sins too much they are back under the law and unsaved. I called upon the lord right now does that mean I’m under his grace forever even though I may not accept his grace at times? Or is that all mindset related like I’m under grace even tho I have a lawmindset. So confused Please help . You’re the only one who responded

      • If someone is living in the bondage of sin – and sin is indeed a bondage; it robs us – then I would say that person is not enjoying the liberty that grace brings in that particular area of their life. But I would never question their salvation. That’s the Lord’s business, not mine. All I can do is agree with his wonderful and encouraging promises.

  16. Hi Lisa,
    2 Corinthians 5:18-19 tells us the Good News that Jesus revealed to Paul regarding the problem of “sin” and God’s forgiveness and reconciliation offered to EVERYONE because of what Jesus did on Calvary. From God’s point of view, He HAS TOTALLY FORGIVEN and reconciled the whole world to Himself. That includes you and your son. That is how powerful Father-God regards Jesus’ divine shed on our behalf.
    BUT, as verse 20 states, each person must want to be reconciled to God – (in effect, be “married to Jesus.”) It certainly sounds like you want to be “married to Jesus.” Your desire is actually the result of His grace given to you to want Him. (Not everyone wants Jesus.)
    So, when you believe He loves you and wants to be married to you and you accept His “proposal,” you are “saved” – made one with Him by being included into His New Covenant, ratified by His blood. This spiritual “transaction” happens by believing and receiving His offer of Himself – not by you doing anything to trying to earn or deserve or maintain this free gift everlasting relationship with Him by your “performance.”
    Now ask the Holy Spirit, who lives in you, to help you to focus on your new Groom, not on yourself, as Colossians 3:1-3 describes, and enjoy Him. Find out who He says YOU now ARE as His re-created, reborn bride. Galatians 2:20 and 2 Corinthians 5:17 will help renew your mind in this regard. This web site will greatly help you get to know Him and who you now are IN HIM.

  17. My last question , you said you would never question their salvation if one lives in sin or bondage, and how that’s the lords business, made it seem possible. Do you believe that the one living in sin or bondage can lose their salvation if they believe in Christ ??

  18. Hello Paul
    It’s the same Steven who has schizophrenia.

    My schizophrenia is this:

    There are a group of people who has advanced technology to produce visual , auditory, and tactile hallucination to try to get at me. They play the game known as the protocol.

    Their whole lives are at my stake and if i dont play the protocol people die. I really beleive this is real and no amount of schizophrenia can produce this amount of seperate intelligences.

    I do admit that i had a 2 week binge of meth where i did over 20 lines and marijuana for the time i stayed at my previous residence.

    Whenever i get overflooded by these people’s voices my mind is broken into insanity. I turn into the worst person ever and i condemned so many people.

    They say they are condemned people and they said not to condemn them because they are people. They dont want to live the life that i want becuase they hate grace.

    They make me play impossible choices and they kill people if i do make a mistake. I condemned them so much with my ordinary choices.

    I called on God and God said that any men of God can call upon God. God said i made him sovereign and now he’s evil because of me.

    Am i eternally condemned because of my choices even if this is real? I just wanted to get out of the protocol and live my life but they said their whole lives are at my stake.

    Can i call upon God and make him soverign like what God said?

    I await your reply.

    • Hi Steven. I wish to reply on Paul’s behalf because I have a dear female friend who is in a similar situation as you. She heard voices that nearly drove her to suicide as these claimed that if she didn’t commit suicide, the world would end, and she ended up for psychiatric treatment. She still hears theses voices but she ignores them now and takes sleeping tablets as well. She does not believe in Jesus hence the continued troubles in her life.

      Schizophrenia is a term used by psychiatrists and psychologists because they do not understand spiritual matters nor do they believe these exist. How do people get “schizophrenia”? They open doors that they shouldn’t have, by tampering with the occult, horroscopes, meditation, drug uses, etc, the very things that Moses instructed the Israelites not to dabble in, and when we dabble in the dark secrets, we invite evil entities to mess with us.

      The voices only tell lies and the dark spirits are messing with your head. Do not believ what you are hearing. Turn to the Word of God for affirmation of who you are in Christ. God cannot turn evil and the world will not end if you fail to follow the instructions of the voices. Ignore the voices and they will cease.

      Romans 10:13 states: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” This means more than just getting saved when you gave your heart to Jesus. Have Christian brothers pray for you and call on him for deliverance from the voices.

  19. Hello I’m newly saved , I read something that messed me up from one of your posts, I’m sure I read it wrong. I work two jobs and go to the doctors when I ever I feel I need medication or not feeling well. You wrote something like if you’re looking for more work or in line going to the doctor that’s walking after the flesh ? I look for more work to feed my family because the one job I have doesn’t pay well and I go to the doctors when I need to be checked just in case I have a worse condition than expected. My grandpa refused the doctors and ended up having cancer before it was too late . These are not walking after the flesh right ? Everything I do now I feel I’m walking after the flesh .

  20. Hey Paul , you’ve helped me out so much in the past with my terrible religious OCD. I haven’t wrote to you in years but my OCD has came back some what, it makes you fear the worst even though you’re not doing it. One question please , can a beliver fall back under the law from living in sin. OCD makes you fear the worst. I’m not talking about a law mindset. I’m talking about the law which we all were under before we got saved? I’ve searched all through your website because I didn’t want to bother you. Please just answer this for me.

    • If anyone could help me on here, I’m in a pretty bad place right now . Just wanna know if a believer could ever fall back under under the law from sinning to much , living in sin whatever the case may be . The law where we all where before saved. When you have OCD these questions don’t leave. I don’t ask for much .

  21. Paul, can you pray for me. My life is spiraling out of control. I am failing a college course, possible 2 or 3. My autism is getting worst. I don’t know about my faith in God… if I have any. My constant fear of mark of beast won’t go away. I don’t have any real friends and I emotionally hurt every day extremely bad. I have another fear that an infection (that I may or may not have) or because of my mental problem, I don’t really faith- I have delusions.

    I am not sure if I ever had faith or belief in God in the first place. Everything seems like a delusion to me about God. I don’t know please help.

  22. Hi Paul my name is Lauren ,
    Newly saved but there are sometimes I don’t think of my self as holy and righteous. When I think like that does that mean I have a lawmind set? I know I am holy as far as my identity just don’t feel it at times. I feel many people struggle with this question on here. When I feel I’m not holy doesn’t mean I’ve lost my salvation ? As a believer am I forever under gods grace even tho I may have a lawmindset at times? Meaning I’m not receiving his grace but I’m still under it. I just need help clearly this up. If a believer sins to much , live in sin etccc.
    Does that mean they’re still under grace . Any thing helps right now

    • Just as you are not qualified by your good works, you are not disqualified by your bad. We are all tempted to walk and think in the old ways of the flesh; we all need to renew our minds and take captive those thoughts that disagree with what our heavenly Father says about us.

  23. Hi Paul, can you point me to some Grace teachings on what our New Covenant Prayer life should be like.

    Recently found your site and it has been a blessing.

    Thank you,

  24. Hello Paul.

    I have one question.

    I have schizophrenia. My command hallucinations(voices in my head that tells me what to do) are very persecutory.

    Everytime i do some kind of action or a decision, my voices tell me that i am condemning Jesus.

    Are they right and should I act on what they say or should i ignore them and do my own thing despite them telling me that I am condemning Jesus?

    Thank you!

  25. Hey Paul I’m getting married tomorrow and we have a wedding officiate marrying us, I heard you mention official Celebrant is needed in the comment section. A Wedding officiate that has no religious background and is non religious is still ok right? Wasn’t sure what a Celebrant was exactly. Thanks just want this day to be special and have God in it.

    • As far as I understand, it depends on the laws of the state where you live. As long as the official is legally licensed to marry people, then it’s a lawful wedding. But I am not expert on these matters. Every country and culture is different.

  26. Hi Paul,
    I’m sure you are familiar with ‘the Purchase’. This is what took place at the precise moment of Christ’s death on the Cross.

    When He finished saying the words, “It is finished.”, the purchase of Humanity was complete, once and for all time.

    In that destiny changing moment, Romans 8:2 says that Man was transferred from the “Law of Sin and Death” into the “Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ”.

    In yet another verse in Romans, it says that “while we were still powerless He died for the ungodly.”

    If Humanity’s ownership was transferred – and if Christ purchased the ungodly, who wasn’t included in that? How can you possibly think anyone was left out?


    • Why do you think we were purchased? It’s an odd metaphor. Makes us sound like Christ is in the business of buying slaves. He redeemed us; didn’t buy us. He satisfied all claims against us with his blood, so that we might be free. No one is excluded from this except those who stubbornly refuse to leave the prison.

  27. My name is Joseph , I’m in the army soldier battling every day. My faith is all over the place when some one is living in sin or whatever the religious call it. I believe they are still saved but can you agree that in that area of life they are not enjoying or receiving gods grace? But in other areas they can still be under gods grace while that one area they are not? I don’t get many chances on the internet sir. My life has been hectic from Iraq , to Afghanistan.

    • Last part of the two questions , the preacher here always says when we sin we walk under disgrace that sounds harsh but I’m still righteous, holy, ? Not under grace sounds like a death penalty, it’s not right sir? If you only have time to answer one question please pick the first .

      • Joseph lane // September 24, 2017 at 9:42 pm //

        You have a platform to help sucidal people that are messed up from years of misunderstanding of Jesus. You refuse to help and answer the littlest questions that may save lives. Thanks

  28. Paul, please keep me in your prayers. I am trying to wrap my mind around this amazing grace, but after so many years in legalism, it is a struggle. I’m throwing myself into His grace now, and want to share this with others. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks.

    • Will do. Rest assured that you are not alone. I meet many ministers who go through struggles once they encounter radical grace. Someone once said if you want to make people made, preach law. But if you want to make them really mad, preach grace.

      May God’s grace and peace be yours in abundance.

  29. Paul Steiner // October 4, 2017 at 4:55 am // Reply

    I have a serious question to ask you, please respond . My daughter is gay and married but she believes in Christ . She will never change . If she dies gay do you believe she will go to heaven ?? She loves Christ

    • Paul Steiner // October 4, 2017 at 5:00 am // Reply

      All I’ve read is that she’s going to hell. I’ve been crying over this.

    • I am not the judge and jury, but my conviction is Jesus knows his own and takes his own. I agree with Max Lucado who said: “To be saved by grace is to be saved by him – not by an idea, doctrine, creed, or church membership, but by Jesus himself, who will sweep into heaven anyone who so much as gives him the nod.”

      • Paul Steiner // October 4, 2017 at 8:18 am //

        So does that mean if you believe in God , even though you’re gay he will take you to heaven? I don’t understand .

      • Squawks 5000 // December 6, 2018 at 3:11 am //

        Paul Steiner, if “believe in God” means “accept Jesus as Lord and Savior”, then yes. Keep in mind, many Hebrews in Jesus’s day “believed in God” yet reject Jesus (like the Pharisees).

        Also, justification is independent from the actions we have done (Romans 3), so gay people can still go to heaven by accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. However, not following God’s way can ruin our life and keep us from living our potential. Jesus wants us to live life to the full (John 10:10).

  30. Eric little // October 4, 2017 at 7:58 am // Reply

    Do I need to be baptized to go to heaven?

    • Eric little // October 4, 2017 at 9:37 am // Reply

      I’m freaking out that I’m not going to heaven because I’m a Christian now and I was Baptized as a baby in the Catholic Church . I don’t need to be Baptized again do I ? Please I need you

    • Eric little // October 4, 2017 at 9:50 am // Reply

      Please Paul ,
      I can’t function right now , when you get the chance please reply. I called out of work because i can’t function.

      • If your health and well-being is dependent upon getting answers from a blogger, then I hope you realize you have an unhealthy mindset. I am inclined not to tell you my conviction because that would only promote an unhealthy choice. I would encourage you to take all your questions to your heavenly Father who loves you, cares for you, and does not judge you according to your behavior.

        But rest assured if you love Jesus and know him as Lord, you are saved.

    • Squawks 5000 // December 6, 2018 at 3:13 am // Reply

      All Christians who go to heaven are baptized, but they are baptized with the Holy Spirit in them. Physical baptizing (water dunk) is not needed (though recommended) to get to heaven since Jesus allowed the thief on the cross to go to heaven because of faith alone.

  31. Tiffany Dionne // October 23, 2017 at 4:56 pm // Reply

    Please Help:

    Hi Paul, I’m writing because I’m scared. I’ve been a Christian for several years and recently have been feeling led by the Holy Spirit to minister to my neighbors in ways that I’m not comfortable. Knocking on doors. Going back to the same houses repeatedly. Not showering for days, only ministering the gospel.

    My family and I were about to move out of state, but are now homeless, and I still feel led to go minister to these same people.

    This has been going on for 4 months. I initially rebelled, not wanting to look stupid or be ridiculed. After several warnings I feel that the Holy Spirit has left me. If someone had told me this could happen 4 months ago I would not have believed them. I am truly scared that I’ve sentenced myself to hell by being rebellious.

  32. Paul. Im on the verge of suicide. You are the only person I can trust when it comes to God.

    Please I need help.

    I am having a very difficult time understanding the Bible in certain areas. Another thing I struggle is obsessions, autism, friendship, and some other stuff. I’ve been in this constant state of despair and fear for years and I’ve prayed and prayed and little changes.

    I have this problem with this mark of beast. I cannot seem to over come this. The reason is this is because those who accepted it also drinks the wrath of God. Is it possible to recieve this mark before this beast has come out of the sea?I’m in constant fear of receiving it because it seems to go against faith and grace. Being saved by grace and not by works- works as in those who accept the mark or avoid it. To go along with this, I wanted the finish this story, but I had a dream that was kinda like a scene in the story I am writing and in the dream something asked me what number is this, and I replied 666. This happened twice I think, with the 2nd time in a different part of the story and done differently with the number I think. And now if I write or finish or use certain parts of this story I start to think that I accepted the mark of the beast.

    Another is my obsessions. They can be anything and they are difficult to over come and control. It’s like I’m committing idolatry. And friends are difficult to make and I’m so lonely. I don’t know what to do anymore.

    When it comes to the Bible, understanding some stuff is very difficult.

    This post is a mess and I know, but I’m a complete wreck. Paul please, give me some answers. What is the mark of the beast? What about obsessions, friendship, and mental disorders in God’s view?

      • Hello Paul. Sorry about the post earlier. It was just a bad day for me.
        It is emotionally painful to live while being autistic. Seeing things as black and white is tough. Having a mind set that is set to think like if A, then B will come. If I do this or that then this will occur.

        Paul what should I do when it comes to my fear of the mark of the beast? I really want to completely trust God and let go of my fears, but this contradiction I think I am seeing is making it difficult. Like those who accept the mark of the beast are not saved. Because of two bad dreams that is similar to my story I’ve been wanting to write, I’m afraid that I am accepting or worshipping the beast. There is more info in the post you replied to me.

        I really want to trust God because your posts about certain topics have showed me who really God is. But now it does not make much sense because of this certain scripture.

        What also is conceding is that 666 is also mentioned in the old testiment. So could one accept the mark of the beast before the beast has come out of the sea?

  33. Hey Paul. Please pray for me. I am going through a rough time.

  34. Lizeth gonzalez // December 5, 2017 at 9:39 am // Reply

    I was just wondering if you have a any network connections to help people find a hyper grace local church?

    • Sorry, np. I regularly get asked to recommend churches in 50 states and hundreds of cities around the world. I can only recommend churches in the city I live (Auckland). For other recommendations, I suggest putting a question on E2R’s Facebook page and seeing what comes back.

  35. Thank you Paul for your service in teaching so many. Thank you also for your gift of a free book. It’s very much appreciated. One other thought, Paul is there a way of cutting out the “middle man” and supporting you directly?

  36. Adrian Madrid // December 23, 2017 at 5:35 am // Reply

    Hello Paul, is there a book out there that you would recommend to give an unbeliever about Christianity / Gospel from a Grace perspective?

  37. Paul, I just found out from my editor-in-chief at Next Century Publishing that I have to obtain your permission to use your lyrics. I have written a book called Beauty in the Breakdown that chronicles some of my mistakes, idols and a multitude that led to my breakdowns and the beauty of the truth. After the Introduction, I wanted to open my book with some of the lyrics of “Sweet Mistakes” (“Pop the Cork” through “Change is just what you needed” It’s inspiring and has always been one of my favorites! How do I obtain your permission for this?

  38. Hello Paul
    I have read two of your books and was inspired by them and other things Ive read about the Grace message. However what I want to know is how to become aware of Grace working in my life on a day to day basis. I come from a catholic background and having trouble simply doing nothing, having no awareness of Gods presence, no way of engaging with the Lord. It seems very empty. Yes when I read about how Grace is with us and there is simply a waiting and imagining grace with us will be enough for our life to become infused with grace enough to change things particularly our sinful challenges, for those moments yes I can imagine it BUT in ordinary day to day life. If we have literally no awareness of the prescience of Jesus then what are we to do? nothing, you will no doubt say but what about the sheer emptiness? surely relationships with anyone and particularly with Jesus is a TWO WAY thing isnt it?
    Please don’t come back with a ‘your doing it wrong’ . I am simply looking at how I can deepen my awareness of Gods Grace in my life so I can drop the LAW fully and live in the safety and warmth of Grace now and forever.
    I hope you get back to because all the grace preachers simply seem to assert that we are in Grace and never how to know it and feel it or how God applies it in our lives.
    Hope to hear soon. God Bless

    • Hi Mark, thanks for your question. It’s a question that many, I’m sure, would ask. One way I “practice” the presence of God is by giving thanks. I do this at the start and end of every day. I don’t make a big deal out of it. I just talk to my heavenly Father and tell him how much I’m grateful for him and his blessings. Another way that works for me is praying the psalms. I could camp in Ps 23 forever. There are others ways to experience the Lord, but these are two of my favorite ways. I hope this helps.

  39. Thank you Paul. I will try that. Last thing …..which (apart from yours!) are some of the most inspiring books you have read on the Grace message and how to live it ?
    Ive seen your books page but just wondering how I can get a full hold of this Good News way of living. Thanks again
    God’s Blessing on all that you do

  40. Christian Schwarz // January 31, 2018 at 3:28 pm // Reply

    HI there – I stumbled on your site as I was looking for folks who knew and spoke about Malcholm Smith. My father in law who recently passed away, amassed an extensive collection of video tapes and cassettes by Malcholm and wanted to find these a good home – so I am in the process of trying to do that. Since you did a book review on him and may have a better audience for this material I wondered if there would be any interest. If so, please contact me at … I live in Colorado, USA. Christian Schwarz

  41. If you ever travel to California there are a group of saints who would love to fellowship and exchange the new covenant.
    Love to you and your family!
    -Larry Newman

  42. Hi Paul,

    Love your website. Thank you for sharing God’s grace with us. While looking through your books reviews I thought of a good one you should check out. It really helped me see that true life is lived by faith in Jesus not myself or anything else. It’s called, “The Rest of The Gospel” by Dan Stone.

  43. I hope I am in the appropriate place to ask a very important question. Is there a bible translation that I can purchase that will categorize who the writer is addressing? For instance whom Christ is addressing while fulfilling law and or especially when he is speaking to believers. The same would hold true for the apostles. To have access to such a bible would be a great help to me and tremendous shortcut to trying to figure it out for myself. I have been a huge fan of the KJV and all my copies are worn out and ( full of notes that do not reflect Grace teaching.) Please consider my question and respond to me one way or another. I thank God for your Grace teaching and feel like I am starting all over again in understanding the Word of God. Thank you and may God bless.

    • I’m not aware of such a Bible, but I do encourage you to glean from a variety of translations. No single translation is perfect. Reading from several varieties and dipping into the mean of the original words can be helpful.

    • Harold! I happen to know one translation that gets somewhat close to what you are looking for. It’s by a fantastic new testament scholar, who does some wonderful things with it. Amongst over things with the translation, he tries to make it clear who Jesus is addressing such as “Judeans”, instead of just “the Jews” as a whole.
      It is called “The Kingdom New Testament” by N.T. Wright (Sadly it is only a New Testament).

      As Paul says it’s always always worth using a couple translations side by side, and none is perfect. We have to always read the New Testament through the lens of God’s love, and the finished work of Jesus on the cross. It would be wonderful if in the Gospels Jesus said, “And for all my 21st Century readers, don’t take to heart what I just said, that was for those religious hypocrites only”. But he doesn’t so we still have to keep the right lens in place, and it’s websites like this that help us do it 🙂
      Ni shortcuts I’m afraid lol, but we have the spirit within us who will guide us into all the truth, so enjoy the ride 😀
      Hope that reply is helpful Harold.

  44. Paul, what does the black (non-linked info) mean as opposed to the red (linked) info. For example: 26:27-28, TQ10. (This was a Matthew scripture). I apologize if I missed the explanation on your website.

  45. God bless u sir
    u have been a blessing to me since I met the Gospel of grace
    now am inspired to write a book and I need help from those who have been in the work before.
    pls sir I will be happy if u could be a help.

  46. David Goodreau // February 26, 2018 at 11:37 am // Reply

    Paul, I suffer from depression and scrupulosity/OCD. I was taught by churches that I trusted for decades that forgiveness is by confessing sins (as a child, to a priest, later directly to Him). As a child I did something perverse and was too afraid to confess it to the priest (thought he would say that no one had ever done such a thing and I was given the impression by the church that you had to be near perfect to be acceptable to God). Now 63 years old, I believe that all my sins were fully dealt with at the cross but that fear/insecurity is still there. I repent and say thank you that all my sins were taken away at the cross. You also wrote that anyone who believes confess for forgiveness is not forgiven! Is the grace of God defeated by a false teaching taught by most churches. I am troubled by this. Please help.

    • Hi David. I’m thrilled to hear that you are walking with gratitude in the forgiveness of the Lord. Fear and anxiety are a natural response to doubt. Your mind is a battlefield, but it is a battle you can win. When anxieties strike, I encourage you to fortify your mind with promises of God’s word, as you may have been doing. I’m not sure where you got that quote from, but it doesn’t sound like me. This is what I would say about confessing: our confession does not compel God to forgive us (he already did), but it can help us to receive and enjoy the forgiveness that is already ours in Christ. More here.

  47. I have enjoyed your articles very much. I have pastored for many years and recently resigned a church of 16 years. I am not in a good place at this point, doubting the salvation I spoke about for decades and have seen several christian counselors and pastors, but to no avail. This valley is a hard place where I can neither hear His voice nor feel His presence or hand. Several have told me to “just have faith”, but I am really struggling with that as well. I have been trying to renew my mind… very difficult. Would love wise counsel.

    • Hi Randy, I was worn out after leading a church for 8 years and you went twice as long. My advice is to rest. Don’t try to have faith. Don’t try to do anything. Draw aside, get away, but do what you need to do to rest. I hope this helps.

    • Hi Randy, I just wanted to say I’ve been in that place before. What helped me get out of the valley was reading and listening to Pastor Joseph Prince (grace all the way, just like this blog). Try to get a hold of one of his books or some of his free sermons (YouTube or do a search for “free sermon of the month”). The problem with well-meaning people telling you to “just have faith” is that this puts all the pressure and onus on you. This is not scriptural. Faith isn’t something we can muster up (if it was then it would be a work). It’s something we receive from Him. Pastor Prince loves to remind us that “faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing some more.” So start listening while you’re resting. Start hearing grace messages as much as you can. Play the same ones over until it really sinks in. I guarantee your life will not stay the same. 🙂

  48. Paul, I have been so blessed by your articles. I believe that the true -beautiful, and ridiculously kind – nature of God is being proclaimed through your writing. Thanks for being! The world needs you, and I,for one, have appreciated your understanding of God’s word. Peace to YOU!

  49. I just wanted to thank you for this blog, for everything you’ve written on grace and for explaining scripture through the lens of grace. Whenever I’m reading something in the New Testament that troubles me because I can’t seem to see it or understand it from a grace point of view, I check your site to see if you’ve written anything on it, and, inevitably you have! Your writings have been enormously helpful! I’ve been a Christ-follower my whole life but I was raised with law, not grace. After 40 years of failing to be a “good Christian” I’ve realized it was the wrong approach altogether. It’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve learned the truth (Pastor Joseph Prince has been so instrumental in this) and now I know it doesn’t depend on me and never did. Anyway, I’ve seen some disagreeable comments here and I just wanted to encourage you and let you know just how critically important your grace writings are. Thank you!!

  50. Hi Paul,
    Can you please answer me this, i pray you do.
    If a believer in Christ were to live in sin, is that believer still under God’s grace forever? Of course that’s no way to live, but I heard a tV pastor say that and it really messed me up.

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