Have I Committed the Unforgivable Sin?

Here is a conversation I have on a regular basis:

Reader: “Paul, I’m worried that I have committed the unforgivable sin.”

Me: “You haven’t.”

Reader: “But I had these terrible thoughts about the Lord…”

Me: “You didn’t commit an unforgivable sin. Jesus carried all our sin on the cross – every last one.”

Reader: “But I shook my fist at heaven and said these wicked things…”

Me: “Still no.”

Reader: “I took the Lord’s name in vain.”

Me: “The good news is he forgives you. Jesus said, ‘Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven’ (Matt. 12:32).”

Reader: “But the rest of that verse says those who speak against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven. I’m doomed!”

Me: “Uh-huh. So you think Jesus is gracious and forgiving but the Spirit of Christ holds a grudge? What’s wrong with that picture? Relax. The Holy Spirit keeps no record of your sin (Heb. 10:17).”

Reader: “I still worry that I committed the unpardonable sin.”

Me: “Do you love Jesus?”

Reader: “Of course.”

Me: “What does Jesus mean to you?”

Reader: “He’s my Lord.”

Me: “You could not know that except the Holy Spirit showed you. The only thing that cannot be forgiven is rejecting what the Spirit says about Jesus. You have not committed the unforgivable sin.”

Reader: “I’m pretty sure I did.”

Me: “I’m pretty sure you didn’t. You have more chance of lighting a fire with a bucket of water, than committing the unforgivable sin.”

Reader: “But Jesus said…”

Me: “Jesus said, ‘Whoever comes to me I will never drive away’ (John 6:37).”

Reader: “Yes, but…”

Me: “Jesus also said, ‘I give eternal life to them, and no one will snatch them out of my hand’ (John 10:28).”

Reader: “Yes, but…”

Me: “There is no but. Jesus is the last word. You may have said some dumb things, but Jesus speaks a better word. You believe Jesus don’t you?”

Reader: “Yes.”

Me: “Then settle it in your heart that he who began a good work in you will carry it on until the day of completion.”

Reader: “It can’t be that simple. I’m losing sleep over this. It’s like there’s this tape playing in my head that reminds me of what I did.”

Me: “Only those who cannot commit the unforgivable sin worry they have committed the unforgivable sin.”

Reader: “Huh?”

Me: “If you were an unbeliever, would not be worried about whether your sins are forgiven?”

Reader: “I don’t understand.”

Me: “Let me put it this way. Do you want to please Jesus?”

Reader: “Of course.”

Me: “Don’t you see? That’s a sign. When you came to Christ he gave you a new heart with new wants and desires. Once upon a time you cared nothing for the Lord. Now you want to please him. Once upon a time you gave no thought to sin. Now you don’t want to do it.”

Reader: “So my anxiety over this sin is a good thing?”

Me: “Well, God wants you free from fear. But you wouldn’t be tempted to worry if you weren’t trying to please the Lord.”

Reader: “So what must I do? How can I stop worrying?”

Me: “Stop focusing on yourself, and fix your eyes on Jesus. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Reader: “I wish it were that simple.”

Me: “Granted, it’s a battle. But it’s a battle you can win.”

Reader: “How?”

Me: “Fortify your mind with the promises of God’s Word. Stop listening to lies and feed on the truth. He will never let you go. When that old tape starts playing in your head, declare his promises over your life. Write them down if it helps.”

Reader: “I dunno. It sounds too simple. You still don’t know what I did.”

Me: “You don’t know what Jesus did. His grace is greater than your sin. His best is better than your worst.”

Reader: “I feel so helpless.”

Me: “Stop living from your feelings and walk by faith. Yes, we are helpless on our own, but you are not alone. God himself is your Helper. Trust him!”

Reader: “Okay. Can you pray with me?”

Me: “Sure. Why not repeat these words: Heavenly Father, thank you for your love that is greater than my sin. Thank you for your Son who died that I might live. Thank you for your Spirit who pours your love into my heart. Thank you that nothing I say or do can separate me from the love that is in Christ Jesus. Thank you, Father, for promising to never leave or forsake me.”

Reader: “Amen.”


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  1. Great stuff. Simple and effective. Take our eyes off ourselves and focus instead on what Jesus has already told us.

  2. That is wonderful! I am one who has struggled with the same fear!

  3. After 32 years of walking faithfully wit Jesus, I had what I call a giant melt down. I had waited all of these years for certain answers to prayer and had become very frustrated and disappointed. I went to bed and started screaming and shouting at God. I said horrible things about Him and told Him I would never serve Him again. I was devestated and so afraid that I had really blown it, that God could never forgive me now. I fell asleep and when I woke up, Jesus was sitting on the side of my bed and He was holding me and stroking my hair and my brow. He looked deeply into my eyes and He said, ” There is no condemnation in Me. No guilt, no shame.” He repeated those words and then He said, I am not leaving until you get it.” He continued to look into my eyes as he stroked my brow and suddenly I got it! I knew that He meant it and I will not let condemnation in my life anymore. Jesus knew what I was thinking and feeling, all along and He just wanted me to get it out of my system and then He could heal me and reveal His true nature.
    Religion is based on performance, but grace is based on love and rest in the Lord. God knew we could never be perfect within ourselves and that is why He sent Jesus to redeem us. He accepts us, loves us and meets us where we are at!

    • Wow! What a wonderful testimony. Thanks for sharing, Marjorie.

    • Wow Marjorie, so wonderful!

      • Marjorie // June 27, 2017 at 12:13 pm //

        Thanks Deb! Isn’t Jesus amazing ! We have been so deceived by religion ‘s depiction of Him.

      • Deb Kean // June 27, 2017 at 6:00 pm //

        Yes Marjorie! Your comment brought me to tears as I really needed it today! Bless God for providing help for our fears!

      • Marjorie // June 28, 2017 at 7:36 pm //

        Thanks Deb. He saves all of your tears in a bottle. They are precious to Him and healing for you. I am so blessed by the fact that you were blessed ! Jesus loves you!

    • Erin Messina // January 4, 2018 at 7:22 am // Reply

      Wow awesome!!!!

    • That really goes to show that there really is no such thing as an unpardonable sin. it really validates that if there really is to be an unpardonable sin it would have to pertain to the exact same thing that keeps you out of heaven, dying without accepting Jesus as Savior. every person has a chance to accept Jesus into their heart while they’re still alive. So now it makes perfect sense why Jesus said won’t be forgiven. he was warning the Pharisees that they needed to accept him as Savior and that all the wrongs will be forgiven when they do

    • Deborah Kean // March 20, 2022 at 1:02 pm // Reply

      Wow, Marjorie, that’s just amazing!

    • I am more than desperate for the same encounter with Jesus after decades of suffering from anxiety and unanswered prayer of healing. Please pray for Jesus to come to me like this too.

  4. There is no sin greater than the completed work of Jesus and the love of the Father. The only thing that is unforgivable is not accepting His means for forgiveness. You are unforgivable when you do not accept forgiveness.

  5. God is faithful even when we are not! Thanks, Paul.

  6. I struggle with this A LOT!
    What do you do when you are trying to focus on Jesus and when you do, immediately blasphemous thoughts start?? It’s terrible because it makes me want to stop doing the the very thing that I need to do — focus on Jesus!! This is a horrible situation, uncontrollable…almost like OCD. Unless someone experiences it, others have no clue how overwhelming and despairing it makes you feel.

    • Thanks for your comment, Paulette. I know exactly what you are talking about and I understand it’s a battle. The good news is it’s a battle you can win. You need to prepare your ammunition in advance of the battle. Find some promises in God’s word that are helpful in your situation. Have them printed up, loaded, and ready to go. Then when the battle commences, wield the sword of God’s word. Don’t take ownership for the bad thoughts that come, but let the praises of God be on your lips. There are spirits behind these attacks and when you praise the Lord it’s like raising the temperature 1000 degrees. They can’t stand it. I have been in what I considered to be hopeless situations and been completely set free by praising Jesus in my struggles. I’ve given you the short version. If you’d like to read more, I recommend reading The Power of Right Believing.

      • Paulette // June 22, 2017 at 6:59 am //

        Yes, I do this instinctively when the thoughts hit, and it seems to keep them at bay…for awhile and then it will start at another time. Sometimes it actually happens when I am praising and worshipping Him!! It’s a temptations to think blasphemous thoughts and it seems the more I resist it, the greater the temptation! (Obsessive thoughts – OCD) So now I’m at the point at someone else’s suggestion to just ignore them…let them come and go. But that doesn’t deal with the awful guilt, shame and condemnation I feel after experiencing these thoughts. It just breaks my heart because I so love and adore my God and don’t want to do anything to offend or sin against Him! I feel so defeated…and ashamed 😥

      • Guilt and shame can damage our sense of identity. Dealing with these requires a different response to dealing with blasphemous thoughts. When your core identity comes under attack you need to counter the lies of the devil with the truth of God’s word. You might want to say to yourself, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I am my Father’s dearly-loved child.” (There are many wonderful promises regarding our identity.) Some will say you should just ignore these feelings, but feelings matter. I don’t want my kids to feel guilty or ashamed. Nor do I want them to pretend they are feeling something else. But feelings follow facts and facts follow faith, so put your faith in what God says is true about you and the feelings will come into line. It’s one thing to know you are righteous, it’s another to feel righteous. By the grace of God you can feel or experience what he says is true about you. Be blessed.

    • Hi Paulette, you can be sure God’s love for you is unwavering, He is never offended with you. He only wants to help you and see you enjoying His life. I also dealt with something similar to this. But I’ll tell you up front, I like Paul’s advice better than what I did because we should get past worrying about the devil and get on with enjoying our Father.

      I would say, “if you’re going to spend time with me today, devil, l’m going to read you a story”. I would read to him from the Bible about my future, then read to him about his future in the lake of fire. He didn’t come around for story time anymore. 🙂

    • Hi Paulette! 2 Corinthians 10:5 is a scripture that really helped me. When Satan tries to put wrong thoughts in my mind, I immediately rebuke the thought in the Name of Jesus and instead quote a scripture that applies to my situation. Jesus did that when Satan tempted Him. He said, ” It is written ” and then He would quote the word of God.

    • Dear Paulette, Something that helps me a lot is to write scriptures on small pieces of card, about 12cm x 8cm. I punch a hole in the corner and tie them together with ribbon/string. I can carry these wherever I go and refer to them as often as I need to chase the lies away. It has proved very effective for me in replacing the devil’s lies with God’s truth.

    • Maybe this Scripture will help those who are tormented by guilt because of sin.
      Isaiah 43:25, “I even I, am He Who blots out and cancels your transgressions, for My own sake, and I will not remember your sins.”

    • There is a group that deals with this, actually, you are correct…. there is a form of OCD called scrupulosity. Sufferers often deal with fears of the unforgivable sin or nasty blasphemous thoughts and words. If you feel like looking it up, you can. The Scrupe Group. It’s a yahoo closed group run by a former Lutheran minister. I learned a lot about Gods grace from him.

    • I know exactly what you mean! I think it’s anger built up that we think we have to bottle up because we’re afraid- and I think Paul Ellis is trying one of the many who “get it” that it’s not about religion, and because of that there’s total allowance for struggle, pain, anger, blowing up on your best friend God.. but then realizing He was never to blame. ❤️

    • A verse that helps me a lot for me and my struggle with feeling eternally secure is Hebrews 10:14
      “For by One sacrifice, He has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.”
      HAS MADE.Perfect. FOREVER.

      • Marjorie Keenan // April 30, 2019 at 7:35 am //

        Ask Holy Spirit to give you full revelation of Grace. There is no condemnation, no guilt and no shame. Hard to comprehend but very true. It is very hard for people who love conditionally to grasp unconditional love and acceptance. Sin never was the issue with God..separation from His children because of their own shame was the issue. Jesus rectified that and restored us to intimate relationship with our heavenly Father.

        Religion has hoodwinked the church for 2000 years and kept us in bondage. Grace is freely given..freely embrace it! You are loved and acceptable just as you are.

        It is really important to renew your mind by speaking the promises of God over yourself at all times. NOTHING CAN SEPARATE YOU FROM THE LOVE OF GOD…NOTHING!

  7. I can remember being tormented for 18 months due to fear of the unpardonable sin. I used those months to really understand salvation. The biggest letdown was all the priests and people of God i went to to get help, but no one could set me free, there was always mixture. One day a guy gave me “Destined to reign” by Joseph Prince, and suddenly i could breathe again and enjoy my life.

    I learned a lot from that time, like the effects of condemnation and just how widespread it is. There is no use in teaching anyone anything before they are established in his rightousness and trust the Lord.

    This was a good one Paul, sadly stuff like this is needed around the world more than i would like.
    *Totally gracy guy*

  8. Medda June // June 22, 2017 at 4:05 am // Reply

    Big smiles 😊 This reads like a typical conversation between the Lord and me.

  9. The world can be so hard and demanding and people can be hard and demanding. How sad is it for Christians who love God who think that God is also hard and demanding, that he is constantly judging and sometimes even punishing you. One of the biggest changes in my life after hearing the grace message comes when something negative happens in my life. I used to be tempted to think – Is this happening to me because I did X? And of course there is always something that you did, right? Now I think that it is random occurrence in an imperfect world, that my perfect relationship with God has not changed. And I also know that the worse day I’m having God has a tendency to make it up to me with some special blessing because he knows what I am going through.

    God is NEVER against you. He is only giving you good things.

  10. Hello fellow grace believers. I’m seeking some help/advice. I’ve been in church since I was young and always have been confident that I was saved. However a few years back I started watching pornography which led to other things that I’m not proud of. I’ve been battling depression/fear because I feel as though I’ve lost my savior and that there is no forgivness for what I’ve done. The enemy keeps bringing up how what I’ve done was punishable by death in Leviticus and if there was no hope for them, why would God forgive you now. I’ve prayed, I’ve read the word and I still can’t shake it. I have become withdrawn and can hardly get out of the bed. Please Help!

    • Hi AC! There is no sin that cannot be forgiven. Jesus did not categorize sin when He shed His blood on the cross to rescue us from sin’s clutches. I was called to pray for a man whom was tormented like you. We prayed and ministered to him for some time to no avail and then theHoly Spirit told me the sin was sex with a farm animal. I knew I would never have thought of anything like that. I mustered up the courage to ask him and he collapsed in tears. He was instantly healed from humiliation and condemnation. God just poured out his love on that man and he was completely set free. He became a vibrant, beautiful Christian and had an awesome sensitivity to the Holy Spirit! I cried with tears of joy every time I saw him in church, praising God and reaching out to others, with no shame!
      I really believe that the only thing that could ever be considered unforgivable would be refusing to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Jesus knew every sin you would ever commit and yet He gave His life and shed His blood for YOU!!

    • You have said a lot here… I wish I had time tonight to address each point. Unfortunately, I don’t. Please remember, there is now no condemnation for those in Christ. Porn is a struggle and you’ll need community to walk with you. I encourage you to find someone to talk to in person and begin the journey towards healing and ultimately believing the Gospel is true. Sleep well in the knowledge of Jesus’ love for you. Zack Hicks penned an amazing song called “it is finished”. Google and listen. It is salve for the soul.

  11. Rowan Durward // June 22, 2017 at 12:12 pm // Reply

    Beautiful – thank you Paul for sharing this.

  12. Thanks Paul… simple and powerful as the entire Gospel of Jesus Christ should be spoken. Focus on Jesus and knowing the Father’s unchanging heart of love and grace toward all who are born to earth will remove any doubt, deception and condemning thoughts. It takes the complexities and confusion of legalistic religion, to present a “tale of woe ” to those who would listen. To receive and understand, (with Amen and no “buts” left) that in Jesus there is now, no condemnation as we walk according to the Spirit, is certainly life changing and a sure release from thoughts of guilt, shame and unworthiness.

  13. I spent five years of my life suffering this fear; I dropped out of college in fact. Looking back I think that it was a manifestation of OCD. John 6:37 is a powerful verse when it comes to this.

    • Rob: Thank you for that Scripture…it is definitely helpful!! And, YES, it is a manifestation and symptom of OCD! But Jesus is our Deliverer! God bless you 😃

  14. Thanks Paul… simple and powerful as the entire Gospel of Jesus Christ should be spoken. Focus on Jesus and knowing the Father’s unchanging heart of love and grace toward all who are born to earth will remove any doubt, deception and condemning thoughts. It takes the complexities and confusion of legalistic religion, to present a “tale of woe ” to those who would listen. To receive and understand, (with Amen and no “buts” left) that in Jesus there is now, no condemnation as we walk according to the Spirit, is certainly forever life changing and a sure release from thoughts of guilt, shame and unworthiness.

  15. Ty I struggle with it as well but ty!

  16. Beautiful!!! I know this battle all too well but, praise God, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for reminding me over and over and over again: Jesus really is that good. He really did pay for it all. He really is for us. The gospel truly is GOOD news. I can never hear that too much. Thank you 🙂

  17. I have experienced this resulting in significant changes and breakthrough. 1 Peter 1:13 Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ; Healing is springing up quickly. Be bold and fear not!

    • Adam you may not be aware of how much Holy Spirit used you to bless me today, but it was amazing. I was sobbing my heart out because I have been declaring the Word and standing on God’s promises for healing. I know healing is a finished work at the cross. I know by His stripes I was healed. The Bible says in Exodus that sickness cannot dwell in me and yet I am still suffering from the symptoms. I was getting so discouraged and you might say “shaking my fist at God”, when a message came on my phone. It was your reply to Escape to Reality! When I read the words that healing was coming quickly and to be bold and courageous, I knew God had answered me and strength began to grow in me again. God Bless You!

  18. I, too, know this battle only too well. The same tormented me for the better part of 15 to 20 years. The feelings of hopelessness and dread, the lack of will to get out of bed, the blasphemous thoughts bombarding my mind in rapid-fire fashion to the point I felt I was literally going crazy, etc.. I thought at the time that I was the only one that ever experienced those things, but the more I read of others experiences with this particular battle, the more I saw that these are classic tactics of our enemy. At one point I even contemplated committing suicide, but I thankfully chickened out when I realized that the hell I was presently experiencing was nothing compared to the hell awaiting me on the other side, so I chose to live in the ‘lesser hell’ for as long as God permitted…..and I’m so glad I did. My life is completely different now. I know that Christ loves me and I’m secure in the fact that as a Christian I can never commit the unpardonable sin. Winning the battle took awhile and it wasn’t exactly easy for me because I was one of those folks that would let my emotions master me instead of the truths of God’s Word in spite of my feelings, but as the apostle Paul told Timothy, the Lord is faithful even when we aren’t, and He did not leave me helpless. At times He would send certain encouraging people my way, or a book (such as Joseph Prince’s Destined to Reign), or I would ‘serendipitously’ overhear a conversation at a restaurant, or a certain song or message, that would ‘speak’ to me that I was still His beloved child. It took awhile, but the one thing that really hoisted me up over the top was coming to a more thorough understanding of the Gospel of His grace and finished work, and knowing that it’s He that keeps me, not the other way around. Be encouraged- you will win this battle. Keep looking to him in spite of the waves.

  19. Awesome and powerful! Am sharing this on my timeline! This is something I struggled with, and am now receiving freedom from, after so many years! A simplistic and deep article! Great job!

  20. Oghegha Joshua // July 24, 2017 at 9:21 pm // Reply

    WOOSH!!!! this is so Enlightening ………
    i enjoyed Reading this PAUL!!
    “Stop living from our feelings and walk by faith”

  21. I have rejected God….I cannot feel His presence and love. What can i do?

    • Paolo, the new covenant picture of repentance that we have says we repent not to bring the kingdom but rather because it is already here. Many of Paul’s letters where not “feel” letters, but “faith” letters. Have you seen Paul’s timely postings on Facebook? Recently he gave the Cure for Guilt. Look it up in the search bar, above or below, on any page.

    • From my understanding the only sin that has been catagorized as unforgiveable is rejecting Christ as Lord and Savior. If you do not accept Jesus into your heart, God’s hands are basically tied, as Jesus is the way, the truth and the lfe and no man can come to the Father but through Jesus. If you are a born again believer, then you have not rejected Christ. You just need to know Him more and need to develop an intimate relationship with Him. This is hard if you do not know how much He loves you and wants to spend time with you. He died for you–start there! There is no condemnation, no guilt, no shame when you are one of His children. Don’t believe the lies of Satan. JESUS LOVES YOU !

  22. I have accepted Jesus as my savior many years ago. I have sinned a lot in my Christian life. I’m Struggling with the consequences. Sorry for my bad English

    • Paolo you can never stop God’s love for you. Jesus ‘divorced’ (= forgiven) you from all your sin at the Cross. You are His beloved child, He has made up his mind about you and He will not change it. Stop listening to the devil’s condemning tricks that tell you God won’t love you. In one Children’s Bible regarding the Adam and Eve story, it said, ” God was so sad that people would believe satan’s lie, that God didn’t love them anymore.” Paolo, remember when you first believed that God loved you, go back to that truth and refuse to let it go, comfort your heart. God rejoices over you and declares you righteous. All of us, every single one of us, are harassed by the old way of thinking at times, believing that we have mucked up and don’t deserve to be loved by our Father. ( remember the apostle Peter?) The truth is that we are loved, just as we are… God loves all people, even those who do not give Him any thought at all and even hate Him. God is so very kind and lovely, don’t waste another minute not believing that He loves you.

      Grace and peace to you Paolo.

  23. Thanks leanne for these beautiful words, they are so full of love and hope for me. I give thanks to God for these word

    God bless you

    • Thank you Paolo, all of us need encouraging, especially when we are going through tough times. Can I also suggest that you find messages that tell you about God’s love for you… not how much you must love God. Bertie Brits has a message called ‘The God that is only good’ on youtube. Paul also has some very encouraging posts and books that give hope to hurting hearts, on this site. I wish you so well in believing God loves you, we seem to find this easy to forget. God bless you.
      Thank you Paul for this site.

  24. Marjorie Keenan // November 11, 2017 at 2:55 am // Reply

    Beautifully said Leanne. Nothing can separate us from the LOVE OF GOD.. 😄

  25. Hi everyone,

    After a depression i feld loneley and i thought that Gods Spirit was gone. After a while i thought something terrible about the Holy Spirit. After that i feeled so guilty. There is still a desire to be with Jesus, but every time i I’m reminded by that one thought. It is like i have to move me around that one thought to pray to Jesus. What do you think guys will God restore my relation?

    • Marjorie Keenan // December 3, 2017 at 7:23 pm // Reply

      Mijnheer, Jesus is always there for you with open arms. He will never leave you or forsake you. He knew when He died for you , every sin you would ever commit and yet He still gave His life for you and forgave all of your sin, past, present and future. Rebuke all those lies the devil is telling you, in the name of Jesus and loose the Spirit of truth in your life. Jesus loves you and nothing can change that. Get to know Him better and as you do you will find confidence in His love for you. Jesus came to earth to show us who the Father is, to demonstrate His love for us. He took our sin because He knew we could never be good on our own and He made a way for us to be in relationship with God. God is not angry with you. He loves you. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, no guilt, no shame!

  26. I loved this this is how i felt oh man I have been dealing with this for 5 years but guess what GODS IS FAITHFUL never let me go, never gave up on me HE got me through it all <33333333 Just give your worry to JESUS and dont worry about it coming or whatever if it comes say whatever I am the rightesouness in JESUS CHRIST hey JESUS dealt with this too He was tempted a lot and what did HE do HE USED HIS WORD <333333333 so say what JESUS SAID.

  27. I’m pretty sure I have committed this sin. I seek salvation, but I don’t really feel the need for forgiveness. My heart is hard like a stone. I pray about it, but it doesn’t take.

    • momzilla76 // July 10, 2018 at 1:45 pm // Reply

      That is why we are supposed to base our knowledge of these things upon facts and not upon feelings. Feelings can lie. I suggest beginning at the beginning and basing your concept of whether you are saved or not upon the facts which scripture gives. Faith in Jesus alone. If you have placed your trust upon Jesus for salvation you cannot have a stone heart as God took that one out and gave you as living one.

      • Momzilla76 I have been a Christian for almost 20 years and I still have not learned I think to prevent my emotions from getting to me. I might have gotten a little better though after learning more about what the Bible says in some places about our relationship with Christ.

  28. I will tell of my experience dealing with this issue. I had a time in my life where I unexpectedly more or less did what Peter did. I came across Hebrews 6 which I know Paul Ellis has covered. I was beyond terrified! I sank into the absolute deepest depression I have ever been in, and people could tell something was wrong. I was around 18 when this happened. People who do not believe in a Christian being secure eternally told me I had not done the unpardonable sin, that I just needed the Holy Ghost.
    Over a period of a year beginning about a month after I slipped and fell, the Lord started talking to me in my sleep. And the times He did I knew it was Him. I still had a lot of fear though….
    There came a night where I was literally put to sleep by the Lord. I had an out of body experience it seems. The only words I could say were, “JESUS, JESUS!” as the Spirit situated me on the bed. As soon as my head touched the pillow I woke up in exactly that position…Things were a lot better after that! I had problems with the passage though for years with some occasional bouts with fear over this sin.

  29. “Blasphemous thoughts” that bother you are by definition not from your heart. If they were, they wouldn’t bother you. Also the effort to not think a thought makes it come. The surest way to be drowning in an ocean of blasphemous thoughts is to be afraid of thinking a blasphemous thought. In fact, “pop up” thoughts go through our minds all the time unbidden and without any spiritual or ethical significance. They are utterly harmless- until we start to worry about them. Once we start to do that they come constantly.

    The solution: when they come, ignore them. They can’t hurt you unless you take them seriously.

    Secondly, beware language about “decisions for Christ,” “asking Jesus into your heart,” “accepting Christ,” and so forth. As widespread as they are in evangelical circles, they are not only radically unbiblical but subversive of faith and ultimately of salvation. If you think you’re going to heaven because you accepted Christ, you aren’t. Good works save nobody. Those who go to heaven get there not because of a good work they have done in accepting Jesus, but because Jesus died for them and they look for their salvation not to their “decision,” but outside of themselves to His finished work. Look not to yourself, but to Him. There is nothing about you that is relevant except that you are aware that you are a terrible sinner. Those who are lost are in denial about that.

    • Thank you Robert, you expressed your views and reassuring words extremely well! So blessed, thank you so much.

  30. Did Jesus cancelled out all the effects of sin on the cross? Once we repent and are forgiven by God will we not suffer any effect of our past sin?

  31. I am close to suicide; I have been fighting against the torment of the devil for years; Judas committed his own because he did not find repentance, even I cannot find it; I have no peace, Jews 6 know what it means, you do not taste love and peace and you can not find it, you are obsessed with impure thoughts related to your constant sins; I have no peace, my life is a nightmare, a hell and you know you have no chance of going out; you pray but without faith and inner conviction and in the end you only complain; my heart does not believe what you ask in prayer because at the beginning of my conversion after a year I repeatedly refused God’s rest; I am living in hell, and it never ends; I am tormented, I have no peace, night and day; God does not achieve anything, it is my heart that is evil and incredulous. I’m on this site out of desperation but unless someone has experienced what I’m going through and it’s come out of it contact me. I believe that in the state in which I live there is no hope except to throw yourself into sin and wait for judgment; I don’t have the courage to commit suicide; Judas did it because in my opinion the torment had no limits, to me it is a continuous death slowly. Please help me, someone who has come out of it; I have been trying to taste and feel God’s love for years, but my heart is wicked and full of sins. I can’t stand it anymore.

    • Marjorie Keenan // December 5, 2019 at 8:00 am // Reply

      Paolo I was there and Jesus rescued me from taking my own life. I just think that you need to know who you are in Christ. You have all authority over Satan in the name of Jesus to bind death and suicide, but you must renew your thinking to hope and victory. We can only know who we are by knowing His love and what Jesus did for us on the cross. Jesus took all of our sin past, present and future on the cross and He said that He would remember it no more for His sake. You are under sin conciousness and condemnation and that is not from God.

      When I was at my end, I told God I couldn’t serve Him any more, I screamed and yelled at Him all night, telling Him that I couldn’t do it any more. At some point I fell asleep and awoke to Jesus sitting on my bed and stroking my hair and brow. He looked deeply into my eyes and He said, “There is no condemnation in me, no guilt, no shame.” He told me He wasn’t leaving until I understood that. He held me and looked deeply into my eyes until I got it and then He left. That was the beginning of revelation of true Grace and Holy Spirit continued to teach me more. Do not concentrate on sin; instead concentrate on what Jesus did for you on the cross. Concentrate on His love for you. Draw closer to Him knowing that He has wonderful plans for you and as you do this, your love for Him will grow and you will trust Him more and learn to know how valuable you are to Him.

      There are wonderful Grace teachers out there and you need to submerse yourself in Grace teachings. Paul Ellis, Creflo Dollar, and Joseph Prince have all contributed greatly to understanding the true Gospel of Grace.

      Don’t give up. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, they are for good and not for evil, to give you a future and hope.”

    • Dear Paolo the terrible sin consciousness that you are holding on to, please let it go, choose to let it go, you can do it. I have been there and that condemnation makes us sick! That kind of thinking does not come from God, it is from the fallen darkened mind. God our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have plainly and clearly said that our sins and unrighteous deeds they remember NO MORE, and as far as the East is from the West (you can measure North from South, but not East from West!) They have removed all transgressions from you. God does not lie. These are not the words of any great Grace preacher, they are God’s words. You can grab a hold of those words of God and make use of them, make them yours… they will produce life in you all by themselves! There is NO condemnation from God, He loves you.
      Your dear Abba Father has never left you, He is right there with you in the midst of your pain and torment and wants you to believe that you are His treasure, His child…loved and cherished. He loves you not because of anything you do or don’t do, but because you are His!
      I have recently read a book called the Healing Code written by a believing Doctor about the miraculous change in his wife…she suffered with severe depression. It may be a practical help for you.
      Paolo your heart is not wicked, it is stamped ‘righteous’ …in truth you are a slave to righteousness!!!! Your brain has made a deeply grooved track by you accepting untruthful thoughts over and over. You can make another track though and accept as true what Abba says about you. He says call no-one unclean!
      I see you smiling and just enjoying life Paolo, looking at everything with new eyes and a thankful heart. God is smiling over you, you are His delight. We choose to enter His rest. None of us have this all perfectly sorted Paolo, but we can encourage each other that God is only good and we belong to Him. Blessings.

    • Hello, I think I went through something similar, and I came through, simply through reading Romans 10 verses 9-10. I’d read it 1000 times before, then suddenly it spoke to me! Deb

  32. Jenny Beauchamp // December 10, 2019 at 8:56 am // Reply

    Good words and encouraging! One simple reminder, it is the Spirit Who puts to death the deeds of the flesh! Stop focusing on sin and consequences, your guilt, etc. Focus on Jesus and before you know it, your conscious will turn more and more to Him and His works, not your works, not sin! He does this for each of us. Sin dwells in the flesh and we need to be reminded daily that the hand of God has cut away that flesh from our spirit, sealed by His Spirit!
    Blessings, Jenny

  33. Marjorie Keenan // December 10, 2019 at 11:41 am // Reply

    Good word Jenny!

  34. I can’t take it anymore tonight. I know I’m going to hell but I can’t take it anymore. I want to end it because what I live inside is already hell. I am desperate. Nobody can understand what I’m experiencing. The torment of guilt, of talents not used for God, the mind devastated by sin, the unbelief that is rooted in my heart. You cannot understand the despair I have been experiencing for years. There is no biblical verse that gives you peace … I have been trying for years …

    • Marjorie Keenan // December 21, 2019 at 9:20 pm // Reply

      Paolo none of these thoughts are from God. These are thoughts inspired by Satan and yourself. Your own heart is condemning you. God would never want you to be tormented like this. Jesus liv s you. He died for you. God did not give you a spirit of fear, but power and love and a sound mind. His perfect love casts out all fear. I rebuke these spirits of suicide and torment and command them to loose you in the name of Jesus. I bind the spirit of death and I speak life to you. When you resist the devil he must flee. Do not dwell on what you feel you do right or wrong, dwell on the unconditional love of God for you. Nothing can separate you from His love. Let Him be your strength. Ask Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth and God’s beautiful plan for your life. ♥️🙏♥️

    • I am praying for God to give you peace of mind and deliverance from evil. This is pure evil controlling your mind and emotions… it is NOT GOD! I pray that God would reach you with His comfort and overwhelm you with His loving presence and drive out all the hopelessness, open your heart and show you his glorious goodness and love and mercy … and His intense amazing love for you. Jesus weeps for you. Please reach out and take His hand and receive His love for you. Do not let the enemy take control of your thoughts. It’s all a lie from the pits of hell!!

    • Paolo you are not going to hell and that’s a fact. You can’t stop belonging to God, and He understands your confusion, and is not upset with you for anything you have or haven’t done. Get some help.
      If you have tried all the ministries that people have suggested and haven’t found some encouragement there’s a chap called Dr Joe Dispenza who has a left field way of helping people and gives plenty of testimonies. Mike Popovich of Freedom Ministries talks in a down to earth way, and many people have been helped by his ministry too. Can find both these on youtube.
      Trust God is guiding you and don’t worry that it may be small beginnings…little steps. Keep looking and don’t give up, little steps can take you a long way.
      Lots of us are feeling for you, and want to see you well and free. Peace.

  35. thank you for your encouragement and exhortations. I also got in touch with a Christian psychologist. I want to get out of a nightmare that has lasted too many years: I can’t do it alone. I am Italian and I came across this site because there is not much talk about this topic even in Italy; I need to be in contact with people who have made it, because it helps me … I want the peace of Jesus and have an intimate relationship with him, because this is eternal life. Keep praying for me, let’s keep in touch. thanks, i love you. Paul

  36. This is very good and encouraging. As someone who has struggled with this for many years, this brings much comfort. The Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ died for every sin in that I will EVER commit. It is FINISHED!

  37. In actuality, Jesus was warning people about a particular thing they had just done, which wasn’t merely ‘refusing’ the Holy Spirit (until they died in unbelief, or could no longer hear Him, as commonly surmised). It was seeing Jesus in Person, do a miracle by the power of the Spirit, and attributing it to Satan. That’s something nobody today can commit.

    People turn to other passages such as “quenching the Spirit”; “conscience seared” and “sinning willfully”, but those too have particular contexts for the people living then, and are not to be extended to today. Doing so is why you would have an exchange such as the one portrayed, where the person doesn’t believe you when you tell him he hasn’t comsitted the sin, because he might be ‘sinning willfully’ (we all do, really!) and thinking he is subconsciously resisting the Spirit (like not being willing to give up sin being convicted of, and thus in the progess of “quenching” the Spirit, and perhaps only still ‘concerned’ about fear of punishment rather than pleasing God, which some will preach against as not genuine for salvation), and thus. we’re right back to where we started.

  38. Dr. Paul, how do you understand Hebrews 6: 1-6? A famous minister refers to these Bible verses in his teaching on the Security of the Believer. He says you cannot lose your salvation, but a “mature believer”, since he still has free will, can choose to renounce or reject his salvation, although he says this rarely happens. And he further states, “If you reject your salvation, there is no repentance…” Is this the “unforgivable sin”?

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